Postcards from Spain

Hello everybody!

I spent the better part of my evening looking at photos I captured while in Spain.

Some of them, I thought, were too nice to keep to myself.

And so, an idea was born.

I thought it would be fun to do a “mini series” consisting of these “postcards,” inserted between regular blog posts.

In this manner, I would be able to show you some of the wonderful things I experienced during my summer vacation.

What say you?

Here’s the first part of this series.




43 thoughts on “Postcards from Spain

    1. Kim, do steal it! I would love to see your “Postcards from London!” Just please tell me you managed to capture one or two hot Brits! :)

  1. Great shots, Bella–all of them! But it was the paella that had me looking and looking. And longing. The big black pot and oilcloth under it add to the charm.

    1. Jann, you should have seen my “kids” the day I took the shots of the paella! Screams of “Hurry up, already! It’s getting cold!” rang through the apartment! :)

    1. Danielle, I’m tickled pink you think so! I have pep in my step now that someone thinks I’ve captured a bit of the culture! Thank you for that! :)

    1. Rowena, and I just knew the paella photo would tickle your fancy! Brings back memories of that paella you made not too long ago, eh? :)

    1. Laura, so right, lady–paella is king! How I wish I could have some for dinner tonight instead of this bland bowl of whatchamacallit! Thank you for supporting my idea, dear Laura! :)

    1. Elizabeth, I really like that one too! I stood in the middle of the street, the Daughter telling me I was crazy, and just shot away unperturbed. It was such a serene street with such lovely trees framing it!

    1. Jennifer, thank you! The food in Spain is amazing! I had to swim extra laps almost every day of my vacation. Churros one day, paella the next, lots of wine, and so on! :)

    1. Paz, it means a lot to me that you like them! Yes, the paella photo seems to be a hit! I think it has to do with how hungry we are when we view them! hee hee! :)

    1. Claudine, hello and welcome! I’m happy you like them! I took one look at the colorful flowerpots and just said, “Wow!” I really like them and I’m glad you do too! :)

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