How long before we wake up from the paella coma?

I was determined that things would be different this year.

I would be ready to hit the beach the minute I stepped off the plane.

I would rub sun tan oil on my skin as I jumped over bodies which lay baking in the sun.

I would quickly claim my spot by ceremoniously plunging the stick of my beach umbrella into the sand.

I would pack my bathing suit and cover up in my backpack, ready to don the second I made it through my mother’s front door.

My spanking new Diesel sunglasses would also be at the ready–they’d assist me in seeing past the sun’s bright rays as I scanned the perimeter for any sign of Javier Bardem.

My hair would be wrapped in a bright scarf, bohemian style.

I would make Maya Angelou proud as I strutted from one end of the beach to the other, every inch the phenomenal woman–hips swaying, shoulders back, chest jutting forward.

But alas, such has not been the case.

Once again, I have succumbed to the lethargic state that assaults anyone who dares visit Spain in the summer.

As we speak, my bathing suit, wrap, sunglasses, and scarf, are still stuffed in my backpack.

The beach umbrella stands in a corner of the living room, snickering every time I walk past it and whisper, tomorrow.

And the only bodies I’ve jumped over are Olivia’s and Roxy’s.
Oh, and occasionally, my mother’s.

They too have fallen victims to the fatigue that results from the abominable heat and breakfasts’ composed of baskets of churros.

You would think that my desire to find Javier Bardem would motivate me to abandon the chaise lounge that rests comfortably on the terrace.

Sadly, not even the thought of pouncing on the hunky Spaniard has been successful in plucking me from the spot on the terrace where the breeze caresses my skin and keeps me from turning into a puddle of sweat.

The only times I am able to muster the energy to take a few steps is when I have to go to the bathroom.

I’m convinced that if I were a man, I’d be relieving myself regularly in a Coke bottle.

Yes, this heat is not for the faint of heart.

Fortunately, when faced with extreme circumstances, we enter self preservation mode and give in.

We go with the flow; we practice the art of “dolce far niente.”

And in the process, we discover that it feels good to hop off the hamster wheel; to hide our “to do” list under our beach towel.

I mentioned this to the Significant Other on the phone last night.

He replied, “I wouldn’t know. I can’t remember the last time I did nothing.”

“You should try it! It’s utterly liberating. Stop being a hamster and do like a sloth.”

“Have you considered the fact that if I get off the hamster wheel you won’t be able to do like a sloth?”

“On second thought, who says being a hamster is a bad thing? Pedal on, my brother!”


Moral to this story: Never praise the joys of being a sloth to a hamster.

And now, I must leave you, friends.

In just an hour, Roxy, Olivia, my mother, and I will enter a “paella” coma and we must prepare.

The terrace has to be cleared of all clutter.

A fresh towel has to be draped over the chair.

Orange wedges have to be added to the pitcher of sangria.

My mother has to grab her book and reading glasses.

I must locate my binoculars so as to continue playing, “Where’s Javier?”

A woman could get used to this life, folks.

Hugs to all of you from sunny Spain!

How are you spending your summer days?


70 thoughts on “How long before we wake up from the paella coma?

  1. Hi, Bella! Firstly, the picture is absolutely adorable!

    It’s VERY hot here, too, so I can empathize — but I’d MUCH rather be in Spain! One of my favorite sayings is a Spanish proverb: “How wonderful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.” :)

    1. Oh, Joy, I’ve never heard a more perfect proverb- I’ve been doing this my entire adult life! Guess I live in the wrong place ;)

    2. Hi, lady! The ladies are tickled pink that you like their shot, friend! I must admit that I quite like this photo. I think it captures the essence of the summer thus far! hee hee! I love, love that Spanish proverb! I must add it to my book of “Words to live by.” :)

  2. “I’m convinced that if I were a man, I’d be relieving myself regularly in a Coke bottle…” Right? SO much easier! Sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation. Doing nothing is my favorite part of summer break as a teacher. It feels like a work non-stop during the school yer, so it’s nice to hibernate a little. Though I think if asked, my husband would absolutely sell me out for being a sloth!

    1. Katie, I was a teacher for ten years, so I know exactly what you mean. Back then, the summer and winter breaks allowed me and my children to recharge our batteries. I’m happy that I have the probability of doing this throughout the year, if I wanted to. It’s too bad that now that I can, I don’t have any money! ha! The comment about your husband had me laughing out loud! Men! :)

  3. Ahhhh, Roxy is living the life in Spain. Does she like the Spanish Dogs? Does she bark Spanish?

    –MY FAVE LINE: ***I would make Maya Angelou proud as I strutted from one end of the beach to the other, every inch the phenomenal woman–hips swaying, shoulders back, chest jutting forward. ***

    I soooo dig you, Bella. Have a GREAT, Relaxing time in Sensational Sexy Spain <3

    Xxx Say hello to your Mama from me.

