What are the results of the Coffee Post Revolution?

Hello everyone!

It’s Tuesday, and sadly, our Coffee Post Revolution has come to an end.

I’m both delighted and pleased that such an event took place on my blog.


Because not only has it allowed us to have fun posting photos of our coffee shots and commenting in regard to how much we love coffee, it’s also served to express our preferences, meet other bloggers, and spread the word.

Spread the word, as in, this is how powerful our writing can be.

It allows us to transcend continents, reach those in far away places, agree, express differences in tastes, and exercise our creativity.

Yes, I dare say the Coffee Photo Revolution has accomplished this, and exceeded my expectations in the process.

Because of it, we’ve come to learn how a South Indian coffee filter works and  looks like.

We’ve discovered that some fellow bloggers love coffee to the point of being willing to sacrifice sex for it, and we’ve learned that for others, coffee is a good substitution for Ipecac.

We’ve viewed photos of coffee in wonderful mugs, cups, bone china, and even steel tumblers.

We’ve learned some like raw sugar, no sugar, cinnamon, foam, no foam, lattes, espressos, soy lattes, and frappuccinos.

We’ve been introduced to the fact that our friends the Brits have a penchant for drinking instant coffee.

And we’ve even discovered that some of us get insomnia if we DON’T drink coffee.

What a wonderful project this has been!

I want to thank everyone who took the trouble to link up, post their photos, write blog posts, comment, and “tweet” about our revolution.

A special thanks to Amber, from A day Without Sushi, for creating our Twitter hash tag and promoting our event on Twitter, to Lori, from The Ole Master Plan, for cheering us along from the beginning, and to Eden, from PYT to SEA , for planting the idea in my head.

A big hug to everyone for reading and for indulging my coffee obsession.

This blog would not be what it is without its readers.

Thank you!

If you haven’t already visited the blogs of the lovely ladies who wrote posts, or viewed the photos of coffee lovers who posted links, you can still do so.

It’s wonderful to spread blog love, or any kind of love, for that matter, so don’t be shy and drop by!

And let us not forget that while the Coffee “Post” Revolution may have come to an end, the coffee revolution continues!

Because wherever there’s a sister who needs to wake up, stay alert, warm her belly, accompany her croissant, breathe in the aroma, nuzzle a hot cup, stay at home with, take to work, cry into, tell secrets to, and consider it the best friend she could ever have, coffee shall reign triumphant.

In the words of Shary, “Vive la revolution!”

Have a good one!

34 thoughts on “What are the results of the Coffee Post Revolution?

    1. Michael Ann, you sure can! It’s still not too late to read the other blog posts and view the wonderful coffee shots! I’m delighted you approve! :)

    1. Lori, you should get paid good money for your wit, girl! :) Love it! I’m running over to check it out! And bless you for the refill!

  1. I love your last paragraph – Because wherever there’s a sister who needs – coffee shall reign triumphant – perfect! I’ve been checking others – fun! Meeting all sorts of new fave people!!

    1. Nan, I’m so happy you’re checking out other blogs and finding new people to read and follow! This is what it’s all about! Thank you! :)

    1. Kim, because I love you to death, I forgive you! :) No worries. You never know when we’ll start another revolution that you can be part of! :)

    1. Elizabeth, I’m glad you’re keeping your lovely coffee picture on your blog! You take care as well, and do tell me your teeth are no longer causing you pain!

  2. This was a lot of fun! You know, with the number of comments you got on the coffee revolution, I kind of wonder if we couldn’t do something like this as a charity drive of some sort…

    Hmmm…you have me thinking. Better go refuel with another cup.

  3. So I had big plans to engage in the revolution. But sadly, I forgot. Probably because I was not caffeinated enough to remember to take the photograph.

    1. See, Leah, that’s what happens when you don’t drink your coffee! No worries, though. Hopefully, they’ll be a next time! :)

    1. Claudine, hello and welcome! I’m glad you dropped by! Please do check out the links to so many wonderful coffee posts! :)

  4. And I am so, so chagrined that I didn’t participate! Argh! What is it that I do with my blog time, anyway? Oh, that’s right. I post pictures of coffee.

    Please forgive my absence – it was not intended!! I must say, though – it seemed to go just fine without me:)

    1. Oh girl! We should have had that one in our coffee revolution picture post! Perhaps this is a good excuse to do another one! What do you think? And I have to say that’s a mug I have to buy and show to the Significant Other whenever I need a refill. No words necessary. The mug shall do “talk” for me! hee hee! :)

    2. Lady, I dropped by your blog and left a comment. I absolutely love it! This is the mother of all coffee mugs! I’m so glad you snatched this up for yourself! :)

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