Shonda Rhimes, how could you?

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet seen the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, you might want to wait till you do before reading this post.
I’m not one to watch a lot of television.

Yet there are a couple of shows I’m committed to.

One of these is Grey’s Anatomy.

Because of the time difference, I have to catch my favorite shows on iTunes.

This usually means I see them a day later.

Most of the time this isn’t a big deal, but today was different.

After having watched last week’s episode, I already knew one of the characters would die.

The fact that everyone in my family had already watched the show made me wary.

Fearing one of them would call and spoil it for me, I woke up early this morning, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat down to see who Shonda had decided to kill off.

I already suspected who it might be, but in my heart I hoped I was wrong.

As the show enfolded, I was immediately sucked into the drama.

It was as if I too were a passenger on the plane.

In surreal fashion, I walked around the crash site searching for Derek.

I screamed when I saw the protruding bone in Arizona’s leg.

My arm literally jerked when Mark popped Christina’s shoulder back into place.

Yet this was nothing compared to the pain I felt when Lexie died.

Alone in my house, with Roxy on my lap, I cried.

No, I sobbed.

I couldn’t believe this beloved character had been killed off in the first fifteen minutes of the show.

Or that Meredith hadn’t been given the opportunity to say goodbye to her sister.

Echoes of “Shonda, I hate you!” reverberated through the house.

In just two minutes, I had entered stage two of the grieving process: anger.

I paused the show and stomped around the living room.

I asked Roxy why it couldn’t have been Kepner, Teddy, or Adele.

I mean, it wasn’t like any of these characters had a story line worth pursuing.

Roxy stared at me as I continued to wail.

I felt cheated.

The fairy tale ending of “they lived happily ever after” was no more.

McSteamy would not marry the beautiful Lexie.

They would not have beautiful babies and live in a beautiful house with two dogs, a gold fish, and a cat.

The fairy tale had come to an end.

The ringing of the phone brought me out of my reverie.

I bleakly said hello into the receiver.

“Did you see it? Did you see what the stupid Shonda woman did? I hate her! I hate her!”

The Niece was on the other end and she sounded as indignant as I felt.

“How could she do this? You’re a writer. Help me understand! Why would she kill Lexie off and not drag out the scene with her and Mark? I insist you write that woman a letter of complaint and tell her she sucks! Tell her she sucks!”

“Yeah, but…”

“I say we boycott the show. Let’s start a petition and recruit people so they don’t watch the show anymore.”

“I hardly…”

“What was she thinking? Was this woman off her meds when she wrote this episode? Pathetic. That’s what she is. Absolutely pathetic.”

“I know but…”

“I say we write her and ask, no, demand, she bring Lexie back like Lazarus. You know, like this was all a dream; like it never really happened.”

“I think that…”

“No, really. That would be a great way to begin the new season. She could title the episode, ‘I’m bringing Lexie back.’ Get it?”

“I don’t…”

“Write a blog post or something. Recruit your readers to join us. Get them to write on those forum things you people write on. We need all the help we can get.”

“I want…”

“I have to go. I’m late for work and I still have to figure out how to depuff my eyes. I cried so much last night, I look like puffer fish.”

“Cucumber slices. Try cucumber.”

“Thanks, Auntie B. Great talking to you! Talk to your writer friends!”

As I hung up the phone, I smiled as I realized that without having been able to get a word in, the Niece and I had grieved together.

Fully entrenched in the anger stage, we had vented our disbelief and confusion at the actions of Shonda Rhimes.

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy also served to remind me of how important the characters of a story really are; of how readers and viewers bond with characters in such a way, that when one dies, it’s like a real friend has passed away.

We cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, and celebrate their triumphs.

We cheer them on, encourage them to make decisions, and hurt when something bad happens to them.

Today, I am devastated.

And angry.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why Shonda decided this was the best course of action.

Color me sad, disappointed, betrayed.

I think it will be a while before I’m able to move on to the next stage of grief.

And truthfully, I may never be able to forgive Shonda Rhimes.

Were you disappointed that Lexy died?


54 thoughts on “Shonda Rhimes, how could you?

    1. Lorna, but at least when George died, Rhimes was forced to kill him off. After all, George no longer wanted to be part of the cast, but with Lexie it’s different. Poor girl. I’m still blue. :(

    2. I missed the background on it. Like you, a friend was ahead of me in the series, and didn’t say anything til I watched it. Dude got run over by a bus. Guess I should catch up post-George! I watch bits and pieces but not in order.

