Blogs You Have to Check Out! (Part Two)

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Good day, everyone!

Given my previous installment of “Blogs You Have To Check Out” was well received,  I decided to do another one.

I hope you’ll drop by these blogs since their content is nothing less than wonderful.

Without further ado, here they are!

Monica’s Tangled Web– Ladies, Monica is no ordinary blogger. Those of you who are familiar with her work, I’m certain will agree that clicking on her blog is like eating Pringles–you’re not able to stop at just one post. This talented lady will make you howl with laughter, ponder situations carefully, and literally suck you into her tangled web as you read her cleverly worded posts. She has two series of which I am a devoted fan: Divorce Diaries and The Road Taken, which is also a book in progress. However, be forewarned that once you read Monica’s blog, the addiction will set in quickly. Before long, you’ll find yourself clicking away madly to verify if she’s written a new post or simply to reread one of her older ones. Bring coffee. You’re going to be a while!

My Inner Chick Ladies, brace yourself for Kim’s blog. Why? Cause it’s as unique as unique comes. Her posts will either have you laughing till your sides hurt or wiping the tears from your face. She’ll happily introduce you to her lovely family, her cat Charlie, and her husband, Mr. Liverpool, and before long, you’ll wish you could adopt them as your own. Kim also plays tribute to her sister’s Kay’s memory and regularly creates awareness to domestic violence. Kim is the type of blogger that calls it like she sees it, ladies. She’s the real deal. You won’t be able to get enough of her posts, which she proudly peppers with, as she calls it, “attitude with a side of bitch.” And did I mention she’s also one of the most kind-hearted, warm, and loving people I’ve ever met?

the blog of worldly delights– The lovely Laura is a fashion blogger, but do not allow yourself to think her blog is exclusively a fashion blog. Absolutely not! Her blog is a wonderful mix of nail and make up tutorials, delicious recipes, narratives of her quest to find employment after successfully graduating with her Master’s Degree, personal anecdotes, and yes, fashion. Her OOTD (outfit of the day) posts are so adorable, you’ll want to dress like her after viewing just a few of them. This lady has style–the warm-hearted and lovely kind you want to emulate. Once you meet Laura, you’ll want to be her best friend. I promise you.

GrrlGuide– Ladies, Brenda is not for the faint of heart. Why? Cause this is one feisty, passionate, speak her mind, stay loyal to her voice, saucy lady! Be ready to peel a lot of layers as you read Ms. Brenda’s posts. You’ll catch glimpses of her romantic side in her poetry, which is filled with her loyalty to the emotion that is love. If you’re a mother, you’ll relate to her love for her children and her wish that they follow their heart. Her posts also include her writing process and make-believe interviews with Oprah that seem so real, you’ll scratch your head and wonder if they happened or not. Oh, and did I mention she has a penchant for writing letters? Letters that will make you laugh, cry, sigh, and inspire you to write your own. Her posts are sprinkled with memories and stories, both of which are filled with so much emotion, you’ll realize this is a life that is real; one that, while still a work in progress, has lived through more emotion in a day, than most people live in a lifetime.

Pure and Simple– Debra’s blog is what I call a reflection blog. Her posts will invite you to ponder, assess, and conclude. Her beautiful words always serve to inspire me. They fill me with peace, allow for wonderful respite after a hard day of work, and above all, allow me to believe that anything’s possible. Her comments are almost better than her posts and no matter what you write, Debra will always make you feel like you belong; that what you have to say matters. If ever you’ve wondered what an oasis of beauty and calm is like, a visit to Debra’s blog will give you the answer.

And there you have it, folks.
I hope you will pay these lovely ladies a visit.
Something tells me you’ll be glad you did so.

And now, here’s a little Roxy love to start off your week!

Doesn't she look like one of those little dogs from "The Dog"?

What blogs do you recommend I check out?


50 thoughts on “Blogs You Have to Check Out! (Part Two)

  1. Thanks for the tips, Bella! One blog I love that I haven’t seen mentioned is Cardiogirl. She cracks me up. Literally. I love her sarcastic wit. She can take anything and make it hysterical. You’ll be glad you checked her out. Thanks for the post!

    1. June, thank you for the recommendation! And if it has your seal of approval, I know it’s worth checking out,which I will do, this afternoon! Thank you! :)

    2. Hello Cardiogirl and welcome! I’m delighted June made mention of your blog too! I plan to drop by your place a bit later on today! See you then! :)

  2. OMG, Bella! I just woke up and went straight to my inbox, saw you had a new post. Still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and what do I see? Dios mio! I am honored and touched–and tickled pink, too! You are so sweet and generous and a truly gifted blogger that I am so glad to have come to know you in the blogosphere.
    Thank you, thank you. You’ve made this chica one very happy blogger! ;)

    1. Aw Monica, you know you rock! I’m just stating the obvious! I’m delighted to have provided you with some joy this morning. That makes me smile! Have a good one! :)

  3. O000h, My,

    I love most of those blogs :))) ! They rock….Just as you do.

    Bella, you are amazingly adorable & probably one of the most generous bloggers I know…..

    I love love love you. Yes. I . Do.

    Kiss Roxy for me, Please. Xx

    1. Kim, you are deserving of so much more! I just wish I had more to give! Roxy’s tickled pink, grinning like a crazy dog at all the love you always send her way! Thank you, sister! It is much appreciated! :)

  4. Bella, good choices! I subscribe to a couple that you mentioned and look forward to checking out the others. I love your detailed descriptions, they are so spot on! I’ve really enjoyed finding some new blogs lately based on recommendations of blogs I already love. To me that is the best way to find some thing new. I recently discovered some new blogs that I am ADDICTED to and think I might do something similar on my blog.

