Just a lazy Sunday afternoon, really?


It never seizes to amaze me how much we humans can learn simply by observing; by taking in our surroundings and more importantly, the dynamics that take place in them.

Today, after a week of captivity (or at least it feels this way), I finally left the house. I thought it was due time for Roxy, the Significant Other, and I to hit the dog park. I figured that after our long sabbatical, our furry friends and their humans would long have forgotten our “reputation.”

So off we went. Me, wobbling side to side but finally walking a bit, the Significant Other dutifully carrying my crutches should the need arise, and Roxy tugging on her leash, eager for the opportunity to socialize.

Sadly, there weren’t any furry friends in attendance at the dog park. I glanced at the position of the sun and concluded we had a short wait before we were joined by other visitors.

After a short while, an elderly man and his pup were seen on the horizon. Roxy spotted them easily. Eagerly wagging her tail, she awaited their arrival. I quickly reminded her that she was being given an opportunity to redeem herself; tabula rasa and what not.

The man and his dog came closer and closer. I could see Roxy starting to pant. Deciding it was a good idea that she play freely, I naively took her leash off. I briefed the Significant Other on how he should intercept our little Miss the second she showed any sign of returning to her wicked ways.

Roxy avidly greeted her new friend with a wag of her tail. However, he didn’t seem too interested in her comely appearance. Roxy, not one to admit defeat, danced around him enthusiastically. Yet, this wasn’t enough to illicit a response from the other canine.

Roxy did not give up. She barked, wagged her tail even faster, lifted a paw in greeting, and even tried to kiss him. Nada. Zilch. Nix. Our new furry friend seemed oblivious to little Roxy’s charms.

I turned to grab my camera but stopped midway when I heard an ominous growl. In less than 2.1 seconds, the transformation was complete. Roxy, teeth barred and claws at the ready, had metamorphosed into mini Cujo.

The man, in shock at what he was witnessing, tried to pull his dog away. Roxy wouldn’t have it. She circled both of them like a turbulent tornado intent on destroying whatever lay in its path.

The Significant Other, completely taken aback by Roxy’s reaction, stood rooted to the spot even while I screamed at him to take action. By this time, the old man spun around in circles and the small dog flew through the air like a super hero.

Roxy, intent on leaving no prisoners behind, circled voraciously. And then, the worst imaginable thing happened–the little dog got loose. He ran toward the cemetery which lay a hundred yards in front of us. Roxy took off in pursuit and the old man followed.

In the meantime, the Significant Other remained frozen in the same spot. Fortunately, my piercing screams brought him out of his catatonic state and allowed him to join the mad race. Horrified, I saw the other dog crawl under a hole in the fence and head into the cemetery. Cursing, panting, and groaning ensued.

A few minutes later, the Significant Other returned with our wayward friend. Roxy averted my gaze as I reprimanded her but then lifted her snout as if to say, “It wasn’t my fault.” My sharp, “Don’t even go there!” indicated I was not pleased with her actions. Just then, the Significant Other returned from helping the man capture his dog.

“Just a quiet, relaxing afternoon in the dog park, you said. I don’t get paid enough to do this job.”

“You don’t get paid at all.”

“And how would you classify the elevated spurts of blood pressure, tachycardia, and shortness of breath?”

“Marginal benefits to living with two colorful butterflies.”

“Don’t you mean, two lethal black widows?”

Chuckling, we turned to leave. We hadn’t taken but a few steps when we saw another dog and his human approaching. The breath caught in our throats.

“This time, you do the running and I do the screaming,” said the Significant Other.

To be continued…

Roxy says, "It was all him."
Roxy says, “It was all him.”
After so much action, there's nothing left to do but rest.
After so much action, there’s nothing left to do but rest.
Roxy admits, "Okay, I may have been partly to blame."
Roxy admits, “Okay, I may have been partly to blame.”

45 thoughts on “Just a lazy Sunday afternoon, really?

  1. Oh my goodness, Bella, Roxy was channeling a little terror lurking beneath. Did the old man get mad or anything? Yikes. I seem to be having a little problem with Oliver, something I never have had with Henry. When we go outside, Oliver just about barks at anything with four legs and even at people, even if they don’t have any pets on them. He’s got this high pitch bark, and so far people think it’s cute that he barks at them, as if he can take them on. But as he gets older, well, I hope he grows out of it soon.

