Who’s had it up to here with the Black Friday madness?

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to inform you that Roxy and I have woken up from our Thanksgiving Day food coma and are almost back to normal.

A large part of my day has been spent talking on the phone calls with friends and family.

And given the size of the cleanup from yesterday’s food extravaganza, most of these calls have been conducted on speaker phone.

Roxy’s so fed up of listening to Black Friday anecdotes, that she’s donned her “Lifeguard” tee and is ready to take the next flight to the Bahamas.

Her eyes tell me she’d rather be the life guard on duty at some swag beach there, than have to listen to me ask for the tenth time, “What do you mean, the line wrapped all the way around Target?”

Did you participate in Black Friday madness?


47 thoughts on “Who’s had it up to here with the Black Friday madness?

    1. Jodi, are you serious? Did you do it on purpose to avoid temptation, or did you actually forget it at home? I hope you didn’t stand in line very long! :)

  1. Great pix of Roxy! I shopped online. It was fun! My son went to Best Buy at midnight, and was able to get me a blu ray player for $39! As you can imagine, at that price, they’d sell out fast and he was actually told they were all out. But someone must have changed their mind for he found it all by itself on some rack in another dept. He spotted it quickly and grabbed it, the last one. He also said the line to go in the store went fast but the line to pay was another story. Took him over an hour to get through the line, but he was able to get everything on his list. Anyway, he’s young and hardy and could do it. Me? I fell asleep.

    1. Monica, isn’t it great to have minions to do one’s bidding? hee hee! If I had told the Son to go to Best Buy to get me a blue ray player, he would’ve asked, “What’s in it for me?” :) I’m glad you got your player and were still able to catch up on your z’s! Good for you! I’m delighted you like Roxy’s photos!

    1. Patrice, Roxy’s just tickled pink at your sweet words! Indeed, who needs Black Friday with this cute furry friend of mine? Roxy’s a Jack Russell Terrier and she’s two and a half years old! :)

  2. Is this the time to admit that . . . I’m not a shopper? I know. I know. I’m weird.
    I need milk, I go and get a jug of milk. Nothing else. Straight in to the dairy section. Grab milk. Straight over to the checkout. Leave.
    When I get home, inevitably I think of something I should have also gotten.
    So, my Husby does all of our shopping. And he is good at it! But he didn’t participate in Black Friday, either. We’re hopeless!

    1. Diane, I’m not a shopper either but it’s only because I don’t have any money to shop! hee hee! I refuse to do window shopping and honestly, I’ve gotten used to getting by with the bare essentials. It is what it is. That said, even if I did have the cash, I would not have done the Black Friday crazy. I hate crowds! And no, you’re not hopeless! You’re smart! :)

    1. Shary, I’m with you, sister! If the crowds aren’t bad enough, driving around in a parking lot with out of control drivers is bad enough to even drive the sanest of people insane! :)

  3. Cute new blog look, Bella! And did you hear about the woman in an LA Walmart who pepper-sprayed the crowd on so that she could get at some sale item she wanted? (At least no one got trampled to death this year)….

    1. Jann, I read about that and thought, oh my goodness! It’s insane the lengths people will go to in order to buy useless crap! Incredible! I read they have security footage so hopefully they can hold her accountable for her heinous behavior! Do you like the new theme? I was a little bored with the old one but wish this one had a smaller font on the sidebar. I’m still trying to decide what to do. :)

  4. No, no, no, and HECK no. I don’t need anything that badly! My son tried to go to W*almart but said there were so many cars spilling over into the fields and strip mall across the street, it wasn’t worth it. I might do some shoping online but that’s it!! LOVE the new design and always love you and Roxy!

    1. Nan, I’ve been meaning to pay you a visit over at your blog! I’m so glad you’re here! You are so right, lady. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worth going through the hassle of touring a parking lot for hours. And imagine how crazy people drive during this time! I think that’s why online shopping is so relaxing! :) I love that you love the new theme! Roxy and I love you back, lady! :)

    1. Hot Coco, you’re right–it has gotten out of control. Imagine, now shoppers are arming themselves with pepper spray! Really, saving a few bucks is not worth risking your health and life!

  5. I used to get up and go to the stores at 4 a.m. I have no idea why. There was nothing I needed and I just ended up buying stuff I didn’t need but it was a “deal.” However, I think it was part of the experience with my best friend to hit the stores and then go get coffee and breakfast at Starbucks. That said, I’m glad we gave up that tradition! I just don’t have it in my anymore! (Confession: I did go to the mall yesterday. My mom made me) :)

    1. Caryn, I can see the allure of the female bonding experience followed by coffee and lemon cake at Starbucks! Yum! And yes, sometimes mom’s are a bad influence. When I’m with mine, she always make me go shopping! :)

  6. I didn’t do Black Friday. I did once, maybe 5 years ago or longer. There were more people than desired products and cashiers had mile long line. I just put the one item I did find back and left the store, never to return to another Black Friday. I’m patient but not that kind of patient. Plus, I look at what I have and know I have enough STUFF. My gift giving is usually a Visa card or a basket of goods people use all the time.

    No, I’m not a Black Friday kinda girl.

    1. Totsy, if you ask me, cash or a Visa card is the best gift. I find these provide the recipient with the probability of buying whatever he or she wants and avoids the messy returns. I’m with you, lady–Black Friday is definitely not my cup of tea! :)

  7. Bella, I love the new blog layout! I most certainly did NOT participate in the madness that is Black Friday. Last time I did it was about 5 years ago. I did go out this morning, though, to pick up some crafting supplies, but that was it, and I HATED it. I need to stay at home for at least a week after Thanksgiving, safe from the mean, loud, and annoying crowds!

