What does pretty smell like?

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Eduardo Deboni

I accidentally dropped a bottle of my favorite perfume today.

As I heard the sound of shattering glass, my muscles clenched.

I quickly closed my eyes not wanting to witness the remains of what used to be a lovely, elegant bottle with a pink stopper.

I heard the Son ask if everything was okay.

I shouted back that it was but nothing was further from the truth.

I was filled with regret.

Why hadn’t I been more careful when opening the closet door?

Why hadn’t I returned the bottle to its rightful place the last time I used it?

Why did I insist on not wearing my glasses when I couldn’t see a foot in front of me?

As I spyed the perfume seeping under the nightstand, I became angry with myself.

I had bought the funky strawberry scent this past summer in Spain.

The inner child in me had been drawn to its fruity notes.

I cursed my carelessness and quickly made my way to the laundry room to grab the mop.

Walking back, I noticed a delicious scent hung in the air.

Entering the bedroom, I realized it smelled “pretty.”

As I stooped down to pick up the shards of glass, I felt the fragrance enveloping me.

Not stopping to dwell on the fact that I couldn’t remember the last time I had mopped the hardwood floor, I placed the mop in the puddle of perfume and started mopping.

Left to right, up and down, the smell of strawberries and cream filled every corner of the room.

Drawn by the scent, Roxy sauntered up to the doorway and curiously peered in.

Meanwhile, I stood in the center of the room and twirled.

Slowly at first and then faster.

Strawberries and cream swirled around me in a giant spiral.

I smiled as I realized that my earlier mishap had allowed me to discover what “pretty” smelled like.

The sound of the Significant Other’s deep voice interrupted my impromptu dance.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m twirling to the scent of pretty. Can’t you see?”

Grabbing Roxy, he said, “And is Roxy an eyewitness to your madness or an accomplice to whatever’s going on here?”

I replied, “I want to think a little of both.”

When was the last time you got whiff of pretty?


63 thoughts on “What does pretty smell like?

  1. I love. I have a Scentsy warmer in my bedroom, which is where my desk lives and so is where I am a lot of the time. Currently, it is sporting an Autumn wax that is fragrant with clove, cinnamon, pumpkin and a little cranberry. It is a pretty scent, as well as inspiring and invigorating and comforting. I haven’t danced to eat, but I’ve vacuumed to it. Does that count? xo :-)

    1. Ellen, that autumn was sounds heavenly! I love anything that smells like cinnamon. And you’re right, this type of scent can be so comforting! Vacuuming to “pretty” most definitely counts! hee hee! :)

    1. Amber, in my book, comfy is just as nice as pretty! I’m imagining the smell of roasted pumpkin seeds and I’m getting hungry! hee hee! :)

  2. What a lovely and beautiful post, Bella. I couldn’t help smiling as I read it and imagined you dancing to the smell of pretty!

  3. This was a delight for the nostrils, Bella. That luscious strawberries and cream aroma wafted all the way across the ocean. And it reminds me that not enough writing conjures up scents & smells & stinks. Glad you found your silver lining…. xxxxxxx

    1. Jann, I am so pleased that you found the writing good enough to conjure the scent of strawberries and cream! I am honored. I agree–our writing should invoke the senses more. I think it makes the reading experience all that more enjoyable when we can use all of our senses! Hugs! :)

  4. Poor Bella, breaking that bottle of sweet perfume. But sometimes we need to break something to appreciate it, don’t we? And I’d say you certainly enjoyed twirling to “pretty.” Though next time, perhaps spritzing the air a few times would be sufficient, rather than breaking the entire bottle ;)

    1. Debbie, I wish I had been more careful. I do. It makes me sad that I’ll be without this lovely scent until the summer. On the upside, a few days later and the room still smells pretty! :)

    1. Astra, that it did, although I must admit that today I felt a bit sad when I saw the spot in the closet where the perfume bottle used to reside. Sigh. What’s a woman to do, right? Nature is a beautiful smell! Just this morning, Roxy and I caught a whiff of freshly brewed coffee. Not really nature, but the scent hung in the air! ha! :)

  5. Bella Ballerina! :) I am sorry to hear that you spilled your perfume, but that’s the best excuse to go get some more pretty, right? :) Just out of curiosity, what perfume is this? strawberries and cream? oh my, i need to look into that!