    1. Monica, the old man was more flustered than angry. He was not too happy about having to chase after his dog and commented something to the fact that we should send Roxy to “doggie” school! hee hee! As far as I’m concerned, Oliver can yap until the cows come home–he’s that cute! I shall forgive him anything. I hope he doesn’t outgrow barking, sister. It’s part of his charm! ha! :)

  2. Wow! What are you going to do? Or try to train her or just go to the do park anymore. I think she is trainable…I know you can do it! Glad to hear you are up and around. This has been such a huge process for you! Soon, walking on the beaches of Spain!

    1. Jodi, I have been doing my visualization of walking on the beach alongside my mother! Believe me, it’s not only motivating, but quite soothing. I’m getting better every day but I still have a lot of pain. But we shall stay positive! I am going to have to “retrain” our little Miss. I thought it was a phase but it’s turning into something permanent. Argh! :)

  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I hope Roxy calms down a bit and learn to accept “no” as an answer.
    This reminded me a bit of the two cats we had, once upon a time. One was an adult female, the other one a male kitten we just adopted. The female was hissing at the kitten at first, and the little guy learned to stay away from her. After a while, the female got used to him, and even wanted to play, but he was still afraid of her and refused. She was angry at him for being afraid of her, and there goes hissing again.

    1. Ivana, that’s exactly what happens with Roxy! I think she starts of friendly but when the other dog doesn’t reciprocate her friendly gestures, she gets angry! hee hee! I too hope that Roxy will settle down and learn to be a bit more docile. Please send happy thoughts her way! :)

  4. Oh, my, your Roxy is a feisty one, that’s for sure! Hope you are healing well, Bella, and won’t have to use those crutches for long. Roxy needs some chasing after, doesn’t she? :)

    1. Martha, more than you know! This little one has the energy of Mighty Mouse! She’s even taken to napping only once a day! Sigh. Thank you for your well wishes, friend. I’m praying that I can get rid of these crutches soon! :)

  5. Quite a scene your little Roxy caused! (And she looks so sweet and innocent..) We took our unruly dog to dog-training class and saw a complete transformation–sharp commands and biscuits seem to help!

    1. Jann, now that you mention the biscuits, I’m going to have to walk around with treats. That way if she’s nice, she can be rewarded immediately. If I can’t get her to behave, I may just have to bribe her with biscuits! hee hee! :)

  6. Oh, Roxy, Roxy, Roxy…back in the day when I had two Springer Spaniels (former strays that we took in), they hated other dogs. We never could get them to socialize. Rosie would go after a dog twice her size. This post brings back some memories!

    1. Nadine, sounds like Rosie and Roxy could have been best friends! It’s always the little ones, isn’t it? hee hee! :)

    1. Oh, Ellen, I was so happy to finally leave the house. It felt like I was on house arrest! Roxy has demonstrated that much like a chameleon, she is quite adept at changing hues depending on the circumstances. hee hee! xoxo :)

  7. What an adventure! Some dogs don’t do well at the dog park. A good trainer like Jann had could help and it’s worth a try, but maybe Roxy is just a people person. Maybe Roxy will just have to get her exercise on leash with the Significant Other while you’re still healing.

    1. Shary, my mother said the same thing. She said that Olivia and Roxy are not meant to be with other dogs and instead, remain with their humans! hee hee! The funny thing is that Roxy didn’t start out this way. We thought leaving her loose at the dog park would help (it’s allowed at the dog park) but it just gave her green light to do “her thing.” Perhaps the Significant Other will have to continue doing solo walks until I get better. Sigh. :)

    1. Queen Pinki, Roxy loves to ham it up for the camera! ha! When I put clothes on her, she just stands there and even turns slightly. Much like a haute couture model! hee hee! :)

  8. One of my pooches will lick a human to death out of love, yet bark, growl and snarl at every other dog that dares step on his territory. It’s so embarrassing. I feel your pain, Bella. Hope this doesn’t deter you from your walking!!

    1. Astra, trust me, I have become a bit wary since this started. There have been times when I’ve even wished we don’t encounter other furry friends, which is sad since I think Roxy benefits from socializing with other canines. Ay, what’s a woman to do? Your pooch also sounds like he could be in Roxy’s club! ha! :)

  9. Oh, my, what a story! You’ve described it perfectly, too. My poor Sheltie is already conditioned to beware little dogs — they’re the ones who invariably yap at him and try to nip him. The big guys, on the other hand, seem more laid back.
    You’re wise to have taken the Significant Other with you. At least somebody was able to chase little Miss Roxy down. And who, really, could be angry long at that precious face??

