Who wants to wear an itty bitty teensie weensie yellow polka dot bikini?

One of the things I most love about the beaches in Spain is the fact that there are no rules.

And by no rules, I mean anyone can wear anything without fearing the fashion police is going to drag them away kicking and screaming.

You want to wear a thong? Go ahead!
A white, see-through two piece? Why not?
Dental floss? By all means!

Tolerance is high in the land famous for its bullfights, tapas, and Manchego cheese.

This tolerance is quite the contrast to other restrictive beaches I’ve visited, where any woman weighing over 100 pounds and wearing a bikini, elicits blood curling screams from the crowd.

Here, you’re free to wear what you please regardless of weight, age, or height.

This morning, I managed to capture shots of different ladies in their bikinis.

You’ll observe that these women, much like the men in Speedos, appear to feel good in their skin.

Not one of them is seen nervously tugging at her suit, covering her bottom half with a pair of swim shorts, or hiding under an oversized tee.

Sadly, I’m not one of these ladies.

Because, while I may have what I consider to be healthy self esteem, I still don’t have the amount of confidence it takes to pull off a two-piece.

Yes, I hang my head in shame.

Nevertheless, I’m a work in progress.

Every day, I strive to break free from society’s notion that only women with a certain body mass index have the right to don a bikini; that fat girls have no business wearing anything other than a matronly, black, one-piece.

In all honesty, I don’t know if I’ll ever overcome the insecurities that prevent me from baring my curves to the world.

Therefore, I take solace in my ability to take baby steps.

And by baby steps, I mean slipping my voluptuous body into a one piece suit whose deep cleavage perfectly showcases my “rack.”

Today, I want to give a shout out to the daring sisters who courageously bare all.

I want to thank and tell them that until the day comes when I can confidently wear a two-piece suit, I live vicariously through them.

Are you brave enough to wear a two-piece?


84 thoughts on “Who wants to wear an itty bitty teensie weensie yellow polka dot bikini?

  1. A few years ago, I lost 99 pounds. I was still not at my weight goal, but I’m pretty sure that even at my goal, I couldn’t do a bikini. I’m far too body conscious (and that doesn’t go away as quickly as the pounds). And also, I’m not sure I want to share that much of my skin with the world.

    However, I happened to be taking a trip to Hawaii at this new (lower) weight, so I got brave and I bought a new swim suit: a bandeau tankini and boy shorts. It probably covered more than a regular suit, but it made me feel so good that it was two pieces. I felt like I had finally joined the club I had been on the outside of my whole life. Weird, right?

    1. Elise, not weird at all. I think most women experience a feeling of liberation when they are finally able to don a two-piece, silly as that sounds. I’ve always thought of a one piece as “safe” and a two-piece as “daring.” It must be because, like you mention, there’s more skin exposure. I don’t think I’ll ever wear a bikini but as long as I’m comfortable in my one piece, that’s good enough for me. :)

    1. I’m in 100% agreement, BUT…
      Knowing that truth, in your head, and feeling it in your heart are two different things. Guess which one still wins when it’s time to get dressed for the beach or pool?

      Besides, my tummy has been covered up so long that the blinding white glare coming off it would be truly unkind to inflict on innocent bystanders.

      Someday, perhaps, I’ll get there in my heart.

    2. Beverly, you made me chuckle big time with your comment! “Blinding white glare…” hee hee! I have to agree with you. Our brain knows one thing and our heart feels another. My heart feels anxiety at the thought of baring my curvy chunks for all to see. :) I’m sure we’ll get there someday. In the meantime, power on in the one piece!

  2. Bella, no, I am not brave enough to wear a two-piece. Maybe one day. I am a work in progress too. I love the sound of your suit, though. My rack has pretty awesome powers of distraction also, so I would work that angle for sure!

    And by the way, are you getting an error message when you try to leave a comment? Or just nothing at all? My whole blog disappeared off the internet last night, not sure why, but it is back now. I shake my fist at you technology!!

