One shot, two stories

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Keoni Cabral

Hello everyone,

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve decided to “shake things up.”

Does this mean I’m in the mood for love, or that we’re going to try something new?

I’d say a little of both.

I’m joining Monica, from Monica’s Tangled Web, on a project we’re calling, “One shot, two stories,” and the best thing is that you, dear readers, get to run the show!

The rules are simple.

Have a look at the photograph, provided to us courtesy of Keoni Cabral, a talented photographer and colleague of Monica’s, read the first line, and add a sentence.

The purpose to this exercise is to create a story; the story behind the photograph.

In the meantime, Monica’s blog will feature the same photograph, but a different first line.

Thus, we hope to end up with two very unique stories.

At the end of the week, I’ll post the story created at Monica’s blog and she’ll post the one created here, at One Sister’s Rant.

The person behind this fun concept is writer friend, Cathy Kozak, from While the Dervish Dances.

So lets recap:
1) Take a look at the photograph.
2) Read the first sentence (provided by me).
3) Read the previous sentences, so as to ensure logical flow.
4) Number your sentence and add it in the comments section.

That’s it!

You can participate as many times as you want but remember, only one sentence at a time.

Moreover, we have two stories taking place simultaneously.

Monica and I would love it if you participated in both.

Now, without further ado, let’s get this party started!

Here’s the first sentence:

1. Olivia looked at the sprawled cat on the bench; the same bench where Ethan had proposed ten years ago.

64 thoughts on “One shot, two stories

  1. 6. She smiled sadly as she rememembered how when she had left for her morning walk just a year ago, Ethan had been sprawled across their bed much like the cat – except Ethan was snoring.

    :-) xoxo

  2. 7. She started to sob again as she recalled the mounting fear she felt when she approached their driveway and saw that it was filled with police cars.

  3. 12. Gradually, coming to her senses, she slowed down, realizing that none of this would bring him back, and that, now, it was up to her and the cat to carry on the chicken plucking business he’d started and that she would have to learn.

  4. 13. But no, she’d always hated that business and knew the only reason Ethan had taken it over was because it had been his father’s last wish.

  5. 16. Ethan’s grandmother, Dottie, answered her door on the second sounding of the weathered brass knocker, her stark white hair framing a care-worn face from which bright blue eyes widened with surprise.

  6. 20. Dottie’s house smelled like just baked chocolate chip cookies and she felt the tears well up in her eyes as she remembered they were Ethan’s favorite.

  7. 25. Olivia eyeballed her, began counting up the calories in her head and blasted Dottie with, “You jealous heifer, trying to pack pounds on me so I won’t get back in my prom dress for the class reunion coming up.”

  8. 29. But now that you’re here, I may as well tell you that I know you used chocolate to cover up the smell of poison you mixed in with the flour in those cookies you used to make Ethan; that you meant to poison him because you thought he was cheating on you! You must’ve snickered at your cleverness!

  9. 30. Tears streaming down her face, Olivia screamed at Dottie, “Even though Ryan loved me, Ethan was the one I loved and I would never have hurt him!”

  10. 31. Dottie tired of the drama, the endless stream of tears picked up the ashtray on the table to her left thinking of chucking it at her friend, but remembered the secret.

  11. 32.As she picked it up she realised that It wasn’t just the secret that triggered her memory, but also the folded sticky note attached to the bottom of the ashtray. Dottie quickly tried to change the subject and Olivia’s mood in a clever way …

  12. 33. A long silence stretched taught between them, as Olivia was overcome with the onslaught of bittersweet memories; Ryan’s loping walk, his windswept hair, shy, and oh so sweet, dimpled smiles and loving eyes.

    34. Eyes filled with a secret love…all for her.

    Great idea, Bella!! Hope that I did it right :)

  13. 35, Memories of Ethan also invaded her mind–his strong chin, the way he tucked her hair behind her ear, his crooked grin–but these were interrupted as the post it dropped to the floor.

  14. 36. Olivia snatched up the post-it note and read it quickly before Dottie’s bony fingers grasped her arm tightly, forcing the note to flutter to the floor.

  15. 37. ..she didn’t notice it float it’s way under the table. One person did and had already started scheming how to gain from it all “ONE PERSON’S PAIN, ANOTHER ONE’S…”.
    As she entered the room Sylvia quiped happily, “Hi dearie”. She had to get that note…

  16. 41. Olivia looked at Lucinda, or Sylvia, as she insisted she be called now, and knew her suspicions where next to confirmed–Lucinda had to be involved in Ethan’s murder and Ryan’s disappearance!

  17. 44. Of course it was Sly. And then she wondered how she could have possibly suspected Dottie and her chocolate. Dottie was Ethan’s grandmother, after all. Or was she? “I’ll take that pie, after all, Dot.”

  18. 45. But she couldn’t eat .. she was here for a reason and she was determined to find out even if it meant dealing with the woman she now despised even more ..

    She got up , took a step towards Lucinda and ..

  19. 47. Just as Olivia was going to grab Lucinda by the hair, Lucinda pulled a gun from her pocket and said, “Take one more step and I shoot Dottie.”

  20. 51. “Not if I can help it!” Lucinda screamed but just then, Ryan stormed into the room, grabbed Lucinda and yelled, “Grandma, call the police!”

  21. 52. As Olivia looked into Ryan’s eyes, she knew she had loved him all along and that Ethan had been an infatuation. Lucinda, forever envious, had killed him in a fit of jealous rage.

  22. Except that Lucinda had been in Hawaii at the time of Ethan’s disappearance. Olivia took a step back from Lucinda and Ryan, feigning happiness as she fingered her phone in her pocket.

  23. “Cut! Cut!” Quentin Tarantino yells on the set. “People, I know we’re improvising here, but enough twists and turns! Dottie, take the gun, shoot everyone, and let’s call it a day!”

    1. Astra, I’m delighted you liked the idea! We thought it was a great way for people to interact and work on a collaborative project. :)

  24. I just missed getting in on this unless they come back to life for an encore. :) Damn, I’m sorry. What a terrific story and great idea. I’ll be quicker next time if you decide to bring them back…or make the story from the cat’s POV.

    1. Annie, I’m so sorry you missed it! I love the idea of an encore! hee hee! The story from the cat’s point of view is a brilliant idea. You would have added marvelously to this story. I missed you! :)

    1. Lady, I loved having you! Thank you so much for participating! Stay tuned for our next venture so you can come along for the ride! :)

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