    1. Amy, I think I will follow your lead and place all my perfume bottles in a case. I too am a fan of spraying perfume in my hair! ha! And here I thought I was the only one that did that! :)

  6. I love this post, Bella, and how the story of the perfume spilling unfolds. I love how Roxy peeked in, drawn in by the scent. For me, the scent of pretty is right next to me as I write. I keep scented candles by my desk and like to light one while I write. Right now, my “Harvest Pumpkin” is burning bright, and I love the smell that emanates from it. Feels cozy. I also have here, “Pumpkin Pie” and “Salted Caramel.” You can tell I’m in a fall/Thanksgiving mood.

    1. Monica, I’m so pleased you liked the post! Thank you for your kind words. Roxy looked so adorable as she peered in the room, with that inquisitive look of, “what happened?” I love fall scents! The Brise candles come in the autumn scents and I love burning them here in the house. Sadly, we don’t have pumpkin pie and salted caramel. Oh my! Those sound heavenly! :)

  7. I can picture you and Roxy twirling. It reminds me of the movie, You’ve Got Mail when Meg Ryan remembers her mother as they twirled in the past. : ) Both images make me smile..you bring such color and warmth to these moments in life where one can just sweep up and forget not to take in what has just happened. I think you are one who stops and smells the roses, carnations, lavendar, rosemary, whatever bit of nature comes your way..even the smelly bits. It is always such a joy to come here and be transported, my friend! Thanks for your ever so kind visit..you always leave me with a smile, Bella. Hugs to you and Roxy!

    1. Shirley, you are sweetness personified. Thank you for your lovely words. I am touched. And you’ve made my day. You really have! Visits to your blog always leave me dreaming of the beautiful woodland creatures and you can’t imagine how many stories I’ve invented of Monsieur Olivier! hee hee! Hugs to you from Roxy and me! :)

  8. Delightful! It’s a shame the bottle broke, but perhaps the scent will linger in your bedroom for a while. I’m always amazed at how powerful smells can be. A whiff of certain combinations always carries me away. I hope you can find a new bottle of that fragrance you love, but if you can’t maybe you’ll be able to find another one that smells just as pretty to you.

    1. Shary, it’s been a few days since the mishap and would yo believe I can still smell it whenever I come into the room? I’m hoping it will linger just a bit longer. I mentioned to the daughter that she should be on the lookout for a similar scent. In the meantime, I will also be visiting perfume stores here as well! :)

  9. reading this I remembered one of your posts about superstition! If that incident had happened to my grand mother, she would directly grab a second bottle of perfume and break it on the floor (out of superstition)

    1. Nikki, how interesting! My nana was quite superstitious as well. There was never a time when she dropped salt that she didn’t follow up with a salt shake over her right shoulder! hee hee! :)

  10. The guilt of losing something you love so much. Yeah this reminds me of time my son went through my drawer and spilled my favorite and most expensive nail polish. it did not smell so good. Oh Bella !!! At least twirling to the scent of pretty for while.

    1. Oh, Ciaa, the smell of nail polish gives me a migraine! Poor you! I’m sorry. Fortunately for me, like you mention, I’ll be twirling for a few more days. Can you believe that I walked into the room tonight and it still smells like the scent? I think I”m going to miss it dreadfully when it’s gone! :)

    1. Adriene, I’m sure it will! Fortunately, I can get another bottle next summer. I just have to be patient and wait a couple of months. In the meantime, I have the memory! :)

  11. Scent (for me) is one of the stronger of the senses. It conjures emotions on all levels. It can take you back in time. It can render you motionless. It can make you dance. To answer your question, this morning. I walk from the train to my office, about 3/4 of a mile on and pass by a bakery. There is nothing quite like the smell of bread to take me home. Suddenly, I am sitting in my mom’s kitchen, tapping my fingers, waiting for the bread to come out of the oven.

    1. Brenda, I love, love the smell of freshly baked bread. My nana was convinced that it’s the way heaven smells like! ha! And just like you mention, the scent is so magical that it has the power to transport us to faraway lands and times! :)

  12. Hey Bella,

    I love that so many of your posts make me think about the unexpected, or unexplored. This is a beautiful post, it evokes a tactile response. I wish I could touch pretty and capture it but that defies it’s fleetingness…and fragility. Is fleetingness a word? lol Well, you get my point.

