Is this what pheromones smell like?

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by erik jaeger

I was standing by the mango bin when it hit me.

The intoxicating scent tickled my nose in the most delightful way.

It was woodsy, yet citrusy, with notes of sandalwood.

Like a bloodhound on the trail, I allowed my nose to lead the way; to find the source of such a heavenly scent.

I inched my way to the man standing next to me and brought my head as close as I dared to his right shoulder.

This action made him jerk back suddenly and prompted me to make a mad dash before he was able to get a look at my face.

Pushing my shopping cart like a schizophrenic off her meds, I swerved left and right, stopping to sniff in every aisle.

When I reached the dairy section, I saw two women spying me, but I swiftly passed them, not wanting their horrified looks to deter me from my mission.

Onward I marched, my anxiety increasing at the realization that the scent was becoming fainter.

However, something told me I had to stop, compose myself, and survey my surroundings.

After all, there was no way I was going to identify my source if I carried on in this discombobulated manner.

I spotted two men standing in the deli section.

Yet my attempt to sniff their necks was interrupted by a deli employee who was hell-bent on slicing salami.

Frustrated, I realized that, thanks to the salami interruption, there was no way I could pick up the scent again.

Defeated, I steered my empty cart to the next aisle.

One step, two steps, three steps, and bam!
There it was again.

Like a crazy person, I broke into a half trot, pushing my shopping cart like a “you have one minute to shop” reality TV contestant.

I came to a screeching halt when I realized I had found the source.

There, standing in front of the toilet paper section, was the man responsible for my deranged state.

I slid closer; all the while inhaling deeply.

I realized I had to be cautious.

Any sudden movement might cause him to bolt, taking with him the scent that was driving me wild.

I glanced at him from the corner of my eye.

He was tall, nicely dressed, and average looking.

He was definitely nothing to write home about, yet I had a difficult time suppressing the urge to smash my nose against his neck.

I slowly stepped closer and picked up a pack of toilet paper.

I cursed the fact that it had been here, surrounded by the very paper we use to wipe our asses, that I had finally found him.

He looked my way, lifted an eyebrow, and gave me a half smile; not an open mouth, toothy smile, but one where only one corner of his mouth turned upward.

It was the kind of smile that asked, “Is anything wrong?”

I smiled back.

He returned his attention to the toilet paper.


The delicious smelling man seemed to be a neurotic who liked to read the small print on the back of the Charmin.

But what did I care as long as I was able to continue smelling, inhaling, and sniffing his scent?

I wondered if what smelled so good wasn’t his cologne but instead, his pheromones.

Could it be that he was emanating pheromones that my pheromones couldn’t resist?

And if this was the case, what could I do about it?

I was certain the Significant Other did not have whatever pheromones this man had, and I was damned if I was leaving the supermarket without committing his scent to memory.

I inched closer, unaware that in the process the shopping cart had taken on a life of its own.

One minute I was centimeters away from his neck and the next, the out of control cart had backed up, knocking over a cardboard display of Bob the Builder in the process.

To make things worse, Bob the Builder landed on one of the dairy section women who had stared at me earlier.

A loud shriek interrupted my trance-like state, prompting the delicious smelling man to rush to the woman’s assistance.

At this point, I realized it was time to hit the road before security was alerted.

I could almost hear a voice cackling over the intercom, “We have a Bob the Builder spill on aisle four. Security, we have a 10-5 in that same location. Proceed with caution.”

Indeed, it was definitely time to exit the building.

I took one last whiff of the source’s scent, pheromones, or whatever was making him smell like a slice of heaven, and made a beeline for the exit, oblivious to the fact that I hadn’t purchased any groceries.

Because that’s what a delicious scent does to you.

It strips you of common sense, drives you to act like a crazy person, and at times, puts you at risk of being arrested.

Nevertheless, it also has the ability to make its way up your nose and into your memory bank.

Thus, allowing you to revisit any time you’re in the mood for woodsy-citrusy, with a side of sandalwood.

When was the last time you stood next to a man who smelled this good?

Note: While the details in this post have been a tad embellished for your entertainment, tragically, they are inspired on actual events.


70 thoughts on “Is this what pheromones smell like?

  1. Oh, my God! :-) I have to admit I’ve not had that response to a man’s scent recently, but one time I was making a costume for a man whose scent rendered me a blithering idiot. He “had” to try on the costume, for the sake of proper fit, and then I had it in my possession for several more days, during which I sniffed the hell out of it. :-D

  2. You know its gonna be a great afternoon when Bella gets you laughing like a mad woman at a bunch of words on your computer screen!! LOVE you, Bella!

