Who’s ready for the heralding of summer, Part 2?

Good day, everyone!

Roxy and I saw many interesting things on our walk the other day.

Hence, I thought it would be a good idea to break up the photo post into two parts.

After posting Part 1, I also got an idea.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you, dear reader, gave us a peek of your neighborhood?

For those of you like me, who like to cultivate a little mystery, you don’t have to reveal where you are.

You can still show us what your neck of the woods looks like during this time of the year.

What do you say?

Come on!

Be inspired!

Grab your camera!

Show us your lovely home, neighborhood, or the places close to it.

It’s your call.

If you want to join the fun, simply add your link using the linky tool with the cute frog at the bottom of this post.

This way, other readers and I can see your lovely photos.

If you visit participating blogs, please leave a comment.

We bloggers love getting comments!

And now without further ado, here are more photos of our walk.


I wanted to cut a bunch of these and bring them home!
A family of ducklings.
Is this gentleman checking me out on his tiny mirror?
We’re still trying to figure who or what this is.
Look who’s back! It’s Alberto!
Tired after a day of walking, Roxy makes her way home.
But not before she stops to break dance in the park!

Happy Sunday!


77 thoughts on “Who’s ready for the heralding of summer, Part 2?

  1. Bella, your neighborhood is lovely! I took a long walk a couple days ago and snapped photos of my neighborhood too, so you’ll see it in the blog hopefully later this week! :)

    I really like that photo of that man on his wheelchair! It’s too cool!

    1. Laura, I look forward to seeing your neighborhood! How exciting! Please don’t forget to add your link! The man on the wheelchair was a funny shot. He was looking at me and Roxy so intently that we only thought it fair to return the favor by snapping a photo of him. hee hee! :)

  2. Lots of wonderful sights in the neighborhood! I love all the pics, especially the one of the flowers and Roxy frolicking in the grass. :)

    1. Paz, we are blessed because there’s always something photo worthy in this neighborhood. I’m delighted you liked the photos. Please add your link as well. I know you take wonderful shots of your city! :)

    1. Aw, Nikky! I’m sorry! I’m sure you can find something that’s nice. If you look hard enough, you can find beauty, friend. I have faith that you will find something beautiful and write a post about it! :)

  3. OMG, Bella, you live in such a quaint, lovely town! I want to move there! I think Henry would really enjoy it taking walks there. And yes, that man is definitely watching you. Or maybe he has his eye on Roxy? Ha ha! I love your pictures, my dear!

    1. Monica, Sir Henry would love it here! I can see him accompanying little Roxy to the dog park. Although, what am I saying? Sir Henry may find that such a place is not dignified enough for a royal such as him! hee hee! I think the elderly gent is making sure we don’t follow him! ha! I’m thrilled you like the shots, lady! Thank you! :)

  4. The black-eyed Susans (I think that’s what those gorgeous flowers are) in front of the divine wooden door are fantastic! Putting some of those in a vase would create a bouquet of sunshine. :-)
    The ducklings remind me of the family of Canadian geese I pass on my way to work; the mom, the dad, and four goslings. The goslings are growing so fast!
    hee hee heeee – He was definitely checking you out in his rearview mirror, Bella. What a hoot! :-)
    The stuffed person is a little sketchy. Eek! Alberto and Roxy are the bees knees. :-) I will definitely take some “heralding of summer” photos, because June is busting out all over here in New Hampshire. xoxo

    1. Ellen, black eyed Susans! I love that name! They were so bright and beautiful! Would you believe that wooden door is part of the church? The ducklings seem to be growing by the minute. We passed them today and they looked twice their size! The Significant Other told me that the stuffed “person” could be a piñata. ha! I can’t wait to see your photos of New Hampshire! How wonderful that you’re signing on, friend! Thank you! :)

    1. Renee, I love doorways! Some of the doors in this country are just breathtaking. I especially love the old wooden ones. Yes, this town is quite charming! Show us your charming town, lady! :)

    1. Kim, Roxy doesn’t mind kitty cats. She sees them on her walk and never tries to go after them or anything. I think she might be good friends with your Charlie! hee hee! Isn’t Alberto looking adorable? He finally came out of hiding. The warm sun must have drawn him out. Much love to you, sweet Kim! XOXO :)

  5. Again, love the photos. I’ve taken pictures and posted a few over the history of my blog. Usually I’m on my bike when going around town and intent on the riding and more importantly, paying attention to traffic. However, I’ll make a point to walk (with camera in hand) more, snap, post, and share as the days allow. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

