Does your ride determine the success of your marriage?

This morning, returning from our walk in the forest, Roxy and I stumbled upon this baby.

Given that it’s not everyday you see a carefully parked Bentley in mint condition in front of a church, I asked the driver if it was alright to snap a few photos.

He graciously agreed and I secured Roxy to a pole while I captured this majestic automobile.

As I snapped away, I wondered what the bride’s dress looked like.

I mean, if she’d arrived in a Bentley, the papa of all cars, it could only mean she was wearing the mother of all wedding dresses.

I smiled as I remembered the wedding transport for my first wedding: a 1985 Cutlass Supreme.

And then I giggled at the thought that, if transport mode was to be a marriages’ success marker, then it was no wonder marriage number one had been doomed from the start.

This bride however, the one who’d arrived in a Bentley, could rest easy knowing she’d be able to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary.

I then thought of something else and my boisterous chuckle startled the driver.

If in fact the quality of your ride determined the success rate of the relationship, what hope could I possibly have at growing old with the Significant Other?

After all, I’d driven us both to the courthouse in a Mitsubishi Mirage

Suddenly, loud barking brought me back from my reverie.

It seemed Roxy had gotten into a scuttle with a tiny Chihuahua who was hell-bent on biting her face off.

I was about to step in when a loud shriek from the Chihuahua owner interrupted the silence, “Stop the bitch fight! I said, stop the bitch fight!”

She then pointed at me and said, “And you, stop taking pictures and get your bitch!”

I stared at her open-mouthed and heard the driver laugh.

Yes, folks, that’s what happens when you place reality on hold to dream of cars your ass will never sit in.

Again, I laughed out loud at the thought that if the Chihuahua’s owner’s reaction was anything to go by, she’d more than likely walked to her wedding.

What transport mode did you use to get to your wedding?


56 thoughts on “Does your ride determine the success of your marriage?

    1. Now that’s what I can stylish vintage! You are by far in a league of your own, Nate Fakes! It’s no wonder you’ve lasted! hee hee! :)

  1. ***, “And you, stop taking pictures and get your bitch!”**

    are you serious?

    I love love love your blogs, my sweet Bella.

    —– you are one of my fave people in the entire world. Xxx

    Kiss the Rox for me.

    1. Kim, the woman looked as crazed as her Chihuahua. Trust me when I tell you it was scary! Thank you for your sweet words, lovely Kim. And I hope you know you’re one of my favorite people! Love you! :)

    1. Lovely Jodi, I wholeheartedly agree with you–my whole life is indeed a blog! hee hee! Sometimes, when I’m really bored, (oh, who am I kidding, often!) I wonder if my life is film worthy. I know I’d definitely insist my leading man be Javier Bardem but I’m still not sure who would be suited to play my part. Any ideas? :)

  2. Bells, What a fun story. What a beautiful vehicle, flowers and all. I love how you can find a story in just about anything. That’s truly a gift. Poor Rox. You doesn’t deserve such treatment, not even from a chihuahua, of all things, let alone it’s owner. Not cool.

    1. Monica, I think it little Roxy hadn’t been tied to that pole, she would have torn the tiny Chihuahua a new you know what! The nerve of the tiny runt! Seriously! And the woman must’ve have been having a bad day. As I walked home, I thought perhaps the groom was an ex-boyfriend. hee hee! I mean, what else justifies such a bad attitude? At least is served for blog fodder! :)

  3. Get your bitch? That’s interesting because I’m so used to women calling themselves that, I got to thinking, ‘Now, why would she call Roxy a bitch?’, totally forgetting that’s what dogs are…That’s not good, me being able to only make the connection with a bitch being a woman. What have we done?

    Anyway, girl. We rode up in a Chevrolet Spectrum, so I guess that says it all. I mean, it was new at least but the marriage wore out. I need to be more cognizant of next go ’round.

    1. Totsy, calling a female dog bitch in this country is normal. Maybe it’s a literal translation? Or maybe the woman said, “And you, stop taking pictures, bitch!” hee hee! Seriously though, I did almost pee my pants when I heard her say, “Stop the bitch fight!” OMG! It was a scene I’ll replay in my head when I need a good laugh. :) You’ll definitely have to get back to me the next time around and tell me about your ride!