    I do have one question for you, though….do you find your sense of smell increasing as you get more and more in touch with your deeper Self? I find that when I am in the flow, I can literally smell an ant in my house. And when I am ‘off kilter’, I hardly smell a thing. Maybe I really am that mad woman in more ways than I realize!:)

    1. Brynne, thank you for always being so complimentary! I find my sense of smell increasing with age! And, it’s like a super power! But I know what you what you mean. Being more in tune with your inner self does prompt one to be more attune with smells and aromas. I think it’s because you’re more relaxed and sensitive to your surroundings. I think that mad woman resides in all of us, amiga. You just never know when she’ll make an appearance! :)

  3. ***It strips you of common sense, drives you to act like a crazy person, and at times, puts you at risk of being arrested****

    Bella, this was BRILLIANT. I savored every word, every image….

    I could smell Mr. Delicious right over here in MN.

    I would have definitely asked him, “Um, Mr. Delicious, Could you please tell me what cologne you are wearing?”

    Cuz … I’m going INSANE over, dear!

    Fantastic Post. Love Love Love. Xxx

    1. Kim, I am ever so grateful for your enthusiastic praise! I should’ve asked Mr. Delicious for the name of his cologne! I wish you had been with me to remind me! :) Hugs to you!

  4. I love how you can hone in on a universal experience in such an individual way. I do wish you’d asked him if he was wearing cologne, though, so you could tell us what it was. I’m dying to sniff the maddening scent for myself. :)

    1. Shary, they say you should never return to the scene of a crime, however, I do have to shop for groceries. So at the risk of having him call security, if I see him again, I will ask him for the name of his cologne. Cross your fingers that he doens’t run at the sight of me! hee hee! :)

  5. OMG! I wanna sniff him, too! now! If i ever bummed into someone like that, I may just have to strike up a conversation with him. :-D

    Going outside to do some sniffing…

    1. Paz, I’m sure you have a Mr. Delicious living very close to where you are. Let your nose do the walking and sniff him out! And kudos to you for having the courage to want to strike up a conversation! You are my hero! :)

  6. Amazing piece Bella. You sure know how to share your secrets!

    Here’s a funny thing, sometimes I’ll stand next to my husband of 30 years and smell that same come-hither-woman smell that first dragged me around by the nose 33 years ago! The question is, why doesn’t he smell like that all the time?

    1. Cathy, I’m delighted you like the post! When you find out the answer to that question, please let me know. Although in my case, it would have to be, why doesn’t he smell like that ever? :)

  7. Bella, you’ve painted a hilarious picture (of a crazy lady)! You seem to have the olfactory talents of a canine. Roxy should be proud to call you her mama.

  8. I’ve been there. My incident was at work a few years back and it was cologne, definitely not pheromones. After stalking a co-worker for half the work day, I broke down and asked him what cologne he was wearing. He totally thought I was either going to jump him or try to kill him by the time I worked up the courage to ask.

  9. Stephany, the incident with your co-worker made me laugh! And most definitely, it’s what I should have done. Had I asked, not only would I have spared Bob the Builder, all of us would now know what made that man smell so darn good! :)

  10. Ooooh, you had me laughing on this one! I didn’t quite go mad but I remember descending an escalator and the scent of cologne rushed past me. I tell you, I was no near following that man. I was standing next to him long enough to ask what he was wearing. I couldn’t help myself and I was sniffing him up and down. It was crazy. I tell you though, I love a good smellin’ man. It’s downright sexylicious. :-)

    1. Totsy, I’m stealing that word from you! Sexylicious! I love it! I’m tickled pink to have tickled your funny bone! Ah, good smellin’ men–it’s one of the things that make the world go round! :)

    2. Have at it!

      Off topic. I came across a blog, Create Art Every Day, that I thought may interest you. It’s a site like NaNoWriMo for the month of November. You create art everyday (or as you’re able), or for you, I thought of your photography. I think you’ve got skills, girl. Check it out and I’ll mosey back over to see what you decide. Starts November 1.

    3. Totsy, I am honored that you think my amateur photography skills qualify me for such a wonderful art challenge! Thank you! I will definitely have to take a rain check since the month of November is going to be quite hectic for me. One of the in laws is having surgery and the Son is finishing up classes, as well as our making travel plans for Thanksgiving. I do think it’s a wonderful opportunity for artsy folk to showcase their creativity. If you are participating, I will defitely visit your blog to see the developments! Once again, thank you for thinking of me. You’re a peach! :)

    4. Hope all goes well with the surgery. It is starting to be a busy time of year. Maybe next time or whenever. But yes, your work is good. Lots of people like it.

      See you around…

    5. Totsy, thank you for your well wishes. It’s just lazer surgery but someone has to be there. Thank you for both thinking of me and understanding. Have a great day! :)

  11. Oh goodness, Bella, that’s too funny. I have a strong sense of smell so I probably would have done the same as you, especially if the smell was as good as you say. Glad to know you got to the bottom of the scent and found the source. You’re a regular Sherlock Holmes!

