What do you mean there’s a time portal at the market?

Good day everyone,

I’m happy to report the fat lady has sung.


Quite in the mood to relax a bit and celebrate having survived a hellish week, the Significant Other and I went to a market in a neighboring town.

The holiday spirit abounded in both traditional and non traditional ways.

We saw things that made us smile and others that made us do a double take.

But without a doubt, this is my favorite.

As he looked around he wondered, what are these people wearing?

The Significant Other whispered that I should ask him if he was looking for the time portal.

Yet, I was more curious to know what had provoked his look of surprise.

Perhaps he spotted this behind us?

The Significant Other is convinced the toilet was the time portal.

Every house should have windows with red shutters.
I love this handcrafted wreath.
A horse drawn carriage with training wheels.

How are you spending your weekend?


65 thoughts on “What do you mean there’s a time portal at the market?

  1. That’s like the little horse-drawn that carriage that could. Usually they have big rustic wheels, haha. What happened to that one? :)

  2. Oh how wonderful! The look on that guy’s face. I wish we knew what was going on! I loved the red shutters so much, you have convinced me to get some for my new office windows! The photographs are absolutely Christmas-amazing. Wonder-full job! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    1. Nan, you’re back! I’ve missed you! Aren’t those shutters beautiful? They blew me away! The house was just wonderful! Merry Christmas to you too, sweetie! I’m delighted you like the photos! :)

  3. Miss and love you, Bella!! I was out of town, am trying to get back in the swing of things…and wanted you to know I have been missing youuu! Wish I could have you over for some holiday glogg and all sorts of homemade cookies! Will you be making any this year? I think I’m doing peppermint patties, peppermint bark and a bunch of pies. Still havent decided on the cookies!! What FUN! I will connect more soon, sweet Mama….but here is some love in the meantime to hold us over:)

    1. Brynne, sugarbug, there you are! I’m so happy you’re back! Indeed I will be busy baking up a storm come Monday morning! Nothing as fancy as what you have planned, but just enough to put us in a carb coma! hee hee! We’ll talk soon, in the meantime, lots of holiday hugs for you! :)

    1. Michael Ann, the wreaths were so gorgeous! I’m a big wreath fan and when I saw this, I swooned! The red shutters just took my breath away. Perfect for Christmas, wouldn’t you say? :)

    1. Kelly, thank you! Thankfully, we don’t have snow and I’m praying we won’t get any! I’ve never been a fan and living in North Dakota for a year rid me of any love I might have for the powdery white stuff! I have to drop by your blog! I love your posts! :)

  4. From the looks of your quaint, cozy photos, I’d say you are so lucky to be in a locale that does it up right for Christmas. Reminds me of what I’d see in a Christmas Carol movie. In fact, I’m certain all that were there, except you and SO, were dressed Victorian style, like the gentleman in the first photo. Now that’s a proper Christmas!

    1. bwhahaha! Touche, lady, touche! You are right, of course. That’s why I thought the poor man was wondering what the heck we were wearing! hee hee! Monica, it is simply lovely to walk through the streets of some of these towns. They have old school charm, you know? :)

  5. What a nice neighboring town! Quaint. Quirky. Kind of reminds me of ‘Gilmore Girls.’ I love the shot of the man in the tall hat and vest. (Very proper of him to take note of his dressing. :) ) And of course, the shot with the horse carriage is precious. I’d love to live in such a town for 2-3 months!

    1. Claudine, this little town is just twenty minutes on public transport from where we live. It’s simply delightful. I always wanted to live wherever the Gilmore Girls lived! hee hee! The gent in the tall hat and vest was a show stopper. He was the only one dressed like that and that made him shine. It reminded me of when people dress up for the Charles Dickens festival. :)

  6. LOL! That reminds me of the long-running British T.V. show called Dr. Who. It’s a sci-fi show about the adventures of an alien (who looks human). He travels around in a time machine that looks like a British police telephone booth. I’m thinking that the guy you captured in your photo is Dr. Who’s cousin. And unlike Dr. Who, this guy (I have a feeling his name is Dr. What travels in a portable toilet. BTW, once you step into Dr. Who’s police box, inside you find that it is very spacious. The outside is very deceiving. I suspect that Dr. What’s portable toilet has the same layout. Dr. Who travels around with two or three humans. I suspect that Dr. What was looking at you and Significant Other as potential companions on his adventures. That’s probably why he gave you that startled look in the photo. He was probably thinking, “By George! I think I’ve found my new adventurers companions!” So, if you happen to stop posting and disappear to parts unknown, I will know that you, Significant Other and Roxy are on time-traveling adventures with Dr. What. Please stop in my neighborhood and pick me up. I could use some adventures.

    I agree that every house should have the red-colored shutters. I like those beautiful wreaths and horse-carriage ride photos.