    1. Heidi, I’m sure your rack has plenty of super powers! hee hee! I’m so glad you mentioned the problem with your blog because I was looking for a way to email you to let you know I can’t comment on your blog. I don’t get an error message. I get a blank screen when I try to comment. I will definitely drop by today and see if you’ve scared technology enough to let us little people spread some love! :)

    2. Bella! I am so glad you are able to comment again! I’ve missed you friend. I have no idea what’s going on with the ol’ blog, but things are OK right this minute so fingers crossed!

    1. Eschelle, “a road map now for a stomach,” hee hee! My sister would echo your sentiments for sure! All I can say is that we’re moms. Road map stomachs are like battle scars that represent having fought and conquered! :)

  3. I love the shot of the three generations in their bikinis… even abuela has her floral two piece action going on. With that kind of self confidence, the chances of a teen eatting disorder are slim. Bravo!

    I should take a lesson from them. I only bring the bikini out for isolated sun bathing. For public swimming I scurry to the submerge myself in a sporty one piece or a full coverage tankini. My self confidence is a work in progress.

    1. Oh Eden, you and I both, sister. The important fact is that we are a work in progress. I’m not giving on us yet! :) Isn’t the three generation shot great? I loved it as well!

  4. I have made zero progress with my body issues. I wear a full coverage two-piece because my bottom half is two sizes larger than my top half. Unfortunately, no bathing suit hides the wrinkles above my knees. Sigh. I will try to be inspired by these lovely ladies of all shapes and sizes.

    1. Shary, wrinkles above your knees? Come on! I’m sure you have beautiful knees! A dancer’s knees! My sister worries about her ankles, which she calls “cankles.” Isn’t it funny the stuff we worry about? The other day I saw a beautiful retro bikini in the market, you know, the one Marilyn Monroe used to wear and I thought, I’d wear this! It had plenty of coverage but still looked amazing!

  5. I Do Wear a Two-Piece! And by american standards, I should consider a moomoo. I will admit to racing into the water and not strolling down the beach with confidence, however. For that, I pull on a little skirt over the bottoms. Pale cellulite is discouraged universally, I’m pretty sure. Serious congrats on the deep neckline, Bella. I’m sure you’re a vision in it!!

    I’m a bit concerned about the blonde in the light blue bikini, gravity being what it is…

    1. bwhahaha! Oh girl, gravity is our kryptonite! It’s funny you mention running into the water in your two-piece because just this morning I was having a conversation with one of the neighbors and she said the only way she’d wear a two-piece was if she stayed fully dressed until it was time to hit the water. At that point, she’d make a run for it before anyone could get a glimpse of her bootyliciousness. She made me giggle as I thought most of us sisters feel the same way! :) Thank you for your kind words. I have to admit to feeling like a “vision” in my suit. Something along the lines of “if you don’t believe something, fake it!” hee hee!

  6. this post is great!
    I’m tired of magazines always saying if you have a curvy bust/butt and tummy you should be wearing a tankini….
    unsightly tanlines for sure.
    I need to go to spain. I would rather have my stretch marks and cellulite hanging out then don a a boring black one-piece.

    yet I am still insecure in my bikini a well. Fake it till you make it guess.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

    1. Bianca, hello and welcome! “Fake it till you make it,” I love it! You have no idea how many times I’ve applied this sentiment in my life, and not just to inspire me to wear a swim suit! I too am sick to death of reading magazines that shun curvy girls from wearing this and that. I say, forget it. I’ll wear what I want and that’s that. :)

  7. I think you’re brave and courageous, indeed!
    Love to read this post and feel all the good vibe!, yes, you know I’m one of that spanish ladies with no fear to wear a bikini (my mom wears a bikini, my mother-in-law usually wears a bikini, or top-less!!), and I would like more people would feel free to wear whatever they like: I think beach is for enjoying a natural environment!
    besos & freedom

    1. Mrs. Allnut, I’m sure you look smashing in your bikini! I wholeheartedly agree with you–the beach should be for enjoying the beautiful environment and soaking up the sun’s wonderful vitamin D! I’m loving my time on the beach here, not having to feel self conscious at wearing a swim suit because my body is not picture perfect. And the topless ladies–wow! Now that’s self confidence! :) Besos and freedom!