    1. bwhahaha! I would ask you to be Dr. Watson, but I’m certain you’re another Sherlock Holmes! And Monica, the smell was good enough to get me to knock over Bob the Builder, so imagine! hee hee! :)

  12. Now that was a funny post! I’ve seen cats acting like that, after they smell delicious food. :)

    My sense of smell isn’t that strong, but if I found a smell I liked so much, I’d definitely ask the guy what cologne he was using. If I mustered enough courage to do that.

  13. It’s strange what a scent will make you do. One minute I think I have it all pulled together and the next I’m climbing up some guys pant leg with my nose pressed against his neck flaps! The last time that happened to me the guy was wearing Hugo Boss. That doesn’t do it for me anymore…but Fresh Cannabis Santal does. Both men and women wear it well. Smells divine! Thanks for the laugh, Bella. Embellished or not, a very funny story!

    1. Annie, I’m so glad you liked it! I used to love Hugo Boss but then it was replaced with one of the Armani fragrances. Now Million by Paco Rabanne is the real deal. You had me chuckling at the visual of you climbing up some guy’s pant leg! :) I shall definitely have to check out the Fresh Cannabis Santal. I’ll get back to you! :)

  14. Holy…I am craving a scent I haven’t even smelled yet. Great imagery. I felt like I could smell it through the computer screen. It’s been a LONG TIME since a man has smelled so good I couldn’t resist. Not exactly sure how I might react in that situation. Could be as dangerous as you.

    1. Laura, dagnabbit for not asking the source what cologne he was wearing! We need a time machine! Although this time I don’t think I’d knock over the Bob the Builder. Although technically it wasn’t me. It was the shopping cart. Yep, I think you would be just as dangerous, friend! But hey, great blog fodder, eh? :)

    1. Sue Ann, I can’t imagine not having a sense of smell. I have a friend who lost hers as well and she tells me that she has adapted and now doesn’t even notices it’s gone. I don’t know if I would be able to the same. And now that you mentioned jasmine, I have a craving to smell that! :)

  15. This is hillarious, and so true to life! Aroma’s are something that haunt our imaginings all our days and I can completely relate to your experience. Aroma’s actually make us see others in a different light don’t they?

    1. Elizabeth, so true! I also feel aroma allows us to see others in a different light. For example, it makes an average looking man seem irresistible! I’m delighted you found the post amusing! :)

  16. This was wonderful! So descriptive in every way, I could picture you dashing around with that cart….sorry about the Bob the Builder fiasco though. Ha! I’m with the others, I want to know what the scent was and I’m disappointed you didn’t ask him!! Oh well, honestly, I get headaches from ANY cologne or perfume or body spray. My kids have to spray themselves out in the garage every morning and my husband can’t wear aftershave. I’m no help on this one.

    1. Michael Ann, it is a tragedy to get headaches from headaches. Believe me, I know because some perfumes and cologne help trigger my migraines. This was not the case with this scent. It smelled incredible! I had to chuckle at the thought of your kids spraying themselves in the garage! hee hee! :)

  17. I remember that that was how I reacted to my husband when I first got close to him!!! It’s so crazy because I cannot get over how scentilicious he was (sometimes still is… depending on how many day’s he’s been in lab)!!!

    1. Laura, how wonderful for you to have this memory of the first time you got up close and personal to your hubs! Now that’s what I call a memory, friend! :)

    1. Claire, excellent idea! Write the post, invite us, and I’m sure many of us are there! I’m delighted you enjoyed the post! :)

  18. You’re a crazy woman, but damn funny. I’ve had similar scent experiences but I was less … lets use the word dramatic, so you will won’t ban me from your blog, when I’ve rubbed up against such overwhelming control. One man (long ago) did this to me. his scent, is like a base line in a song that never leaves my mind. Tis funny ( your moment) but also a testament at how powerful the sense are.. Good one, Bella (also, funny as all I had in mind was a crazed Latin running around the market place.)

    1. Brenda, crazed Latina is spot on, amiga! Oh my goodness! You should have seen me pushing my cart left to right, stopping in aisles, ignoring funny looks, and almost running over people’s feet! I hope they erase the security feed! hee hee! You really have to write about your own experience! That would be a wonderful read, sister! :)

  19. My favorite line has to be “smelling man seemed to be a neurotic who read the small print on the back of the Charmin”. I think that most of the great smelling men out there must be some sort of delicious and neurotic freaks which is cause by the intense fumes of their cologne or their eau de toilette.

    1. Ofelia, I think you may be onto something! hee hee! But that day, I wanted to consumed by those fumes! Maybe that’s what was making me so crazy, eh? :)

  20. I am just catching up on your posts, Bella and I must admit this one had me smiling – particulary since I’ve had my nose in too many pumpkins of late ;-)
    I’ve never had *this* strong an attraction to a man’s scent before but I have often smelled something that was somehow strangely evocative of a special memory: like my grandmother’s kitchen, my first boyfriend’s sweatshirt, baby laundry … don’t often catch the scent but when I do …. I’m lost to the moment! Thanks for this piece!

