Who goes on a diet while on vacation?


Dear friends,
It’s been too long! This summer, I was again the victim of intent. In my defense, I blame the hot sun, the bad WiFi signal, the good food, and the even better Spanish wine from preventing me from posting regularly. In any case, I’m home again and very excited to share some of the photos I took on my vacation. I am slowly getting up to speed in regards to house work, personal matters, and follow up doctor’s visits. Please bear with me and know that I will make my way to your blogs to read and leave comments as soon as possible.
For now, I leave you with this question: Who in their right mind thinks it’s possible to visit a foreign country and stay in shape and/or lose weight? Not me! Every day, as I sat on the beach, terrace, or outdoor cafe, I witnessed people valiantly trying to stay in shape. Day after day, they would run, stretch, and power walk. As you can already guess, I wasn’t one of them. I refused to partake in rigorous activity in 95 degree weather or God forbid, deny my taste buds the opportunity to savor the lovely dishes that Spain is famous for. Since you weren’t there to join me, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these with you.

Tostadas con aceite, toast with olive oil
Tostadas con aceite, toast with olive oil
Tortilla de patatas, potato omelette
Tortilla de patatas, potato omelette
cafe con leche y croissant
Cafe con leche y croissant
Tarta de queso con salsa de frambuesa, cheese tart with raspberry sauce
Tarta de queso con salsa de frambuesa, cheese tart with raspberry sauce
Cafe con leche, for any hour of the day
Cafe con leche, for any hour of the day

What’s your favorite treat when you’re on vacation?


46 thoughts on “Who goes on a diet while on vacation?

  1. Love your foreign vacation indulgences! Welcome back Bella. OK I do have a vacation food indulgence. When i go on a ski trip in Quebec, I love to have something known to Canadians but few elsewhere in the world: it’s called poutine (poo-teen).. It’s French fries, with rich gravy and mild curd (cheese) sprinkled on top. It’s so disgusting, it’s delicious.I have it once a year while on vacation (and swear I gain 5 lbs and block a few arteries)!

    1. Oh my goodness, Astra! I have got to have me some poutine if I ever get to Quebec! After who can resist disgusting but delicious? hee hee! Glad to back and read your wonderful comments, lady! :)

  2. I loved seeing these wonderful Spanish dishes, Bella. So glad you ate well. Gimme that cheese tart, pleeeeze! You’re so right that vacation is not the time to think about the waistline. Plenty of time to worry about that back home. xxxxxxx

    1. Jann, absolutely! During my time in Spain, I hardly thought of how many calories things had, and that’s a good thing considering all the churros I ate! ha! :)

  3. Ooooo, my eyes are happy and excited staring at your photos. Especially the cheese tart with raspberry sauce. YEsssssssss. But mostly, I am pleased to read your words, sweet, lovely, indulging cause you must, Bella! Kisses for you & my friend Roxy. Xxxxx

  4. Bella! I can tell Spain was tremendously good to you, as it was to me when I indulged in cava and tapas during my brief three-day stint in Barcelona, the city of las ramblas! So glad you’re back and even gladder to hear your cheerful voice and happy rants again! xoxo

    1. Felicia, I love Barcelona! Such a colorful, trendy, and beautiful city! You have to come to Spain and indulge in more wine and tapas, amiga mia! :)

  5. I think tasting local food is one of the best parts of a vacation. Dieting can wait! I do tend to walk a lot on trips, though, because there’s always so much to see, so at least I get my exercise.

    1. Shary, walking is a wonderful way to burn off extra calories. And the good Lord knows just how much of that I did this summer! Given my knee troubles, it wasn’t as fast as I’d like, but it still allowed me to break up a sweat. Indeed, dieting can wait! :)

  6. Bella, I think just LOOKING at your magnificent photos is putting inches on my hips, heehee! Seriously, you’ve been missed, my friend, and I’m soooo glad you’re back. I empathize with the catch-up process, though — it can be brutal after just one or two days away; I don’t know how you’re going to do it after being off a month or more! Say, maybe that would be a good blog post — it would surely help the rest of us. Kisses to Roxy!

