Is this what you call an intentional blur?

What happens when a self proclaimed amateur photographer goes out with her humble point and shoot and tries to create intentional motion blur?

It’s best I show you.

Yes, folks, I know. I know.

They would have come out so much better with a real camera; real as in DSLR camera.

Nevertheless, sometimes you’ve got to make the best of what you’ve got.

I’m quite pleased with the artsy blur I managed to create.

I just wish I’d been able to adjust shutter speed and aperture.

Someday I hope I’ll be able to grip an SLR, but until that day arrives, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

And now here’s a little Roxy love to get you through the week.

Have you tried to create intentional motion blur?

Today I’m linking up with Heidi’s Black and White Wednesday.

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56 thoughts on “Is this what you call an intentional blur?

  1. That fella walking ALL those dogs is braver than I am! My Sheltie sees a squirrel and goes nuts; imagine what it would be like if all those pups saw different squirrels in different directions at the same time!! I don’t have a DSLR either, sigh, so I know what you mean. Still, you’ve done a pretty good job getting some blur, especially on your first shot. Roxy, you’re a little cutie! How’d you get her to stare that treat down with wolfing it?!

    1. Debbie, Roxy is very disciplined. If you give her a treat or a bite of something, she always wait for us to say, eat. She’s also very careful and gentle, so as to not bite the person that’s giving her the treat. Now can you see why I love her so much? hee hee! The man with all the dogs has my admiration and respect. I’ve seen him in the forest a couple of times and you should see how those dogs listen to him. I’m so pleased you like my blur attempts! :)

  2. I love all your photos. They’re very cool-looking. I’m glad to see that I’m in good company with someone who knows how to create intentional motion blur, cause ya know I do it all the time. I especially love the third and last photo in particular. I wonder why? Oh yeah, cause Roxy’s in them! ;-)))))

    1. Paz, I love that you create intentional motion blur! And little Roxy’s tickled pink that you love her photo! As I type, she’s prancing around the living room in her new tee! hee hee! :)

  3. The only intentional motion blur I’m good at is the one where you run up the stair and forget why you went up there in the first place!!!
    I love the first shot – though he doesn’t look too pleased to be a blur subject!
    BTW, I passed on the Versatile Blogger award to you … I know you already have it – but you deserve a repeat honour :)

    1. Astra, I’m doing the happy dance at having been bestowed the Versatile Blogger by you! Thank you kindly! It is very much appreciated, lady. And may I say I’m still chuckling at your attempt at intentional blur! ha! If it’s any consolation, it happens to me all the time. The guy in the first photo did turn and look at me when I snapped his photo. Perhaps it was because I was running after him like a crazy person. My Lord. The things I do for this blog! :)

    1. Shary, you’re super talented. I’m sure you could pull off anything! I would love to do an intentional blur shot of you while you danced with Lola. Now that would be a fun shot! :)

    1. Ivana, pictures turn out blurry for two reasons: If there’s something in the frame that’s moving and you’re not using the right shutter speed or camera shake. Camera shake happens when you’re using a high shutter speed and your camera’s not stabilized properly. Nevertheless, blurry photos can be fun! :)

    1. Patrice, you can play in my sandbox any day! I love that you’re open to have fun and that you like my intentional blur. I say, more play time for everyone! Wouldn’t it be grand if this could be true? :)

    1. Brenda, I love that you can cause intentional blur with your words! The Son is also taking a course this semester and sharing what he learns with me. You’re going to have to do a post that includes your daughter’s photos! Now that would be a treat! And perhaps she can show you what she’s learned next time she visits! :)

  4. Cool, Bella. I especially love that first photo–where the green trees are swirling and the cutie pie with the ear buds is in freeze-frame mode.

    1. Jann, it’s so hard to get a freeze mode without the right shutter speed. I’m going to admit that luck had a lot to do with the fact that these turned out! The cutie pie with the ear buds saw me running after him, camera in hand, and looked at me like I was insane. I’m laughing to myself as I think of what that must’ve looked like! hee hee! :)

  5. I’ve never really created one intentionally but this post reminded of one such blurry pic I shared when I was doing the Belgian Chronicles – even though the blur is more than I would have liked but till date its one of my favorite pics ..
    Sometimes even with all the blur , things couldn’t be clearer !

    P.S and yes I am doing Love Bytes this year ..hop by soon …xoxo

    1. Priya, I just dropped by your place and I’m delighted Love Bytes is up and running! Yay! Someday over coffee you’re going to have to show me that Belgian pic! “Sometimes even with all the blur, things couldn’t be clearer!” I love this! And ain’t it the truth! :)

  6. Hm…I don’t know about all the photographer jargon, but your pics look pretty damned good to me. I especially love the first one. The colors are so vibrant!

    1. Jennifer, your comment made me chuckle! I am over the moon that you like the pics! Thank you, lady! Your words do this woman a world of good! :)

  7. Really cool photos, Bella. Taking incredible photos is something I would love to do. Right now I see something, click, and stare at a mediocre shot. Maybe I will take it up someday…in the meantime, I will enjoy yours. Thanks for the visual candy.

