Who wants to wear an itty bitty teensie weensie yellow polka dot bikini?

One of the things I most love about the beaches in Spain is the fact that there are no rules.

And by no rules, I mean anyone can wear anything without fearing the fashion police is going to drag them away kicking and screaming.

You want to wear a thong? Go ahead!
A white, see-through two piece? Why not?
Dental floss? By all means!

Tolerance is high in the land famous for its bullfights, tapas, and Manchego cheese.

This tolerance is quite the contrast to other restrictive beaches I’ve visited, where any woman weighing over 100 pounds and wearing a bikini, elicits blood curling screams from the crowd.

Here, you’re free to wear what you please regardless of weight, age, or height.

This morning, I managed to capture shots of different ladies in their bikinis.

You’ll observe that these women, much like the men in Speedos, appear to feel good in their skin.

Not one of them is seen nervously tugging at her suit, covering her bottom half with a pair of swim shorts, or hiding under an oversized tee.

Sadly, I’m not one of these ladies.

Because, while I may have what I consider to be healthy self esteem, I still don’t have the amount of confidence it takes to pull off a two-piece.

Yes, I hang my head in shame.

Nevertheless, I’m a work in progress.

Every day, I strive to break free from society’s notion that only women with a certain body mass index have the right to don a bikini; that fat girls have no business wearing anything other than a matronly, black, one-piece.

In all honesty, I don’t know if I’ll ever overcome the insecurities that prevent me from baring my curves to the world.

Therefore, I take solace in my ability to take baby steps.

And by baby steps, I mean slipping my voluptuous body into a one piece suit whose deep cleavage perfectly showcases my “rack.”

Today, I want to give a shout out to the daring sisters who courageously bare all.

I want to thank and tell them that until the day comes when I can confidently wear a two-piece suit, I live vicariously through them.

Are you brave enough to wear a two-piece?