Do these pants make me look groovy?

Spying myself in a shop window while I walked Roxy this afternoon made me realize I have to start dressing better.

Really, even a strong advocate of “clothes don’t make the monk” like myself has to draw the line somewhere.

Pretending I’m Charlize Theron in the movie, “Sweet November,” is not working anymore.

Let’s face it, Charlize wearing a ratty poncho still looks like a million dollars.


I still look like I’m wearing a ratty poncho.

Such is life.

In my defense, the day doesn’t seem to have enough hours.

It seems to pass by at lighting speed and before I know it, I only have a few minutes before Roxy has an accident on the carpet, or the Son starts screaming, “I’m sixty seconds away from gnawing on the legs of the dining room table!”

Is this the time to color coordinate an outfit and select the right accessories?

I don’t think so.

And so, with the intent of taking care of business before I have to witness the Significant Other trying to slice through a frozen pound cake with a butter knife, I’m out the door wearing whatever I threw on in the morning.

Today’s outfit consisted of a pair of pajama pants emblazoned with the word “groovy,” an old T-shirt that once upon a time used to be black but now has taken on a muted shade of gray, and a pair of old Birkenstocks I bought at a thrift shop ten years ago.

Hardly the epitome of groovy.

Tonight, I pondered why it is that some of us abandon our inner fashionista at a remote truck stop, never to be rescued again.

Do we do this because we’ve become too lazy to bother with our appearance?

Or do we do it because the older we get, the more our enlightened state tells us that clothes are not part of our spiritual essence?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves or how we try to convince ourselves there’s nothing wrong with our schizophrenic wardrobe choices.

The reality is that we should invest time on ourselves.

We deserve to put ourselves first.

Before our spouses, before our grown up “children,” before our furry friends.

It’s important for us to realize that we also matter.

Regardless that we may think that outward appearances aren’t important, the reality is that much of the time, looking good means feeling good.

And so, after much soul searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps it’s time to modify my “monk” mentality.

Because while it may be true that a badly dressed monk is still a monk, wearing a pair of pajama pants that say “groovy,” doesn’t mean I’m looking groovy.

How important is it for you to look nice?

Photo Credit: The Son

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86 thoughts on “Do these pants make me look groovy?

  1. I live in a neighborhood where everyone (I’m not exaggerating) is 2 pounds, perfectly toned, and impeccably dressed. It’s overwhelming for someone like me who tends to leave the house in my husband’s old sweatshirt and a pair of work out pants (and not the cool ones.) Yep…A fine catch I am! I guess I better clean it up too. Thanks for the reminder, Bella!

    1. Annie, in my humble opinion, you’re a fine catch no matter what you wear! Your husband’s old sweatshirt and work out pants sound like haute couture to my ears! hee hee! I wish we could sit down over coffee and psychoanalize the meaning of this! ha! :)

    1. Ariana, sweetheart, I will definitely swing by your blog and check out that post of yours! And you’re right–it’s time we too nurture and take care of ourselves. After all, we’re the trunk of the tree and while we may nurture the branches and leaves, no one nurtures us but us! :)

  2. I think it only matters how you feel, If you feel like you are rocking those groovy pants than you are, but if you don’t that’s when it’s time to put yourself first like Ariana says. I never took you for a “groovy” embossed pants kinda gal, but It makes me love you more Ms. Sass.

    1. Una, I am most definitely a groovy pants kinda gal! hee hee! Too bad my definition of groovy doesn’t match society’s! But you’re right–it’s all about the attitude. I think I’m just at a point where I’m thinking it might be time to grow up and wear some real clothes! ha! :)

  3. Yes, we do deserve to invest and take time on
    ourselves, but still being yourself & confident is important. I love fashion. For me I express myself through my clothing on a daily basis.The key: It shouldn’t and doesn’t feel forced, it’s just me! I have this ugly jumper that is incredibly comfortable that I still wear from time to time. :-)

    1. Lady, but then you’re always so fashionable! We should all look as good as you do! I love that you have an ugly jumper! I won’t tell you how many I have! hee hee! :)

  4. ***Because let’s face it, Charlize wearing a ratty poncho still looks like a million dollars.