    1. Paz, did we just lose out on the opportunity to travel with Dr.What and Dr. Who? Drats! And we were dressed warmly too! Imagine the photos I would’ve brought back! Okay, that’s it! I’m returning on the weekend and scouting the neighborhood in the hope of spotting him again! hee hee! I loved the red shuttered windows too! I seriously just wanted to knock on the door and ask the owner, Can I move in? :)

    1. Kim, thank you, love. We were told the buggy ride was for a private party. Ain’t that a shame? Would you believe I’ve never ridden in a horse drawn carriage? Such a shame, I know! I’m know I won’t be getting the camera but that’s okay. Someday, right? :) Kisses for you from Rox and me!

  7. As everyone has said, your photos are wonderful! We’re spending our weekend chilling out as it’s the beginning of our two weeks of no work and no school! So hopefully some sleeping in, baking, crafting, and whatever else comes to mind!

    1. Leah, I think that’s a lovely way to spend the weekend! I’ve been by your blog and I can see you’re baking up a storm! I’m staying tuned to see what else you’re cooking up! Thank you for your kind words regarding the photos! I’m tickled pink! :)

  8. Lovely post and what a charming village!
    A time portal, well I guess I would have to get Doctor Who involved so I can figure out my way to, my way back and my way around our immense universe.
    I do agree with you on the red shutters or even better a red door to welcome Santa and his elves.
    Have a great week,

    1. Ofelia, I think Paz, you and I should embark on the mission to find Dr. Who and see if he’ll take us on as passengers! Imagine the fun we’d have! Perhaps we might even be able to live in houses with red shutters and doors! How I’d love that! Come on! When do we leave? Have a great week, lady! :)

  9. It looks like Santa’s village and that scary little man is his elf, who popped out of the red-shuttered house after a hundred years. I’m glad you didn’t go in that green time portal because we would never have heard from you again, Bella.

    1. bwhahaha! Even if I’d gone, I’d find a way to come back, Jann! hee hee! Imagine if I’d been able to visit Sicily back in the day! Now that would have been spectacular! I enjoyed your last post with beautiful holiday red, immensely, lady! :)

    1. Jodi, sweet lady, thank you! Aren’t the red shutters lovely? The house was amazing but what really caught my attention were the windows. They remind me of the kind we used to draw on houses when we’re children. Remember those? :)

  10. Oh you’ve captured with spirit of that market perfectly (with or without a time portal)! Part of my weekend has been spent shuttling (kids … as usual) and the other part celebrating (with friends … as it should be).
    Lovely post – thanks for sharing!

    1. Astra, friend, you lead a busy but fun life! And I am completely in agreement–nothing tops celebrating this holiday season with friends and loved ones! The Daughter flew to spend the holidays with my sister and mother and I’m devastated at not being able to join them this time around. I miss spending time with family the most. I’m delighted you liked the post, lady! :)

  11. How enchanting! Your time-traveling gentleman has my imagination running wild in a most delightful way. :-)

    Beautiful shutters, and wreaths, and I love the sleigh with training wheels. It stands to reason it should be so. :-) xo

    1. Hot Coco, you have no idea how that charming gent inspired coffee conversation yesterday! We had so much fun thinking of scenarios to fit his style! He was utterly delightful and loved having his photo taken! The sleigh was in a class by itself, for sure! :)

  12. Great photos, as usual!

    As for the weekend, i was proofreading the translation I’m working on yesterday (since the book has about 500 pages, proofreading can’t be done in a day, so there’s more to do), today I’m getting some rest.

    1. Audrey, hello and welcome! I thought both wreathes were just beautiful. I love wreaths. Believe it or not, I try to keep a different one on my front door throughout the year. I have them with bunny themes, Valentines and summer! I think they make your home look more approachable! I’m so happy you liked the photos! :)

    1. Savy, thank you! Just dropped by your blog and allowed the soothing holiday tune to put me in the holiday mood! Happy holidays, friend! :)

  13. Cute post, Bella! Love the horse-drawn carriage on wheels and the time portal. Never saw one quite like that before, and I’m certain I’d have gone inside — whether I needed to “go” or not! — just to check it out!

    1. Debbie, and I would have too if it hadn’t been necessary to pay! Would you believe that you have to pay to go to the public restrooms here? Even in major department stores. When I first got here, I was outraged, especially since my kidneys are the size of lima beans and I have to go every five minutes. Imagine having to pay 40 euro cents every time you have to pee! Argh! I’m delighted you like the post, lady! :)

  14. Ha! You are cheating on me with another Coco! LOL. I guess this is a good a time as any to tell you to call me Lisa :).

    I LOVE the pics and right now I am wondering what the hell I am doing HERE. I should be there, my God it looks gorgeous. Like a 21st century shot outta Dickens. C’mon give, where is it?

    Was thinking of you this morning and said Bella must be happy she has survived a hellish week. I offer my congratulations to all except Roxy who clearly doesn’t need it!

    Oooh, you probably don’t need this but I found this site and thought I would share. Made Pernil this week with Rosemary and it was da bomb. http://www.elboricua.com/recipes.html

    Coquito here I come!!