    1. Annie, don’t be modest! You know you’re a great photographer! I’m chuckling as I recall the post you wrote about the family and the quirky assistant with the whoopee cushion! hee hee! Thanks for the support, sister! :)

    1. Laura, can we be best friends? hee hee! Your kind words have my day, lady! I wish with all my heart I had a DSLR but alas, it way beyond what I can afford right now. Sigh. I hope to one day own one. Do you have a DSLR?

  8. No, I haven’t. But there have been times I did so accidentally and one or two actually came out nice. But I love yours. Did you play with the colors? I love the pink in Roxy’s coat. And I always love the B&W photos of her, too. She looks splendid anywhere, in anything. Even in the buff. ;)

    1. Monica, Roxy just wants to hug you! You’re always so complimentary of her and she just laps it up! I loved your photos of the Keys. I was hoping you would have more of them in your posts! The color of Roxy’s coat is super bright although I did enhance it just a wee bit. I think our little Miss shines in black and white! We demand to see some of Sir Henry The Brave! :)

  9. When you posed that question I couldn’t think of the ‘intentional blur’ in terms of photography, which I love. I thought about how sometimes we intentionally ‘blur’ life or the lens with which we view ourselves or others…I do that all the time.

    1. Mamawolfe, that is an interesting subject of exploration! I think many of us both intentionally blur the way we see ourselves and others. Just this morning, I had to squint to blur my unsexy bed hair to convince myself I passed muster to walk Roxy. And I blur the Signficant Other’s face every now and then to make him look more attractive! hee hee! Seriously speaking, I’m guilty of blurring people, scenes, events. I think at times it’s like a coping mechanism. Other times, it allows me to stay in a state of denial just until I’m stronger and braver to face reality. Does that make sense? :)

    1. Heidi, thank you! I’m so happy you approve! Thank you for your encouragement and support. You don’t know how much they mean to me! :)

  10. You’re a great photographer, Bella. I say you could do anything with any camera. Work it, girlfriend. :-) You take such great shots, I bet you could find a niche; photographing pets?

    I tried blurring in my photography class in college. Got a C on that assignment and ultimately a C out of the class. It wasn’t my fault though, of course. I was the only design student in a class of photography majors and they made me look super bad. I so hated that class I worked so hard in. The only thing I’m trying to blur now is not having money and having it. I’d send you that camera if I could.

    1. Totsy, your comment just made me smile, smile big! Your super kind words warm my heart. Thank you so much! I would love to be a professional pet photographer! Oh, to be young again! hee hee! I wish I had taken photography classes in college. The closest I’ve gotten to a formal class is the tutoring I get from the Son who’s taken them in college. I’m sorry that class didn’t work out for you back in the day. The Universe was just trying to tell you that you’re an artiste, as the French would say! Your art far exceeds any photograph! And that’s a fact. :)

  11. Great photos, Bella! And little Roxy is such a doll. Thanks for the love today – I hope someday you will get that’ve got the chops for it! : )

  12. Roxy in her hot pink jacket is boss.
    What does she make of the gang of dogs?
    You are such an adventurous spirit with that camera!
    The intentional blur, I like it ;-)

    1. Debra, we’ve encountered this gang of dogs in the forest before. Roxy seems a little intimidated but tries to be friendly. Lady, I try to take my camera everywhere. Just because I want to capture whatever I see or happens. The whacky and bizarre things Roxy and I encounter, never seize to amaze me! I’m happy you like my attempt at intentional blur! :)

    1. Priya, I remember that photo! From the Belgian Chronicles! You guys looked so happy! Thanks for sharing it with me again, friend. :)

  13. I’m not quite the photographer in my family. No anti-shake function can cure my ‘camera nods as I press the click button’ syndrome. But I really like your first picture. It was as if the forest swirled around the man, lost in the music he was listening to.

    1. Claudine, I love how verbose you are! “It was as if the forest swirled around the man, lost in the music he was listening to.” Brilliant! To be honest, I find the anti-shake function irritating. The Significant Other has one that has it and it drives me batty! Instead, I try to stabilize the camera by correcting my posture. :)

  14. Haha, Bella, I first thought you’d do a post on Mark Zuckerberg, because that guy in the first pic looks a bit like him…
    I like your blurred shots – mine are usually unintended and that’s when they turn out best. ;)

    1. Sabrina, you’ve given me an idea! I’m going to keep my blurred shots instead of deleting them on sight like I’m prone to do. I don’t think it’s wise to discard a shot after only viewing it in the LCD screen since it might have potential. I’ll get back to you if any of them turn out worth keeping! :)

  15. I am pretty darn impressed. I can’t even handle my simple digital camera or the one on my smart phone. My husband recently received a camera for his birthday, thinking he’d like to try out a little photography on the side. So far, he’s attempted a few artistic shots, but not many. The damn thing is so complicated! And I like your, “You get what you get…” Just today, my 3 year old was reiterating what they say to the kids at daycare: “You get what you get, and don’t throw a fit.” Sounds pretty good to me!

    1. Laura, my sister brought up my nephews, who are only 13 months apart and very competitive, with the phrase, “You get what you get…” It seemed to even the playing field as far as “so and so got a bigger this…” Sadly, not for long. hee hee! Your husband just needs to take a little time getting acquainted with his new baby. Just you wait till he figures out all it can do! :)

    1. Leah, thank you for being so sweet! I’m grateful for your encouragement. And now I’m ready to turn in, but I’m smiling as a result of your kind words! :)

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