    I still look like I’m wearing a ratty poncho.***

    HaaHAaaaaa. You are SO funny.

    Bella, I never leave the house w/ out lipstick. That is a MUST. If all else looks like hell, at least my lips look groovy.

    Xxxx Kissssssssssssssssssssss

    1. Kim, would you believe I’ve adopted that mentality as of late? Ever since I saw the elderly lady applying beautiful red lippy to her lips, I’ve become inspired to do the same! I’ll admit that it’s not always red, but I will wear a gloss before going out with Roxy. Who cares that I’m wearing pj pants as long as I have on lipstick, right? :)

  5. Bella, when I’m at work, I try to look good. We have a dress for success policy, after all. But on the weekends, at home, I strive for comfort, which means tee shirts and sweats and little to no makeup. That’s the best! So yes, I believe in putting yourself first. We deserve it, but sometimes putting yourself first means getting cozy in comfy clothes! ;)

    1. Monica, thank you! Now that’s just beautiful–“…sometimes putting yourself first means getting cozy in comfy clothes.” I love it! The only thing is that in my case, dressing for success means throwing on comfort clothes. This because having a successful day means not being dressed in clothes that pinch, poke, or embed in the skin! ha! :)

  6. I didn’t change out of my exercise clothes (from my morning walk) until almost 5pm today and I often spend the morning writing in my pajamas. That’s the good and the bad about working at home. But I do feel better if I style my hair and put on a little makeup, so I make an effort when I go out to run errands. I wouldn’t want to scare anyone. :)

    1. Shary, you are beautiful! You could never scare anyone! I hear you regarding the dilemma of working at home. We do spend a lot of time in pajamas, don’t we? That’s why I think it’s important to break out of the routine and do some refocusing on us! Not the kids, the dog, the housework, but on us! :)

  7. It’s so funny because I’ve been wondering about the balance between self acceptance on my part and not putting myself high enough on my ever growing to do list. I always feel better when I do put enough thought in my appearance to make myself feel great without worrying about how someone else is going to view me. I love this piece! Thanks so much!

    1. Kathy, I love that you love this piece! Thank you! You are so right–it’s hard to balance self acceptance and prioritizing with our needs. But I think self acceptance also has to do with accepting that we matter; that we are deserving. I’m ready to switch out my mom hat, my pet owner hat, my daughter hat, and my spouse hat for my “me” hat! I want to do things for myself just because. Because we shouldn’t have to justify spending time in improving ourselves. Don’t you think? :)

  8. I like the message that we should invest in ourselves, Bella. I’m not sure why we sometimes let ourselves go. I’m not advocating going around with a make up all day long, but making ourselves pretty and feeling good is certainly a great idea!

    1. Sing it, sister! “Making ourselves pretty and feeling good” is a great idea, lady! We owe it to ourselves to determine exactly what makes us feel good. For you it may be one thing and for me it may be something totally different but the point is, we have to invest time in ourselves in order to determine what it is. Many times, spending all our time taking care of family and pets leaves us drained and spent. As a result, we don’t spend any time on ourselves. I say it’s time we changed that. We too deserve quality time! :)

  9. I love Kim’s idea. I try to look decent most of the time, but that’s relative. To another I am frumpy, I’m sure. I forget lipstick most days mostly bc I have trouble finding a good one. Plus I feel like it comes off too fast.

    1. Jodi, you’re beautiful no matter what! Of course people have different perspectives regarding what we look like but what really matters is what we think. Like Una said, it’s all about the attitude! Sending love your way, lady! :)

  10. While I don’t dress up, and never wear makeup, I do tend to wear what i feel good in. It’s not torn. It’s not pajama pants, unless I’m in bed. It’s clean. It’s not ironed, although I pick the clothes which even without ironing don’t look as if a cow attempted to eat them and then spat them out. The colors may be faded a bit.

    Most of all, what I wear must be comfortable. Including not being too revealing, because I really can’t be bothered to check every five seconds whether my bra straps are showing or something.