    1. Coco, your comment just made me smile, girl! You should be here instead of wherever you are, lady. As to where I am…I’ll never tell! hee hee! Amen to the end of a hellish week! Thank you for thinking of us, amiga. We’re happy as clams and today I slept in till noon. Yes, I’m bad that way. You made pernil? Are you kidding me? OMG, I’m drooling at the thought! How I miss my Boricua cuisine! Let me know how your coquito turns out! I know you’re going to love it! Hugs for you, pretty lady! :)

    1. Danielle, you are now formally invited to come along! We’ll let you know time of departure just as soon as we talk to Dr. What or Dr. Who! hee hee! And I’m with you–it doesn’t matter how badly I need to go, I can’t get myself to use this type of toilet! :)

  15. NOT looking like I’m going to crawl into a Dr. Who time machine Bella! Actually today was an awesome day as we had our December meeting of the Writers Community of Simcoe County (in Ontario.) There was a free mini-workshop about journaling before lunch which was magnificent, a nice lunch, and then the speaker spoke again. Sue Reynolds is a published author, Psychologist and leads all kinds of retreats and workshops. She has many Awards and it was a delight to have her with us. Afterwards we had our board meeting at a local coffee shop in front of the fire. Great day spent with great writers!

    1. Elizabeth, I think I’ll take your day over crawling into the Dr. Who time machine! How wonderful to spend such a wonderful day in the company of your peers and with a magnificent lunch to boot! And did I read “free” mini-workshop? I can’t remember the last time I had free anything! hee hee! I’m glad you had such a grand time, lady! :)

  16. I laughed when I saw the expression on that guy’s face! Part of me hopes that he was coming from a period play or festival of some sort, and the other part of me hopes that he’s Dr. Who’s cousin! Sign me up for a trip in the time machine! ;)

    1. Jess, your name has also been added to the list friend! Pack your bags and be ready to leave at the drop of a hat. Time is of the essence! I think if this is Dr. Who’s cousin, we’re in for a heck of a ride. He seems like fun! Now the question we need to ask ourselves is to what time period shall we travel first? :)

  17. I love the look on his face! And *ahem* I love a man in a suit and waistcoat (with a hat to boot!) soooo dreamy! Then again, I have such a weakness for everything from old Europe. Like, I WANT that timeportalish toilet, please. hehehe.

    1. Laura, why did I know you were going to say something along the lines of what you just said? hee hee! I have to admit this guy looked quite dapper in his waistcoat! The toilet, you want it? Really? I’ll see what I can do! Are you joining us in the time travel venture with Dr. What? Do I add your name to the list? :)

    1. Lady, how are you? I’m happy to see you here! I too fancy the red shutters and doors! I’m thrilled you like the photos and post. Happy holidays to you, sweet lady! :)

  18. I don’t know which I enjoy the most, your photos or your posts…..What the hay!! I love them both! Your posts always bring a smile to my face and I absolutely love your photos….very nice indeed.

    May you & your significant other have a wonderful Holiday and Happy & Healthy New Year!!!

    1. Eve, you are a sweetheart! I’m so happy you enjoy the posts and photos! Your kind words have made my day and night! Thank you so much! The Significant Other and I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season and everything your heart desires in the New Year! :)

  19. Loved the photos and wish I was there where you were.. My weekend was filled with final edits on my book (I LOVE SAYING THIS) and site redesign. Both sucked all my holiday cheer right out of me, but since I survived I am singing a new tune and coming up for air. There is something so wonderful about making it through the other side. I’m with all the others – your photos are always a pleasure and inspire. My favs sometimes are of Roxy. The way she looks you can’t help but wonder if she is truly thinking big, juicy, thoughts… you know?

    1. Brenda, you’re on your way, lady! I’m so glad you’re on final edits! Woot woot! I can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up! And yes, it has been tiresome and robbed you of time and energy, but just think how gratifying it is now that you’re finished! Good for you! Roxy and I are thrilled you like our photos and the little miss especially since she knows you know how intuitive she is! hee hee! :)

    1. Lady, thank you for your sweet words! The Significant Other thought it was very Dickens-like as well. I just loved the decorations! The horse and buggy were a wonderful sight and the wreaths, well, I just loved those! I’m so glad to see you drop by, lady! Have a wonderful holiday season! :)

  20. These photos do bring good cheer Bella. How much fun and wonder you bring the world dear friend! You have been such a blessing with your lightheartedness and joyful spirit! I just wanted to drop in and say thanks, and to offer my Christmas wishes. May your holidays – and all of your days – be filled with love, peace, and joy!

    1. Debra, yours is the last comment I’m reading before turning in for the night and it brings me great joy, lady. Thank you for your constant support and encouragement. Because I want you to know that every time I read your kind words, I feel encouraged. And appreciated. Thank you, sister. Thank you so much! May your holiday season be filled with joy and love and may you have both relaxing and exciting moments that will make for splendid memories! :)

  21. The potty is the time portal? I’ve always been afraid of these…things. Now I’m rolling up my sleeves and going back H.G. Wells style. I’ve a few stocks I’d like to invest in. ;)

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