Pulling myself up by my piggy house slippers

piggy house slippers

Dear friends,
First of all, I wanted to apologize for my absence. For the past week and a half, I’ve been battling bronchitis. Many sleepless nights have ensued and I’m afraid it’s time to admit that it has whipped my derriere. Breathing has become so difficult, I’m using an asthma inhaler even though I’m not asthmatic.

But not to fear, friends.
I’m beat but not broken.

(Although something tells me that the surgical mask wearers the Son and the Significant Other would say otherwise.)

Tonight, feeling like I can finally breathe a little better, I decided it was time to pull myself up by the bootstraps, actually, by my piggy house slippers, and tell all of you how much I’ve missed you.

Please forgive my absence to your blogs.
I hope to be get better soon and look forward to reading all your posts.

I also want to express my gratitude to all who have emailed and sent Twitter messages asking how I am. Please know that you are lovely, lovely, lovely and I am very appreciative for your concern.

And now I want to leave you with a post I wrote before bronchitis snared me in its clutches.

It’s been two weeks since then but I think you will still enjoy it.

I’ll be back as soon as I can take a full breath.
Until then, enjoy!


I find it ironic that someone who loves technology and gadgets as much as I do, can’t afford to have any.

I feel cheated.


And let’s face it, in a time where people can instantly post from their cell phones to the net and post photos using cutesy apps like Instagram, I feel deprived.

Yet, not one to cry over what I don’t have (though I find complaining to be the perfect way to channel my frustration), I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The photos you are about to peruse are not “sent from my iPhone.”

Heck, they’re not even sent.
I had to upload them with a USB cable.

Nevertheless, when life gives you lemons, you make a lemon pound cake.

Or a lemon meringue pie.

Or a lemon granita.

You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures…

These sightings took place in the spell of four days.

During this time, we went from cold, to colder, to snow.

All photos taken with my barely alive but still kicking Nokia.



I love the charm of this cafe.
I love the charm of this cafe.


Yes, yes I do!
Yes, yes I do!
Stunning Roxy!
Stunning Roxy!
Wild parrots
Wild parrots
Why yes, there's a swan in the canal, Roxy!
Why yes, there’s a swan in the canal, Roxy!
Thoughts, anyone?
Because this is the only place Barbie needs to be!
Snow day!
Snow day!
European snowmen. You gotta love them!
European snowmen. You gotta love them!

Which is your favorite?


24 thoughts on “Pulling myself up by my piggy house slippers

  1. I’ve missed you, Bella! I’m glad you were able to post a smidgen…. I’ll take what I can get!

    Don’t despair about the lack of gadgets. They aren’t all they are cracked up to be. I am a single mom of two teenage boys and there are many, many times I don’t have two nickels to rub together. We went one summer without cable and internet at home. Although the boys thought they wouldn’t make it, we realized we COULD live without it. We remembered how much we loved to play cards and board games. We watched movies we forgot we loved. When I don’t have the money to eat out and am so very tired of cooking, we have waffles for supper and enjoy not having to inhale them like we do in the morning on the way to school. There’s a reason for everything, even when we don’t know it. Perhaps it’s to teach us to slow down and enjoy other things that we’ve taken for granted.

    I’m sending hugs your way for a speedy recovery. :)


  2. Bella… There you are. <3 I'm sorry you've been so sick, and truly hope you are on the road to recovery.

    Thank you for gifting us with the pictures! :-D

    I love your pink piggy slippers! They're so cute, and they look like they're made of terry cloth; that texture is fantastic. :-)

    Wild parrots in the dregs of winter? What?! I hope they are able to keep cozy.

    Do you need anything? Can I bring you a crockpot of vegetable soup to warm and heal you? (You know I would, if I could.)

    Loads of healing thoughts coming your way, along with some big ol' cyber hugs. :-)

  3. My favorite is simply that you’re back!! But also, I big-heart the red-stripey cafe shot. It’s so gorgeous and vintage-y and I really feel I should get a slice of apple pie.

    I’m so sorry to hear of the bronchitis. It’s horrible when you can’t sleep and cough round the clock. My heart and my asthma inhaler are saluting you. Hang in there, dear girl.

