The heralding of summer, Part 1

If the first day of June is a predictor of what summer is going to be like, then I think we’re in for a treat.

Sunny skies and a light breeze beckoned Roxy and I to go out on long, drawn out walks today.

To our delight, we chanced upon a variety of scenes.

Scenes which I was able to photograph so that we could share them with you.

I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they did us.

Pear, anyone?
When did Charlotte move into our neighborhood?
Roxy calls shotgun!
Because sometimes all you need is a sunny day and a good book.
Because every nice neighborhood needs a couple of chickens and a rooster.
Is there anything better than sleeping on sun dried sheets?

Has summer arrived where you live?

Have a wonderful weekend!


54 thoughts on “The heralding of summer, Part 1

    1. Jodi, thank you! I was surprised to see the chickens but in all fairness, they were in a house that’s smack in the middle of the forest! :)

  1. gorgeous the pendulous pears, the pink car, web on fire and lady on a bench. What a lovely sampling of what looks like a lovely walk. I’m so glad summer has arrived for you!

    We have a bit of summer now, but today a storm has been threatening, it adds excitement. Oliver lifts his nose and sniffs the swirling breezes and all they bring to him; he’s looks so serious, like a real connoisseur of the atmosphere.

    Big hugs to Roxy!

    1. Patrice, your words are always poetry! I can see Oliver, nose in the air, assessing air temperature and wind speed! hee hee! Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow! :)

  2. It is a beautiful day here as well! Sun shining. Warm! I even sat out in the hammock and read in the sun! I know that pears grow on trees, but here in my corner of the world, they only grow on trees somewhere else. What a treat that you captured them! And I can SO see Roxie in the cute pink car!!! Thank you for sharing. You always brighten my day!

    1. Diane, and your comments always brighten my day! Thank you for your sweet words! I can so see Roxy riding shot gun in this tiny pink car. hee hee! I’m so glad it’s beautiful and warm were you are as well. God knows we need the light therapy, eh, lady? :)

    1. Julie, I couldn’t believe how big it was. The spider was large as well. I thought of “Charlotte’s Web” when I saw it! :)

    1. Ivana, those photos of yours are amazing! I just had to tweet them! And you’re welcome to shameless self promote here anytime! :)

  3. Bella, thank you for taking us on a tour of your neighborhood. It looks so quirky!! (Or is that just you?) Anyway the photos are great (though I have a phobia of Charlotte and her ilk so I skimmed past that one)! Yippee it’s finally summer!

    1. Jann, I am honored that you like the photos! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming Sunday! I hope Charlotte’s photo wasn’t too scary! :)

  4. Amazing photos, Bella. I simply love how you work that camera, girl. Got me here thinking, “Now, that’s a beautiful spider web.” :-)

    Roxy is one lucky pooch to have such adventures with you.

    1. Totsy, your sweet words give my self proclaimed amateur photographer’s heart wings! Thank you kindly, lady! I dare say little Roxy has more adventure in a day, than most people have in a week! hee hee! :)

    1. Eloise, how lovely that you’re also having beautiful weather! Methinks it would be wonderful if you took us on a little walk–with photos! :)

    1. Zencherry, I am delighted you like the shot of the woman reading! I love it too. There’s something so peaceful about it, isn’t there? :)

  5. What delicious photos of “summer, summer, summer, summer…summer coming in. Blossoms fill the trees, and bees turn giddy from the sun. It’s a time for fun.” (That’s a bit of lyric from a song in the stage musical Charlotte’s Web. I played Mrs. Arable in one production, and the old, old Sheep in another. baaaaa)
    I said to a friend yesterday that, all of the sudden, it seems, everything is so green and lush. Just gorgeous. I love the sights of summer. :-) xoxo

    1. Ellen, I love the sights of summer too! And I love those lyrics! Lady, you have to post a video clip of you on stage some time! I think I speak for all your readers when I say, we’d love to see you in action! :)

  6. Ah… signs of summer. They make me nostalgic like nothing else can. I don’t have family in my home town anymore so I have no reason to go back there. I might never visit it again. I think I need to do a “summer’s here” photo tour of my new town so it starts to feel more like home.