    I’ve worked hard to answer this question and besides perfume and a passing, pretty woman the scent memories which keep assailing me all belong in nature: peonies, roses, lilacs, heather, the smell of ocean water or my garden. It’s amazing to me that the sheer quantity of plants have changed the quality of the air. So, the last time I smelled pretty in abundance was at the NY Botanicalk Gardens on my birthday.

    Thank you for reminding us all of things that matter.

    Peace, C.

    1. Coco, my friend, you have the sweetest job. I can only imagine how delightful it must be to work amongst flowers and plants day after day. The scent of flowers hanging in the air…just lovely! I’m tickled pink you liked the post and that it had such an effect on you. Thank you for your kind words and for making me smile like you always do! :)

  13. Sweet! How magical the way you turn an unfortunate event into art. This memory engaged the sense of smell, a rare treat in the blogosphere.
    When was the last time I caught a whiff of pretty? When my daughter messaged my feet with spearmint and eucalyptus oil. Oh, heaven!

    1. Debra, I love the smell of eucalyptus. It reminds me of the many afternoons spent in my sister’s living room. She used to have vases full of it, you see. I’m so happy you liked the post! Thanks for dropping by always, my friend! :)

  14. I’ll second Debra: Sweet! I love the smell of strawberries (though I can’t take the sour taste too much). The last time I caught a whiff of pretty was when my grandmother finished her floral shower, and some time ago when I sniffed into my cat’s fur coat.

    1. Claudine, sounds to me like you’ve been getting many whiffs of pretty lately! You lucky girl! Aren’t lovely scents wonderful? I’m tickled pink you liked the post! :)

  15. hey Bella. Nice post and as you described It was like I can see the perfume bottle falling and its smell going into my nose. loved going through your post. and yes children do create trouble if they catch you breaking up something.

    1. Rahul, I’m so pleased that you’ve dropped by! Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m happy that I was able to provide you with a visual of my mishap and that you saw how it turned out to not be so bad after all! :)

    1. Bella and DiDi, I am too! I think that letting go of anger and looking for the positive is always the best course of action. Have a nice weekend, ladies! :)

  16. This is an evocative post. Sometimes we do break the beautiful things, the pretty things. We’re human. But “the smell of pretty” took your hand and spun you around the room. I love it. I do.

    I’ve been collecting fallen leaves from the parking lot on my way into work each morning. The broad leaf maples smell like pancakes dripping with syrup.

    1. Patrice, I can smell the pancake drippings all the way here! I love maple leafs! Thery are quickly falling here and just this afternoon, two fell and they had the most beautiful fall colors. Gosh, I love this season! Thank you for your lovely comment! :)

  17. Interesting question you are putting out there, Bella. It reminds me of that Harry Potter book/movie when they examine poison and there is one bottle filled with a liquid that smells differently for every person… What does pretty smell like? What smells do we associate with beauty?
    Also, I think this is a topic every one can relate to. I’m pretty sure we all have had these moments when we broke something that was very special to us… and then that dreadful feeling of regret for not having been careful enough… it’s awesome to see that you actually managed to see the positive side of it. Instead of being upset about having dropped your favourite perfume, you started dancing! That’s the kind of attitude people should be having!

  18. This was wonderful, Bella! So glad Roxy got to enjoy it, too.

    Outside my kitchen window, I have two lilac bushes. Last year we had just moved in when they started to bloom, so I picked lilacs and set them on our breakfast table to enjoy the look and the scent. They remind me of the lilac bushes outside my window when I was a child.

  19. Wow, this post made me feel as if I were there!!! You have a great and vivid imagination when writing your posts!

    Hmmmm, it’s so good to read something that makes you smile and transports you there….Thanks!!


  20. Oh Bella! This is absolutely gorgeous! I could almost smell the pretty strawberries and cream where I am right now and it fills me with delight! Flared skirts, bare feet, flying hair. Absolutely wonderful! You made me close my eyes and smile and twirl with you in the a swirl of pretty. I recently got a bottle of orange oil and that is the whiff of happy! Hugs!! Sharon

    1. Sharon, you paint a beautiful picture, lady! But then you are such a gifted writer! I am delighted to have gotten you up and twirling! Ah…the smell of orange oil…what a beautiful scent! Hugs to you! :)

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