Blogs you have to check out!

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Good day, everyone!

The results are in!

The poll titled, “Are blogrolls of any value?” established the following:

82 percent believe that blogrolls are a great way to discover new blogs
0 percent feel they make non-included bloggers feel left out
10 percent don’t have an opinion regarding blog rolls
7 percent cited “Other”

Given these results, I feel we can conclude that the majority of the readers of this blog think blogrolls are keepers.

I believe this post generated wonderful feedback that gave us insight as to why some bloggers want to prevent the blogroll’s extinction.

We learned that some readers use their blogrolls as a prompt to visit other blogs, while others feel that they’re a reflection of the blogger’s tastes.

We also learned that some bloggers rely on comments to discover new blogs and that some blogrolls urgently need to be updated.

Some bloggers are stoked when they discover their name on someone’s blog roll and hurt if  it’s been left out or removed.

Some think it adds to the clutter of a blog’s interface and some would rather it have its own page.

Finally, everyone agrees they dislike extremely long blogrolls.

The idea to write a blog post about blogrolls came to mind last week.

I’d been toiling with the possibility of featuring a post that showcased some of my favorite blogs.

I was inspired after seeing how bloggers are spreading blog love by giving awards, featuring blogs, and having guest posts.

For example, the lovely Anika, from By Anika, has a feature called “Spreading the Love,” where she features bloggers and their views on fashion.

Beautiful Corinne, from Everyday Gyann, showcases a different blog weekly in her “Blog of the Week,”

And sweet Brynne, from Presence of Magic, has created her own award, the “Presence of Magic Award,” to bestow on those bloggers she feels have helped her blog grow.

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite blogs.

Motivated by the results of the blogroll poll, I feel this is another way to point readers in the direction of wonderful blogs.

I also hope this will inspire other bloggers to do the same since this would add to further discovery.

Without further ado, here are the blogs I feel you have to check out!

Atoll Annie and the Non-Specific Rim– The first time I read this blog, I sat in front of my laptop with my mouth literally hanging open. Annie, its writer, had managed to blow me away with a writing style so captivating, witty, and, real, I felt cheated for not having discovered it before. It immediately turned into my favorite coffee companion.

A Day Without Sushi– I feel the best way to describe Amber’s blog is by saying it’s “eclectic.” This blog is sure to entertain you with posts that range all the way from reviews of television shows to informative ones that help readers unravel the mysteries of Twitter and its hashtags. Amber never fails to impress with fresh content that will keep you coming back for more.

Everyday Gyann– If ever you find yourself lacking for inspiration, motivation, or encouragement, a visit to Corinne’s blog is a must. Once there, you’ll be compelled to read post after post to absorb her wonderful messages of love, faith, hope, and kindness. Reading this blog is a step in the direction of becoming a well-rounded individual.

Me as a Mother– Heidi is the author of this gem. She combines her exceptional photographing skills with razor-sharp wit to deliver posts that make you feel that mother or not, you are not alone. Heidi’s most distinctive characteristic is her “realness.” No fake, plastic, sugar-coated nonsense from this sister. Her posts feature her family, her life, and her friends. However, it won’t be long before you feel like you’re reading about your own life; with its ups and downs and everything in between. A definite must read.

Presence of Magic– Blog author Brynne wants you to believe in magic. Why? Because she feels it’s alive and all around us. Skeptics will quickly turn into believers after reading just one of Brynne’s magical posts. She will enchant you with her kindness of spirit, unique writing style, and penchant to see the good in everything and everyone. With every post, Brynne opens her heart and soul and invites you to use your imagination and believe.

The Ole Master Plan-Lori is on her way to becoming a published author. She shares with her readers her word count progress, Friday haikus, and personal stories. She is witty, down to earth, and engaging. She’ll draw you in with her love of nostalgia, which she shares through old family photos and endearing posts of her family and friends. Lori’s blog will have you believing in friendship, perseverance, and did I mention she writes the most wonderful haikus? Two energetic thumbs up!

Next week I hope to bring you another installment featuring other blogs that, in my humble opinion, you have to check out!

Stay tuned!

What blogs do you recommend we check out? Let us know in the comments section!

Happy Monday!

And now, a little Roxy love to get you through the week.



38 thoughts on “Blogs you have to check out!

  1. I love this, Bella. I too think it’s great when bloggers feature other bloggers. This is very common in the recipe blog world. I am working on a feature like that since I try so many recipes from other blog sites. I’ve “featured ” a few of them with link-backs to the original blogger. I love the feeling when I tell the other blogger I loved their recipe and want to feature it! I need to make a feature button etc… so am working on that.