    1. Hi Kim! Roxy likes some of the Spanish dogs and some, she doesn’t pay attention to, the little minx! She’s livin’ la vida loca, our little Miss. I’m so delighted you liked the post, lady! My mama sends you a great big hug! She’s tickled pink you said hello! Happy summer, friend!Hugs! :)

    1. Jodi,I’ve read about the heat wave taking place in parts of the US. Oh my goodness, I hope you’re staying cool and enjoying your summer! :)

  4. I had paella for the first time in my life about 2 months ago. I stole the lady’s recipie and adapted it to me. Alpha Hubby and I were in a major coma afterwards. It was wonderful. I can’t believe I have gone my whole life and never heard of such an amazing dish. I LOVE THE DOGS. We finally had a break in the 104 degree heat here after 3 straight weeks. It felt like heaven!! Loving your vacation in Spain – I live vicariously through you and Roxie! I can’t wait to tell Alpha Hubby about the sloth/hamster line… fun!

    1. Nan, sweeatheart, you have to tell me how Alpha hubby reacts to the sloth line! I’m so happy you’ve finally had a break from the heat wave! I can’t imagine trying to survive in 104 degree heat for a long period of time! Now I’m wondering what the heck I’m complaining about! It’s about 93 degrees here but we do have the lovely breeze from the ocean non-stop. Good for you that you were able to eat paella! It is a heavenly dish. I miss it so when I leave! Hugs! :)

  5. Hey Bella,
    You are funny and I can so identify with your visions of being so cool and sexy and organised and then just doing what truly is so relaxing and so much easier :) Visited Spain last year but in Winter and loved the place so much! Have fun! Enjoy your Paella! I am in the midst of winter where I live… obviously southern hemisphere! I can only dream of summer! But I just spent three months in Bali and that was pure bliss indeed so I’m not missing out really!! xx

    1. AJ, hello and welcome! Spain in winter is also quite beautiful but given my passion for the beach, I much prefer it in summer, in spite of the heat. Three months in Bali sound like heaven! Oh my goodness, I must add Bali to my bucket list! :)

  6. LOL i was expecting to read about skin tans (or sunburn hehe). But I think being a sloth is just as cool, most especially if you’ve been working hard ;-)

    Looks like Roxy is enjoying the sloth life too hehe Have fun in Spain! :-)

    1. Hi Irene! Stay tuned for posts about skin tans and sunburns! I’m certain they’ll make their way in this blog! hee hee! Little Roxy is quite happy being the sloth–you’re so right! Thank you for your well wishes, pretty lady! :)

  7. I think everything has worked itself out. First I thought looking for Javier Bardem was reason enough to jump out…but the binoculars game is just as good. So bring on the paellas!! Sloths FTW!

  8. Took time off from the sweltering temperatures of the Mediterranean for the rainy but sunny streets of Paris, appreciating rain, coolness, grandeur, people watching from street level. Now its back to the incessant chirp of cicadas, the summer heat wave. :)

    1. Claire, I’ll take sunny streets of Paris any time of the year! Sounds absolutely heavenly! I hope the heat wave is on its way out and that cooler breezes blow your way! :)

  9. “On second thought, who says being a hamster is a bad thing? Pedal on, my brother!”


    Wickedly funny, Bella!!! I do hope the 3 of you at some point manage to show off your matching bikinis, chests aloft. But till then, nap away, my dear!

    1. Jann, I’m so happy you found this post funny! I do try, my friend! ha! I’ll have you know, I’m taking your advice and napping to my heart’s content. God knows I’m sleep deprived and like I used to say to the Son when he was little, “We have to listen to our bodies.” :)

  10. You had me at “paella coma.” :-) It is indeed an art to do nothing, Bella, and I’m delighted you are embracing that art form with open arms. I’ve got my binoculars poised to help spot Javier. What shall we do with him once we have him? :-D

    1. Ellen, I am over the moon that you are my partner in crime in the search for Javier! I think that once we find him, we shall have to trap him, strip him down, and…well, we’ll have to think of a plan after that! hee hee! :)

  11. Sounds like everything is going great in Spain, even if it means mever leaving your terrace. The heat has a way of putting some of our best-laid plans to the test. There is nothing better than relaxing on a couch in the shade where you can smell, hear and see the beach, but don’t have to actually get hot and sandy :) Enjoy your visit and just relax, relax, relax. Until you find Javier!

    1. Caryn, I think a part of me is resting up so that I can bring my A game once I find Javier! Imagine locating the handsome man and still being lethargic. No can do, my sister! It’s best I relax, rest up, and be ready to go! Here’s hoping you get cooler weather pronto! Stay hydrated! :)

  12. What a delightful vacation! I’ve always loved hot weather and I think the best way to enjoy it is in a lounge chair in the shade with a cool drink. When I go on a trip, I often overplan and wear myself out. I think I need to plan my next getaway modeled on yours. Heaven!