    1. Ariana, tell me a “Volga” is an old Volkswagen van! The curiosity is killing me like a cat! hee hee! Whatever the Volga is, it worked its magic! :)

  4. We drove off in a borrowed Ford Taurus because I refused to ride in his pickup truck in my wedding gown. Not sure what that says about us, but next month is our 18th anniversary. :)

    1. Shary, a borrowed Ford Taurus most definitely sounds better than your hubby’s pickup truck! Oh my goodness, 18 years of marriage already? Amazing! Maybe someday I can say I’ll be able to say the same! :)

  5. I have no idea what car we rode in, first marriage or 2nd! Your photo of the Bentley is gorgeous. Your thought process, based on the photo, is intriguing. :-) Too bad the whole dog thing had to spoil your moment!

    1. Michael Ann, I think my thought process was jump started the moment I witnessed the status and clout of the Bentley! Those darn dogs ruined my moment! :) And what do you mean you don’t remember your ride? Or maybe I just remember mine because it was so nondescript. :)

    1. Lady, that’s the idea! I had a simple wedding the first time around and a pauper one the second time around! I toured Venezuela on the first one and stayed home on the second one. I wonder what will happen when it’s time for husband number three! hee hee! :)

  6. This is a great question. I rode to my wedding with my sisters in my mom’s Ford minivan. Bryan drove his red Dodge truck to the site. I think we rode home in the Dodge and loaded all the gifts in the back. I think that’s why our marriage has worked for so long. We’re simple and don’t care about fancy vehicles. We do what we need to do in life to make things work.

    1. Leah, your style is to be emulated! I love it! I’m also not one for extremely ostentatious rides but I won’t lie and say I would’ve minded if we’d rode to the courthouse in a Shelby! hee hee! And hey, the minivan was definitely the best ride to cart off your gifts! :)

  7. Too funny! We arrived in a limo though contemplated horse-drawn carriage (my idea) (got vetoed) (married 20 yrs now). Husband wanted to take the subway (not sure how we’re still married).

    1. bwhahaha! “Husband wanted to take the subway” Oh, Astra, you always make me laugh! The limo sounds like the perfect ride for you! :)

  8. Bella, I would love to see you write a graphic novel about Roxy & her human’s many adventures. Could also be a darling children’s book (you’d have to clean it up a little!). Well, we arrived at our teeny tiny wedding in a little VW Rabbit, and so far it has worked its magic!

    1. Jann, thank you for your faith in my ability to actually pen a book! I’m honored. Truly I am. However, I think you have more faith in me than I do myself! hee hee! I will keep the idea on a back burner. I promise! I love Volkswagens! I’m so glad the magic lives on in your relationship, lady! :)

  9. Thank heavens for pristine Bentleys and dirty-mouthed Chuhuahua owners without which we’d surely take life waaaay too seriously. And that Roxy, what a gal, she sure knows how to get a story…

    1. Cathy, little Roxy has taken my black and white life and turned it Technicolor! I’m in love with this dog of mine since she keeps me in stitches all day long. And you’re spot on–thank goodness for the unexpected moments of, lets call them, spontaneity, that keep us going day-to-day! :)

  10. PS – I heartily concur with jann’s idea about a graphic novel featuring Roxy and her human and their mind-boggling adventures. I see it sort of like Tin-Tin and his little white dog Snowy, both of whom, by strange coincidence, resemble the Fool and his white dog in the tarot deck!

    1. Cathy, how I’m chuckling over your comment of the tarot deck card of the Fool and his white dog! I’m delighted both you and Jann have such faith in little Roxy and me to bring entertainment to the masses! hee hee! I’m willing to write the story. Who wants to illustrate? :)

  11. Bella, I will totally be shouting “Stop the bitch fight!” the next time these girls start scrapping over here.

    I rode with my sister and my best friend in a convertible Mustang a mile down the rode to the beach where Jay and I got married on Maui. Perfection.

    1. bwhahaha! I can totally see you shouting that out, sister! Oh my goodness, what a hoot! And yes, your ride and Maui sound like absolute perfection! Want to trade my memory for yours? hee hee! :)

  12. I drove myself and my then husband to be to the courthouse in a green 4 doors Oldsmobile (Hey it was 1987, Oldsmobile were big back them) and after the ceremony we went to a Coast Guard sponsor picnic were all of our friends celebrate the wedding (and it was a free picnic so we didn’t have to bring anything)!
    I’m happy divorce now and I’m still going to some of my youngest friends 1st weddings and to some of my oldest friends 2nd or 3rd weddings; and I’m in shock of how expensive they are now and how much people want to impress others with this lavish events that they are going to be paying for the next 10 years or so!

