Who let the dogs out?

Yesterday afternoon, Roxy was almost involved in another “bitch fight.”

Only this time, our little Miss was heavily outnumbered.

I think her flashy, purple coat may have had something to do with it.

I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but one minute we were strolling happily in the woods, and the next, we were surrounded.

If dogs could talk, I’m sure the conversation would have gone something like this:

Big dog: “Bitch, give us the coat!”
Little dog: “Let this little one slide. She’s small but her owner’s a heavyweight.”
Medium dog: “If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to stop feeling pity for the runts.”
Roxy: Silence.
Big dog: “Don’t make me tell you again, bitch. Give us the coat!”

Suddenly, the sound of a whistle is heard in the woods.

Big dog and Medium dog take off, but Little dog stays behind.

I see her turn to whisper something in Roxy’s ear.

My guess?

She probably said, “Next time, wear something a little less flashy.”

I swear I heard Roxy sigh in relief before we continued on our way.

Today’s life lesson: When outnumbered, even a bitch has to make nice.

Today I’m linking up with Heidi’s Black and White Wednesday.

Black and White Wednesday


35 thoughts on “Who let the dogs out?

    1. Diane, thank you! The way those dogs were spying little Roxy’s coat, something tells me their conversation would’ve gone somewhere along those lines. :)

  1. OMG, what a story. I love how the little shaggy dog gave Roxy advice about toning it down. I’m in awe of how you managed to capture all these shots while holding on to a leash, and resisting the urge to get involved and come to Roxy’s defense. Poor Roxy. You know, if she were to take walks here in my neighborhood, Henry would protect her. He doesn’t put up with such nonsense–or jealousies–from other dogs.

    1. Monica, because Roxy was a bit spooked, it was hard to take photos. Hence, they’re not too sharp. It’s the best I could do with a skittish animal. But I’m glad I did manage to get the “whispering” shot. So cute! I wish Henry was here to act as body guard detail. We needed a strong protector today! :)

    1. Lori, bwhahahaha! Roxy, the little fashionista loves sparkly things. My mom got her this little coat last year and this year, get this, she got Roxy a little red one with animal print! It’s a hoot! I’ll take a photo of it in color soon! :)

  2. I’m sweet as can be with my pals, but when a dog comes after me, I let ’em have it! Those mutts shouldn’t have been loose unless they know how to ignore other dogs. I would have protected Roxy if I’d been there.

    1. Lola, you are a princess and Roxy thanks you for your kind words. She’s delighted to know that you would have protected her and so am I! :)

  3. Are you saying those dogs were not on a leash? Grrr! I hate that. I don’t know the law in your neck of the woods but where I am, all dogs have to be on a leash. I’m glad Roxy avoided an all-out bitch fight and kept her coat. (Anytime I see/hear/say “bitch fight”, I crack up).

    1. Paz, I actually mentioned the “bitch fight” intentionally alluding to the post from the other day! hee hee! Dogs are not supposed to be off their leash in the woods. But you know how some people are; they do what they want. I believe that it’s the same owner or maybe a dog walker. I just know it’s very irresponsible and it can be quite intimidating for the smaller dogs. Poor Roxy. She can’t seem to catch a break.

  4. HAHAHAHA, oh Bella, that conversation was hilarious! I agree, though, and can back that assertion from experience! hahaha. I can’t be a bitch all the time!

    1. Girl, you and I both! I think all bitches know when we have to stand down. It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s do or die, if you know what I mean! :)

  5. ‘Big Dog’ looks like a Sheltie; if so, I can practically assure you it didn’t want Roxie’s coat — it only wanted to know if she was packing food in her pockets!! My Sheltie has been accosted by little dogs on our walks and tries to run in the opposite direction. He knows those terriers and Yorkies have mouths full of teeth, just snapping to get at his furs, haha! Shame on those people for letting their dogs out un-leashed!

    1. Debbie, then it’s a good thing little Roxy’s coat doesn’t have pockets to store treats! hee hee! You’re right–the little yappers can be aggressive. I’m glad it’s not in Roxy’s nature to be mean. It’s a shame people ignore leash laws in the forest. Every dog is supposed to be on a leash except for in the dog parks. Every day we go out it’s an experience–thank goodness they’re not always scary! :)

  6. Poor Roxy, you dress her like a queen and she has to fight off detractors. Give the poor little one a break and get her some less diva-ish wear. LOL. Very funny post, B. You are a dangerous woman with a camera.

    1. Coco, wait till you see her “winter” gear! She has a brand new red coat with an animal print collar! Methinks we’re going to have to start carrying a big stick to fend off the doggies who want to steal her diva wear! hee hee! :)

    1. Ariana, the Significant Other agrees with you! He says Roxy’s the real star of this blog! hee hee! Seriously though, it is something I’ve been considering for a while. What do you think? Would Roxy’s blog have readers?

  7. Love the black & white pix with the brilliant pop of her beautiful color! The storyline was too, too cute – I bet if they tried to take her coat, she’d have had something to say!!

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