Who wants to join the coffee photo revolution?

It started out innocently enough.

After my blog post, Who’d rather give up sex than coffee?, Kim, from My Inner Chick wrote, “I loooooove that idea. I shall steal it.”

Then Corinne, from Everyday Gyann, offered to take a picture of her South Indian coffee filter.

Amber, from A Day Without Sushi, expressed how much she loved coffee and how it reminded her of her trip to Mexico.

And then Lori, from The Ole Master Plan commented, “LOVE your coffee photos. I may need to copy this wonderful habit.”

This led me to reply, “All us ladies who share in this compulsion could then select a day to post our coffee shots! Now that would be great! A “Coffee Day” post! Lets start a revolution! :)”

And then what happened?

Eden, from PYT to SEA suggested, “I love your idea of starting a coffee photo revolution. Give us a date and time, and the four “roomies” can post our coffee cup of the day!”

A few seconds later, an idea was hatched.

Why not pick a day when any coffee lover, photography lover, or simply any sister who wanted to have a little fun, could post a photo of her coffee cup?

What would this entail?

The photo can be taken in any particular setting or time.

In the morning, while in the comfort of your home? Absolutely!

In the afternoon, while at Starbucks? Bring it!

In the evening, while at a restaurant? Why not!

All you have to do is capture a shot of your coffee.

And post it on your blog.

Anytime between today and Monday, September 5, 2011.

Then come back to this post, leave a comment if you please, and link up with the “froggy” widget at the bottom of the page.

That’s it!

So why go through all this trouble?

Because it’s fun to be part of the “shakers and movers” crowd!

Because you love coffee and want to show the world what’s in your cup!

Because you’re a sister who supports the sisterhood of coffee!

Because it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers!

Because it’s great to show other blogs love!

Because you have nothing better to do!

Remember, your post can be a wordless one, a multiple photo post, or a word and photo post.

It’s up to you!

Lori, Amber, and Eden have enthusiastically collaborated to this effort.

Lori is already taking photos of her coffee, Eden recruited Amber, and Amber has volunteered to tweet the post and come up with a hash tag. This way, anyone who participates can tweet their link and incite others to participate.

I tell you, ladies, it’s a revolution! A coffee photo revolution!

So what do you say?

Do you want to join us?

Come on! Show the world how much you love your coffee!

And remember, even if you don’t post a photo, you can always show other bloggers love by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment!


116 thoughts on “Who wants to join the coffee photo revolution?

  1. Tell me when you do this for Diet Coke. Then, I’m all in. I wish I knew the joy of coffee though. My father drank it; my mother only in the morning, and as for me and my three siblings. Nada. No appeal. Since Starbucks came on the scene, I’ll have a mocha now and then, but coffee straight up? Or un cafecito (espresso) like my father had? No, gracias. Jamas!

    1. ¡Monica, una Venezolana que no toma cafe!¡Que verguenza! :) I’m with Michael Ann, I have faith that we’ll convert you soon! Just let the exposure to my coffee posts do their magic and don’t resist the calling, woman! :)

    2. Crazylady, but soda doesn’t have the finesse that coffee has! You can’t present it in the fancy, pretty cups or sweeten it up with raw sugar and cinnamon! I’m afraid a soda revolution would indeed be lacking.

    3. I’m with Monica. Supertaster here – coffee and tea taste to me like something someone scraped off the bottom of a not-particularly clean shoe. (I do like me my Mountain Dew, however, so it’s not like I’m a caffeine snob.) Even a drip of coffee in something ruins it for me – toffee, tiramisu, ice cream – gag me!

      Chocolate, on the other hand… I’d be hard pressed to make a choice between chocolate and sex. (Thank the stars I don’t have to!)

    4. Beverly, I understand. Coffee is not everyone’s, ahem, cup of tea. :) I’m a chocolate lover myself but not to the point I’m giving up sex for it! hee hee!

