What have Roxy and I been up to in the past 48 hours?

Hello everybody!

It’s been a little over 48 hours since Roxy and I made it to Spain.

In this time, I’ve discovered Wifi only works occasionally.

Hence, I’ve had to pray for a miracle in order to get a connection and upload photos.

I hope you will bear with me while I regain my “Spain” legs so I can saunter to the village and visit the public library.

Hopefully, this will allow me to post and catch up with your blogs.

In the meantime, these photos will give you an idea of what Roxy and I have been up to.

Have a great weekend!

I’ve had copious amount of “cafe con leche.”
Roxy met Olivia for the first time.
I’ve had “cafe con tostadas,” at my favorite bakery.
Roxy’s tried to talk Olivia out of participating in “siesta.”

What have you been up to in the last 48 hours?



71 thoughts on “What have Roxy and I been up to in the past 48 hours?

    1. Coco, love, I fear I may have to have my camera surgically removed from my hip! hee hee! Stay tuned for more photo posts! :)

  1. Too cute, Roxy looks like she’s enjoying Spain a lot already! What a lucky pair. Spain’s on my bucket list…for now this summer I’m settling into my new “apartment” and getting to know my new town (an adventure)!

    1. Sahbinah, this is Roxy’s third time in Spain! And it’s the first time for Olivia but they are both adapting to the heat quite nicely. Settling into a new apartment is indeed a great adventure! How lovely to have a fresh start! :)

  2. I love these photos! Roxy and Olivia look like sisters separated at birth! (Though Roxy is far prettier, which must make Olivia kind of jealous, no?) Is it hot there? I’m so glad you and Roxy made it. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures and see more photos, of course!

    1. Monica, Roxy is tickled pink you think she’s the fairest of the land! hee hee! This morning we went for a walk and a lady said, “Oh my goodness, they look like twins!”ha! Stay tuned for more photo posts! :)

    1. Jann, I think she was happy to finally be let out of her carrier! hee hee! She’s enjoying herself already and yes, her tongue hangs out a minute after we start off on our walk! :)

  3. Yeah, Roxy gets a vacation, too! I know you’ll love having her with you. Sorry about your troubles finding WiFi — that must be so frustrating. Hope you’ll be able to connect and show us lots of photos from Spain!

    1. Debbie, it’s a little after 9pm now and I’m having a better connection. Thank goodness because I almost blew a gasket this morning trying to post in 93 degree weather! ha! How’s our friend the Sheltie? Stay tuned for more photo posts, friend! :)

    1. Brenda, I’m loving your idea of a long break, especially the part about the cabana boy! hee hee! The girls are getting along. I was so afraid this wouldn’t be the case but they are all giggles today! :)

    1. Mrs. Allnut, this is Roxy’s third summer in Spain. She’s got the routine down pat! hee hee! She’s showing Olivia the ropes but also being very naughty. It must be the Spanish sun, affecting her ability to behave! I am loving the “pan con aceite y sal”! And the siestas are the perfect way to relax after a day at the beach! :)

  4. Last 48 hours? Received some money for a translation. Met with a fellow writer and gave him some suggestions for his new manuscript (a murder mystery, mostly). Trying to survive the heat by reading the “Colder Than Hell” collection by Charles Stross. Also reading the “A Unicorn and a Maiden” collection by Milena Benini. Also translating “Matter of Britain” by Kim Newman, a book so controversial they refused to publish it in his own country. Also… I think my mind is melting.

    1. Ivana, looks like you have a full plate! I love that you’re battling the heat with such a great choice of reading material and getting paid is always wonderful, isn’t it? Have fun! :)

    1. Adriene, the greatest thing about summer is how much I laugh here. My mom and I are always giggling about something and Roxy and Olivia are proving to be a wonderful source of entertainment! Thank you for your well wishes, friend! :)

    1. Bella and DiDi, thanks to your advice, everything seems to be running smoothly with our little misses. I hope it continues this way! :)

    1. Brynne, you are the sweetest! I’m happy to be able to see my mom after a year. I can’t believe how time flies! Enjoy your summer, sweet lady! :)