  8. It was my goal to cruise a beach in a bikini again, but then I moved to a California beach where all the women are two pounds and continually working out. I would have to hit the gym from now until they dropped me in the 6 foot hole to make that big splash! Great post, Bella!

    1. Annie, you never fail to make me chuckle with your comments! Having lived in California, I know exactly what you mean. Methinks you have to come here and let it all hang out! :)

  9. I guess when you’re in a hot climate the typical notions of modesty are laughable. If I tried to going out in a Speedo to the icecream van across my street which has no less than two kindergartens, I’d be arrested.

    1. Drake, I think you should take that as a sign that Speedos are not to be worn anywhere. Especially not to get ice cream from the ice cream van across the street! :)

  10. I’m not brave enough to wear a two-piece or even a one piece, but if I hang around these sisters long enough, I think I will be. ;-) I love the photos.

    1. Paz, you’re such a sage, friend! I’m so glad you liked the photos! I’m sure you know how difficult it is to snap candid shots of people without getting dirty looks! :)

  11. Last time I wore a bikini–and a red polka dot bikini at that!–was when I was 16. And now all I can say is, Jamas! So enjoy living vicariously. I’m writing behind you, in awe of all their moxie! :)

    1. Monica, friend, at least you can say you’ve worn a bikini at a reasonable age. I think I was six when I last wore one! hee hee! :)

  12. I was wearing a one piece swimsuit my first summer on a Sicilian beach, and I felt silly. Absolutely everyone else was in a bikini–no matter age or size or shape. So now it’s back to bikinis (not the super skimpy ones, of course) for me!

    1. Jann, I would imagine the beautiful Sicilian beaches would demand women wear bikinis! Imagine blocking the beautiful sun with a one-piece! Here’s cheering you on as you strut your stuff in a bikini!

  13. Well! Oh my gosh! There are some BRAVE women in those pictures. Brave. I have never worn a 2 piece but I had some really nifty one-pieces. I like one-pieces because sometimes they just look better on a person (as evidenced by the pictures). But I truly can applaud that they wear what they want. In the end, that is all that is important – just being yourself and comfortable in your skin… lots and lots of skin.

    1. Nan, I agree! You have to feel comfortable in your skin to be able to pull off some of those little numbers! I’m hoping some day it will be the case for all of us! :)

  14. When I was 32, I went bathing suit shopping and came home with something that had a skirt halfway to my knees. My sister rolled her eyes, sighed, and said, “You are never to go bathing suit shopping by yourself again.” And I thought it was flattering! These days I wear different things, but I’m definitely self conscious in all of them.

    1. June, I remember those full skirted numbers! Shudder! hee hee! I’m glad we now wear different things. I’ve become quite the fan of the vintage retro suits. They’re so beautiful!

  15. Middle age has me hiding behind sunglasses and scarves, not to hide my imperfections, but because I feel too open and raw to the world. So as long as I have those glasses and a scarf, a bikini would be just fine!

    1. Cathy, thank you for letting us in on your secret! Hmm…I wonder how brave a scarf and sunnies will make me? Maybe I’ll try it next summer! :)

  16. I definitely wish I had that kind of confidence, Bella! I’ve never been stick-skinny, but I don’t think I’ve ever had that kind of love for my body either. hmmm… There’s something wrong with that thought. I love these pictures. You can tell that these women are very comfortable with their own bodies, and I should learn that! I am slowly moving towards it, I think!

    1. You are, Laura, you are! Keep the faith, girl. You and I will slowly inch our way to being as comfortable in a bikini as these ladies! Believe that! :)

  17. I don’t really feel comfortable in a bikini, though I do own one from back in my high school days. The kind of two pieces I wear are the tankini’s that pretty much cover up everything. So it’s more like a one piece, but the bottoms come off. :)

    1. Kirstin Marie, I think a tankini is one step closer to a bikini, so good for you! I think this would be a “safer” suit for me to try out before taking any other kind of plunge! :)

  18. I wore a two piece back in 2008 when I was about 40 pounds heavier and I must confess when I look at those photos I tell myself “I always think that I look better than what I do”. I deleted some but I kept almost all of the photos because even though I was not ashamed of my body I was not very healthy and I was suffering from many beginning of health complications due to the excessive weight.
    And I still always think I look better than what I do in photos. Blame my grandpa; he used to tell me to always think of myself very highly because others will be there to put you down!