    1. Astra, I don’t know how I missed your comment and Diane’s and I’m replying a bit late. My apologies to you and Diane! I know exactly what you mean when you say special scents allow you to be lost in the moment. I experience the same thing. Sometimes I smell the aroma and can’t quite place the memory but sooner or later my brain finds the archive and I laugh to myself. To this day, new car smell reminds me of the time my dad bought his Buick. How we loved that car! :)

  21. I married my delicious man and have gotten to smell his intoxicating scent for over 35 years now. (Okay everyone – line’s forming up on the right. No shoving!)

    1. Diane, you are not the rule, you are the exception! And we shall live vicariously through you! Now where exactly are they handing out the numbers? :)

  22. Miss Bella! You had me laughing my A%$ off! I go through th same thing and once almost blurted out “you smell delicious” to a total stranger…I stalked a male shopper at the market once because his cologne was INTOXICATING!

    Love your writing since it reminds me of me…LOL …..thanks!

    1. Eve, your words make me light of step, lady! Thank goodness there’s more like me out there! I am NOT alone! hee hee! I’m tickled pink I had you laughing with my wee words. I too find it hard to control my impulses and blurt out what I’m thinking. It’s one of my worst faults, although most of the time, I consider it a virtue. Does that make sense? :)

  23. I came across this post, because I just experienced something similar today.. OMG!!!. This freakin dude drove me crazy all day.. it doesnt help that he is super good looking and i find myself physically attracted to him already.. BTW I am in current relatiinship.. My biggest problem with my guy is his smell.. even if he is fresh out the shower, he just stinks to me.. I do not wear his clothes or even his jackets.. they smell so bad and afterwards i smell like him for hours and it drives me crazy.. i would have to shower and then change clothes.. i thought I was nuts cause this has been a huge issue in our relationship.. Like his natrual scent can either make us or break us.. I thought I was being mental about my boyfriend.. But today it happened.. I got close enough to my co wokrer to smell him.. and it was intoxicating.. I mean he made every single one of my senses pop.. even hours later if I close my eyes and inhale I can smell that same scent and it makes my mouth water.. weird huh??. My sexual attraction to him sky rocketed.. Had we not been at work I would have prob ripped his clothes off. I wanted to rub my face on his skin.. haha and bite him.. At 32 years old I have never had this happen and it is driving me insane.. i am having anxiety over this issue because i have to work tomorrow with him.. listen this was not a cologne smell.. Today it was a bit muggy outside. So this was a sweaty, muggy, outside smell.. But it was a sweet sweat smell.. lol. I dont even kno how to explain.. It was just intoxicating.. Its like a drug.. tho I can close my eyes and smell it still I cant wait to get to work so I can get a fresh hit… lol.. Call me crazy if you will. But i now believe in this 100%…

    1. Mari, whoa, lady, stop, breathe (don’t inhale) and collect yourself! ha! I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the power of scent. Intoxicating, isn’t it? Sadly, I haven’t had the experience since that day. I live for the moment when I can once again encounter the man who turned me into a supermarket speed demon. While I was able to commit his scent to memory, it appears it was short term memory and much as I want to relive the aroma, I’m failing. I think it’s time I returned to the scene of the crime! hee hee! Good luck with your colleague! :)

  24. I’ve been seeing a man for years that I’ve little in common with, yet been attracted to for the better half of 10! Fortunately, he felt the same way and we’ve come to a mutually beneficial relationship. It wasn’t until just today that I figured out what it was that kept drawing me back to him, as we don’t live together. So, I’m sitting here on the couch and smell something absolutely intoxicating. The minute I find the source (my arms and hands), I realize it’s him I’m smelling. So I’ve been sitting here sniffing the crap out of my arm and going into a silent frenzy because I finally realize why I’ve been infatuated with him, despite our obvious differences; his very biology sends me into fits of deplorable ecstasy that go beyond all sense and reason.

  25. Bella ! You’re post had me laughing so hard. I’m at work so everyone is looking at each other like “what is this crazy girl laughing at?” You are definitely not alone. I have a coworker whose scent is absolutely intoxicating. We are friends, but I can’t bring myself to ask him what cologne he wears because I lose all train of thought when he’s next to me. I just keep inhaling!!! I have no way to describe it other than clean and manly. I’m a sucker for a good, maculine scent.

    1. Kristian, I’m sorry for the late reply. I’ve been on a sort of hiatus. I am delighted this post made you laugh! I aim to please and nothing makes me happier than to know my readers enjoy my posts! Thank you! :)

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