Return of the Speedo Part III

This morning, as I searched in my closet for something warmer than the cardigan I’ve been wearing to walk Roxy, I realized fall has arrived with a vengeance.

The warmer, sunnier days of summer have been substituted with the colder, damper, rain-filled days of autumn.

I sighed as I remembered past summer days spent frolicking on the beach, drinking ice cold sangria, and laughing at the silly things.

It was this nostalgia that prompted me to look through my photos and relive some of those memories.

And in so doing, I discovered I still haven’t done my traditional Speedo post.

Busily scrolling through the hundreds of photographs, I quickly selected a handful to share with you.


Because it matters not whether we cringe or whoop with delight, a Speedo post possesses the ability to make us smile.

Or giggle.

Or sigh.

Or wonder what the heck these men were thinking when they put them on.

Nevertheless, this year I’ve decided that I shall not bash the Speedo.

Instead, just for fun, I would like to encourage you to express your thoughts regarding this controversial strip of cloth.

You can do this by leaving a comment or voting in the poll found at the bottom of this post.

(Hopefully, both!)

And now, without further ado, I give you men in Speedos!

First up, the “retro” Speedo.
Some men believe wearing a Speedo is the best way to bring sexy back.
I call this one the “underwear” Speedo.
If you don’t have a Speedo you can always make one.
If you don’t want to sport a homemade Speedo, you can always turn yourself into a human net.
I have to admit this one made me wonder if not all homemade Speedos are bad.
Finally, no summer would be complete without the white Speedo.

What do you think of the Speedo?

Don’t forget to check back to see the results!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Note: This post is written in a humorous vein.
For further explanation, please refer to the post titled, Should I label this post a disclaimer?

52 thoughts on “Return of the Speedo Part III

  1. Actually, a few of the men don’t look half bad…well-developed muscles in some of those pics (if they have tight buns it’s not so bad). But still, truly, what are they thinking?

  2. The gentleman with the Rock Hudson pose is not too bad in his little speedo! I’ll also allow speedos when they come on an Olympic swimmer. Otherwise, probably better for guys to stick to trunks!

    1. Caryn, forgive my ignorance but which one has the Rock Hudson pose? It’s funny that you mention the Olympic swimmers because I have an image of Michael Phelps on Pinterest for a Louis Vuitton ad. But get this, he’s in a bathtub wearing a Speedo! Trust me, the last thing I looked at was the Louis Vuitton bag! ha! :)

  3. Well done, Bella! Thank your for pulling out your beach snapshots. The lying-down hunk in the second photo seems to be waiting for a woman so that he can replicate the beach scene in From Here to Eternity. And, yes, I agree with Jodi. He can wear whatever he wants. The white undies look of the last guy? Not so chic, in my opinion. I’m just thankful you didn’t snap him from the front.

    1. Jann, the last sentence of your comment made me snort coffee all over my keyboard! ha! You’re right–there’s only so much our eyes can take! :)

  4. Anyone not trying out for the Olympics or at an age to be trying out for the Olympics should be banned from wearing one, the same way we should make it illegal to wear a “muscle shirt” if you don’t have the requisite muscles.

  5. I don’t like them. They’re awful. At least the really tiny ones are. If those guys are going to wear that, I might as well wear a bikini! And trust me, you don’t want to see me in a bikini. Yikes. But, I love your photos. I love what you do with them. Love the retro look!

    1. Aw, Monica, I’m certain you look fine in a bikini! Don’t be so hard on yourself sister and you know what? If these guys can rock Speedos, methinks we can rock bikinis just as easily! hee hee! I’m delighted you like the photos. Someday I’ll have a DSLR camera and hope to really be able to wow all of you! :)

    1. Paz, you make me laugh! Roxy and I are trying our best to stay warm and we’ve even activated our tiny space heater already! :)

  6. It takes the right body type and a certain amount of confidence to pull off a speedo – I’m thinking very young life guards, or olympic swimmers. Beyond that, I’m not on board. Your photos and captions are making me giggle though.

    1. Renee, I’m thinking of making myself a tee next summer that says, “If you ain’t Michael Phelps, you ain’t got no business wearing a Speedo!” hee hee! So happy to have given you a chuckle! :)

  7. Bella, thanks again for making me late for work. Once again, you have haunted me, my mind, my body, my soul with some chilling images. The white Speedo really was the worst.