    1. Ofelia, your gramps was a wise man! I like his reasoning and his right, of course! I have to say that oftentimes it’s best to lose weight if the person is unfit and unhealthy. I’m glad you were able to do so! :)

  19. After reading your post, I tried on a bikini I hadn’t worn in five years. I wouldn’t wear it in public. But, my reflection wasn’t as bad as I’d feared — or as good as I’d hoped. I think I’ll stick with one-pieces for now. Why does bread have to be so frickin’ tasty? :)

    1. Kenya, being a carb addict, I feel you, sister! And I’m sure you’re being too hard on yourself. Something tells me you look stunning in your two-piece! :)

  20. For me, it’s not a matter of being brave enough to wear a bikini. When I go to a beach, I go there to swim, and unless I’m more floating than swimming, the top half of a bikini tends to move in a most inappropriate way, no longer covering what it’s supposed to cover.

    So it’s a one-piece for me

    1. On a side note, I’m from Europe, and wherever I travelled, including Egypt and Turkey, it was mostly European tourists there – and Europians, at least those I’ve seen, seem to wear whatever they feel like wearing. So, while I haven’t seen nudists (because I’ve never been on a nudist beach, so only toddlers were running around completely naked), I’ve seen one-pieces, bikinis, Speedos (on men and women alike), thongs, topless women… And all of it on people of all size and shape, and nobody gave them a second glance.

      Cultural differences, I guess. :)

    2. Ivana, I’m with you one hundred percent! Mrs. Allnut said it best when she mentioned how tolerant Spaniards are when it comes to wearing what they want without worrying that others are staring. I completely agree, it is a cultural thing. Don’t you love diversity? :)

  21. I read a post at Door Sixteen recently that sort of summed up my swimsuit feelings:

    “I really don’t want to be one of those people who kvetches about body image and dressing rooms and all that (yeah, yeah, I know I’m OK), but…well. Sometimes you don’t want to put on a swimsuit. And sometimes that “sometimes” lasts for a couple of decades.”

    That’s just it for me – I’m sure the whole pressure-to-look-perfect yada yada plays a significant role, but we have a pool and I don’t even use that – even by myself.

    It’s simply that today [and maybe tomorrow, and maybe the next day . . .] I just don’t want to put on a swimsuit:)

  22. We live in a beach town in Mexico…so we see, as you have seen in Spain, all sorts of different shapes and sizes every day, and all half nude. Most local women dont even own suits but wear t-shirts and shorts when they swim, so you can imagine the looks the American surfer girls get when they don their thongs. Rumor has it that American girls are easy. Who else wears such things, they say? Took me three years to convince them that I wasnt trying to steal their husbands! And I wasnt even a surfer wearing a thong! But I didnt wear a t-shirt and shorts when I swam, either.
    Hey, maybe you need to get that bikini and come visit me for your first showing! To love the all of you before we get even older! I’ll tell them you’re with me and that you dont want another hunk in your life. If I could swim in the nude I would. I just love to feel as much ocean on my thirsty skin as possible! It softens every rough edge and sharpens every sense. Thanks for always making me smile, Bella. Love you!

    1. Brynne, your comment fills me with delight! I think of the possibility of swimming in the beach with you in Mexico, and I just grin from ear to ear! I can imagine the passionate, jealous Latina ladies hanging tight to their men as you tip toed in the sand! :) Priceless! Love you!

  23. Ah ..how I wish I had the confidence to don a two piece * sigh *!! ..
    but then ..where there’s a will there’s a way ..So what if i can’t wear a bikini , quite like you my one piece swimsuit shows just enough of what is to be seen ;) :D

    1. That’s the spirit, Priya! But hey, if I could join you in those zumba classes, I’m sure I’d be able to don the bikini quicker! :)

  24. I have never had that sort of body NOR the desire to walk along the beach wearing dental floss. I love the way I look and dress sexy and wear make up and color my hair and feel beautiful from the inside out – so long as I am not wearing the dental floss up my bum. If a woman feels sexy and luscious more power to her.. I say go for it..