    I feel good in it, I don’t look like a hobo, it’s comfortable, and that’s the way I like it. :)

    1. Ivana, I like your style–mainly because I can tell that it really suits your personality. I find this is important. For example, I would never look good in a power suit. ha! I think you make an important point–it’s important to wear what we feel good in. Brilliant! :)

  11. I vacillate on this one, which may or may not have has to do with my level of self-esteem at any given time.

    Most of the time, when I’m leaving my house to go to the market, for example, I’m dressed reasonably in a decent pair of trousers (or nice jeans), and a pretty and comfortable blouse. There will be makeup, too. I never know who I might meet in the produce section. :-)

    When I’m heading to the dump with my trash or I’m just going around the corner to watching “Dancing With the Stars” at a friend’s house, or I’m gathering with my Ya-Yas at one of their homes, more than likely I’m going to be wearing paint-spattered jeans (they’re artsy!), and one of those pretty and comfortable blouses. In these cases, it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not makeup and a bra will be involved.

    Back to the self-esteem. For me, it’s important to be aware of the why behind what I’m putting on. If the why is because I’m in a rush/I’m just going to the dump and will be back home in 5 minutes/my Ya-Yas are all for comfort, bralessness, and naked faces, then so be it. On the other hand, if the why is because “I don’t care,” or “it doesn’t matter,” and a dark cloud is hovering above me in spite of the sun, I need to pay attention to that, and make a point of dressing up a little. That extra effort on my own behalf can raise my spirits in a flash.

    Wonderful topic, miss Bella. Please to post a picture of you in the “groovy” pajama bottoms! :-) xoxo

    1. Ellen, I love that you gussy up “since you never know who you might meet in the produce section.” Ain’t that the truth, lady! Self esteem does play a big role in the way we dress ourselves. I find that women who are a bit depressed, like you mention, can benefit from dressing up a little. It’s the best way to show a little self-love. I’ll have you know that immediately after reading your comment, I grabbed the camera and Roxy and went to work taking photos of the groovy pants! The Son was sweet enough to take one of them, bless his heart! Thanks for the motivation, lady! :) XOXO

  12. Boy, did you hit the nail on the head with this one.

    I don’t have to care about dressing for work every day, because no one sees me. The result? I rotate through the same four pairs of yoga pants that are, oh, five years old and white on the seams. Tops are the same ones I ordered (hate to shop so I do it online) from Victoria’s Secret along with the yoga pants. The fabric now feels a bit brittle and may just give way in while I’m, say, perusing salad dressings in the grocery store.

    Jeans have developed very weak spots around the edges of the pockets and, more critically, right at the bottom of the zipper. Bummer. *Really* hate shopping for jeans.

    Exercise clothes are shorts bought at Target eight years ago, were consigned to the Goodwill bag in trunk of car about four years ago, rode around in car for about a year when I realized that bike shorts had developed a hole. Thought about shorts in car. Pulled them out of bag. Still wearing. No one sees them, so who cares? One pair has a few doodles on it from when I was on the phone and had a pen and no paper, and felt like drawing a tree.

    Gotta say I do make an effort when I’m going to be out in public. I do blow-dry the hair. I do put on some form of makeup. I do have cute tops. Etc.

    But I have decided that appearance is not – any longer – the essence of moi. I’ll leave that to the next generation 8).

    Perfect topic!!

    1. You see, Eloise, I love your conviction that appearance doesn’t make up who you are! I think this is very personal and that we may or may not feel this way at some point in our lives. I can relate to your ten year old clothes, the faded seams, and above all, your dislike for shopping for jeans. That’s the worst! I think when I leave the house in my comfort clothes, I’m convinced I’m just going to walk Roxy and it’s not a big deal. It’s not till I see my reflection in a window that I realize, oh my goodness, did I leave the house wearing this? I think this is what happened when I wrote this post. This realization made me think that maybe it’s time I change things up a little and see what dressing up a little more feels like. Does that make sense? I’m so glad you liked the topic! :)

    2. Completely makes sense. I’m actually thinking along the same lines. I do need a clothes purge; I’m starting to get on my own nerves. 8). But that is the point – I would be doing this for me and *not* for someone else.

