Should I label this post a disclaimer?

My last post, “Return of the Speedo?” elicited mixed reactions from readers.

Most of you manifested fear at the thought of encountering a Speedo on the beach, while others admitted you’d have a hard time containing your mirth.

Most of you agreed that the Speedo is a fashion faux pas, and a few protested that men have the same rights as women to wear whatever they please, regardless of how comical it might appear to women.

And ladies, I agree.

After all, I can’t claim to be a feminist and then assume a sexist attitude; especially when my next post has to do with a woman’s right to strut her stuff in a two-piece.

That said, I want to clarify that my posts are almost always written in a humorous vein.

I like to think of this blog as a place where readers come to get their “giggle fix.”

The Speedo post was not intended to deny men’s rights to wear Speedos, but instead, to take a humorous jab at men who insist on wearing this underwear-type garment in public.

Nonetheless, even I have to admit that it takes great self-assuredness to wear one.

Hence, these men’s self confidence is much to be admired.

The self confidence, that is.
Not the swim trunks.

The way I see it, you’re free to wear what you like, but you’d better have the right attitude to back up your choice of wardrobe.

As for the sisters who went up in arms voicing their support for our male counterparts, kudos to you for expressing your opinion.

However, given I’ve yet to see a man taking a stand to defend a woman’s right to wear a bikini, you’ll have to pardon me for not joining your team Speedo defense.

And so, I’d like to put the Speedo controversy to rest, and reiterate that this here humble blog is a wee place where sisters come for a laugh; where we join in the rant, and where the majority of the time, posts or readers’ comments produce a “Sing it, sister!”

I like to think that we join in solidarity for that which makes us laugh as well as that which we believe to be an injustice.

I like to believe this is a place where the sisterhood has respite from work, chores, spouses, pets, children, and anything in between.

I like to think that, for the five minutes it takes you to read a post, the only hat you have on is your “sister” hat.

After all, we owe it to ourselves to indulge in a little lightness of mood, a small bit of naughtiness, and a large bit of laughter.

I’m just sayin’.

Oh, and to all the Speedo-wearing men, I repeat, wear a Speedo if you must.

Just know the majority of us women will be laughing our asses off.

Any thoughts on the matter, ladies?


47 thoughts on “Should I label this post a disclaimer?

  1. I never take you seriously! :D

    Please know that is a compliment, Bella!

    Ha ha to anyone who thinks blogging should be anything but entertainment-
    (and maybe some fashion education).

    Sing it!

  2. I enjoy reading all of your posts and I believe that taken oneself too seriously is a laughable matter in itself!
    Have a great and witty week.

  3. I love your lighthearted take on the world. Of course, as feminists having a serious discussion about fashion, we would argue/insist/agree that men and women have the right to wear whatever they like. But when sipping rum drinks at the beach, we’re undoubtedly going to laugh ourselves silly at the hilarity of the teeny speedo.

  4. Bella, your Speedo post had me laughing out loud. I especially loved the comment that went with the dude in tiny shorts and helmet for bike riding. Safety first, indeed! Your are such a bright spot in the blog world, my friend. I always know where to come for a laugh. :)

  5. I laugh just as hard at a women in a bikini who should not be in one, as I do at a man in a Speedo who shouldn’t be in one. I’m an EOL (Equal Opportunity Laugher) :)

    I agree, people have the right to wear what they want, but that doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

    Thanks for the daily chuckle!!

    1. Sasha, hello and welcome! I had to smile at your comment because there are days when I get dressed in the morning and look in the mirror, I find myself wondering if I can pull off what I have on. :) Half the time, I find myself reaching for something else!

  6. “However, given I’ve yet to see a man taking a stand to defend women’s rights, you’ll have to pardon me for not joining your team Speedo defense.”

    I’ve seen men defend women’s rights. And I believe that people, male or female, should be permitted to wear whatever they want, and that my defense of their rights shouldn’t depend on whether they defend my rights. The right thing to do is the right thing to do, right? (Yeah, I know, far too many ‘rights’). :D

    That being said, I prefer it when people wear what looks good on them – although, I’m usually so deep into my own thoughts that I notice neither people nor what they’re wearing. So if I don’t tell you ‘Good day’ or notice you look hot in your new jeans, please don’t think of me as rude.

    Anyway, keep ranting, sister!