    1. Sounds like a plan, lady! I look forward to seeing your neighborhood! May the sun shine bright for you! :)

  6. Love your neighborhood pictures, the door is interesting and also the gentleman checking you out in his rear view mirror. Roxy is adorable as usual ;) I love this idea of posting pics of our place without naming the same. I am in and am adding my link :)

    1. Sulekha, no matter what, I know I can always count on you! You’re a sweetheart! Thank you! I’m clicking on your link as soon as I post this! :)

    1. Ivana, I kid you not when I say that when I posted Alberto’s photo I said to Roxy, Ivana’s going to love this one! hee hee! :)

  7. Bella, what a delightful photo of the man on his wheelchair walk–love how you got his face in the review mirror looking at you! Let me see if I can figure out how to post a link of my village–tho of course it’s not anonymous… xxxxx

    1. Jann, grazie! I love that it’s not annonymous! hee hee! Now others can you see your lovely village and dream of living there someday! Thank you for adding the link, sister! :)

    1. Nadine, now that you’re in a new home, neighborhood, and city, this is a great opportunity to show your readers where you live! I think this bridges the distance between readers and allows us to share our little corner of the world. Thank you for joining us on our walk, lady! I look forward to seeing your photos! :)

  8. The thing I enjoyed seeing the very most was the English crosswalk over the road! Amazing the things we miss! All the pictures are beautiful actually and I thank you for sharing them.

    1. Elizabeth, what I love about the crosswalks is that they’re actually respected. I’ve lived in places where crosswalks were the same as telling a driver to plow on ahead! I’m tickled pink you like the photos! :)

  9. Bella, what an interesting place you live in! I can’t believe how patient Miss Roxy is while you frame a picture and click your camera. The Sheltie isn’t nearly as good, haha! If we can get a string of pretty days and I can get the Sheltie to cooperate, we’d love to post about our walking scenery, too!

    1. Debbie, Roxy and I would love to see the Sheltie as well as your neighborhood! How wonderful to see where our friends take daily walks! Little Ms. Roxy is very disciplined when it comes to having her picture taken. I think she would make a great doggie model! hee hee! :)

    1. Amber, your neighborhood is exciting because it has you! I can’t wait to see your photos! Thanks for joining the fun, lady! :)

  10. My camera is heading out with me today – I love this idea. I’ll post this evening. And I love love love the photo of the lady on the bench, reading in the sunshine. Kindred Spirit!! Thanks Bella!

    1. Lori, I knew you’d find the concept appealing! I’m excited to see what your place of residence looks like! Yay! Isn’t the lady on the bench lovely? She sure has the right idea of what relaxing and living life is all about! Hugs! :)

  11. I love the photo of the door with all those flowers! Wish I could participate but it’s pouring rain here today and I’m swamped with work. I’ll have to have fun sneaking peaks at everyone else’s pics!

    1. Nora, no worries, lady. I smile every time I swing by your blog and take a peek at those cute cats of yours! Here’s to sunnier weather coming your way soon, friend! :)

  12. I am a walker, like you, but rarely (ok never) do I take photos. Walking is where I clear my head of the congestion and burn a couple hundred calories. I might think while in route, look for inspiration, unpack a problem, but somewhere along the way I am empty and tend to wind up back where I started without a clue how I got there… Seriously, submit some of these ( I am not a photographer, but each of these are thought provoking).

    1. Brenda, for the past two days I’ve left my camera at home when I’ve gone walking. I seriously need to get some exercise before I leave for Spain and bringing the trusty camera along prevents me from doing any kind of power walk with Roxy. Nonetheless, I miss not having my camera. Today I saw the cutest dog and I wanted to kick myself for not being able to capture him. I like your concept of “unpacking a problem” as you walk. It reminds me of what my sister calls “dumping excess baggage.” :)

    1. Kirstin Marie, thank you for your sweet words! I’m thrilled you like the captures. The first shot is one I like very much as well! :)

  13. Great shots, Bella. And yes, that dude on wheels was definitely taking you in :) What a great neighborhood and love that hearty door adorned with Black Eyed Susans (that’s what they look like). Have a great day lady and keep loving the dog that break dances in the park!

    1. Patrice, thank you! I thought the old gent was getting an eye full! hee hee! Thanks for confirming these are Black Eyed Susans. Ellen had already mentioned that she thought that’s what they were. Doesn’t Roxy look funny? I love her! :)

  14. Bella, you take the nicest pictures! Roxy, Alberto the cat, the spider’s web, the lady reading on a bench (Part 1), the man out on a walk with his dog, the ducklings and those flowers bring a great summery breeze. In Singapore, we have summer all year round, but it’s usually the sticky, stuffy kind of summer. So I like days when the sky is grey and it’s about to rain. Wish I could show you a picture but my photography skills are somewhat embarrassing … (I’ll work on it though. Maybe one day, huh?)

