Is that Aretha Franklin singing in the background?

This morning, Roxy and I were completely unprepared for an encounter with this lady.

One minute she was walking next to her owner, and the next, she had tugged at her retractable leash and swooped in for the kill.

Roxy was terrified.

However, our little miss was smart and immediately went into self-preservation mode.

In the blink of an eye, she bowed down, wagged her tail, and waited.

As I witnessed the larger dog peer down at Roxy, I could hear Aretha Franklin singing, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.”

In the meantime, this fellow looked down at the scene; expectantly waiting for the outcome.

The gleam in his eye told me he was curious to see how events would unfold.

As I watched the two dogs, Roxy’s attitude served to remind me that while you can be as fearless and as feisty as you want to be, there are times when the odds are stacked against you.

In other words, in order to survive, we have to pick and choose our battles.

As for the cat, he served to remind me that no matter what we decide, there will always be an eyewitness to account for what went down.

Today I’m linking up with Heidi’s Black and White Wednesday.

Have a good one!

Black and White Wednesday


57 thoughts on “Is that Aretha Franklin singing in the background?

    1. Michael Ann, perhaps this is an indicator that I sometimes have too much free time on my hands? hee hee! :) But really, I have always tried to identify the life lesson in the circumstances I’ve found myself in. I blame my nana for that. The old sage always found a moral to life’s curve balls!

    1. Kim, I smile at the thought of making you smile. And of course, Roxy just gushes when I share your comments with her! Thank you for always being such a sweetheart! :)

    1. Heidi, thank you for your generous praise! I strive to do the best I can with my humble point and shoot. :) In this case, it was a miracle I even got the shot cause I was petrified that Roxy would react differently. Even though it’s not in her nature, believe it or not, our little miss has been known to “nip and bark” at large dogs. However, I think this wolf-like lady scared the living daylights out of her, or at least impressed her enough to make her want to play nice. It’s self preservation, I tell you. :)

    1. Laura, I love the idea of being like a cat when it comes to drama! Just like our curious friend, you can still take in the action without actually taking part in the action. Brilliant! :)

  1. I lovelovelove how you find joy in what many might call ‘the little things’!! But you and I both know that they aren’t little things at all. They are the morsels that make life magic, the nuggets that give us the deepest joys and the biggest, most lasting smiles. Love you and what you chose to see, mi amor. Always.

    1. Brynne, you always put a smile on my face, sister! Muchas gracias, chica! Yes, indeed we are the wranglers of magic you and I! We must seek it, protect and preserve it at all costs. It’s what turns ordinary days into spectacular ones. It’s what transforms us from mere women to goddesses! I say, may the little things keeps us laughing and filled with joy forever! :)

  2. Ola Bella!

    Here I am, late as always but fashinably attired. Such is the beauty of the writer, you only need ink to be on your game :). I don’t know how you keep catching these Kodak moments but you do a damn fine job lol.

    Bless Roxy for her feisty heart and having as much sense as her owner. I love your truisms, they are always on point.

    1. Coco, chica, like the Terminator, you’re back! I’ve missed you! And I’m so glad you’re fashionably attired. At least that’s one of us! hee hee! I hope my luck doesn’t run out where I lose the timely fashion of being at the right time and the right place to capture these interesting scenes! Keep your fingers crossed! I’m delighted you like my sharing of, ahem, wisdom. I’m honored you think they’re on point. Thank you, lady! :)

  3. Hi Bella,

    It’s just TOO funny! My girlfriend and I were having this same discussion on Saturday. Toxic relationships, as you have so accurately opined, can be an anchor that weighs you down and stops you from seeking your potential. After all, we only have so many hours gifted to us and it is shame to waste them on other’s who choose not to elevate. Elevation is a choice and reveling in the muck is the other extreme.