    1. Shary, a lounge chair and a cool beach most definitely epitomize a restful vacation. In the past, I’ve tried to squeeze in as many museums, art galleries, and other tourist spots as I can muster. At this point in my life, though, I’m ready to do like a sloth and sip a mojito. You can too! Imagine how rested you’ll be! Hugs to you and Lola from Roxy and me! :)

  13. Oh Bella! I’m starting to think maybe I don’t look so good in green! Your summer sounds heavenly! Really, much like the glamorous life I imagined for myself when I was a teenager.

    I hope you can “bust out” your bathing suit soon! And don’t worry about the cover up – you’ll just be doing yourself and the world a disservice :).

    1. Rachel, your sweet words make me smile. Would you believe I finally made it to the pool today? I did 16 laps to work off the croissant I had consumed earlier this morning. I’m terrible, I know. But the thing is, I’m still waiting and hoping the suit my sister is bringing will fit! Argh! Something tells me this is the life that awaits you, sister! Keep the faith! :)

  14. “Il dolce far niente” was one of my later mother-in-law’s favorite sayings. I’m definitely a hamster who could use some sloth time! (That was hilarious!)

    Love the pic, too. Dogs never feel guilty about stretching out and taking a nap!

    1. Nadine, methinks you would do well to do like a sloth! Everyone needs a break every now and then to recharge the batteries! hee hee! And I think we need to take the cue from our furry friends and indulge in a nap every now and then. What say you? Are you ready for some sloth time, lady? :)

  15. Ah, Bella, I totally empathize — our heat (until today) has been unbearable. The kind of heat that snatches your breath away, that forces you inside whether you like it or not. But being a sloth? Sorry, I don’t have that luxury, Lady! Work beckons, sigh. Enjoy your break from the hamster wheel, and drink a tall, cool one for me. There will be time enough for you to become active once again later! Take a cue from Miss Roxy and s-n-o-o-z-e on!!

    1. Oh, Debbie, I’m sorry you have so much heat and work! I hope the temperatures are stabilizing and that if you have to work, that the days are cooler. Here’s hoping you too can take a little nap and rest up soon! :)

  16. Oh Bella, forget the beach! How could I forget about churros and paella? I would definitely indulge in that before I ever even think about spending days out in the hot beach! Plus, sand is so pesky. Totally overrated ;)

    1. Laura, sand is pesky! I think I’m still carrying some around from last year! hee hee! Churros and paella beat the beach hands down, every single time! We’ve placed our order for tomorrow’s lunch and I can already taste the mussels! Yum! :)

    1. Diane, how wonderful if you could join us for “siesta” time! Roxy and I would be delighted to have you! :)

  17. Wonderful post! I do hope you get a chance to enjoy the beach, but honestly, as long as you are having fun (and not suffering from heat stroke), what more can you ask for? (Besides Javier Bardem of course.)

    I was in Greece in July for my honeymoon four years ago and good grief was it ever hot! Everyday between 2-4 was mandatory siesta hour. If not, well, passing out in the marketplace wasn’t really my style…

    1. Ethel, hello and welcome! I’m so happy you liked the post! Greece, I’m sure can be as hot as Spain. Certainly, it’s important and vital to take well deserved breaks and hydrate constantly, lest we pass out in public places! ha! How wonderful to spend your honeymoon in Greece. It’s one of the places that’s on my bucket list! :)

  18. Hang out where the breezes are! Paella coma sounds so delish!

    As Laura says above, sand is so pesky, particularly when it gets in the bathing suit. I’d much rather a chaise, clean towel, and close bathroom. Not to mention an air-conditioned room to duck into from time to time. And room service.

    To me, going on a vacation means that you do *not* have to do the following: tote things, clean things, fetch things, cook things. Your wish is their command.

    Beaches are lovely but only in the *early* morning or *late* afternoon when the temp is somewhere below the boiling point. Why fry the derriere sitting on the sand? No towel is going to protect you from the heat; that sand is probably so hot that it’s about to turn into glass. Furthermore, it sticks to sweaty skin like glue. And the umbrella? You have to jam it into the sand and then it’s going to tilt. And maybe fall over. And the three of you and R. will be bunched up under it, trying to fit in its shade.

