Where did the time go?

Dear Readers,
I would like to start this post by thanking you for the outpour of love, encouragement, and support you provided in my last post.

The loss of a loved one is never easy but your kind and compassionate words helped immensely.

Thank you so much!

I would also like to apologize for my absence.

While I had plans to post often while I was in Spain, a series of unfortunate events prevented me from doing so.

That said, allow me to say that I have missed you!

I’m flying home tomorrow but I didn’t want to leave Spain without sharing some shots of this lovely place with you.

I will be including more photos in upcoming posts, as well as sharing stories and anecdotes of the lovely time Roxy, the Son, and I have had here.

Please stay tuned!

I can’t wait to get back so I can once again read your blogs.

The WiFi connection here has been an evil villain that alas, I have been unable to conquer.

And while my intentions of walking to the village have been good, my energy levels have not.

I’m afraid that this summer, the Sun has triumphed.

It has been my kryptonite.

Oh, and let us not forget the many paella comas Roxy, Olivia, and I have sustained.

Thank you for your continued support, friends, and please bear with me while I unpack, clean, and get back on track.

And now without further ado, some shots of the lovely land that is Spain.

Is there anything lovelier than the sea?
Can anyone say, mojito, sangria, or copas?
Were all shopping streets to be this lovely!
Because who doesn’t want to live in a castle with an ocean-front view?
Who’s ready for another serving of paella?

See you soon, friends!



43 thoughts on “Where did the time go?

  1. Bella! I missed your last post, too! Soo sorry, dear soul. I am sending hugs right away. Safe travels…I do soOo hope you are taking careful care of your big beautiful heart. I miss you but if I close my eyes, I still feel you sooo near. Besitos, amiga!

    1. Brynne, it’s perfectly okay, my good friend! No worries, amiga. I am ever so grateful for kind souls like you. They seem to make my life so much easier and fun; so much more fun! Besitos, chica! :)

  2. Bella, welcome back to Blogdom!!! (You deserved a nice long siesta.) It’s great to see your lovely photos of Spain. Is that dish of paella supposed to serve one person or a whole army?? Bet you’ll miss that sangria…. xxxxxx

    1. Jann, I have missed you, lady! And may I say what a nice long siesta it’s been? hee hee! I’m delighted you liked the photos and yes, this is a single serving of paella. Now can you understand why I spent so much time in a paella coma? ha! It’s good to be back! :)

  3. Love your photos, Bella. Love you, too, and can’t wait to reconnect and get back to chatting again. Safe travels, my friend, and we’ll see you on the other side! Hugs for Roxy and Olivia!

    1. Monica, I have missed you dreadfully! I miss my family but it’s good to be back! We have so much to catch up on! I shall write you, lady! Your hugs have been given to Olivia and Roxy as well. You have no idea how heartbroken I am over having left little Olivia. I miss her so! I have to drop by your blog and catch up! So many of your fun posts to read! I can’t wait to see your photos of Spain, Vienna, and Prague! :)

    1. Mrs. Allnut, I love Spain but it’s good to be back. The Significant Other has been alone for far too long! ha! Stay tuned for what I hope will be funny stories of my experiences in Spain this summer. Besos y risas, amiga! :)

  4. Gorgeous! Between your photos and Monica’s, Spain is high on my list of must-see places. I’m glad you were able to spend some time off there with your family when you needed them and they needed you. I’ll look forward to hearing all about your (and Roxy’s) adventures. Welcome home.

    1. Shary, you must visit Spain! It’s such a beautiful country! And the sun, the food, and the wine–to die for, friend! Something tells me you and Lola would be very happy in this lovely country. Thank you for the kind welcome. Roxy and I have missed you and Lola! :)

    1. Ellen, Roxy and I have missed you so! And I think we should set up camp in that castle! Methinks that being the queens we are, we’d fit right in! hee hee! I will drop by your blog soon! :)

  5. Where did the time go, indeed! Glad you’ll be getting back into the swing of things pretty soon. Have a safe trip back home (I want some paella!).

    1. Paz, your comment of the paella made me chuckle! hee hee! It’s good to be back, friend, especially with such a lovely welcome! Thank you! :)

  6. I, too, have been MIA from Blog World for a while (a week, in my case!), so I know how much sits on your plate when you get back. Take your time and enjoy that after-vacation glow! Safe travels, Bella — see you when you return fully!

    1. Debbie, I have so much to catch up on your blog! I’m itching to unpack, restock the fridge, and clean a bit before joining the blogosphere. Thank you for your sweet words, lady! :)

  7. Missed you! Missed you! Missed you, dear friend! And Miss Roxy, too, of course! It will be so nice to have you back in our blog world once more!
    Loved the pictures. It must be almost painful to have to leave.
    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

    1. Diane, I have missed you and your family stories so much! I have much to read on your blog! You’re right–it was a painful parting. My mother is 77 years old and I cherish every moment I spend with her. It hurt to leave my sister, my nephew, my niece, and little Olivia. We had such a wonderful time! Please stay tuned for a retelling of our zany adventures! :)

  8. Missed you! I have to say that this summer has been busier than I ever expected and I’ve been almost – maybe exactly – away from posting for almost a month. Best wishes and take some time to unwind when you get home. There were certainly some bumps in your vacation – take your time. XOXO


    1. Eloise, lovely lady, I have missed you! Thank you for your ever kind and supportive comments! I trust you are fully recovered by now! I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts, my friend!

  9. Glad to hear from you again, Bella! I’m still on hiatus, and it may be another month or so before I get back to my regular schedule. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing more great stories from you!

    1. Nadine, I’m so happy to hear from you! And how wonderful that your hiatus continues. I do hope you’re enjoying what’s left of summer. Thank you so much for reading. I love it when you pop in! :)

  10. I’m so envious, Bella. Your vacation looks great. The sea water, the streets, the food and having your dogs with you … Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Come back soon!

    1. Claudine, you do a woman’s ego good, lady! Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words. You and the rest of the lovely people who comment here are what keep me coming back to post! :)

    1. Lori, I can so see you walking down these streets! You would have so much fun! And think of the wonderful vino we could consume! hee hee! :)

    1. Nora, thank you for your kind and supportive words. Our family is “on the mend,” but of course we realize that life goes on. Nicky shall live on in our thoughts and memories. And for the record, I had to struggle whilst writing this post. The word sangria kept giving me flashbacks that made my brain foggy! hee hee! :)

    1. Kristine, thank you for your kind words. I am grateful. I too am glad that we were together during this difficult time. It helps to be around family in times like these. I’m delighted you like the shots! :)

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