    It’s hard to do, especially when it’s someone you love but as you said it is the wisest choice. Either that, or re-training them to keep their negativity away from you, which in itself is a monumnetal task. You are a sage…

    I got my own drama so I have minimal patience for other’s – like all true Divas ;)

    1. Coco, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Much like Oprah says, I had my “aha” moment when I realized that in being the spectator the drama of others, I couldn’t star in my own diva show! And we surely can’t have that! No siree! But seriously, bad relationships are like anchors around one’s neck. They drag you down to the bottom of the ocean if you don’t cut them loose. However, I do try to see the individual and the place he or she is coming from. I do exhibit empathy, compassion, and understanding to his or her plight. But when I realize that the pity party is being hosted every day, that’s when I’m out. Life is too damn short to spend listening to the same woes of the toxic folk day in and day out. I know you agree! :)

  4. I love to see dogs in action, and I love how Roxy knows when to be strong and when to retreat. Life preservation 101. I’ve seen little dogs bow like this to Henry, and Henry’s harmless. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, or a cat for that matter. I love all your pix! Go, Roxy!

    1. Monica, I love Henry! I think other dogs bow down to him in admiration cause he’s so handsome! Roxy is a smart cookie. She knows when to play nice and when to show her tiny teeth. Thankfully it’s not in her nature to be a meanie and only does so if she really feels threatened. I’m delighted you like the pics, lady! Roxy sends love to you and Henry! :)

    1. Claudine, I think there’s no other animal more cool than a cat! I say this and I’m not even a cat person! But really, with their silent, assessing gazes, they take in their surroundings and leave you without a doubt that they’ve seen all there is to see. Yep, cats are like little zen masters. Engaging without really engaging. :)

  5. I wish I knew how to speak dog body language. I’ve learned the “play bow” though and and it seems like dogs always use it to say, “Hey, I’m fun… let’s not be serious right now.” Meeting up with aggressive dogs is always a possiblilty and I love how Roxy handled herself. I’m pretty sure Lola would have reacted with something much closer to “&%*#@*!”

    1. bwhahaha! I love how Lola would have reacted! She’s a feisty, take no prisoners kind of lady! She has my admiration. The vet told me that when dogs wag their tail to the right, it means they’re in a playful mood; when they move it to the left, they’re interested but careful. I don’t know how true that might be. I wish we had the Dog Whisperer to translate for us! :)

    1. Annie, one of these days, these surprise moments that I love capturing, are going to cause me to drop my poor point and shoot camera! Thank goodness for my “Spidey” reflexes! hee hee! :) I’m tickled pink you like the photos!

    1. Ariana, you have no idea! I think Roxy and I stir up trouble with our unconventional ways. Either that, or we’re helping to confirm that people gravitate toward what brings them out of their comfort zone! :)

    1. Jann, I’m grateful for both your support and encouragement. I’m still thinking of writing a book with everything my nana taught me. I’ll keep you posted! :)

    1. Leah, thank you! I think it we don’t pick our battles, we succumb. It’s the best self-preservation strategy I know! The cat’s attitude, like you mention, is what we typically expect from these animals. It almost makes me wish I were a cat person! :)

  6. So glad Roxy is fine. I like the way she’s crouched down and I can see her tail wagging. Funny about the spectator but you’re right. There’s always a witness. :)

  7. Excellent job, Bella! I just watched “Babe” last night and I half expected to you to say you hopped in there and put a muzzle on the big dog’s mouth. I guess that’s a different lesson for a different day.

    I can’t get over how certain songs hop into your head and then take over the phrase. As SOON as I saw the first two letters “R-E” Aretha was in my head singing it. And then of course I had to listen to the song.

    Lastly, did you take those photos? You must have. You’re a helluva photographer, too. Well done, mate.

    1. Cardiogirl, ain’t you the sweetest thing? I’m with you on the song getting inside your head and staying there. It happens to me all the time. I read about a song and for the rest of the day and evening, I’m consumed with it. :) I did indeed take these wee photos. Thank you for your kind words. They gladden my heart! :)

  8. Bella, your camera must be glued to your arm or something! Seriously, I have wondered so many times how you always manage to get awesome shots in situations where I would have been preoccupied with myself or the situation itself and not even able to think of my camera – leave alone taking it out of the bag and taking a picture. I really admire your quick thinking (like the time the lady gave you the look for wearing GAP and a designer coat at the same time)!

    1. Sabrina, you’re right to think my camera is glued to my arm because that pretty much sums it up! I think I’ve taken this approach after missing so many cool shots. Nowadays, where I go, my camera goes! I’m flattered you remember the Gap pants post! Thank you! :)

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