  2. —Sounds FUN, Bella :)
    I so enjoyed seeing all of your coffee cups with beautiful foam. I found myself pondering …. I wonder where she was when she was drinking that? I wonder if she was writing her blog as she was sipping that? & I adore all of your cool cups. xXx

    1. Kim, how absolutely wonderful that you thought that! I’m honored! Most of the time, I can’t write if I don’t have a cup of joe by my side. I think coffee fuels my inspiration! Now are you going to post a photo of your coffee? I’d love to see your coffee cup! :)

    1. That’s okay, Michael Ann, you can have another pretty latte at Steady Eddy’s today! hee hee! Show us your coffee cup, purty please! :)

  3. I’m in! I already have a Magic Coffee feature on my blog where I ask people to tell me what they see in coffee foam, ha! Next time I post one, I’ll mention your project.


    1. Lorna, thank you for your support! What I see in my foam, eh? I’m going to have to do the experiment and hit up your blog with the results! Show us your coffee cup, Lorna! :)

  4. I’ve been raving about my ‘pod’ Keurig coffee maker for a while now. Favourite flavours are Raspberry and Irish Cream. YUM! Anyway, I like to use a beautiful English china mug, and have two that I received separately from my two best friends. The picture I used for my blog I used for obvious reasons. Bet that’s got you guessing! Over and out Bella.

    1. Elizabeth, thank you for linking up! What a trooper you are! I love the strawberry photo that’s part of your header and have always assumed you love strawberries. However, now I’m intrigued! You know what this means–I petition a blog post with your explanation of the who, why, when, when, and how of the picture! :)

  5. Count me in! I’ll post one tomorrow, since I already have a blog post today (it mentions coffee and has a silly song about coffee, but not my coffee picture).

    1. Eden, I’ve had a look at your coffee shot and it looks great! Is that raw sugar at the top? I like it more than regular sugar! Thanks for being a part of this! :)

    1. hee hee! Roxy cologne! How cute is that! My niece wears Roxy clothes so I would imagine it’s from the same line. I wonder how it compares to the real Roxy! :)

  6. Called my bestest pal and we’re treating ourselves to a sit-down coffee date this afternoon, all for the Coffee Revolution. It’s happening, sister! Wonderful idea and thanks so much for getting it started. The Ole Master Plan is up and running. =)

  7. Wonderful idea.. not photos from me either but I am clicking my paper cup of on the go joe to my laptop monitor. I don’t like flavored or sugared or foamy coffee. Give me strong and straight…

    1. Brenda, my mother would call your coffee style, “hard core negrito!” :) Ah…no photo. I’m disappointed but I know how busy you are these days. Next time! As for me, I’ll take a “negrito” early morning or early afternoon, but I need sugar! :)

    1. Hello and welcome Sue Ann! I think a good collection of coffee mugs is the next best thing to coffee! :) When I’m at home, I always drink from my favoite coffee mug and it’s a Starbucks mug my sister gave me! :)

  8. For anyone who posts and puts the link up on Twitter, use the hashtag #coffeepics. That will make it so we can all easily see each other’s links (for the Tweeties out there :) )

    1. Ivana, I’m so happy you’ve joined the coffee revolution! I stopped by your blog and left a comment and I love your contribution! Cinnamon and brown sugar sound like delicious toppers for coffee! :)

    1. Savira, hello and welcome! I’d be delighted if you participated! All you have to do is take a photo of your coffee before Monday post it on your blog. You can then come back to this post, leave a comment and link up with the froggy widget at the bottom of the post! That’s it! Looking forward to seeing your coffee shot! :)

    1. Jessica, hello and welcome! We’d be honored to have you! And good for you for attempting to obtain coffee through any means, hurricaine or not. A woman’s gotta do, what a woman’s gotta do to get her cup of joe! :)

  9. Found you via Twitter, #coffeepics, and am contributing a post on my blog with a picture of my special coffee cup. Thanks for the fun. I don’t see a froggy thing at the bottom. My blog is: http://lindaburkewriter.wordpress.com/

    I would like to recommend you put your name somewhere on your blog other than in the comments section. At the very top? Otherwise, how do I know who you are?