    1. Una, thank you! Spain won the World Cup!! You should have seen it! The public went crazy. There was shouting, celebration, dancing, singing, and people driving around in their cars honking the horn to announce victory. I wish you had been here! :)

    1. Ellen, thank you, my friend! You know, Roxy and I always see summer break as a way to recharge our “batteries.” It helps us get through the rest of the year! :)

    1. Sabrina, those cute dogs are turning out to be quite a handful! I’ll keep you posted regarding how cute they are by the end of the summer! hee hee! :)

    2. It’s a winning mix for sure, Shelley! I don’t know if they feed off of my lethargy, or I feed off of theirs! hee hee! :)

  5. Who’s Olivia? and does she recognize how blessed she is to be in the company of our fair Roxy? The poor girl can only hope to stand before the great closet of Roxy in search of cast-offs and bask in her shadow, but really, a pooch could do worse.

    Have a delicious time, Bella, and please brighten my screen w loads of Spanish man-beauties. Gracias!!

    1. Lori, Roxy twirled like a ballerina when I read her your comment! hee hee! Olivia is my mom’s dog and Roxy has been busy establishing her alpha status in the preceding days. Olivia is “full figured” so sadly, she won’t stand a chance of fitting into any of Roxy’s cast offs! ha! Wait till you see the new wardrobe Roxy got from my mom! It definitely merits its own post when I return home! Stay tuned! I shall do my best to fulfill your request, my friend. Let’s hope I am successful! Thank you for your lovely well wishes. You’re a sweetheart! Enjoy your summer! :)

  6. So far, the trip looks like perfection. How can you top good eats and a sweet little poochie?! You can’t! Have WAY too much fun!!! We’re there with you!

    1. Diane, how I wish you were here with us! You’d have so much fun laying on the beach in the afternoon, sipping coffee in the morning, and eating tapas in the evening! Imagine the stories you’d write! hee hee! :)

    1. Lorna, I’m certain you’d have such a great time here! Thank you for your well wishes, lady! They mean a lot to me! Have a great summer! :)

  7. Corinne, I have missed you, sweet lady! I’m slowly making my rounds to all the lovely blogs I read. Please bear with me. The WiFi barely connects here and I’m typing this from the library in the village. However, rest assured that I will drop by your place soon! Hugs!

  8. I hope you’re having a fab time and out and about and not worrying about the WiFi! I think there’s a rule somewhere that you don’t have to blog while on vacation 8).

    Hugs to you and Roxie! Make her wear sunscreen 8).

    1. Eloise, you’re right–there is a rule out there! It’s too bad I’m such a rule breaker! hee hee! Seriously though, I’m having a dickens of a time accessing the Internet and I feel terrible because I can’t read the blogs I love or even post as much as I want! Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to walk up to the village more often! Hugs to you from Roxy and me, and yes, our little Miss is protected from the sun! Would you believe I’m still waiting for my sister to come up and bring the stroller? :)

    2. I think that when you announce that you’re going on vacation people let you off the hook as far as replying to blog post comments and reading blogs. I know you miss it but go for the sun and fun 8). We certainly understand!!

    3. Eloise, I am so lucky to have wonderful, considerate readers like you! I’m so grateful! Thank you for the support and encouragement. I shall certainly heed your advice and try not to miss reading my favorite blogs, though I admit that it’s going to be tough! :)

    4. Bella, it’s people like you that keep me blogging. You always take time to write thoughtful, personal responses and that means a lot. I do hope you’re having a great time in Spain. I tell you, just having someone wait on me for a day would be heaven. Someone to go get ice for drink, find the remote, feed the kitties, get my phone, unload the dishwasher, put the chicken in the oven… you get the idea!

      Hugs, e 8)

  9. I think it looks more like Roxy is trying to talk Olivia into getting up and going strutting!! I’ve been catching up on reading my fave blogs – I’m soooo far behind!! Then again, that means I get to read several of yours in a row and I love that! Someday you need to write The Chronicles of Roxy! Missing you much.

    1. Nan, you’re sweeter than sugar, woman! Aw, I’m so pleased you like reading this here wee blog! Thank you for your kind words. I’m delighted when you visit and the Rox and I miss you buckets! Hugs! :)

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