    1. Ivana, someday you’ll have to share with us the name of the men defending women’s rights. I’ve yet to make their acquaintance. And you’re a better woman than I am for defending the rights of those who don’t defend yours. I say it’s a two way street. I’m just sayin’! :)

    2. I’ll give you one example of such a man: the one I’m living with. Another one would be my dad. :)

      As for the two way street, I’m not sure it’s really like that. I mean, is it “we all have the same rights”, or “I’ll defend your rights if you defend mine”? Just askin’. :)

    3. Ivana, exactly–we all have the same rights. Ergo, there’s no need for anyone to defend anyone else’s if it’s a given. Having to defend someone else’s rights would imply that a violation of that partie’s rights is taking place in which case, the individual would have to assume an assertive stance and fight for his or her rights, and without the expectation that someone has to be his or her advocate. It’s not like we’re talking about someone who can’t defend him or herself.

  7. You totally made my Monday morning… Still laughing.. Off topic, the picture is so very inviting to me sitting in my office looking at a foggy San Francisco.

  8. I used to have students stay with us through our local college. One time we had a particularly good looking young German student. My youngest daughter (about 13 at the time) came out of her bedroom to go to the washroom in the morning.
    Leaving the washing was the student, completely naked except for a tiny black speedo! He didn’t even bat an eyelid and simply said: “Gut monning Greys.” Grace is 22 and she still hasn’t got over it!!!

    1. Oh Elizabeth! I can imagine what that must’ve been like for Grace at such an impressionable age! hee hee! “Gut monning,” indeed! :)

  9. My googlereader did not pick up the previous post, so I had to go back a bit (she says with a confused look on her face). I can see where it would stir a bit of a hubbub.

    Stand down soldier! The coast is clear now.

  10. really I’ve always thought this blog was humorous and funny, and I’m still thinking it!, no matter the fact that many friends of mine wear ‘speedo like’ swimsuits and they’re not athletes!!, And, yes, there’s a great tolerance about swim-wear here in spanish beaches, and I think it’s a funny thing to watch people diversity!.
    I’m not worried about the speedo controversy and I don’t think men will stop wearing whatever they like!
    besos & freedom

    1. Mrs. Allnut! Hello! I’ve missed you! :) I wholeheartedly agree. I definitely don’t think men will stop wearing what they please simply because some women find it comical! I’m so glad you still find my blog funny! :) And diversity is indeed what makes my people watching activities so interesting! Thank goodness for Spain’s tolerance of beachwear, otherwise, where would I be? haha! Besos!

  11. Enjoyed your posts and appreciated the humour with its healthy dash of sarcasm. We all have our blog voices and if you can throw in some “frightening” pics to bring your point home, I say “Go for it!” Glad I stopped by to read what’s happening with Bella. :) Now, if I can those pictures out of my mind I will feel a lot better.

    1. Jennifer, thank you! Your comment had me grinning from ear to ear! Here’s hoping the scary graphics will exit your brain soon! :) Forgive me for the nightmarish visuals! hee hee!

  12. OMG, did I miss something? I thought we were all in agreement that wearing Speedos is plain crazy! Dios mio, the things you have to put up with, Bella. Well, I for one stand by the first post which was too funny for words, if you ask me. One picture was worth all the words in the world. Enough said. Keep on making us laugh, Bella. I wouldn’t want it any other way! :)

    1. Monica, I just love you! Thanks for the back up, lady! And muchas gracias for your kind words. You know you’ve made my day, right? :)

  13. Okay, I haven’t read the speedo post yet – will do that as soon as I’m finished – but I have to agree…people need to lighten up, relax and enjoy the humor of your post. Sure men have a right to wear what they want, but I just may laugh my ass off…or run away in horror.

  14. Bella, anyone who’s not a first-timer to your blog should get that you have a sense of humor in your posts. Keep doing what you’re doing. And we’ll keep wearing sunglasses to hide our horror! :)

    If you need me, I’ll be wearing my swimsuit in the tub.

    1. bwhahaha! OMG, Kenya, thank you for that comment! I needed it! Lets pull a Coco Chanel to keep our eyes shielded to the horrors of the Speedo! :)

  15. In 50+ years have only ever seen 2 men who looked good in speedos. The were both Greek, one slim and lean and blonde and young (like a Greek God, actually); the other tall and muscular and dark and middle aged (also like a God). So I don’t despair anymore…

  16. I’ve just followed you over from Senora Allnut and I’m glad I did. You are hilarious.
    Speedos are a crime against fashion and I agree with Cathy, in my 44 years of life I don’t think I’ve come across more than a couple of men who wear the dreaded “budgie smugglers” well.
    Mind you, i suppose the same could be said for ladies in thong bikinis. As long as the wearers have fun and we don’t laugh in their faces there’s no harm intended by a gentle titter. x

    1. Vintage Vixon, hello and welcome! I’m so happy you were able to follow me from Mrs. Allnut’s! I have to say, your comment made me giggle! Budgie smugglers…I’m still chuckling! And you’re right, no harm done as long as we titter when the offenders have their backs to us! :)

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