    1. Michael Ann, I would love to read your post of blog recommendations! As bloggers, I believe we’re always scouting for talent, inspiration, or simply someone who thinks just like we do. I’m glad you liked the post, lady! Let us know if you decide to write a similar one! :)

  5. Bella…. you are the sweetest thing ever! I was so surprised to find little ol moi in your list! I am so flattered by your beautiful words! and about me? what? You made me almost cry! Like shmeriously! You’ve made my day, Bella!

    1. Laura, silly girl, you deserve this and more! I love your blog and your wonderful personality! You’re going places, lady! I know you are! :)

  6. Bella, I love being introduced to some of your favorite blogs. It’s great to read how you capture their strengths and describe their unique voices! You describe each one with such beauty that who could resist a visit!

    1. Annie, and your beautiful words always make me smile. Thank you! I’m delighted you approve and while I know you read most of these, I’m sure you’ll pay a visit to those you haven’t read yet! :)

  7. Great recommendations, Bella! Monica and her Tangled Web is favorite of mine, as is Brenda’s GrrlGuide. I’ve been fortunate to have been friends with Monica for 16 years! Reading her blog is quite enjoyable.

    1. Leah, I love Monica! I hope to be able to meet her some day. She is an extraordinary talent and a wonderful human being. I’m happy you like the blogs listed! :)

  8. Bella – you are always leaving me speechless, which is hard to do given that I am always gabbing and being dramatic about something–ask my kids, or the imaginary lovers I carry around in my heart. I’ll have you know, Miss O and I are truly besties, well we will be as soon has she discovers me. :-). My romantic and motherly selves thank you kindly for honoring me with a mention her alongside the others, and especially next to Roxy, the true star here. I will have to visit Monica and worldly delights, Kim and I go way back. I confess I found Debra via your early on. I am smitten. Big hugs and thank you again for being patient with me since I am always days behind commenting. Hugs to Kelly…

    1. Brenda, I’m delighted to have left you speechless! I’m glad you were able to meet Debra through my blog. Truly this is what these posts are about. It’s wonderful to be able to introduce bloggers to other bloggers and at the same time, share with others the talent discoveries we make along the way. Roxy is truly honored by your comment, lady! :)

  9. Julie, I am familiar with Laura’s blog. I find her writing style to be extremely entertaining and amusing. And I agree with you, it’s definitely not the average mommy blog! Now that you’ve reminded me, I think a visit to Laura’s blog is in oder! Thank you! :)

  10. Greetings Bella and Roxy! Exemplary blog reviews Bella ;-) I need to check out those with which I’m not familiar.
    On Brenda’s GrrlGuide, you’ve nailed it: “feisty, passionate, speak her mind, stay loyal to her voice, saucy lady!” Exactement!

    Then, when I read what you said about mine I was almost tearful. Because I wasn’t expecting such affirmation. And because I really do love to hear my readers stories, and I SO appreciate every one taking the time to reflect, even if it’s for a brief moment, and write down their thoughts. It’s a way of getting to know my long distance friends better. I’m learned so much about you Bella, not only from your own posts, but from your meaningful comments on mine. I feel like you (and Corinne and Brenda and others) just live around the corner!

    I can’t begin to tell you how much your words mean to me after all I’ve been through over the past week. Right after my friend’s death, I get sick. Real sick. Deathly sick. But I’ll spare you the details. Because I don’t dwell on ailments. Suffice it to say I finally broke down and went in for medical treatment today. It was that bad :-(

    Thank you Bella! And tell Roxy, when you think about it, that her sweet face always puts a smile on mine.

    1. Debra, my friend, it is an honor to write about your blog. I’m so sorry to hear about the difficult time you are going through. However, I know that your faith will carry you through whatever life throws at you. You are a warrior of light, lady. You shall prevail. There’s no doubt in my mind. Your lovely posts and respectfulness toward your readers which keeps me coming back to your blog. I wish with all my heart that you, Corinne, and Brenda lived around the corner! What a great time we would have! Roxy has been informed of your message and she lifted her head from her chewy toy and cocked her head to the side; a sure sign that she received the message! Hugs to you! :)

  11. Totally agree about Laura at Worldly Delights – It’s worth a visit over there just for her recently posted pumpkin chocolate cookie recipe. (And the clothes, the scores and scores of adorable clothes!)

    1. Vanessa, right? I have yet to make those cookies but I’ll say that I’m excited at the prospect of making “adult” cookies. hee hee! Her clothes are just adorable. I knew that you, with your own savvy style, would approve! :)

    1. Classy, something tells me you’ll be delighted you did so! Monica’s blog is a riot! My absolute go to place when I need a good laugh, moment of reflection or just because. :)

  12. I can’t wait to go check out these wonderful sounding blogs (I’m already with Kim/Inner Chick). I love what you’re doing. I am going to have to do that because I have some amazing followers who have incredible blogs. You are one rockin’ lady to do this for others.

    1. Thank you, Nan! I think you’ll enjoy these blogs. Their authors are excpeptional human beings as well as writers. And yes, it would be a wonderful idea for you to do something like this on your blog! Because who doesn’t love it when bloggers spread blog love, right?

    1. Carol, it’s lovely you enjoyed visiting these ladies. And I’m glad you dropped by for a visit to my blog! Thank you! I enjoy having you here. :)

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