    3. Eloise, I need to purge my wardrobe but I’m shaking in my boots at the thought that once I throw out what’s not wearable, I won’t have anything left! hee hee!

    4. Bella, you have inspired me to do something about my trashy seen-by-my-cats-only exercise clothes. Because, they really aren’t seen by just my cats. Done with the exercise bike, I’m liable to go outside and poke around within view of *neighbors*. They don’t need to see me like this. I don’t need for them to see me like this. So yesterday, while at Target, I plunked down $$ for replacements. I’ll now be consigning those shorts to the *trash*.

      Thank you for the inspiration!

    5. Eloise, what fantastic news! Maybe this will inspire you to do a fashion blog post! Now that would be fantastic! I’m glad the ratty shorts have made their way to the trash bin and that you’ll be wearing new duds! Sigh. I live vicariously through you, sister! :)

  13. Good Morning Bella World!

    You’re absolutely right about the fact that we feel good when we look good.

    I’m going to be 50 this year, and while it hasn’t effected me mentally, (yet), my body tells me otherwise, so, I for one won’t go out of the house without at least a light touch of make-up, and a few little bracelets, and always a lightly scented lotion. It gives me a light, fun, peppy look and feeling, and I notice people smile more and sometimes even strike up a small conversation.

    My motto – Brighten up our otherwise sometimes dark and depressing world, one fun, bright, happy outfit at a time. 💃

    1. Jenny, I love your motto! I love it! And once I get over my fear of dressing in bright colors, I shall try it! I’m glad you agree that looking good does make us feel better. I think it serves to raise our self confidence and our self esteem. Suddenly, we’re ready to conquer the world and look at people in the eye! ha! I look forward to turning 50. They say it’s the best time of a woman’s life. I can’t wait! :)

  14. Love this one, Bella! You’re talking to the girl that was voted “Best Dressed” in my senior class (36 years ago)! And when I worked outside the home for almost 30 years I always dressed professional. I only wore jeans or sweat pants at night or on weekends, sometimes! But as I get older and now work from home I’ve pretty much taken on the attitude that I don’t give a crap! I think after all those years of dressing up, wearing a bra and heels, it became a dream to be able to wear sweats all day, flip flops or slippers, and no bra. Here are my new priorities in clothing – it must be cute and comfortable or I don’t buy it. I’ve been known to wear some really cute sweats and a t-shirt to bed, roll out of bed the next morning without changing a thing, and go to Wal-Mart. I do wash my face and put on my minimal tinted moisturizer and lip gloss, brush my hair (which I keep very short for this reason), put on some earrings, maybe throw on a cute scarf and out the door I go. My husband will even say, “You’re not going out like that are you? Didn’t you sleep in that?” I’ll say, “Yea, but I’m just going to Wal-Mart and the post office. I still look cuter than all those others at Wal-Mart”. Now, I have to say, that if I’m going out to dinner, or maybe the mall, or church, I have dressier clothes and slap on a little more make-up, but comfort is still a priority! My “CUTE and COMFY” style is one I’ve worked hard to develop over the last 5 or so years. It can be done! Hey, there’s a new blog post idea for my website – How You Too Can Get That Cute and Comfy Fashion Look! Look for it!

    1. Nina, I love your new blog post idea! I shall surely stay tuned! I think a lot of us could benefits in identifying how to dress comfy and cute. It sounds like a trend I’d totally be into! hee hee! I had to chuckle at you rolling out of the house in what you wore to bed the night before. Now that’s what I call being practical! I think I shall try it! And for the record, I had no trouble seeing you as “best dressed” girl in school! :)

  15. You’re so funny Bella!!
    I really don’t care about looking nice, and what clothes I put on. I need to be comfortable, clean, and decent. The more I hide, the better I feel!
    I’m always in pajamas at home, jogging suit, in the week end, jeans and shirt for work!

