Why should we stay away from the house on the corner?

Two weeks ago, I met up with a fellow dog walker during my evening stroll with Roxy.

We stopped to chat for a bit and he mentioned I should be careful when walking past the house on the corner.

Apparently, he and his dog had spotted a couple of hedgehogs in the yard.

Hedgehogs in the yard?

Instantly, I felt my skin crawl, my toes curl, and my hair stand on end.

Oblivious to my distress, he cautioned me that hedgehogs are infested with fleas.

Clueless to anything hedgehog related, I tried to focus on what he was saying, and not on the panic that engulfed me.

To see me, anyone would think the man had warned, “Be careful with the house on the corner. I spotted a couple of zombies inside and they’re now standing two feet away from us.”

Yet, never having seen a hedgehog, I was petrified at how I would react if I ever came across one.

As a result of this fateful meeting, Roxy and I have steered clear of the house, the sidewalk, and the street where the house on the corner stands.

And for the past two weeks, we have cautiously tip toed past it, even though we’re on the other side of the canal.

This morning, Roxy and I ventured out before it started to rain.

Halfway into our walk, I spotted something that looked like a huge rodent in the grass.

I immediately whipped out my camera, intent on capturing a shot of the world’s largest mouse, but instead, almost fainted when I realized it was a….hedgehog!

Trembling, yet in control, I held on tightly to Roxy’s leash and slowly approached it.

I had to zoom in, something I hate doing when taking pictures, but I was afraid Roxy would scare it away.

Or on the contrary, that it would scare the bejesus out of Roxy.

Gingerly, I took two steps closer, all the while reassuring our little Miss that she was a “good dog.”

I took another step and turned on my camera.

At this point, Roxy became aware of the little beast and stopped dead in her tracks.

Again, I spoke to her in a soothing tone and prayed she wouldn’t leap toward the prickly little monster who seemed to lay in waiting.

One more step.
Two more steps.

I clicked away as if the spirit of Cartier Bresson had possessed me.

Sadly, in spite of all my frenzy and passion, only one shot passes muster.

It surprised me that throughout the photo clicking frenzy, the small hedgehog didn’t move an inch.

It seemed to pose languidly, quite possibly laughing at me as I struggled to hold on to the camera, click the shutter, and prevent Roxy from befriending it.

Yes, folks, there’s a first time for everything and today I experienced my first hedgehog sighting.

And survived.

When was the last time you saw one?

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58 thoughts on “Why should we stay away from the house on the corner?

  1. It’s so cute! I’ve never seen one, and know nothing about them, so I might have been the crazy lady who tried to pet the “cute little thing,” ignorant of the potential for harm. :-)

    1. Hot Coco, cute or not there’s no way I was going to pet the little critter! You did make me laugh with how you might have done so! hee hee! :)

  2. Some friends in France used to put out cat food for “their” hedgehogs and we could always watch them through the windows. They were shy, but very cute. I didn’t know they had lots of fleas, but I suppose most small furry mammals do.

    1. Shary, I’m glad I’m not neighbors with your friends in France! Upon seeing the photo, I have to admit the little critter has its appeal but from a distance, it just looked like a huge rat! Roxy just looked at it and didn’t try to lunge for it or anything. I wonder what Lola would’ve done! :)

    1. Zencherry, I was shaking like a leaf but I really wanted to capture it! I wish I had a better camera! Oh, how I wish I had a better camera! :)

  3. I haven’t seen one either – thanks for sharing the picture and the experience. Glad the little creature was still and hopefully that assuaged your fears about the house on the corner. Hopefully they will stay their distance.

    1. Lisa, now that we know what they look like, Roxy and I are better prepared for any future hedgehog encounters! As for the house on the corner, I’m afraid I will always be a bit wary of it! hee hee! But no worries, I consider all of this part of the experience! :)

    1. Jodi, your comment just made me chuckle! Sometimes I think I should’ve named this blog, “Adventures with Roxy.” You have no idea the trouble we sometimes land ourselves in, the things we see, and things we wish we didn’t see! The other night we spotted a man peeing in the bushes! Nasty! Yet I feel my life is enriched with our many escapades! :)

  4. Hedgehogs are so cute! When I was a kid, my father found one in the park and brought it home, we looked at it for a bit, and then he took it back.

    Last time I saw a hedgehog was in May this year, when I visited my father in Croatia. Hedgehogs sometimes come close to the house, and Roko, the dog, goes crazy about them, he doesn’t stop barking until someone removes the hedgehog (imagine that at three in the morning, with a bunch of houses around, close enough that Roko wakes everyone living in them). I took a picture of my kid brother holding the hedgehog, but with the flash I had to use, it turned out fuzzy.

    A friend of mine was staying with her friend in Sokobanja in Serbia for a while, and there was a hedgehog visiting the house of the friend of the friend on regular basis. Everybody liked the hedgehog, everyone was giving him (or her?) food, it was almost a pet… And then, one day, it happened that nobody gave it any food. The hedgehog hunted down a frog, dragged it to the yard, and posed while eating it, as in ‘Look what I have to eat because of you!’.