    1. Ofelia, you’re right! People are so intent in giving lavish celebrations that they start their marriage in debt! Not cool. Oldsmobiles were the car to have at the time! I remember! hee hee! I think 2nd and 3rd weddings are great, as long as we’re guests and not the actual people paying for the celebration! :)

  13. We’re not married, although we’ve been together for 14 years now, so, no ride to the wedding. Oh, and we don’t have a car. I don’t even have the license. :)

    That photo looks great!

  14. “…Stop taking pictures, and get your bitch.” Words to live by, I tell you. Gorgeous car, though. Really. We rented a limousine and wasted the last remaining $800 to our name. Damn if hindsight isn’t 20/20.

  15. LOL! “Stop the bitch fight!”? Really? That’s too damn funny. I’m not married, yet. So what mode of transportation do you suggest. I’ll start thinking about it now. I like that you drove yourselves in a Mitsubishi but I don’t know how to drive. I got it! I’ll take a taxi. So what does that tell you — Will I have a success rate using a yellow cab?

    1. Paz, I swear, if I hadn’t been so shocked, I would’ve laughed out loud! It was crazy! But about your wedding car…I think a yellow checkered cab would be brilliant! And you have a driver! Fantastic! Methinks your success rate will definitely sky-rocket in this ride. hee hee! :)

  16. Gotta say I was totally jazzed that we drove away in the first car I bought on my own — a 1993 Plymouth Duster — white with a spoiler on back. Yeah buddy. This was in 1994 so I still felt like I was rockin’ success pretty hard.

    I love that the owner of the other dog did nothing to pull her dog away. You got there first and secured Roxy to a pole, right? She clearly arrived later and she should have kept her dog away.

    Now, onto the car — do you live in England? I should troll your site to figure this out but I’m lazy and it’s easier to ask.

    1. Cardiogirl, even though Roxy was tied, she still put up a fight! The other tiny dog pounced on her, paws in the air and I think the other dog owner panicked. Those Chihuahua may be small but they are feisty, I’ll give them that. A Plymouth Duster with a spoiler, huh? Rock on, sister! :) And to answer your question, alas, I wish I lived in England! :) But you’re close!

  17. Haha, I love it! Your musings are sooo entertaining, Bella!
    And Roxy… good on her for putting up a fight with that Chihuahua!

  18. If that were the case then all those here in India would be galloping in their marriage as the groom comes in on a horse! and together they drive away in a car….

  19. chihuahuas as crazy. and their owners are too. I am most definitely convinced. hahahaha.

    I didn’t actually have a ride for my wedding. I think our parents brought us separately to the inn where we had the ceremony and then we spent the night there! hahaha. What is that supposed to mean?

    1. Laura, I think in your case, you’re safe! hee hee! And really, what’s up with yappy Chihuahuas? They’re a temperamental little breed! :)

    1. Debbie, sometimes my ramblings are onto something and other times, they’re just ramblings! I like to think that for the most part, I’m onto something. hee hee! Thanks for your support! :)

  20. LMAO. You are a damn mess, Bella. I’m in tears over here. I love how you draw these philosophical rants from the must mundane things. It really is very cool. I hope Roxy kicked the Chihuahua’s but. Spell the Chi owner “Bitter Betty” :).

    1. Coco, I think “Bitter Betty” describes that woman perfectly! I’m delighted you found the post funny, lady! I’m sure that if I had let our girl Roxy loose, she would have taken the chihuahua out! hee hee! :)

  21. You and that Roxy do find yourselves in the most amusing situations. There is deep wisdom here in this post and it’s too bad you can send the link along to the wench. I do wonder how long the marriage will last, on a serious note. Seems to me there is more when there is less ( and I don’t mean pomp and circumstance)… On a dreamy note, I think about great loves and have long learned with great passions comes extreme conflict… hmm, maybe going the Bently is the easy way out. Thanks for the smile, I needed that one todya.

    1. Brenda, you’re more than welcome. And there’s much wisdom in your words as well, amiga. Perhaps the Bentley was the easy way out. If we have all the oomph from the beginning, we don’t really have to work hard at getting what we want, now do we? :)

  22. Pure wisdom here! My Husby and I drove away in a Buick Centurion. A beautiful car then, but nothing compared to your Bentley. But it worked. We just passed 35 years and are still going strong.
    And, just for the record, I’m cheering for Rosie in the Chihuahua/Jack Russell dust up.

  23. Not married, so I can’t respond with my own vehicle of choice post-vows. But, I have to say this flower-bedecked Bentley would rank up there if/when I do tie the knot. Beats a horse-drawn carriage for sure. (but then, I’m not one for the fairy tale!)

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