    1. Nikky, thank you for your sweet compliment! You make a good point–clothes help us hide as well. I know that when I’m not feeling well I like wearing oversized clothes that bundle me up when I sit or lay down. And black seems to be the go to color when I don’t want to draw any attention. So yes, you’re right–clothes also serve that purpose. Nevertheless, they also make us feel vibrant, alive, beautiful! I think it would be wonderful if you tried wearing something different, just to see how it makes you feel! :)

  16. When I’m done laughing, I’ll answer you (smile). It’s funny because I was JUST thinking about this yesterday and wondering if I needed a wardrobe intervention. I’ve gotten SO lazy in my attire and while I dress to go out in public (grocery, bank, etc) I am really bad everywhere else. I know I can toss away some horror pants and evil tops, even without groovy written on them. I have NO idea how or why I let myself go like this. Well, I suspect I know why. I just need to go thru my closet right now while I’m in the mood to toss! Great post. You know it is bad if your furry friend wears better clothes than you do (and me)!!

    1. Oh my gosh, Nan, you’re right! Little Roxy does dress better than me! Yikes! That furry friend of ours is a little clothes horse so I don’t think how her mama can’t be the same! I think it’s because Roxy looks good in anything! hee hee! That said, I think I’ve been telling myself the same thing for too long–I look good in anything. Well, that wasn’t the impression I got when I got a look at myself in the shop window. I was like, WTF? bwhahaha! Really, we have to do a serious wardrobe intervention, STAT! ha! :)

    1. Bella and Didi, I love how your so accepting of yourselves. It says so much about your self confidence! You never fail to impress me, ladies! :)

  17. I love Son’s comment, “I’m sixty seconds away from gnawing on the legs of the dining room table!” Sounds just like a starving young man that age — no drama, as with girls; just the facts!
    I’m a firm believer in looking good to feel good. I know I tend to judge by outward appearances (forgive me, it’s true!), so I suspect others do it as well. Yes, even to walk my Sheltie, I put on decent, clean clothes (not that it’s a styleshow, but hey, you never know when you’ll get carted off to the hospital, and I wouldn’t want to embarrass my sweet mama!)
    Bella, I’ve never been one to face my day in jammies or sans makeup. It’s just not me! If that makes you feel good, I say, Go for it! But every once in a while, put on something special — just for you and Miss Roxy — and see how much better you feel!

    1. Debbie, right on, sister! This is exactly what I’m exploring–the chance to do something different in order to see how it makes me feel. I had to laugh at your “you never know when you’ll get carted off to the hospital” comment. My nana used to say, “Wear new clean underwear always. You never know when you might have an accident and ambulance workers will get a look at your underpants!” ha! I think the face that you dress up and don your make up is part of who you are. And I love it. I love when certain things make us, well, us. I’m ready for a new me. I’m tired of getting by on groovy pants. I want to turn a new leaf and wear big girl pants now! hee hee! :)

  18. I’m reclining on the sofa in a bathrobe – who am I to throw stones? Would I go to the store like this – no. But I will at least put on a little lipstick if I go out. I say stick to what feels good and invest in some nice pj’s that make you feel like a million bucks. Thenyou can have the best of both worlds.

    1. Renee, funny that you mention that because the Daughter got me some fabulous pj pants made of modal that actually look like silk slacks! ha! I think I’m going to have to dig those up and throw them on tomorrow! :)

  19. :) Thanks for the laugh, Sister. Bella, with your cute Shirley Temple ringlets, I bet you look adorable in whatever you wear and aren’t giving yourself enough credit. When I’m in the US I dress like a total slob, but in Italy before going out–even for a trash run– I get all dressed up. Bizarre.