    1. Hi Linda! I’m walking, running to your blog to check out your coffee shot! The little frog is located underneath my name at the bottom of the post. If you click on it, not only can you submit your link, you can also view the links of the wonderful ladies who have already submitted theirs! Thank you for participating! Besides including my name in the comments, I also sign my posts with Bella and there’s an about page at the top titled, “The One and Only Me.” However, I will embrace your suggestion and see where I can insert it. How does that sound? :)

    1. Jan, hello and welcome! I love soda too and I’ll admit I have to “drink me some” with a meal. That said, I don’t consider a meal over until I’ve had my cup of espresso! :)

  10. For some reason the link to your blog came undone and got linked to NASA. My sister was kind enough to call me and let me know of the problem. It has been fixed.

    Thanks, Bella.

    1. Linda, to NASA? I hope that can only mean that in regard to the coffee revolution, the sky’s the limit! :) Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Corinne, your comment just made me laugh out loud! Thank you for your ever present kindness. You do a woman’s soul good! By the way, I’m tickled pink you like the idea! Oh, and let Pablo know I’ve updated his blog addy so Roxy keeps up with his blog posts! :)

    1. Kimby, hello and welcome! I’m delighted you’re here! Thank you for joining the fun! I will definitely check out your post! :)

  11. I hope I remember to take a pic of my coffee tomorrow morning. My husband just brought me back a new mug from his trip to Florida. It should be perfect. I’m vising from the LBS tea party.

    1. Jann, I knew I could count on you to join the coffee revolution! I especially love that your beautiful coffee is accompanied by such a delicious croissant. Now that’s what I call doing coffee right! I’m thrilled you’re on board! Grazie! :)

    1. Janu, thank you for your joining the coffee revolution! I’m so happy you decided to do so! I dropped by your blog and have to say, I love the idea of drinking coffee in a steel tumbler! Your photo is wonderful! Thank you for linking up! :)

  12. I can’t wait to make the blog rounds to see everyone’ s pictures and post. My camera has issues, actually I think I broke it, but if I can get a photo in, count me in. My fellow coffee revolutioners!!!

    1. Renee, with or without your photo, I’m so happy you dropped by the Coffee Revolution! :) I hope you will enjoy reading the posts and photos in the links posted! Thank for dropping by!

  13. I love the idea of taking a picture of coffee/tea and posting it! Very cool and so much potential with different cups and the setting.

    Just came over from the Lady Blogger Tear Party.

    1. Dina, hello and welcome! We’re delighted you could join us! And that you like the idea of coffee shots! We’d love it if you could post your coffee photo! :)

    1. Joy, I’m super excited that you’re on board! We are bubbling with “joy” (hee hee) at the thought that you’re joining the fun! Thank you! :)

    1. Kimby, and boy am I happy we started this! Your beautiful post with your flea market find mugs just took my breath away! Absolutely lovely! Thank you for being a part of this! :) Love, love the coffee shots!

    1. Crazylady, your blog post title cracked me up! And that little chocolate addition to your coffee made me swoon! Thank you for joining us! :)

    1. Savira, I tried to drop by your blog but couldn’t access the link. Could you please verify it and post it again? I’d love to see your coffee shot! :)

  14. What a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity to participate — I enjoyed getting to post pics of my beloved coffee and view others as well. Like in “real” life, coffee truly is a great connector!

    1. Caryn, coffee is indeed a great “connector.” You have no idea how coffee has helped me meet people, bond with friends, and get over break ups! I loved your post! I read it and thought, me too! Thank you for being a part of this! We’re so happy you could join us! :)

    1. Vanessa, too right! Coffee and fashion–unbeatable! (Thank goodness I can do coffee!) hee hee! But absolutely, it is wonderful to capture lovely things and the good things life has to offer! :)

    1. Ariana, I dropped by to see Francis, and oh my goodness, she is lovely! You lucky woman, you! I’ll make love with Francis any day! hee hee! :)

  15. Joining the party via Eden from PTY to SEA. I’m late as usual, but fashionably so? Actually, I’ll be posting mine later after my pre-funk iced grande salted caramel mocha from Starbucks which they’ve brought back. I usually prefer “indie” coffee roasters, but Starbucks works when I need a quick fix. They are everywhere in Seattle.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

    1. Jen, fashionably late is so fashionable! :) Welcome! I hope you’ll post that delicious Starbucks concoction for all of us to see! Last year I visited a shop that roasted their own coffee and to this day, I can smell the aroma of that shop! Heavenly!

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