    Have I *thoroughly* disabused you of the goodness of a vacation to-do list? Hope so! Have a great time and make use of room service. God knows, it’s worth it! 8)

    1. Eloise, I’m loving your idea of a vacation! Throw in a cabana boy and I believe you have the total package! hee hee! I wholeheartedly agree–early money and late afternoon are the best times to frequent the beach. And, there’s fewer people as well, which is an added bonus. I quickly become overwhelmed with the massive amounts of bodies lying everywhere. The beach umbrella is indeed a nightmare. The slightest wind sends it catapulting into someone’s face and before you know it, you’re being insulted in Spanish by someone who’s calling you an amateur. hee hee! Here’s hoping you’re having a splendid summer, lady! :)

    2. Isn’t it the truth, that beaches are just peppered with people? You can’t walk and look at the the scenery without putting a foot in someone’s face. The balcony/terrace is a much better option. That’s where I’d be. Yes, I’m definitely an amateur, and proud of it!! I’d use that terrace. And I’m sure Roxy is more comfortable with air conditioned room available!

    3. Eloise, I’m certain Roxy agrees with you! She spends half her day with her tongue hanging out. Poor thing. Just yesterday, when the heat was so bad it was hard to breathe, I was thinking just how wonderful it would be to nap in an air conditioned room. The ceiling fan is on overdrive! :)

  19. It’s hot as Hell here, but I’m still translating. And intending to write, instead of just writing. Oh, and today I made pizza for the first time in I don’t remember how many years, and it was good!

    1. Ivana, I’m sorry it’s so hot where you are! I hope temperatures cool soon! Pizza! Wow! I haven’t had that in a while either. However, I’m not much of a fan. I much prefer burgers! :)

  20. The heat does suck the very life out of me, but then again, you have the good food, the beautiful people, the wine, and the girls are enjoying the reunion. Let’s not forget the coffee, bar none, the best. Enjoy your travels for all of us stateside.

    1. Hi Brenda! You’re right–the other good stuff quite makes up for the intolerable heat. And the coffee–well, that just brings everything full circle, lady! Oh, and lets not forget the wine! I hope you’re enjoying your summer! :)

  21. Bella, that is the best picture ever of Roxy and Olivia. Worth framing! Plus, I like the tint you used and the beveled edge. Great description of lethargy. You captured the mood brilliantly. In my youth, living in hot, steamy humid New York, I remember summers of doing nothing and wanting to do nothing, except maybe slip into the community pool which was a bike ride away.

    1. Monica, the visual of you biking to the community pool made me smile. I too remember swimming lessons in the community pool and even now, I can still smell the chlorine! I think you’re right–this capture is worth framing, especially since it’s sure to bring a smile to my face when I remember our lethargic state this summer! hee hee! :) How are your plans coming along?

  22. We love that photo of Roxy and Olivia. A paella coma sounds like heaven! The hamster wheel will always be waiting for you so embrace your time off.

    Bella and DiDi

    1. Bella and DiDi, Roxy and Olivia are so pleased you like their photo! They send you hugs! You ladies are the wisest of the wise! Indeed, the hamster wheel is not going anywhere! Sigh. :)

    1. Nikky, the heat here is very arid, not much humidity. This is great for my hair but not so much for my skin! hee hee! I’m happy to report that the heat has abated a bit here. This afternoon was a bit cooler and I was able to walk longer with Roxy and Olivia. :)

  23. I could handle a shrimp paella coma right now, so enjoy for me sister! Glad you’re having a wonderful Summer rest, it’s great you can go and stay with your mum. Roxie also!

    1. Elizabeth, I shall think of you the next time we eat paella, my friend! Thank you for your lovely words. Summer is always a season I look forward to since I get to spend time with my mum. Have a wonderful summer! :)

  24. “Pedal on brother!” Hhahahhahhahaa!!!! I’ll be trying that one on JP and will report back the response. I best try it after I do something indulgent, like a massage. Enjoy, but get to the beach soon, Bella. You’ll regret it if you don’t — also I’ll regret it. Those pics either get my blood pumping in a hummalala kind of way (YUM) or in laughter kind of way. Basically you must go for my general well being. Hugs!

    1. Lori, do report back with JP’s response!bwhahahaha! I’m afraid the Significant Other wasn’t too amused. hee hee! I am busy snapping photos at all size and shapes on the beach, for your delight and pleasure! ha! Love you, girly! :)

  25. Please, oh please, share a good paella recipe with us!!! Sangria I love, but it doesn’t love me :(
    Really? How long can a paella coma last? There only 7 more weeks to Labour Day, after all!

    1. Astra, we always buy the paella at one of the local restaurants but if my aunt comes over, I’ll be sure and ask her for her paella recipe! What do you mean, sangria doesn’t love you? Oh, dear. Now that’s truly tragic considering how delicious it is! ha! My last paella coma lasted two days! hee hee! I’ll keep you tuned if I break my record! :)

  26. Oh that all sounds divine and delicious. What sweet memories to dream and blog about for years to come. love love the pic of Roxy in her “coma”. Your blog as usual inspire and put simply… makes me smile :)

    1. Soul, you’re back! I’ve missed you! How are you? Roxy and I send you great hugs! I’m so happy you like Roxy’s coma photo! hee hee! Stay tuned for new photos! :)

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