    3. Lady, I think you would like the twists and turns the series has taken. Until now, that is! Bur really, it’s worth the watch! :)

  1. I’m not a follower, but I can understand that you’ve cried a lot and then you’ve got to get angry!, because I also do all that crazy things!, yes, I cry, get angry and feel shocked when a character dies (I’ve remembered many tears when Buffy’s mom passed away!!)
    and it’s lovely reading your words about it!, your Niece is also a lovely lady, no matter her puffed up eyes, poor girl!

    1. Mrs. Allnut, I’m glad you can relate. I remember Buffy’s saga! Ah, now I’m sad about that too! ha! I shall read your comment to the Niece. I think it will make her smile! Besos, lovely lady! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Bella. It’s a good thing I don’t watch this show because I couldn’t deal with any more emotion in my life! I hope you soon feel better!

    1. Jann, your comments have the tendency of making me smile no matter what! Grazie! Your support is much appreciated, friend! :)

  3. I had a feeling it would have been Lexie yet still I was mortified, livid when it actually happened because I’ve been rooting for her for so long. Your niece echoed my reaction almost verbatim. I’d be happy to cosign that letter of complaint.

    1. Lady, I’m with you one hundred percent–and I’m also mortified. And livid. Just when she was getting her life together…Poor Lexie! I’ll keep you posted on the complaint letter! hee hee! :)

  4. I don’t even know who Shonda Rhimes is, much less Lexie, but you made me want to smack on Shonda! Grrrr. I think the last time I got that upset with a character dying off was when they killed off Col. Blake on M*A*S*H in the 70’s!

    1. Nan, it matters not that you don’t know who Shonda is because what’s important is that you’re familiar with that feeling of anger and disappointment when they kill off a character. I think it’s simply tragic! Thank you for sharing in our angst! :)

  5. Not only am I disappointed Lexy died, I’m disappointed Owen didn’t. Well, I don’t really want him to die, but he could be gone. I wouldn’t miss him one bit.

    1. Sing it, sister! I’m horribly disappointed in Owen. He better thank his lucky stars he’s so hot or I’d want him gone too! hee hee! Although, I have to admit I’d miss his gorgeous red hair terribly. But I still can’t forgive him for being a cheater! Shame on him! :)

  6. I stopped watching a couple seasons ago, because I realized that I cried after EVERY show. Why would I continue to this to myself?

    But I agree with you: I’m shocked that Lexi would be killed off. Who didn’t love Lexi?!

    1. Jennifer, the Daughter tells me she still cries after every show. However, I think she’s a bit of a masochist so she keeps watching. Who didn’t love Lexie with her smiling eyes and beautiful smile? I’m going to miss her terribly!

  7. I was hoping it would be Arizona. I was shocked when she just died without a goodbye from her sister. And when Mark was discovered with his condition, I almost choked my GF inadvertently, I was that tense.

    Boo on Shonda!

    1. I’ve always thought of Arizona as a big whiner. I’m not a fan. Now that you mention it, she would have been a better character to kill off! When Christina realized something was wrong with Mark, my heart stopped beating! One thing is to lose Lexie, lovely girl, but to lose McSteamy? I don’t think so! Boo on Shonda indeed! :)

  8. I’ve kept watching, even tho I have to agree w/ LKD about George – you take a pivotal character, and you knock him off?! So that should have been my foreshadowing that ‘this is how Shonda rolls’. Some people have survived but exited in ways I still can’t comprehend – Izzy Stevens -why wasn’t she allowed to go off into the sunset w/ Karev -she who had transformed him out of the mindset of the white trash kid?! I’m thinking that maybe Arizona is so physically damaged now, Karev will have to say no to Hopkins and take over Peds … remains to be seen. My thoughts on how this should have run: Put Teddy in the plane, knock her off, and then put Christina Yang in her place as head of cardio – only a job that big would have kept her in Seattle…Christina said some very excellent words about her PTSD and all she’s suffered thru @ Seattle Grace, which are mirrored in the show’s watchers… and that they’ve killed Lexie, when she had the love of her life who finally recognized that AND a sister she had made peace w/ and that loved her?!! Is Mark going to die, too, so that they ‘die together’ – and what about his bff, Derick? Will he be able to operate now?! AND WHEN WILL THEY BE RESCUED AND SEATTLE GRACE ALERTED TO THEIR LATEST TRAGEDY?!

