It’s Roxy’s birthday!

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Today little Roxy turns three.

That’s 21 in doggie years, folks.

This makes me wonder what privileges she’s entitled to in the animal world.

Not that it matters much considering our little Miss lives a very sheltered life.

This morning she asserted her independence by refusing to put on her party hat.

It wasn’t until I threatened that we wouldn’t go to Talamini, the Italian ice cream parlor, that she finally relented.

Here she is all gussied up and ready to hit the town tonight.

Nan and Lori, this one’s for you!

Now the only thing she has to decide is whether she wants vanilla or strawberry!

106 thoughts on “It’s Roxy’s birthday!

  1. OMG! She is such a love! I’m laughing, so hard. I wish I could read her mind. Your pics are amazing. Have you heard of the “snuggy”, the blanket that can be worn? Well, they make them for dogs. Oliver didn’t really like wearing it though ;)

    1. Patrice, it’s funny you mention the snuggy because last week the Significant Other showed me a video that advertised it! I love it! I think Roxy would love wearing it. She loves everything warm and snuggly! :)

    2. Patrice, poor Oliver! I didn’t realize it dragged to the floor. I thought it was more like a fitted little overcoat! Oh no! We may have to rethink the Snuggie! :)

    1. Kim, you would not believe what a hit this video was with Roxy! The minute she heard it, she sat up, and started barking along! It was the cutest thing to see! Thank you for this! You’ve made us both smile! We love you! :)

    1. Lady, thank you! Would you believe the Son and I put that little hat together this morning? hee hee! He thought it was funny that Roxy had “cat stickers.” ha! :)

  2. A beflowered choker is the HEIGHT of style, my girl. Wear it with the pride and dignity of a girl who has dealt with shame (public humiliation of being declothed) and adversity (distractible mommy), yet come out the classier, empathetic lady for it. Yay Roxy! Also, hats are overrated, so it’s okay to chew it at the end of the day.

    1. Lori, both Roxy and I giggle like crazy over your comment! You are a master of prose, woman! And of course you’re right–hats are overrated! hee hee! :)

    1. Mrs. Allnut, muchas gracias! Roxy esta encantada con su lindo comentario! She even asked me to reply to you in Spanish! hee hee! Besos! :)

    1. Paz, the restriction on treats has been lifted for today. Consider your petition granted! Thank you for the birthday wishes, friend! :)

  3. OH MY GOSH THAT LOOK ON HER FACE underneath her party hat – so not happy!!! Don’t you love how they can express themselves that way?? So what color is her dress?? I adore her necklace, too. Give her a big SMACKING kiss from me and sing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    1. Nan, she struggled to not wear the hat! But in the end, the mention of “no ice cream at Talamini tonight,” won her over. hee hee! Her dress is—wait for it…pink! ha! Little Roxy has been given a kiss from you and would you believe we’ve been singing “Happy Birthday” all day long? hee hee! :)

  4. Happy B-day, Miss Roxie! Remember — just because you’re a grown-up lady now, it doesn’t excuse you from having to wear the party hat. Wear it and be wonderful!!

    1. Debbie, I love your no-nonsense reasoning! You must be a great mom! hee hee! Roxy obliged and was treated to ice cream! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Roxie from Annie and Rupert (my little guy.) I think they’d make quite a cute pair but Rup is 14…deaf, one tooth, but what a guy! Go cougar Roxie…stay away from the old dogs who don’t even know they’re drooling.