    1. Ivana, I’m both fascinated and freaked out by the hedgehog hunter! Oh my goodness, do you have wonderful hedgehog tales! You’re the person I should have gone to for more information on these little critters! My sister’s dog’s name is also Rocco and I love him. Your Roko sounds quite the vigilante! :)

  5. Two seconds ago when I looked at your pictures! I’ve seen oppossums (uuuuggggly) and armadillos (really uuuuggggly) and skunks (scarey) but no hedgehogs. So funny – you reacted just like I would have – freaked out first, then check it out later!

    1. Nan, I saw an armadillo when visiting my sister in Arizone many years ago and if ever I think about it right before going to bed, I have nightmares. Thank goodness this isn’t something I do often! hee hee! Oh yeah, lady, after freaking out comes the good part–the, lets have a look, part! :)

  6. Sitting here so bored and decided to look through some blogs and found yours. I am no longer bored and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I added you to my feed so I can keep up.

    1. Shea, hello and welcome! I’m delighted your boredom has been chased away by my blog! And I’m thrilled you’ve added me to your feed! Thank you! I hope you drop by again and comment! :)

  7. I think the last hedgehog I saw was in a zoo. I can’t imagine how anyone can keep one in their yard! You’re lucky Roxy isn’t a herding species — my Sheltie would have honed in on that thing and herded it right into a corner, then barked to let me know he’d succeeded! Doesn’t look like much of a ‘pet’ to me — I’d rather have my dog!

    1. Debbie, I can see your little sheltie going after the nonchalant hedgehog in the park! This one was out for a stroll or looking for a bite to eat. I’ve heard people keep them as pets, how I don’t know. I get goosebumps thinking about it! I’m with you friend–dog lover all the way! :)

  8. umm.. you mean you risked roxy getting fleas to take a photo for us? lol! having said that, i have to say those are some very impressive photos. very, very nice. i’ve never seen a hedgehog before, so thanks for risking all to provide a photo. ;-)

    1. Paz, the things I do for you! Imagine that! hee hee! I wish I didn’t have to zoom but really, I don’t think I would have been able to get close enough to it without scaring it away–or scaring myself away! And you’re welcome. You wonderful readers are totally worth it, lady! :)

  9. OMG, that is so sweet. I love how you and Roxy conquered or confronted the hedgehog fear together. When I finally get a chance to photograph things that have eluded or frightened me, such as household pests, I sometimes find myself feeling oddly sympathetic to the creature.

    1. Patrice, my sentiments exactly. When I got home and told the Significant Other, he said maybe it was hurt. I demanded he not make me feel guilty but I still did as I thought that perhaps that’s why it was sitting so still. Oh dear. I’m feeling guilty all over again. Nevertheless, like you mentioned, Roxy and I have prevailed yet another scary scenario and landed on top! Woot woot! :)

  10. Good snap. I am more terrified of possums than hedgehogs. They are huge and whenever I pull into my drive late a night and catch their big eyes watching me I wish I were I Dream of Genie so I could blink my way into the house and not have to walk across the drive. I do commend your and the Roxette for achieving your inner Xena Warrior strength. Well done.

    1. Brenda, thank you for your words of encouragement and support! Roxy and I indeed feel like Xena, Warrior Princesses after triumphing over our hedgehog fear. Now a possum, that’s a whole different ball game. How you garnish the courage to walk across your drive at night, I’ll never know. You are my hero. The thought that they’re watching me sends chills up and down my spine! :)

  11. I think the last time I saw one was in upstate New York, but yet again it could be a small alien after all it was upstate New York!
    It amazing what the fear of the unknown can bring our brains to imagine.
    I’ll be thinking the same thing as you did (about flesh eating zombies) and avoiding the house like the plague.
    I’m glad that you and your camera were able to conquer it all and have a photo testimonial of your adventures in hedgehogs land for us to enjoy.
    I also want to take this opportunity to thank for your establishing a blogger friendship with me and for always taking the time to read and comment on my blog.
    I feel very happy that I found; and I also feel like you are one of my Newyorican friends and we are just exchanging ideas and experiences over blogger land instead of on the phone.
    Mil besos y abrazos y muchas felicidades, salud, prosperidad y amor,

    1. Ofelia, bonita, thank you for your sweet words, lady! I’m grateful to have met you, chica! I love dropping by your blog to see what you’re cooking up, shopping for, or wearing! It’s just wonderful to see the world through your eyes! Thanks for making me chuckle with your “small alien” remark! Upstate New York, indeed! Here’s to more exchanges of ideas and experiences in this upcoming year, amiga mía. ¡Felices pascuas y prospero Año Nuevo! ¡Que Dios te colme de salud, amor y felicidad! :)

    1. Sandra, now that you mention it, the little critter didn’t seem afraid of Roxy. As a matter of fact, it looked like it welcomed the attention! I’m still working on having a love for adorable little things that have fleas and leave poop but so far, nada. hee hee! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  12. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of ever seeing a hedgehog. I’m surprised it took Roxy that long to pounce though. My beagle Casey would have made it her business to burry those guys.