    1. Hi Jeanne! Again, I have to say that in both the cases of George and Izzy, they wanted off the show; Shonda was forced to write them off. But sadly, this wasn’t the case of Lexie. I love how you’ve resolved the crisis that are sure to surface after this accident! Alex could very well stay to fill in for Arizona and now that Teddy’s gone, Christina will more than likely take over her job and patch things up with Owen. I say, if they were going to get rid of Teddy anyway, why not kill her character off? Why Lexie? I feel your pain, lady. I do! I do! I hope they’re rescued before they die of exposure, sepsis, and starvation! And seriously, why didn’t anyone but Alex think to call? :)

  9. –Bella,
    can you believe I have not watched “Greys” in 2 years, yet I watched last night and cried my eyes out. Damn it.

    That was SOOOooooo sad. It really hit home..

    Love to You and Rox. Xx

    1. Kim, I can imagine how said it must have been for you to watch it! I’m sorry! I’m loyal to this show and I admit that while I’m not much of a crier, some of the episodes in this series really make me sob. I’m glad we can be sad together. Love to you from Roxy and me! :)

  10. I don’t follow this one, Bella, but I can appreciate your outrage! Of course, your niece’s suggestion of saying Lexie’s death was all a dream has been done before — Dallas, for sure, and lots of soaps. People get irate over that, too. Generally, there’s a reason for killing off a character, but as readers/viewers, we always hope the writer doesn’t kill off our favorite ones!

    1. Debbie, and while we hope, sometimes that’s exactly what happens! Sigh. Thank you for the support, lady. I’m crossing my fingers that you and my niece are right and that this will indeed be a bad dream! :)

  11. Bella, when I read the first part of your post, I immediately bookmarked it, then found the episode online (I was going to watch it anyway, even though I’ve only see two or three episodes this entire season), and watched it.

    The entire episode was so shocking and upsetting to me, and served as a reminder why I can’t watch the show anymore: it’s too graphic, and it upsets me too much. I cried when Lexy died, prayed Derek was okay, covered my eyes in order not to see the gore, prayed they’d be found … I used to love the show and everything it entailed (along with Private Practice), but literally can’t abide by it now. I can’t even watch Castle anymore because of the violence/gore.

    That said, I give Shonda Rhimes and the show’s writers great credit for creating a show about which we can have such strong feelings. Big kudos, too, for the actors who bring the story to life. I still have the hots for McDreamy. ;-)

    Give me Glee, Smash, Dancing With the Stars, The Sing-Off, and Who Do You Think You Are? please. :-) xoxo

    1. Ellen, I have the hots for McDreamy and McSteamy! hee hee! I’m glad you watched the episode but I am sorry it upset you. Tis true, my friend–sometimes these shows can be extremely graphic. In this case, the blood and injuries looked so real! You mentioned Castle and I swooned! Now there’s a chunky hottie! I love Dancing With the Stars! :)

    1. Annie, the plot of this show really sucks you in. Most of the cases are believable and the ones that aren’t, are so well acted you can’t help but believe. We do need more loved characters! Absolutely! That’s why I’m so frustrated Rhimes would kill off someone like Lexie! :)

  12. As I haven’t watched this show in years, I’m not even sure who Lexy or Derek is. I’m bad with names, anyway, so if they were on during the first two seasons, then I don’t recall. I think the show went south for me with that annoying character, Izzie, played by Katherine Heigl. In any case, I’m sorry your so sad about it. I’m still reeling from who shot JR days. I haven’t gotten over that. ;)

    1. Monica, you didn’t like Izzie? I liked her character even though I’m not crazy about Katherine Heigl. Wow, it has been a while since you stopped watching! hee hee! But I have a question. Who is JR?

    2. OMG, I’m dating myself again! You don’t know JR? LOL! Ever hear of a show called “Dallas”? JR was a conniving, backstabbing businessman, head of the oil company owned by his family, the Ewings. He was evil incarnate and I do believe it was this series that invented the cliffhanger season finale concept. He was shot in the last episode and the entire country spent the summer wondering who shot JR. This was before DVR’s and VHS recording, and the show aired on a Friday night. I happened to be at a work-related party the night that the shooter was to be revealed.Well, the party came to a halt so we could all watch. The series is being revived a with a whole new cast, but the actor that played JR will be back.

    3. Monica, if I recall correctly, I vaguely remember my mom watching a show called Dallas. I’m still drawing a blank regarding JR but it appears that even then, they knew how to work a cliffhanger! Oh wait, you say they invented the cliffhanger! hee hee! I’m going to have to google one of these old episodes and see JR’s shenanigans myself! :)

    4. Monica, I’m on it, though I can’t promise to watch unless there’s some kind of eye candy on this show! hee hee! Thanks for the Wiki link! You’re a doll! :)

  13. People still watch that show? Kidding. I haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy since I was pregnant with my first child, so other than Meredith and McSteamy, I have no idea who the characters you mention are. But I can definitely relate to feeling as though a good friend has died when a character does, whether that character’s on TV or in a book. It sucks!