    1. Claudine, thank you for your uplifting words! I think Singapore’s weather sounds a lot like the one in the Caribbean where the humidity levels were sky high and you were sweating the second you got out of the shower! I hope that one day you will grab a camera and show us your neighborhood. I’m sure your photography skills are a lot better than you think, friend! :)

  15. Bella, such lovely pictures you have clicked ! I admire the old man in the picture, I like the perspective of taking the photo from the back, very cute !
    The bunch of yellow flowers near the door is also very nice and refreshing to the senses! the picture in which the cat which is staring at you is also cute. I feel that the “unidentified” picture is a big stuffed doll {or a man in a doll’s gear } sitting on that bench.
    Have a nice day !

    1. Sanghamitra, I loved the perspective on the photo of the gentleman on the wheelchair as well. I really wanted to capture his face on the little mirror and I’m glad I was lucky enough to do so! I think you’re right–the strange creature has to be a stuffed doll. I hope! hee hee! Have a wonderful day, lady! :)

  16. Love these!!! We’ve had such a bizarre spring here in Ontario: heat wave, frost, heat wave, cold spell, heat wave, rain. I hear the spring strawberry crop is gone :( so will take up your challenge and see if I can find a strawberry field in bloom somewhere!

    1. Astra, don’t get me started on the crazy weather. We have one sunny day and the next two that follow have temperatures in the forties–once again forcing us to throw on a coat. I’m so sorry to hear the strawberry crops are gone! I love strawberries! I hope that you can indeed find a strawberry field somewhere–anywhere! I would love to see those Canadian strawberries! hee hee! :)

    1. Star, I’ve swung by your blog to express my delight. Thank you for nominating me! It is much appreciated. I hope you have the chance to take photos of your neighborhood. I would love to see it! :)

    1. Katie, I’m delighted you approve of the idea! My walks are always pleasurable. Roxy and I are quite blessed in that regard. I’m still giggling at the thought that the elderly gent was checking me out! hee hee! :)

    1. Debra, I think we’ve nearly confirmed that these are black-eye Susans! And if they aren’t too bad! We’re classifying them as such! hee hee! Roxy and I are delighted you enjoyed the walk and the photos! Thank you, friend! :)

    1. Aw, Heidi, we missed you! And it’s a real shame with your wicked skills, lady! Next time! But hey, you can still create a character for the upcoming post! I would love to see what you cook up! :)

    1. Debbie, I loved, loved your shots! I’m still smiling over the one with the squirrel! Thank you so much for joining us! :)

    1. You ladies are generosity personified! I am over the moon that you would nominate me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Thank you so much, friends! :)

  17. I feel renewed! I love going on walks with you and the Roxie-girl. Thank you for taking me along. I really like the picture of the door and the flowers! You have such an eye! What a lovely day!

  18. Fantastic! We have some chickens (well I guess one chicken and three little chicks). They are adorable! And four ducks (they are disgusting)…a dog, cat, sea monkeys, maybe we have too many animals! LOL

    Anyway, I dropped by to share this, I will always associate you with that incredible post where I first found you on Brenda’s site and with that slam poem, which made me cry (and still does when I watch it).

    I think you’ll appreciate this:
    Compassion & Controversy: A Message for Unconditional Love

    1. Hi Mike! How wonderful to see you drop by my wee blog! It sounds like you have quite the menagerie going on in your homestead! Roxy would love to spend a weekend with you and all those furry friends! I am honored that my post had such an impact. Thank you for your kind words! I will definitely swing by your blog and read your message for unconditional love! :)

  19. Oh, I really loved that picture of your pup in the park. Our’s is little too and has a similar sort of silly expression on his face. I get a kick out of him. We named him Xavier, after Professor Xavier of the X-men. I didn’t think I’d be a dog person, but I guess I am now. He is a bit crazy about our little chicks too. He watches them with this great big dog smile and tried to herd them together. If the cat comes close, he gets a dog nudge to move away from the birds. I put one chick on his head and Xavier looked like he was in 7th heaven. Brenda is right, you’r photography is fantastic. I liked the mystery story too…thoroughly engaging! and such a great idea.

    1. Mike, thank you for your kind words. I’m honored, truly. It’s funny you say you didn’t think you’d be a dog person because that’s exactly what the Signficant Other said when we first got Roxy. Now he’s crazy about her and cuddles her more than he cuddles me! hee hee! I love the name Xavier! And really, the fact that he’s a “chick lover” is hilarious! hee hee! :)

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