    1. Jann, love, that’s why the call the cultural divide! ha! You had me chuckling heartily at this comment of yours! Thank you for your beautiful words. I hope you’re right. The Significant Other said, “You’re just having a pity party cause your hot. An ugly woman would not address such a subject.” bwhahaha! What does he know, right? But seriously, with fashion being as important as it is in Italy, I can totally see you getting dressed up to take out the trash. Now if only we could assume the same mentality when we’re stateside! :)

  20. love that you write that we need to take some time to ourselves, and take care of ourselves!. I dress up everyday, not only because I’m an office worker, but because it’s part of my self-discipline to look better and feel better!
    But I also wear yoga pants if necessary!, and groovy pants!
    besos & muchas risas

    1. Mrs. Allnut, but then you are blessed with looking so fabulous no matter what you wear! See, if I had your clothes, I would dress up every day! hee hee! I love yoga pants and wear them even though it’s been more than six years since I last did yoga! ha! Besos y risas, amiga! :)

    1. My mother used to take a bath and put on fresh make-up and a dress every afternoon before my father came home from work. I don’t go that far, but I still think it is a sign of respect to my husband to look nice for him. I look nice for everyone else, why not the most important person in my life?

    2. Lady, my sister still does that and thinks the same way. I tell her that she should do it for herself and not for her husband. But I admit I see your point. After all, we can’t exercise a double standard, can we? I say this because when we go out, I lay out the clothes I want the Significant Other to wear. (The man can’t dress himself to save his life.) In other words, I want to be seen in public with a man who is suitably attired. Ergo, it’s only fair I look just as nice for him, right? So yes, I see your point! :)

    3. Oh my goodness, lady, tell me about it. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! I wonder how these fashion divas do it. I mean, is this a virtue you’re born with or a special talent? For me, it may as well be a super power–one that I don’t possess. I wish I could go on one of those fashion make over shows and let the experts do me over! hee hee! :)

    4. Actually, my co-worker went out shopping with our paper’s fashion correspondent for an upcoming story about fashion makeovers. I was so jealous! She got all kinds of tips that I can’t use since she is petite and I am tall, she is dark and I am fair etc. Blaa… She emailed the fashion reporter about the idea for the story in the first place. You should try to do that!

    5. Now what didn’t I think of that! Vogue Italia recently did a shoot with curvy ladies. I should have been included in that spread! hee hee! Seriously though, it bears some consideration. I wonder if we get free clothes as well! Sign us up, woman! :)

  21. I live in a small town, I teach and know a lot of people through my own famiy life and so….I try to look decent whenever I go out. I never go out in sweats or ratty clothes. If I did, that would be the day I run into every single person I know. I am not a fashionista by any means, but I always at least look put together.

    1. Michael Ann, you’re right. It’s like Murphy’s Law, isn’t it? The one day you don’t dress well, that’s when you encounter half the town. I understand where you’re coming from. Lucky for me I don’t give a hoot! My current evaluation is based on if the change will benefit the way I feel, not what those I encounter think. In any case, I don’t think we have to be fashionistas to look good. Something tells me we’ve got this covered! :)

  22. Bella I totally agree with you. At one time I had completely stopped caring about the way I looked till I realized I was doing that because somewhere inside I felt that way…not good. Today despite all the running around for my teenage son, my beagle pup, the household chores I still make it a point to look good and dress well. It makes a lot of difference. Great post as always.

    1. Rimly, thank you for your kind words! It’s good to hear that your dressing better makes you feel better. I truly believe it gives us an air of confidence to be dressed nicely. It’s not that all of our self esteem is wrapped up in our outer wear, but more like the outer wear serves to improve our self confidence on some level. And I dare say our loved ones like to see us looking sharp! :)

  23. I do like to look nice. Clean. Neat. But a fashionista, I’m not. And I do think it has something to do with age. And realizing that a clean face and hair and neat clothes are really all that matter. I once heard a comedian say that his father had been rolling along happily on the ‘fashion train’, and then one day, just decided to jump off. That’s me. I’ve jumped . . .

    1. Oh, Diane, I jumped off the fashion train ages ago! If I recall correctly, I made the jump back in college! hee hee! I really want to embrace the fact that age provides us with the maturity to understand that it’s better to wear joy than expensive labels. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t opt to look nice every now and then, right? :)

  24. It is SO important to put yourself first! I love wearing dresses, I feel my best in them. And strange as it seems, I hate when people say “you look dressed up today” just because I’m wearing a dress.