    1. Laura, it does suck when a beloved character dies, right? I think it’s the way they killed this character off. She was gone in the first fifteen minutes of the show, there wasn’t much emotion from the other characters, or at least, any that wasn’t really tangible, and it just seemed like the writer was in a hurry to do away with her. Not fair at all! :)

  14. I have never watched this program, so I know nothing about it, but I understand your frustration. I sometimes get really upset when things in a program don’t turn the way i want them to!

  15. Oh, no, I haven’t watched Season 8 yet I couldn’t help reading your post. Can’t understand why they’d kill Lexie off, though when my sister told me they’d be killing a character off, she and Kepner were on my guess-list. Oh no, poor Meredith and Mark!

    1. Claudine, did I spoil this for you? I’m sorry! I really wish it had been Kepner! I mean, the poor girl’s failed her boards, she regrets having lost her virginity to the hotness that is Jackson (is she crazy?) and is convinced she failed Jesus. Really, is life worth living after all that? :)

  16. Apparently I live under a rock. I need to start *watching* Grey’s Anatomy. (Bella, what else do you watch? You’re smart and have good taste. Tell me what else to watch and I will cease to wince as I scroll through the channel list. So much bad TV out there.)

    But you’re right. Good characters live on in you. I have pieces of Dickens’ characters embedded in my soul. Good characters strengthen you and contribute to your own good character. I remember reading Black Beauty, and how that shaped my view of animals and their ability to love unconditionally. We live largely by example, and characters provide examples, both good and bad.

    Note to self – record Grey’s Anatomy…. 8)

    1. Eloise, I am honored that you would consult my tv viewing choices! You sure know how to make a woman feel good, lady! I would definitely recommend “Scandal.” It’s also written by Shonda Rhimes but I really think you would like the storyline. Also, “Castle,” “Grimm,” and “Nikita.” That last one because we need female heroines who can kick ass! ha! I don’t know if you have Netflix or if you can see these online. Let me know what you think, lady! Oh, by the way, I loved your line “I have pieces of Dickens’ characters embedded in my soul.” You realize that this is a blog post, don’t you? Come on, girl! Your readers want to know how and why! I have pieces of Jane Austen’s characters embedded in mine! Oh, Mr. Darcy, I do love you! :)

  17. I am still in shock, or more like in denial at this point. I’ve honestly lost interest in the show after this season finale. Shonda really screwed us over with this one. What I do not understand is how co-wokers, wives, husbands, and friends could be gone a whole day and no one has heard anything about them yet no one cared to call the receiving hospital to see if they made it okay. I mean, I call my mom, sister, cousin whoever if I know they are going somewhere far or even to the house and I tell them call or text me when you get there to make sure you are safe…and no one cared. They were two hours late to dinner and no one cared or even had the idea of calling the other hospital to see if everything was alright. That doesn’t seem too realistic to me. Who does that?!

    1. BCat, you made it! It was great to read your reaction to this show’s season finale. I too was disappointed and wondered why no one but Karev was making a call. It really is unbelievable! Yet another reason that this episode was a big FAIL! :)

  18. I don’t follow Grey’s, but I do know what it’s like to experience the whiplash of losing a beloved character. On the one hand I’m horrified that the writer / author had the nerve, but on the other hand I have to admire someone who can create a character to whom I feel such a real attachment that when they’re gone it is painful. My hat is off to a writer that can bring tears to my eyes…. even as I’m cursing them for making my face blotchy.

    1. Eden, well since you put it that way…ha! You’re so wise and brilliant, lady! You are right–any writer who brings us to tears deserves our admiration. I just thought Shonda made Lexie’s demise too short lived. She was killed in the first 15 minutes without nary a reference for the rest of the episode. I think a character like that deserved a little more respect and closure. Thanks for adding to the mix, amiga! :)

  19. Okay, writer speaking here.
    The fact that we are so connected to these characters and the fact that the show has held on is because of great writing. And great acting. I just wanted to get that out there.
    So, Shonda, you’re a great writer.
    Now we can get to important part . . . BUT WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT!!!?

    1. Diane, thanks for feeling my pain! I agree–Shonda is an excellent writer and the actors are simply superb. Perhaps this is why it hurts so much when one of them meets an early demise. But really, Diane, why did she do that? Sobs back! ha! :)

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