    1. Annie, you have made Roxy and me laugh like crazy! I think Rupert, one tooth and all, must be quite debonair! And wordly! Sometimes that’s more important than youth and teeth! hee hee! :)

    1. Lola, little Roxy agrees with you. The minute we took the picture, she knocked off her hat and pawed at it. I think this was her way of telling me she’s not a hat person! hee hee! XOXO :)

    1. Heidi, so glad to have tickled your funny bone! The Son and I made the hat ourselves. Notice the fantastic art work on the polka dots! hee hee! :)

    1. Arindam, thank you! Roxy had a great day, talking long walks, and after dinner, we went out for ice cream! :)

  6. Happy birthday, my dear Roxy. Need I tell you how cute you look in that outfit. I wish I could fly across the miles to be with you. Perhaps you’d share some ice-cream with me if I did! Love and licks …

    1. Pablo, Roxy would surely share her ice cream with you! I wish you lived close! Roxy would go on long walks and chase squirrels with you! We’re both so happy to see you! Roxy sends love and licks back! :)

    1. Sanchari, that’s right! Our little Miss and you are the same age! hee hee! Roxy loved both the vanilla and the strawberry! She just loves anything sweet! :)

    1. Wear those small earbud headphones and play the music really loud your next visit to the dentist. I white knuckle all my appointments but the music helps take the edge off.

    2. Una, my dentist is a sourpuss and I don’t know if he’ll allow the earbuds, but I’ll give it a go! My next appointment is in September. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the suggestion, friend! :)

    3. Una, at the time she was wearing the hat, I don’t think anything would have made her happy. Unless it was taking off the hat! hee hee!

  7. Roxy, Baby, happy birthday! And, may I say, you look ravishing in your party dress. Cute as a button. My birthday was last week and now I’m 5. Maybe next year we can celebrate together?

    You like Hello, Kitty? Cook is rather fond of Hello Kitty, too.

    1. Sir Henry, I’m just now getting around to replying some comments. I’m sorry for the delay! Roxy is pleased as punch that you think she’s cute. She thinks you are very brave, intelligent, and charming. Congratulations on your birthday as well! It would be a treat for us to celebrate with you next year! Roxy’s fond of Hello Kitty but I think I’m fonder! hee hee! :)

  8. Happy birthday, miss Roxy! :-)

    A delightful post for your sweet miss, Bella. Loving the birthday girl outfit, and I hope she had strawberry ice cream, since strawberries are in season. :-) xoxo

    1. Ellen, I’m so happy you liked the post! Don’t you wish they had these little outfits in our size? hee hee! Roxy loves all flavors of ice cream but as you know, she can’t have chocolate. Which is a shame since I had it and it was delish! XOXO Hugs for you, lady! :)

    1. Irene, please thank Dave and Blaine from Roxy and me! We are so delighted to read your thoughtful birthday message! Thank you! Hugs and kisses for all of you! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Roxy! I think she should go with vanilla. We always give our dogs ice cream for their b-day too! And Buck hates his birthday hat. I even have a picture of what looks like him stomping on it. Have fun.

    1. Savvy, your furry friends have ice cream treat too? ha! Isn’t it funny that they love it so much? Roxy and I had to giggle at the visual of Buck stomping his birthday hat! hee hee! :)

  10. Ha ha–if only she could talk! She’d be saying, Bella, get this f***ing photo over with and fast! Happy 21 Roxy!! Now you’re all grown up…

    1. Jann, I think that’s exactly what she was thinking! hee hee! Today she woke up a little more chipper. I don’t think she’s a Hello Kitty fan after all! :)

    1. Ivana, now that I think of it, perhaps Hello Kitty wasn’t the best sticker choice for her party hat! hee hee! :)

  11. I sort of wondered if it was the ‘Hello Kitty’ moniker that she found distasteful. After all, at 21, she is no longer a little girl. Okay, yes, she is a little girl but . . . never mind. Probably she was expecting something a little more in keeping with her new maturity. Like Lady Gaga or something . . . ;)

    1. Diane, hindsight is 20/20. Perhaps Roxy would have felt “groovier” in a Lady Gaga birthday hat! hee hee! :)

  12. Cutest, cutest, cutest! Aww, happy birthday to your little lady! My Sheltland Sheepdog is 15…yep. I remember when he was a puppy we had a little t-shirt for him that said, “It’s my birthday and I’ll bark if I want to”. For the most part he’d just run around and throw himself on the floor thinking if he rolled on his back enough the shirt would magically disappear. And we quickly learned that he didn’t find barking of his own volition to be contingent on just birthdays. ;)