    And Bella, I always think you look groovy :).

    1. Rachel, you are just to sweet, lady! Thank you for your kind words. I love dresses too. I find myself wearing sundress when I go to Spain in the summer. With the horrible heat, I find it’s the best way to stay cool! :)

    2. Rachel, my curly mop of hair would not approve such humidity! hee hee! My niece recently moved to Minnesota! I’ll have to ask her how her hair is holding up since she’s a curly top too! :)

    3. Bella, my hair has no clue what it’s doing! It’s “Swedish, Danish, German, French, British Isles, Irish, Cherokee, and who knows what else” hair has no idea how to deal with it! But it’s a pretty great place to live, haha!

    4. bwhahaha! Rachel, you crack me up! I’ve visited Minneapolis and found it to be a very cosmopolitan city but it was in the summer and the weather was just stuffy. I’ll be sure to pass your comment along to my niece. I’m sure it will make her chuckle too! :)

    1. Toemail, by all means, knock yourself out! Roxy and I would love to show off our toes on your blog! hee hee! As for the destination, I’m afraid I can only say, “Somewhere in Europe.” Anonymity is part of my mystique, you see! :) Please let me know if you decide to use the shot anyway! :)

  25. Your significant other trying to slice through a frozen pound cake cracked me up!
    I spend most days in my uniform of jeans and a shirt but unfortunately have a pile of clothes hanging in my closet for my fantasy self. I will get an urge to reinvent myself or to finally dress more like a grown up , buy something that I think will transform me and then it mocks me from the back of the closet as I once again reach for my safe inconspicuous uniform once again.

    1. Don’t I know the feeling your alluding to! I think we all have that “go to” outfit that makes us feel comfortable and safe. There are times I really do have to dress up and I can’t wait to get home so I can change back into my comfort clothes. This seems to indicate I’ve been wearing pajama pants for too long! :)

  26. I need to see those pants in color, Bella. And you already know what I’m going to say! It’s important for me to look nice. I love dressing up and putting makeup on, but I don’t do it all the time, everyday. I’m a lazy personal style blogger. (notice, I didn’t say fashion?) I’m just as content in my jammies and my big poofy hair as I am dolled up!

    1. Laura, they call that being self confident and self assured! Good for you, sweets! Although, easy for you to see when you always look so fabulous! :) I will post the color photo on Twitter and send you a message when I do. Deal? And for the record, I think you’re both a personal style AND fashion blogger. I live vicariously through you! :)

  27. Bella, I want it both ways. I want to schlep around in comfy crap while getting my kid chores done and then I want to be able to transform into the lady-version of myself when the need arises. I do not think I am capable of looking put together as a general rule. And the older I get, the more I accept that. Also, I LOVE these photos, girl.

    P.S. thank you for the birthday wishes, friend! I had a great day. :)

    1. Heidi, I’m so glad you enjoyed your day, lady! Good for you! And I hear you and second you in regard to wanting it both ways. You, my friend, can pull off both the comfy and the elegant look! My self proclaimed amateur photograph heart flutters at your praise! Thank you! Here’s to accepting and embracing the way we look pulled together or not! :)

    1. Toemailer, thank you for having me! I’m honored and Roxy’s delighted to be a guest star at your blog! hee hee! Oh, and double thanks for sustaining the mystique! :)

  28. H I L A RIOUS!! I struggle with this one cuz my human interaction during the day consists of a wave to the mailman. Maybe a trip to the gym or grocery store. Kitties love my hot pink bathrobe – all the better to knead their claws into it while I work. SO! I need to heed this call. Must Step It Up! Must Find My Jeans! Must Dry My Hair! Must Remember To Tilt the Blinds on PJ Relapse Day! Voyeurs not welcome.

    1. Oh my goodness, lady, I read your words and I feel like I’m reading an episode of my life! I think we may even have the same hot pink robe! hee hee! I live in a walk up so I can only wave to the birds that perch outside of my window. Lord, I need to get a life! And update my wardrobe! :)

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