Who says you have to be in Barbados to sunbathe?

Roxy and Manolito

Clearly he had once again exercised selective hearing.

I had said, “I have to send the Sister a package and I need you to buy a roll of parcel paper.”

He had only heard “wrapping paper.”

The proof lay on the table: a roll of Mickey Mouse gift wrapping paper, no less.

As I hobbled to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, I sighed heavily at my continued inability to do things myself.

“Delegate,” the doctor had said, “and stay off that knee.”

It was obvious she didn’t know about the Significant Other’s selective hearing strategy.

Limping back to the living room, I took solace in the coffee’s delicate aroma.

Making my way into the room, I spotted Roxy standing by the staircase.

Thinking she was looking for Manolo, her stuffed cat, I settled on the couch to read a few pages of a new book.

Ten minutes later, I noticed that Roxy was still standing in the same spot.

As I crept closer to see what she was doing, I discovered that she was sunbathing.

Standing upright, laying her head on one of the stairs, our little Miss had discovered the sunniest and warmest spot in the room.

Roxy sun 1

Roxy sun 2

Smiling, I made my way back to the table and picked up the wrapping paper.

If Roxy had been wise enough to know that you don’t have to be on an exotic beach on Barbados to soak up the sun’s rays, I too could find a way to effectively use Mickey Mouse gift wrapping paper.

And I did.

I turned the paper over and wrapped the box effortlessly.

The outline of Mickey’s dapper figure was slightly visible, but I was certain the European postal office wouldn’t quibble about it.

Whoever said furry friends can’t teach humans a thing or two, never met Roxy.

Roxy's probably thinking, I just made it into your blog post, didn't I?
Roxy’s probably thinking, I just made it into your blog post, didn’t I?
Roxy and Manolo (As in the Manolo Blahnik's I can't afford but still dream about).
Roxy and Manolo (As in the Manolo Blahnik’s I can’t afford but still dream about).
It's not Barbados, but it's still warm!
It’s not Barbados, but it’s still warm!

What has your furry friend taught you?


60 thoughts on “Who says you have to be in Barbados to sunbathe?

    1. Bella and Didi, Roxy and I are so happy to see you again! We love that you liked the post too! Here’s hoping the two of you are getting some beautiful sun as well! :)

  1. I just love this, Bella. I would have been tempted to use the Mickey Mouse paper with the print side out, just to see if the postal service would allow it. What fun that would be for the recipient! :-) As for Roxy and her strategic stand-spot… Brilliant, that. Of course, we know that about Roxy all along. Proof’s in the sunlight. ;-) xoxo

    1. Ellen, you realize that Roxy could become with all the praise you shower her with, don’t you? hee hee! Thank you for your lovely words. Roxy is twirling as we speak! I should’ve wrapped that package in the Mickey Mouse paper but I don’t think the dour woman who works in the post office would have found it funny! hee hee! xoxo :)

  2. Cats taught me a lot of things. To sleep in any position. To play with whatever is available, and if nothing physical is around, to use my imagination. To sleep with other cats. To be very careful around cats who don’t know me. To hiss at people (well, maybe I shouldn’t do that). To cuddle, especially with cats. To make that leap, even if I’m going to fall, because that way I’ll go stronger and succeed someday. That being gentle to a girl is the way to get her (it helps if you chase away all the competition first). To accept ‘no’ for an answer. To… Err, I don’t think my reply should be longer than your post, that would be rude. :)

  3. Dogs are soooooo mellow, aren’t they? We called our last dog “Buddha” because he was never ruffled by anything. (And he loved the sun, too.) These pix of your Little Miss are luscious–she is sweetness personified. Hope that leg of yours gets better soon, Bella.xxxxxx

    1. Jann, I think Buddha is such a wonderful name for a dog! hee hee! Roxy just loves you and your sweet words! Thank you for your well wishes, lady. The good Lord knows I’m trying but it’s going so slow! Hugs! :)

  4. We don’t have a cat or dog but the latest calf has taught me the importance of running full out in life! She is only a month old. I named her Lolly (for Lollypop) and Alpha Hubby added Straight Tail because every time we look outside she is running all around so fast her tail is straight out. She weaves between the legs of the other cows, runs around and around and around the bank of the pond, other calves often run after her to see what she’s doing, and she is just is so full on glad to be alive, it’s inspiring! Live your life joyously! Be glad to be alive!

    1. Nan, Lolly sounds like quite the character and I love the addition from Alpha Hubby! As I read your comment, I could see Lolly running around just like you described. It had me giggling! I do live my life joyously. Only some days are easier than others! :)

    1. Nadine, you’ve been on the end of selective hearing as well? hee hee! I’m glad I’m not alone! Roxy thanks you for your sweet words! :)

    1. Hi Patrice! Your comment made me smile so much! Thank you, lady! It’s so wonderful to be missed and appreciated. I’m so happy you liked the post! Hugs to you! :)

    1. Jasmine, kitties are so smart! I wish I weren’t allergic! My sister has a furry friend named Marshmallow and she swears he’s smarter than any human she’s met! hee hee! :)

    1. Totsy, and ain’t that the truth! Roxy saved the day and my sister’s package! hee hee! I went and tore my meniscus and it’s taking forever to heal! Argh! I want to be patient but oh my goodness, it is frustrating to not be able to do all I’m used to doing! Thank you for asking, lady! :)

  5. Your Roxy is a wise girl, she knows how to sunbath herself whatever the weather!, and love how you draw inspiration from Roxy’s attitude!,
    wish you get well soon, my dear lady!, espero que te mejores!