    1. Leah, most definitely Casey would have given our little hedgehog a run for its money! Beagles are go getters; take no prisoners and all that. Little Roxy was dying to pounce but I think it’s cause she wanted to make friends. Oh, Roxy! :)

  13. I think I’ve only seen hedgehogs in the zoo, but I love its name. Kind of poetic. Reminds of me The Wind in the Willows. Once a possum came along and parked itself right on the welcome mat by my front door. It stayed there several hours and we didn’t dare go outside until it left. Another time, I was sitting in my patio with some friends and another possum suddenly jumped on top of the patio wall. I think it was as surprised to see as as we were to see him for he jumped back down just as quickly and left. Thank goodness, it wasn’t a skunk.

    1. Monica, I can’t blame you for not wanting to go outside! I think of a possum parked in front of my house and I may as well rot inside cause there’s no way I’m stepping a foot out the door! Skunk? Possum? They both give me the creeps! Oh my goodness, am I glad I don’t live in California! hee hee! But you’re right–hedgehog does sound poetic! :)

    1. Totsy, I’m glad you’re with me, girl! There’s something about its little snout! Ugh! I’m glad your first time seeing one was on my wee blog! Yipee! :)

  14. –Bella,
    I see those little creatures all over the place….usually in tall grass. I love them! I just love those fat little furry things. So FAT and furry.

    Love to you. Kiss for Rox. What will you be doing for Christmas? Will Rox be eating Christmas dinner w/ you guys?


    1. Kim, I’m glad you find them cute–you can do that for the both of us! hee hee! Today I ran into the fellow dog walker again and told him about the hedgehog. Well, today’s tidbit included that they like to come out when it’s raining! I tell you, the man is a wealth of hedgehog trivia! I’m dying regarding Christmas. The Daughter, her boyfriend, and my mom, all flew in to spend the holidays with my sister. Tickets were so expensive we couldn’t fly and so I’m stuck here with only dinner at the in laws to look forward to. The thought alone makes me want to light myself on fire! hee hee! I will be making Christmas brunch for the Son and four of his friends and then dinner for the Significant Other and myself. Little Roxy will indeed be joining us, sitting pretty on the floor. She gets “scrappies” after dinner! What are your plans, lady? :)

  15. I’m so amazed Roxy didn’t go in for a closer sniff. I’d have paid mad cheddar to see That action shot! hee-hee No hedgehogs around here, that I know of, but we sure do have the corner on raccoons.

    1. Lori, I saw plenty of raccoons and squirrels. Fortunately, they don’t scare me. Roxy seemed more curious than anything else upon seeing Mr. Hedgehog. Although, I must say it sat pretty still while I took its picture. Perhaps playing dead so we would go away? hee hee! Can you imagine what a great shot if Roxy had gone after the hedgehog? Man, sometimes I wish we could stage these captures! :)

  16. A big rat, a mini-porcupine–call it what you will, but I don’t think it would be a good playmate for for Little Precious. Buon Natale, Bella & Roxy!

    1. Jann, it’s funny you say that because the Son said it looked like a tiny porcupine! And I totally agree–not a good playmate for our little Miss. I’m afraid given Roxy’s history with her plastic toys, the poor hedgehgo wouldn’t stand a chance! hee hee! I wish you a happy holiday season, friend, in the company of those you care about! Buon Natale, Jann! Bacci! :)

    1. Audrey, and would you believe it was quite small? I think it looks more daunting in the photo than in person. Yet, I agree with you. I was quite fearful approaching it! :)

    1. Elizabeth, of course they count! Only those must’ve been super cute and free of fleas! I’m afraid this little guy had seen better days. He wasn’t all that big and the rain had left him a shivering wet ball of fur! :)

    1. Belle, at least I think we’re flea free! hee hee! Trust me, we stayed about six feet away! Now that I think of it, they say fleas can jump seven feet! Roxy and I were cutting it a bit close! :)

    1. Kelly, when I wrote this post, I honestly thought I would be the only one who hadn’t seen a hedgehog. I’m relieved that’s not the case! hee hee! I think the Beatrix Potter hedgehogs are adorable! I’m delighted you like the photo! :)

  17. Hi Bella,
    I don’t think I have ever seen a hedgehog in person but it would be cool if I did. At least you were able to capture a picture, it takes my phone camera forever before it is ready to take a shot.

    Take care…

    1. Justin, hello and welcome! No hedgehog sighting for you yet? Aw, that’s too bad. However, in regard to the phone camera, I feel your pain. Not because of a slow starting phone, but because of a slow starting me! Using that wretched touch pad is enough to put me over the edge and accessing the camera? Perhaps fifteen minutes later. By that time, whatever I was trying to capture has long disappeared! Grief. Thank goodness for my point and shoot which is firmly attached to my hip, even if it adds a couple more inches! Thanks for dropping by! :)

    1. Claudine, I’m amazed by how many of us haven’t seen a hedgehog! I’m in good company! hee hee! And I’m with you–no petting for me either. The fleas are a real turn off! ha! :)

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