    1. Laura, those crowds are mean and annoying! And the lines are astronomical! I find that, like Totsy mentioned, you go through a heap of trouble to discover that the items you want are no longer available. Forget that! I say were better off making homemade gift items or even donating to a favorite charity. Not to mention those wonderful Etsy little shops like yours! :)

  8. There’s no Black Friday where I live, but come some closer to the New Year (it’s a bigger holiday here than Christmas, and it’s also the holiday when the presents are given), and it’s an all-time madness, as if the world is going to end right after the New Year. I avoid that madness the best I can, usually by planning in advance and buying whatever I can early enough to avoid those life-threatening (or at least nerves-threatening) crowds. Even if I don’t get the discount, well, my well-being is more important to me than a discount on some trinkets. :)

    1. Ivana, I totally agree! You’ve mentioned something key to avoiding the shopping madness and that’s planning in advance. If we had the discipline to do that, we would avoid the nasty situations that arise in events like Black Friday. Here’s to future organization and planning! :)

  9. Black Friday! What a day! I normally dont particiapte in all the maddness but my youngest keep say we should go out. I could not believe it. My oldest went out with friends about 2 am. That was crazy. I got up around 10 and went out only because my son’s birthday is the 27 and wanted to see if I could get a good deal on his presents. Of course I did. So it was worth it. Kind wish I went a little earlier I heard somethings I bought were previously awesome deals but non the less I got got deals so that good.

  10. Angela, congratulations on getting your son’s presents! You are one of the lucky ones! The Daughter told me that she scored a 19 dollar coat at Old Navy and housewares at Walmart! I think you went at just the right time since getting there earlier might have meant being exposed to shoving and pushing and standing in line for hours! You did good, lady! :)

  11. So cute! I did not participate in Black Friday. I have no desire to be trampled to death or fight over some silly merchandise. Hope you ended up getting the mess cleaned and enjoyed some relaxation with Miss Roxy!

    1. Laura, I did indeed! Roxy and I cleaned up and enjoyed some relating time out! It’s funny that you mention not wanting to fight over merchandise since it reminded me of one Black Friday when the Daughter and I witnessed a full cat fight in Marshall’s between two women. Would you believe they were fighting over a scarf? Oh my goodness! :)

  12. Poor Roxy! Sent her over to me, if she needs a break. We don’t have Black Friday, so we don’t have Black Friday sales nor Black Friday anecdotes. But I have a little cat and I’m sure he would appreciate Roxy’s company (contrary to common believe cat-dog-friendships do exist, you know…). She would love it! (Mind you, if I were her, I wouldn’t mind the Bahamas either…)

    1. Sabrina, I belive Roxy would get along with your little cat perfectly! She’s just such a friendly gal! Methinks she would be absolutely pleased if you joined her for a spell in the Bahamas! And bring your cat! :)

  13. Ah, Bella, Roxy is just too cute!! No, I refused to do Black Friday. That comes, in part, from my years as a reporter, when a BF feature was mandatory every year. It was easier staying in my warm bed, unscathed!!

    1. Debbie, you are brilliant. We should all strive to be more like you! hee hee! I too remained at home. Although if I’m honest, there weren’t any Black Friday sales where I am. Nevertheless, having had bad experiences with this wretched consumerist event, I don’t believe I would’ve joined the hordes had I been placed in the situation where it was an option. Like you, I prefer the warmth and safety of my bed, friend! :)

    1. Shawn, hello and welcome! Good for you for retweeting “anticommercialism” posts! I say society has become tainted with this passion for consumerism. I know it helps the economy if we shop, but really, our salaries are not getting any larger! I’m trying to convince extended family to not buy presents this year. I seriously don’t have the money or the energy to do Christmas shopping! :)

  14. I’m with you and Roxy. I can’t stand all the hoopla of Black Friday. I don’t like the idea of waking at the crack of dawn to fight with the crowds to get a deal. It’s just wrong (in my opinion). I spent Black Friday sleeping in with Sophie until 9:30. That’s the kinda Black Friday I like!

    1. Leah, seriously, your idea of Black Friday is my idea of Black Friday! I can’t begin to imagine getting out of bed, in the cold, to fight the crazy crowds. No siree! I’m glad you were wise and stayed with little Sophie! :)

  15. I never really participated in the Black Friday crazy traditions.
    For me if I need to get something for myself or my daughters I usually get before or after the insanity had pass.
    I believe that I shouldn’t make a store employee get out of spending time with their families so I can get a discount on things that I may or may not really need.Tthis is just my way of seeing things and I do understand that other people have the right to go and be part of the insanity if that is what they choose to do.

    1. Ofelia, I hear you, lady. I can imagine how hard it must be on the employees who spend such long hours working in retail during this season! The holidays used to be a time of family, traditions, good food and relaxation. Sadly, now it seems it’s just about buying, buying, buying. I wish we could go back to the way things were before. Sigh. And you are a smart cookie for planning ahead or waiting for the madness to wind down! Good for you, chica! :)

  16. I don’t think it’s all that black or mad. I kind of enjoy a couple of hours in the mall, followed by a glass of wine (later in the day). I do. And even more crazy, my sister and I go out on Christmas Eve even if we don’t need anything. We like the rush. Sick, huh?

  17. I can’t get over how adorable Roxy is in these photos. I totally went shopping on Black Friday. This was the third year my cousin & I went. We always seem to go at the perfect time (between 3:45am – 7:45am), b/c the malls are ALWAYS empty. She & I both got all of our xmas shopping done, and I spent no more than $140 on all 5 people. Woohoo!

    1. Kirstin Marie, Roxy is just gushing over your praise! Thank you for being sweet! Five people and that’s all you spent? Score! Please tell me you rested up before venturing out at that hour! Shopping with cousins is always so much fun! I’m glad you continued what seems to be a tradition for you and your loved ones. :)

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