    1. Debbie, your words make me smile and feel utterly welcome! Thank you! Trust me, getting back into gear after such a long absence is horrible. I’m struggling to do so many things at the same time. Argh! I shall have to take it, like nana used to say, one day at a time! Hugs to you! :)

  7. What is the rice dish? Paella or something like it? LOVE sitting at the table with you because that way I don’t gain weight but I get to see good food. When I’m on vacation, I love to eat foods I can’t get here. Since we’re landlocked, I love fresh seafood, especially the giant scallops in New England. I’ve been missing you and Roxy so much! WELCOME BACK!!

  8. Welcome home, sweet-awesome-beautiful Bella! :-) I *love* your food photos, and am especially taken by the potato omelette (I bet I could make something similar w/o eggs!) and the cafe con leche. :-)
    When I’m on vacation, I love to try new-to-me foods. At the same time, I find I gravitate toward that which I equate with comfort, too. And I’m not going to mention the alcohol part. My lips are sealed. ;-) xoxo

    1. Ellen, thanks for making me giggle! I was able to try quite a few tapas I had never tried before, mainly sea food and it was quite the culinary experience! However, it’s like you mention–comfort food just keeps you coming back. For me, it’s the tortilla de patatas! ha! xoxo :)

  9. I want to vacation with you. You know how to do it right. Before I hurt my back I still ran while on vacation but only because it’s something I enjoy. I ate everything I could get my greedy hands on because, vacation. I also maintained a slight but steady buzz throughout. Dang, it’s been too long since I went out of town.

  10. Great photos, Bella! The food looks divine and reminds me of my trip to Barcelona last summer. OMG, Spain has the best food!!

    Anyway, so good to see you blogging again. I can’t wait for you to stop by, too. You’ve missed so much of my high school saga, and I’ve been spacing it out, once a week, like you suggested!

    1. Monica, indeed, these must remind you of the good food in Barcelona! You must return to Spain, my friend! I am on my way to your blog, asap. I’m looking forward to catching up on your high school episodes! Oh, and I sent an email your way! :)

  11. Welcome back! Your treats look delicious :D.

    Oddly, I generally find myself in better shape after vacations than when I actually “go on a diet.” I’m generally about 10 pounds heavier but all my clothes are a little looser. I think this just means I need to be on vacation all the time :P.

    1. Rachel, I wish I lost weight on vacation! ha! Sadly, I’m afraid that’s not the case. Sigh. Although, I’m happy about the fact that my clothes isn’t pinching too much. And I did walk a lot. Hmmm..perhaps I did manage to stay in the same shape I was in! hee hee! :)

  12. Yummy! I gained a few pounds by looking at your pics! Welcome back!…missing your stories and thanks for you have encouraged me to dust off my blog and clear it from cobwebs.

    1. Missed you right back. I’m actually taking a blogging break. I thought I’d be back by now but I’m still taking a break. :-) I’ll be sure to stop by your blog, however, when you post. :-)

    2. Paz, don’t stay away too long. From experience I can tell you that once you go on hiatus, it’s hard to come back. Somehow, life keeps getting in the way, you know? I’m very happy you dropped by, friend! :)

  13. Oh Bella, it’s been waaaaayyyy too long! This summer has been so hectic for me, and I wish I was vacationing in Spain with you so I could sit on the beach and eat to my heart’s delight! Thank you for sharing your delicious food pictures! I am really craving some paella now and would love to sink my teeth into one of those sweet pastries!
    Thank you, too, for the sweet words and sage advice you left in your last comment :) I am feeling a lot better and a lot more sure of myself! Hope you have a beautiful week!

    1. Laura, you lovely, lady you, I’m so happy to see you drop by! I have faith in you. You’ve got this, lady! You do! Here’s hoping we get to share pastries and a pot of coffee someday! :)

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