    1. Debbie, that’s the problem–that her little face has the power to melt the coldest of hearts! hee hee! It’s so hard to stay mad at her, especially since like Astra said of her furry friend, she is so loving with humans. Dallas is a wise one to steer clear of the little critters. They can be unpredictable! :)

  10. Marginal benefits of living w two colorful butterflies?! Hhahahahahhahhhaaaahhhhhhaaaaa!!!! I’m dying. And am supremely impressed the Significant Other pulled out a fifty-dollar-word like tachycardia while panting for air. HA! Great lil episode. Hope you’re getting better, my friend.

    1. Lori, the Significant Other sends his regards. In his own words, “Anyone who can appreciate my talents is a friend of mine.” hee hee! I’m on the recovery track, girlfriend, but man is it uphill! Thank for caring, chica. I’m grateful! Hugs! :)

  11. Ahh, mi Cujita!
    Roxy with that innocent face and those lovely eyes! She just needed to intimidate someone this particular day and the man and the dog where in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I hope that your wobbling gets better chica.
    Besitos y cuidado con Cujita!

    1. Ofelia, amiga, qué tal? Que alegría me da verte por aquí! Yes, it would seem that our little Miss was having one of her “bullying” days and that is unacceptable. I’m now carrying around a bag of treats and rewarding her when she’s nice–catching her being good, if you will! I’m praying that the wobbling soon turns into a normal gait. Reza por mi! :)

    1. Kim, Roxy loves you back–always! Me too! I’m still limping, my friend, but my therapist finds that I’ve had progress. I sincerely don’t know how I’ll manage in Spain but no matter what, I’m going! ha! Big hugs to you! :)

  12. Hi dear, I have not seen my little doggy in some time unfortunately due to work travelling. Haha, I always love reading your stories. xxHope you are doing well. /Maidson

    1. Madison, Roxy and I love it when you drop in! If busy means traveling, good for you! Lucky you! hee hee! So happy that you popped in, lady! :)

  13. Gosh, Bella, it’s been far too long! My apologies for my delay. I hope you are recovering well..it does sound that you’ve been through a LOT! I am hoping for smooth sailing from this point onward. : ) OH that sweet Roxy..I can’t wait to hear more of the story. Isn’t it crazy how one person reacts so incredibly in the opposite way that you react? I have a bit of the same over here. Ahhhh the challenges of relationships! Take good care of yourself dear Bella!

    1. Shirley!!! Oh, how wonderful to see your comment on my wee blog! How are you? I loved that little summer girl of yours! Just lovely, friend, as are ALL your illustrations! I’m crossing my fingers that smooth sailing will indeed take place soon. I’ve had enough of choppy waters! hee hee! Roxy has been showing her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality far too often as of late, but we’re trying to modify her behavior with positive reinforcement. Here’s hoping it works! I shall visit your blog pronto! Big hugs to you! :)

  14. It is sooooo hard to believe such a sweet, sweet face could be Cujo – are you sure? I mean, really?? I know, I know, you were there but still… people make mistakes, right? Poor misunderstood baby!

    1. Nan, I know it’s hard to believe. She has the face of an angel, doesn’t she? Well, she’s not! hee hee! I’m hoping this summer trip will evoke some changes in her! ha! :)

  15. Oh Roxie, Roxie, Roxie. Where is the lady we all know is in there?!
    So entertaining! I can see it all . . .
    P.S. I’ve nominated you for an award! Drop by!

    1. Diane, Roxy’s little lady persona seems to go into hiding whenever we hit the dog park! hee hee! I’m skipping to your blog to pick up my award! Thank you so much for the nomination. I am honored! :)

  16. Oh Roxy! It’s obvious she’s not to blame. How could someone so cute be so mean? Sorry I haven’t been able to visit lately, Bella. Lots of stuff going on in the house, and I haven’t been a good blogger at all :( I am very happy to hear that you’re walking and are out and about now, though! Hope everything is well at your end! And happy weekend!

    1. Laura, I know how busy you are and am thrilled when you make time to drop by. Thank you for that! Life does seem to get in the way of the things we love to do, doesn’t it? We just have to do what we can, when we can, my friend. Those who truly care about us will understand, I’m sure! Take care of yourself and don’t forget to stop for coffee breaks! Have a great week! :)

  17. Dear Bella, I’m going to answer your question about that El Naturalista’s shoes: I own three pairs and all of them are very comfortable!. I wear orthotics, so I went a size up when I bought them, and I’ve chosen the thickest sole and a chunky heel, the model is called Yggdrasil, sandals, clogs or maryjanes. I don’t recomend any other model!. The one and only problem is they’re pricey!
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