    1. Muchas gracias, amiga. La recuperacion se esta tardando mas de la cuenta. Bueno, que se va a hacer? ja! Roxy is indeed savvy, Mrs. Allnut. I think I have to start mimicking her behavior a bit more! Besos! :)

  6. Poor Bella. Still limping, hmm? Better take notes on Roxy’s behavior — she knows rest is important, and rest in the sunshine (wherever it appears) is best of all!

    1. Debbie, I think that if I had followed Roxy’s example a little better, I’d be healthier by now! Oh dear. I’m afraid it’s snowing outside now and the sun has started to play duck and cover. I’m hoping this weekend it will again come out to play! :)

  7. I feel you. I had back surgery last fall and delegation is not my forte, especially since my spouse also has selective hearing. Hope you feel better soon. Your photos of Roxy are gorgeous as always.

    1. Nora, I’m tickled pink you like the photos! Back surgery sounds a lot more serious than my tear. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for you! And another spouse with selective hearing? Oh my. We need to form a club…or support group! hee hee! :)

  8. Oh I loved this! Good for Roxy and the heck with Barbados. By the way, in my household I refer to selective hearing as functional deafness… it sounds meaner.

    1. Astra, as always, you are brilliant! I like mean every now and then. And I’m really liking the sound of functional deafness! hee hee! :)

  9. My furry friend, Jazz, (7 lb maltese) has taught me the importance of following my instincts. That little guy will run and the thought of a loud noise or suspicious activity, but me I”ll search and try to test things out. I think Jazz and Roxy are smarter than their own good. Thanks for reminding me how much I appreciate my furry guy!

    1. Ofelia, amiga, que tal? I was so happy to see your comment! I clicked on your blog before and it says it’s been deleted. Do you have a new blog? If so, please send me the link! I need your fashion advice! Besos y los mejores deseos para el 2013! :)

    2. Ofelia linda, por fin pudo dar con tu blog nuevamente. Las fotos de la comida me volvieron loca! Ay, que rico! ja ja! Besos y abrazos! :)

  10. That is so funny about Roxy’s upright tanning salon!
    My cat taught me that I look horrifyingly ugly when I cry so I’s better snap out of it if I wanted any face time with her.

  11. Bella, isn’t it amazing how smart dogs are? And Roxy looks like she has an IQ of 180. She’s wise beyond her years. How lovely she looks in these photos. I especially like that her pet toy’s name is Manolo for Manolo Blahnik’s. How clever of her! Love that you used the Mickey Mouse wrapping paper after all. ;)

    1. Monica, Roxy (and I) think you’re a special lady! She’s twirling around the living room after hearing that you think she has an IQ of 180! hee hee! Sir Henry is a wise one as well! I can’t even imagine what his IQ is! ha! Manolo name was chosen by my idealistic alter ego. A girl can dream, right? :)

    1. Lady, how are you? I’m so happy you dropped by! Roxy most definitely ensures that she goes where the sun is! hee hee! I’m so delighted you enjoyed the post, friend! Wishing you all the best for 2013! xoxo :)

  12. Too cute! Wise Roxy, she knows sunbathing is a frame of mind. Why is it the SO’s are hearing impaired? I wonder. My furry friend, a fat cat, has taught me to go with the flow and find pockets in my day to sit and ponder the world at large/

    1. Brenda, between Roxy and your cat, I’d say they’re definitely on to something! Oh my, these little guys can teach us a thing or two! As for the significant others, I think it’s in the DNA. Sigh. hee hee! :)

  13. She rested on the stairs to catch a few rays… I have zero room to quibble ever again. Roxy, you are a gem. And honey, I so wish I could lend you a hand while you’re in the hobble stage. I’m picturing midnight rounds of gin rummy, empty bottles of wine, and a Daniel Day Lewis movie marathon…

    1. Lori, would you believe this has been going on for a few days? And the little minx seems quite comfortable too! Oh, how I wish you were my next door neighbor! Imagine the fun! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll move in to the villa next to mine when I finally move to Tuscany! ha! :)

  14. Clever Roxy! :) And I love that the stuffed kitty is named Manolo! Oh my gosh, so cute! I am so glad to be back here, Bella. It’s been a while, I know! I hope all is well at your end of the rainbow!

    1. Laura!! You’re back! You have been missed, my friend! I knew you’d like Manolo’s name! I knew it! hee hee! Sending you hugs, friend! :)

  15. That it’s absolutely okay not to mind what others think, to drink in cool sunshine, and enjoy a nap now and then (or everyday).

    Love the pictures, Belle! (Also, I’m collecting buttons. Hope it’s ok to grab yours?)

    1. Claudine, I am honored that you’re grabbing a button and little Roxy is over the moon! I love your philosophy! Love it! I think I’ll borrow it this week! hee hee! Hugs to you, lady! :)

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