    1. Patrice, and you have made me laugh out loud with your comment! Thanks a lot for that. After today’s tiring day, I needed that! :)

    1. Astra, thank you! You’ve given me food for thought. If they banned them, not only would we be left without the giggles, I wouldn’t be able to write my traditional annual post! hee hee! :)

  8. Bella, you make me laugh! Frankly, I don’t want to see MOST men in a Speedo — they just don’t have the bodies for it (and the ones who do, won’t wear them!). It seems like the bigger the frame, the more inclined the person is to expose it. And the less we really NEED to see all that, heehee!

    1. Debbie, hear, hear! Too right, sister. And why is it that Speedo wearers are rarely hot? Inquiring minds want to know! ha! :)

  9. Okay, I have a speedo story . . . about the time my Husby, he of the rather Santa-esque figure, wore a speedo on Christmas morning. I am not making this up. Every year, the kids have to get him out of bed before they can hit the tree and presents (so to speak). He has been very creative in . . . discouraging them from their goal. But the year he put on a speed o, then waited under the covers for them to . . . erm . . . expose him, is the best memory ever! They scattered like leaves in a hurricaine. We could hear children moaning in the hall. Some went back to bed. Husby chuckled and said, “I should have thought of this years ago!”

    1. Diane, to have been a fly on the wall in your home that Christmas morning! hee hee! Oh my goodness, give that man a star for creativity! I love it! You should have caught him on tape! :)

    1. Nadine, you’re right, my friend–in spite of all the mirth, there’s a lesson to be learned from Speedo wearers; you have to give them bonus points for their bravery and self confidence! So happy to have provided you with morning giggles, lady! :)

  10. You always make me laugh my butt off with your humorous posts! thanks!!
    Great minds think alike, we have the same theme this time around….LOL

    1. Eve, and your kind words always make me smile! Aw, I’m so glad we have the same theme! I have to pop over and see your blog STAT! :)

  11. Isn’t it amazing how bold and… um… carefree, and amazingly clueless some men are as to what they look like in speedos? And absolutely do not care what others think about them? And if you pointed it out to them, they’d look at you like YOU were the one who was crazy? Ahhh to have such blind confidence. To wear those, they truly have to NOT care what others think of them and must, for sure, not hear the howling and screeching noises behind them sounding like, “My eyes! My eyes!!”

    What I must know is what Roxy thought??

    1. Nan, you’re right–I agree with you 100 percent! I think little Roxy was wondering where male doggies where sunbathing on the beach. She too wanted to giggle, you see! ha! :)

  12. Speedos always give me mixed feeling. As someone how comes from a swimming family I understand how important it is to not have drag when you’re competing. This is mixed with the desire to never see my own father in a speedo whenever I go to watch him compete. All in all, I’ve simply tried to accept them as part of our existence. All the same, I do think that if you’re not swimming competitively then you have no business wearing one.

    1. Oh Rachel, I can see the pickle you’re in! hee hee! Hey, I say, if they’re competing, we’re willing to make an exception! ha! :)

  13. Bella, while I checked the “keep them so we can laugh our asses off”, it wouldn’t be so bad if they went away. Even in the Olympics now, aren’t they wearing those long things that reduce drag in the water? And those are the only guys who should be wearing them.

    Problem is, the guys who should *never* wear them do, and the guys who *could* opt for more coverage.

    Fat guys should never wear them. Who wants to see a paunch hanging over a Speedo? That gives the look of a reverse thong. I actually witnessed this phenomenon. Yikes!

    1. Eloise, as always, you make me laugh! My God, yes, even Olympians are wearing those long Spandex things! And if you ask me, that’s a shame given they’re the only ones that might be able to pull off the dreaded Speedo! hee hee! You witnessed a reverse thong? Oh dear. My heart goes out to you! ha! :)

  14. Bella,
    I don’t care for the speedo, but I do like the longer shorts. Less is not more in this case!

    …but I am in the 80 percent that still want to observe and laugh my ass off.

    Kiss to you and Rox. Xx

    1. Kim, we’re funny creatures aren’t we? We’re repulsed and yet compelled to look if only to guffaw ourselves to death! ha! Kisses to you from Roxy and me! And by the way, give me board shorts and a washboard stomach any day! :)

    1. Jayne, isn’t it ironic how that’s to be admired? ha! I couldn’t look at Borat in his green contraption, lest I throw up in my mouth! ha! :)

  15. Very funny … and fun. I loved the enormous photos – very quality – but the captions really made them :) Ah speedos…. great post.

    1. Nate, you’re back! I have missed you! And I’m giggling at the thought of you cringing at the thought of wearing a Speedo! ha! :)

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