    1. Shary, I’m posting Part 2 of the summer walk on Sunday and I’m encouraging readers to post photos of their neighborhoods in the summer time. I would love to see your new town! Pretty please! :)

  7. I was expecting a picture of Roxy in her bikini, next to her doggie pool and sipping water with a slice of lemon! I enjoyed the stroll through your town and seeing the pictures!

    1. Now why didn’t I think of that? hee hee! Tell you what, let’s take a raincheck on that one! I’m so happy you joined us for a stroll! :)

    1. Renee, my nana first introduced me to sundried sheets at the tender age of seven. I still remember her telling me, “Bella, sundried sheets are one of the best pleasures in life.” At the time I didn’t really know what she meant, but I do now! I love sleeping on crisp sheets that smell like the wind! :)

  8. Lovely tour of your neck of the woods, Bella. I especially enjoyed the spiderweb, being a Web designer — it’s not easy capturing their silky creations! We’ve been having a couple of dreary, rainy days here, but next week is supposed to be warm and sunny. I’m not promising I’ll be able to capture as many interesting shots as you have, though — apparently, the Sheltie isn’t as patient as Roxy. Just when I get ready to snap a shot, he manages to see a squirrel, and promptly wants to give chase, hehe!

    1. Debbie, Olivia, my mom’s dog is a squirrel chaser as well. We always have a hard time taking pictures of her as well. I hope the weather in your part of the world improves. I would love to see you post pictures of your neighborhood! :)

  9. Oh, Bella, I just love your photos! Your neighborhood looks so idyllic, and peaceful, with plenty of signs of summer. I’d like to join that lady on the bench and take time to read in the glorious outdoors. Hugs to Roxy!

    1. Monica, thank you so much! I knew you were going to like the photo of the lady reading! If only we had the time, eh, chica? Hugs to you and Sir Henry from Roxy and me! Happy June! :)

    1. Bella and DiDi, I want to see Roxy riding shotgun in the pink car too! hee hee! Aren’t you glad it’s almost summer? Do you ladies like to sunbathe as much as Roxy does? :)

    2. Ladies, Roxy and I are the same! I think the sun restores our health, good mood, and makes us feel giddy! :)

  10. Summer is here since April :(
    I know no one will agree with me, but I don’t like summer.
    The photos are super!! I loved them all.
    I have a question Bella? How do you add your name on the photos?

    1. Nikky, I love summer but I don’t know if I could have so many months of heat. I’m so glad you liked the photos, lady. The name on the photos is a watermark. I add it with my photo editor. In this case, Adobe Photoshop. You have to create your watermark and when you export or save your photos, the watermark is imprinted on your shots. Do you have an image editor?

    2. Thank you Bella <3
      I have downloaded a free photo editor online, but didn't manage to use it. I was trying to do a header for my Blog

  11. The first day of June didn’t feel very summery around here. The second, and now the third, were a bit more like it, at least with regard to there being s-u-n. Love the photos. :-)

    1. Deborah, here’s hoping your June starts getting warmer and more “summery”! I’m thrilled you like the photos! Join the fun and post some from your neighborhood! :)

    1. Kim, thank you! That spider web–what craftmanship, right? It was simply stunning! Hugs for you from Roxy and I, lady! :)

  12. Your photographer’s eye grows the more you shoot. Have you though of submitting? My favorite is of the woman sitting on the bench reading. I found myself lost in that moment with a strong desire to write her story. On my lunch hour walk today, the rain came upon me without notice. By the time I walked the mile back to the office, I was drenched. Summer here in the Bay Area, is like a drive by shooter in East LA, we never know when or where.

    1. Brenda, thank you for your kind words. My self proclaiimed amateur photographer’s heart grown ten sizes bigger after reading your comment! I’m sorry you got drenched, lady! My nana used to say getting rained on was good luck! hee hee! I love that the shot of the lady made you feel like you wanted to write her story! Spoken like a true writer! :)

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