  4. Bella – So sorry to hear you are sick. I had bronchitis last year and was sick for three weeks. If you haven’t seen a doctor I recommend you do so . I didn’t – at first I was too sick to move – then felt it was too late. In hindsight I should have taken my husband up on his offer to carry me. Get well soon.

    p.s. Luv your photos.

  5. Tell me about it! 8 days of la grippe, hiding under the covers, head too sore and eyes unable to focus, that once in 5 years things that sneaks up on you unawares, I am SO, SO appreciative of my health, having been reminded how debilitating it is not to have it.

    Hope you recover soon and that this episode only makes you stronger and able to fight off the next bug that comes along Bella, good on you for getting to the page and sharing something.

  6. Bella, I didnt know you were unwell. Get well soon my friend. The photos are beautiful! Goes to show if you are good at clicking even with an old still kicking Nokia it does not matter whether you have the latest gadgets. Sending you loads of love and hugs.

  7. Bella, I’m sending you a virtual bowl of chicken soup and wishing you a fast recovery. Hacking cough=not fun! All these photos are wonderful, but I’m in love with the striped awning and the “Koffie” sign. (I know where you are! Somewhere in my ancestral land.) What’s also surprising about this shot is that there appears to be snow or ice in one corner, and yet all the tables are set out as if it’s spring. Hope at least Roxy is still kissing you.

  8. I’m so happy that you are recuperating and of course able to breathe (which is always a plus since you are not a fish!!).
    Mi nina que fotos mas bellas y que linda es tu vencidario! No te proecupes por leer or comentar en blogs y cuidate tu salud y tus pulmones porque tienes una familia muy bonita que te necesita y alhun dia te quiero conocer en persona. So tu persona tiene que estar ahi para yo poderte conocer!
    Mil besos y deseos de que te mejores por completo,

  9. Transformation…you seem to be going thru huge changes, dear Bella. I believe in you. And your path. Trust your guides. They wont ever leave your side, dear soul.

  10. Miss Bella! I am so so sorry that you have been feeling under the weather. :( And bronchitis! BLARG. The absolute worst. But I am happy to read that things are slowly on the mend – you’ll be back to kicking but and chewing bubble gum before you know it!

    All your photos are simply stunning! I too love the cafe, and your little snowman is charming!

    Also, I will join you in that dance. ANYTIME. xx

  11. Poor Bella, I was wondering where you’d gone! And to hear you’ve caught the crud, too! I’m so sorry. Rest well and take care of yourself — we want you back to being 100% real soon.

    Don’t be ashamed of taking pictures with your Nokia (btw, it does a better job than my poor phone!). My favorite has to be the one of Miss Roxy, sunning herself with her toy. I love the expression on her face and the way her little ears tip forward!

    Next favorite is the one of the church!

  12. I’ve MISSED Missed missed you :)) Stunning photos…
    of course, I love Rox the most.
    Bella, where do you live? I’ve forgotten.
    Love to you. KEEP WELL, please. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. It’s so nice to hear from you! I, too am battling a massive lung infection (I would insert a ‘sigh’ here . . . if I could sigh . . .) and am answering via my teensy laptop deep within the cozy comfort of my bed. Your lovely spirit shines through with every line of your post. Positive. Hopeful. Oh, you life my spirits!
    I will have to say that I love the snow pictures. I love snow! I guess it’s a good thing I live in Canada. Eh?!

  14. Bella…so sorry you’ve been sick. So many people got some form of respiratory illness or flu bug…something this year. Hope you are “on the mend!” Love this post, great pics…

    Take care, good to have you back!

  15. wouuu, I feel very guilty of not being worried about your absence, my dear Bella, I though you were just taking a break, and now just can say the typical ‘get well soon’, my poor dear Bella!
    Espero que te mejores muy pronto!!
    And your photos are so lovely because you take them with your great and genuine point of view, and I love them!. I take my photos with an old olympus and also use a usb cable to upload them!, we’re dinosaurs and we rock!
    besos y salud, querida!

  16. Wishing you get well soon Miss Bella!

    As usual, your photos are captivating and yet again, you make me smile….I love the first photo, scratch them, I love them all…..get well and get writing lady, you continue to inspire me to write more.

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