    Something else though, that I was thinking about this morning. Are we only blogging for OTHER bloggers? I feel like the majority of my blog readers are other bloggers. Those are the people that leave comments too. I’d like to know how many non-bloggers take the time to come read either of my blogs. Not that bloggers aren’t people too :-) but do you know what I’m getting at? I guess word of mouth is what we count on, and I guess that comes from making our presence known in whatever way we can. Through other blogs etc…

    1. Michael Ann, I will confess that before I started blogging, I rarely clicked on blogs. I’d venture to say that yes, the majority of our readers are bloggers, if you don’t count family members and personal friends. Unfortunately, I don’t even have that since I can’t get any of my family members interested enough to read my posts! The Son and the Significant Other “hear” them since I read them to them every now and then and the Daughter reads them only when I pester her enough about them. However, sisters, nieces, nephews—all missing in action. :(
      I love you idea of a “feature” button! Link backs are courteous and expected when you cite other blogs but showcasing blogs, to me, are so much more special. :) We have to brainstorm and figure out how to get more exposure and not just rely on word of mouth. Don’t you think? Wouldn’t it be fun if we worked on an online magazine type publication featuring different bloggers? Now that would be a project!

  2. I look forward to checking out the blogs you’ve highlighted here. Thank you! And thanks for including that adorable photo of Roxy. Nice way to start out the day/week. ;-)

  3. Bella, you are TOO kind. Thank you so much for the sisterly love. I remember the day I discovered The Ole Master Plan was listed on your blogroll. I spun in my chair and did a pink-bathrobe-happy-dance (Youtube not invited). You’ve totally made my day again! Checking One Sister’s Rant is part of my morning routine, girl, coffee in hand. And thank you for the other recommendations. Can’t wait to check out the other two.
    Awwww…Roxy love!!!

  4. I love learning about other bloggers through bloggers I enjoy reading. As a woman who is always at negative time capacity, running from one part of her life to the next, always forgetting bits and pieces here and there, I appreciate the sharing. What is a constant surprise to me as I travel in my haste from blog to blog is that there is sometimes a connected theme, not always, but when it is, it feels like the world is touching our lives uniquely, but similar. I am grateful to have connected with writers out there – near and far.

    1. Brenda, I love how you’ve established a connection as you hop from blog to blog. I think our love for writing, the need to express ourselves and the fascination that someone cares about what we have to say, drives us. We’re all in the same speedway, lady! I’m glad your car’s riding alongside mine! hee hee! :)

  5. Bella,
    Thank you so much for including me in your list. It is a treat this Monday morning! I know a few of the other bloggers but will have to check out the rest and then wait for your new installment next week! I love being introduced to new blogs. Thank you again!!!

  6. Thank you, dear Bella, for your kind words, for your open heart and for the joy you continually sprinkle in all of our lives. Squish–squish, happy–happy, twirling-kid joy!

  7. Thank you so much Bella for including me in your post! You are such a generous and thoughtful friend and blogger. I always leave your site with a smile on my face. Can’t wait to check out the other blogs you mentioned! Oh, and by the way, regarding your comment today over at my place about buying disposable razors, holla!

    1. Heidi, you’re very welcome! Your comment has me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you! I hope you like the other blogs–I’m sure you will! Holla! hee hee! :)

    1. Kim, you being the blog lover you are, will surely find these a joy to peruse. The only thing is, that your time reading blogs will increase and Mr. Liverpool will have to remind you it’s time to unplug! hee hee! :)

  8. Hi Bella,

    What a fantastic post and great idea! I spent weeks searching for good blogs last year and finally settled down to accidental unearthings lol. So I am just thrilled to check out your favorites. As a newcomer to your blog I can see that you have skillz, spirit and great taste. Roxy’s not too bad either. :).

    I would recommend the following blogs: Life as an Art form by Empress Somers (spiritual excellence unfolding), Cindy Dyer’s blog (Photography) and Sparks in Shadow (writing and personal memoirs).

    1. Coco, I am deligthed that you like the post and that you have made some suggestions of your own! I will definitely check them out at the end of this week! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am honored. Roxy’s a sweetheart. You’re going to love her! You’ve been warned! :)

  9. Well cool! I don’t know any of the bloggers, so now I have new ones to check out! I had been thinking of doing something like this (or a blogroll) – I want people to meet some of the amazing bloggers I’ve met (like you). I’m off to check out some of these you’ve recommended – thanks!

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