    1. Brenda, absolutely! I say, some women feel sexier in a thong and me, well, I think sexiness is an attitude! Heck, there are times I feel sexy wearing an apron! hee hee! And Miss B., you’re beautiful inside and out! :)

  25. I wear 2 pieces… a tankini top and men’s board shorts! I haven’t worn a bikini in over ten years. And I have no plans to go back to one… ugh! I love not worrying if any bits meant to be unseen are popping out. I don’t care about geiing tan, and have always been more interested in watersport than laying out.

    1. Amy, you had me smiling with your “two pieces.” I can understand why you would prefer to be comfortable if you’re practicing sports. I’m more the “laying out” type! :)

  26. At 17, 5’5 and a toned 123 pounds I couldn’t put on a two piece if someone promised me richest beyond my wildest dreams. I just couldn’t.

    At 32, still 5’5 and decidedly less thin, I just stay away from the beach. Can’t get over those body image issues!

    1. Jennifer, I feel your pain! I’m finally in a place where I feel less self conscious about my curvy self but it hasn’t always been that way! :)

    1. Monica, Roxy is faring well and is tickled pink that Henry sends her besos! Please do tell him Roxy sends doggy kisses back! :)

  27. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable and confident in her own skin. The type of swim suit really has nothing to do with that. If a woman feels more comfortable with baring less then she will still exude that radiant beauty that comes from feeling good about herself even if she is wearing a bathing suit that that covers all of her “assets”. You don’t need a flawless figure to feel good about yourself and the “prize” of getting over body image issues isn’t the ability to wear a bikini in public. The “prize” is that you don’t let your body stand in the way of fully enjoying and living your life.

    1. Neela, I beg to differ. The type of swim suit we wear, for the most part, impacts how comfortable we feel. There are women who feel confident and comfortable in a one piece but who shudder at the thought of wearing a two-piece. I agree with you that one shouldn’t let body issues stand in the way of enjoying life, but in all reality, body issues can, and do get in the way. It is what it is. I hope women will continue to work toward disallowing issues like this get in the way of living life to the fullest, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. Wearing a bikini is surely not a “prize,” but being able to throw one on shows you’re confident, self assured or in some cases, couldn’t give a rat’s ass about public opinion.

  28. No matter how hot my body’s ever been I’ve never worn a two piece and frankly after seeing the pics, I think I’m missing out. Great post, stopping by from LBS.

  29. I haven’t worn a two piece since I was 19 yrs old. :(

    I’m not fat. It’s worse than fat. It’s stretch marks.

    I have come a long way though…I will at least wear a suit now. For yrs I avoided any swimming, beaching, water-activity. Then, I turned 40 and got over myself. Kinda.

    Still no 2 piece, but I did one time. My time has passed! :D

    And, to all those brave ladies: I admire you!!

    1. Oh Shelley, the dreaded stretchmarks! But if I can share a secret with you…the few I have on my belly, I disregard. They’re a result of pregnancy and not entirely my fault! hee hee! :)

  30. The Lady Blogger Tea Party brought me here and I’m happy it did!

    It’s amazing how free I feel when I travel. I wear itty bitty bikinis on foreign shores without even thinking about it. Sure I have a few awkward moments when I take the first steps outside but they go away quickly and I end up enjoying my freedom.

    It’s a completely different story at home… I’m hoping that won’t last much longer because I know the joy of running and walking down the beach uninhibited is so much better than worrying about what other people see and they are probably just enjoying time with there friends and family anyway…

    Love this post and all the beautiful bodies you shared- inspired to relax in freedom.

    1. Metch, hello and welcome! I’m so glad you feel the way you do! Inspiring! I also wish we would feel the same freedom at home as we do when in foreign lands. I think being abroad provides us with a cloak of self confidence that I wish we could still wear when we return home. I’m so glad you liked the post! :)

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