A day at the beach as charity?

Last week, the lovely Amber from “A Day Without Sushi,” started a project that involves giving something up to help those in need.

Her concept is simple: Give something up, blog about it, and donate the money to your favorite charity.

Amber has made it even easier by including in her post, a list of charities that allow text donations.

I feel this is a wonderful opportunity to show we can pay it forward; that we can put the needs of others before our own.

So what did I give up?

Yesterday, the Significant Other invited me to lunch.

The idea of not having to cook on a hot, Sunday afternoon was tempting, but still I resisted and suggested we donate the money we would’ve spent on lunch to our favorite charity, UNICEF.

So instead of a fancy lunch, we went to the beach with Roxy.

In keeping with the idea of not spending any money, we brought a packed lunch and a thermos with coffee.

At the end of the day, not only did we have a wonderful time, we felt great about being able to contribute to this noble cause.

Here are some photos of our day at the beach.
Cost: $0.00

I suggested to the Significant Other we drive off in these, since there was a blue and a pink one, but he thought they were too girly.
The Significant Other said he would drive off in this vintage bike, even if it was rusty.
Roxy, excited to be at the beach, even if she can't go in the water.
Who would've thought giving to charity could be this much fun?

Won’t you please spread the word and join us?

If you decide to do so, don’t forget to link back.

You can do that here, as well as read other posts from bloggers who’ve decided it’s cool to be generous.


51 thoughts on “A day at the beach as charity?

    1. Kario, I’m very excited at the prospect of you joining the fun! Don’t forget to link back on Amber’s blog so we can read your post! :)

    1. Jann, when Amber told me about her idea to pass it forward like this, I thought it was a wonderful gesture. I’m so glad people are linking up on her blog and sharing what they’re giving up to help others in need. And you’re so right–Roxy always gets the best deal! :)

    1. Kim, isn’t it great when you have a good time and it doesn’t cost you a dime? :) Roxy truly enjoyed herself and met lots of doggy friends that were also there to soak up some sun. Love you back! :)

  1. I missed Amber’s post somehow, but I’ll have to think about this. Those photos were just what I need as autumn is starting to close in here. Did you use any special filter to get the sky so blue? And any picture of Roxy is a good picture.

  2. Hello Julie! I did not use any special filter for the sky. I only used the “enhance” feature in Photoshop. I have to admit to loving how it turned out as well as being delighted that you like the photos! Roxy’s tickled pink you like her shots! :)

    1. Monica, I’m delighted you like the photos! I’ve loved Unicef ever since I started their Halloween trick or treat when I was 14! Do you remember those bright, little orange boxes? :)

    2. Yes, of course! I remember those boxes fondly. And I’ve never stopped donating. Plus their cards are really cute. :) And children. How can you not like donating to helping children?

    3. That’s what I’m saying, Monica! I love UNICEF. I have wonderful memories of trick or treating for UNICEF and would you believe later on, much later on, my children and I did it as well? Good memories. :)

  3. I have to say that vintage bike picture along the dock/stairs to the beach is really, super, extra-well-done. Have you tried putting it in a high-contrast black and white filter? I bet that would pop almost as well as all the colors.

    Oh and the charity idea isn’t half-bad, either! Sorry to go straight for the photos and miss the point:)
    I’m going to have to ruminate on what I can give up for a day – we’re not exactly well-off [who believes they are right now?] but we do grant ourselves a zillion little luxuries, and are madly rich in comparison to the charities in need, of course.

    Commencing cogitation in 3, 2, 1 . . .

    1. Jayca, thank you so much for your suggestion! I will surely try the high-contrast black and white filter! In regard to the charity, any little bit helps and I’m sure you’ll think of something! :)

    1. Annie, I’m happy you like the photos and the idea! Thank you! There’s something magical about beach photos. It must be something in the water! :)

    1. Classic NYer, you can still participate! Amber is keeping the link on her blog open for a month. Refer back to the link to her blog in this post! :)

  4. Amazing. I honestly love spending days at the beach, especially when they don’t cost much. I love taking Randall to the beach, but have such a limited space & time frame when he is “allowed” to go.

    1. Kirstin, I feel for Randall! Here Roxy’s allowed to walk on the dunes adjacent to the beach year round. However, she can only go on the sand area and water from October 1 until April 1. Sadly, that’s when the water’s coldest. We don’t let her get in but she does have a ball running in the sand. :)

    1. Nan, Roxy’s looking at another puppy dog! He was sitting across from her and served to capture her attention. I was glad since she was able to stay still while I took the picture!

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