What’s beauty sleep without a pillow?

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by J i J y

The day before the Daughter was scheduled to return to the States, we went to the beach and saw something so endearing, I had to document it in picture form.

A few couples had taken up residence in the spot in front of us, and one of the women declared she was in need of a nap.

However, she informed the crowd this wouldn’t be possible because she didn’t have a pillow.

Immediately, her boyfriend sprung into action and started to create a “sand” pillow.

I was both amazed and amused that a man could be so attentive to his beloved’s needs.

So much, I felt compelled to photograph every step of the process.

The Daughter, quite the independent woman, sneered in contempt, “If she wants a damn pillow, why can’t she make it herself?”

Even though I wondered the same thing, I couldn’t help but find this man’s actions chivalrous.

Were we all so lucky to have such a “hands on” gentleman at our beck and call, eh ladies?

And so without further ado, I give you, “The Making of a Sand Pillow.”


If my lady wants a pillow, then a pillow she shall have.
Of course I'll smooth out any bumps that may bother your precious head.
I smile because you're happy, and if you're happy, I'm happy.
Bend down so I can pat your head.
Alright, a kiss then. You did get sand under your fingernails.

What was your significant other’s last chivalrous act?


55 thoughts on “What’s beauty sleep without a pillow?

  1. How incredibly romantic. What has my significant other done? If by significant other you mean Henry, then I can tell you that at night he snuggles up to my side and keeps me warm. Also, this past weekend, he let me sleep in and if it wasn’t for the darn radio alarm that I forgot to turn off for the weekend, I could have slept in for a long time. Sigh. :)

    1. Monica, Henry does indeed count and I dare say he is quite chivalrous! Bad Monica for leaving on the alarm and interrupting your beauty sleep! :)

  2. –Bella,
    I loooooooooooooooove that man :)
    I think my hubs woudl have done that for me, too. He really takes care of me!
    Soooooooooo Romantic…and look, you caught it on camera.
    xxx Superb.

    1. Kim, you’re one of the lucky ones! Although I have to be honest, the Significant Other would have complied as well. Not out of his own accord perhaps, but certainly with a “physical” prompt! hee hee! :)

    1. Laura, absolutely! I say it’s good to be independent but isn’t it nice when someone takes care of your needs every now and then? :)

  3. I love this. First the photo of the cat…and then the wonderful sequence of shots of the sand pillow. I think she is a lucky woman to have a guy move into high gear to please her. At least he didn’t just look at her and say, “Do it yourself, Phyllis!”

    1. Annie, bwhahaha! “Do it yourself, Phyllis!” I’m chuckling to no end! To think that’s what some men would say! Thank God for “a few good men!” :)

    1. bwhahahaha! OMG, Jann, you’re right! I’ve just noticed this! Thanks for pointing that out and thank goodness for such a command! hee hee! :)

  4. That fellow is super sweet. He deserved that kiss, and more. Thanks for bringing us this moment of chivalry.

    I was a 36 year old, highly competant single gal when I met my husband. I had to be trained to let my knight do his door-opening, purse-carrying, and heavy-lifting. It’s so thoughtful, but hard to get used to after half a lifetime of independance.

    1. Eden, I totally agree. The Significant Other still doesn’t understand why I get irritated when he says, “Here, let me get that,” or “Let me help you.” I hate the “helpless” act some women put on but like I said, it’s plenty okay to get a little pampering once in a while!

    1. Dawn, you had me laughing with “He might have made one for himself.” So like a man, right? hee hee! I”m glad you like the photos! :)

  5. Wonderful story of the chivalrous husband, complete with photos to prove that it actually happened. That men can be courtly :)
    My husband is always chivalrous – well, mostly chivalrous. Would you consider a man who brings his wife coffee in bed every morning to qualify for such a title?

    1. Debra, a man who brings his wife coffee in bed every morning most definitely qualifies for the title! You lucky sister, you! :)

  6. Monica’s comment just cracked me up! And I completely agree with you that Henry does count. Anyway, very nice of that man to make the pillow. The last chivalrous thing my husband did was yesterday. I was running around cleaning the kitchen stove and trying REALLY hard not tell Sophie to leave me alone for 1 entire minute, when Bryan (husband) comes in, pulls me aside, and says, “Would it help if I took Sophie for a few hours for you?” I couldn’t say YES fast enough!

    1. Leah, what a man, your Bryan! Chivalry at its best, that’s what I think! In a time when some men don’t or can’t make time for their children, it’s wonderful to read that there are still some men out there that do. Isn’t Monica a riot? I love, love that she always makes me giggle! :)

  7. Awww! That’s lovely! The Gentleman Caller always tucks me into bed and brings me my phone and a glass of water so I don’t have to get up after he leaves…

    1. Danielle, the Gentleman Caller is a keeper–a big keeper! Where was he when I was trolling for a companion? hee hee! He sounds like a caring and attentive individual. Hang on tight! :)

    1. Fiona, hello and welcome! I wholeheartedly agree. Taking our spouses for granted will indeed suck the joy out of a relationship. Witnessing the making of the sand pillow put a smile on my face because I thought, how tender and caring. And don’t most of us aspire to those qualities in our partners? :)

    1. Jennifer, I couldn’t agree with you more! Now that I’m older, I know perfectly well that I’m capable of building my own pillow, so why not let the man show us a little love by doing it for us, eh? :)

  8. Its so lovely to have someone that is attentive to you, no matter if its in a romantic setting or in when you get up in the morning with terrible breath!
    I also believe that we need to take some time and be attentive to ourselves and to our family members. At times we take ourselves and some of the people around us for granted without realizing the power that a love gesture or an uplifting word may have on them or on ourselves.

    1. Ofelia, absolutely! A kind gesture is appreciated by all and we should indeed partake in them often. Thank you for adding that to the mix! :)

  9. Heck I’m just happy when I don’t have to remind the husband to bring out the organic waste to the curb, but what really does it for me is when he volunteers to cook dinner for no reason at all.

  10. Every six weeks or so, JP has to travel to eastern WA for work. Last time, he stopped at a local winery and bought three bottles of wine, all whites. He hates white wine, but I love it. Major points. Love these photos, Bella!

    1. Lori, JP is a wondeful catch! Not many men buy spirits they don’t enjoy! :) I also love white wine and fortunately for me, so does the Significant Other. I’m still debating on whether he’d get me white wine if he didn’t like it! hee hee! So pleased you like the photos, lady!

  11. My boyfriend buys me candy i like even if he doesn’t like it (and he always remembers what I like!), on Sunday he makes coffee while I’m still sleepy so I wouldn’t have to bother with it… And dozens of similar things. :)

    1. Ivana, your boyfriend sounds like another keeper! Any man who buys me candy gets bonus points! As for the coffee? Need I say more? :)

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