    1. Casee Marie, I want that little tshirt for Roxy! How cute! Your furry friend has had a lot of birthdays so he is definitely the “go to” furry friend for party attire ideas! hee hee! I think Roxy was relieved when her party hat feel off one second after I snapped the photo! :)

    1. Belle and Sadie, thank you, ladies! We only wish you had been able to come along with us for ice cream! We could even have gone dancing! hee hee! :)

    1. Nikky, we wish you were here to celebrate as well! Imagine the fun we would have eating ice cream and cake! :)

    1. Jodi, doesn’t she look cute? The Son says that if Roxy could talk she’d say, “Get me out of this dress!” hee hee! :)

    1. Debra, Roxy and I saw this video together and we loved it! I hope I can be successful at teaching Roxy how to avoid treats from the dog catcher! hee hee! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! :)

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Roxy! You looked great in your birthday outfit. We think you are entitled to a nice stuffed bottle of champagne and unlimited access to Bella’s bed now that you are 21.

    Bella and DiDi

    1. Bella and DiDi, Roxy thanks you and has made a note of your suggestions. I think she’ll have to wait a bit more for these perks, but they’re on her bucket list! hee hee! :)

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to Roxy! I recently sent my mother the book Best In Show: Knit Your Own Dog. Combining two of her most favourite things. Shall I send you and Roxy a copy?

    Also, CJ has gone to live with one of my best friends. I shall be reading of Roxy’s antics with delight, in order to fill the void. Ha!


    1. Lorna, it is so sweet of you to offer to send the book! Thank you! However, I will spare you the trouble since I must confess I’m all thumbs when it comes to knitting or crocheting. Sigh. ALthough, wait! They say knitting is very therapeutic, so in the event I find myself in a downward spiral, I may have to take a raincheck! hee hee! I’ll keep you posted, my friend. In the meantime, thank you for being so sweet and for reading Roxy’s antics! :)

  15. Happy happy happy birthday sweet Roxy!! You share your special day with my dad who turned 78 this year. Awwww…you are one gem of a pup! Hugs to you and your proud momma!

    1. Shirley, happy belated birthday to your dad! Aw, how wonderful that he shares a birthday with Roxy! We shall think of him when we celebrate next year. We hope his birthday was as special as Roxy’s! Hugs to you, sweet lady! :)

    1. Claudine, Roxy loves sweets. I have to be careful when I eat them around her cause she wants a taste of everything! We thank you for your sweet birthday wishes and think you’re right, we should get both flavors. We’re going back this weekend so we’ll be sure to follow your advice! :)

    1. Rimly, would you believe she had a little bit of both? hee hee! Thank you for your warm birthday wishes, friend! :)

  16. OOhh just realized I missed this!! Love the skirt and the whole ensemble. I bet she’d like Neapolitan. She looks like a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry kind ‘o girl.

    Happy b’day, Roxie!

    1. Eloise, we’re glad you saw this post! Something tells me Roxy would love chocolate. Too bad she can’t have any! hee hee! She’s a vanilla and stawberry girl, though! Are you feeling better?

    2. sThank you, Bella. Now that you mention it, it Seems to me that I heard or read that chocolate isn’t good for dogs. She definitely seems like a strawberry girl!

      If I had a small dog I’d spend a *fortune* on dog outfits. My two cats would *never* stand for it, though I’ve had some awesome rhinestone cat collars in the past.

      I am feeling better. The bites don’t hurt, but the emotional part still does. Eventually, I do hope to post that this dog is off the streets. Heard today that it nipped a woman on the hand…

      Thanks for checking on me!

  17. Oh how gorgeous Miss Roxy looks for her birthday. I have been busy of late, no time for blogging and other delights.. am happy to see you both enjoying the start of summer there and to learn Roxy had a lovely partaYYY ;)

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