How Bella got her groove back


It’s so easy.

To stray off the path,
Get lost in your thoughts,
Fall into a funk.

The kind that grabs you by the neck, shakes you like a doll, and leaves you gasping for breath.

It’s so easy.

To procrastinate,
Pretend you’ll do things tomorrow,
Take care of it soon.

Yet before you know it, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years.

And you’re standing in the same place,
In the same room,
In the same spot.

You notice the neighbors have put up their Christmas trees, strung their lights, hung wreaths on their doors.

Seasons have changed,
The wind’s gotten stronger,
The cold has set in.

Everything has changed.
Everything seems different.
Everything but you.

The desire to write,
To create,
To inspire,
Has long since expired.

It’s easier to sit.
Look at the walls
Twiddle your thumbs.
Do nothing at all.

No dreaming, no imagining, no mentally visiting far away places.

Just you.
Your dog.
And the wish you could turn back the clock.

Then one day you realize, nothing’s going to change.

This is as good as it gets.
So you take what you get
And you don’t get upset

You struggle and grunt, run a hand through your hair, and pick yourself up.

You breathe.


It’s a brand new day.

Time to move on.
Time to create.
Time to get back in the groove.

And with hearty resolve, you hear yourself whisper,

You can do it.
You’ve got this.
It’s a brand new day.

And now for some Roxy love.


What motivates you to keep going?


42 thoughts on “How Bella got her groove back

  1. Bella, what a coincidence! I wrote you today and now I’m thrilled to see you back in the game. Way to go! But tell me, how has Roxy been through all this? She looks like a queen bee holding court. Such a pretty thing! I love this poem of a post, by the way. It reminds me of what I love about you. Your words always ring true and we’ve all been there before. Can’t wait to catch up!

    1. Monica, friend, I got your letter! I shall reply soon! Yes, I thought it was time to dust off the cow webs and get to it. It’s been too long but really, this past month has been overwhelming. I’m glad to be coming in from the cold, amiga. Fortunately, little Ms. Roxy continues to be pampered. The Son and the Significant Other take her out and I get around to taking her out in the morning. She’s cute as a button and loves her pillow! Hugs to you! :)

  2. Hi Bella, good to see Ms. Roxy again and glad you got your groove back! A brand new day = 24 fresh hours = another chance. I sometimes awake in the middle of the night in panic that I haven’t accomplished enough. Happens to many of us. Don’t be too stressed and enjoy the fresh hours. We will get things done. :) As to your question: my kind of books, films, TV drama, music, paintings and quotes. Not all of these at once but bit by bit. Strangely, I try to stay away from family and friends when I need to get my groove back.

    1. Claudine, I too have wanted alone time during this funk spell. It does the mind good to have silence and process the millions of thoughts that pound through one’s head during these times, you know? Reading has also helped but strangely enough, while other times I’ve found it therapeutic to write, it didn’t work this time. I could not be inspired no matter what I tried. This post came to me at 4:30am! :)

  3. Bella!!! I was just thinking of you and simply smiling at the thought of you! You must have felt the love! Welcome back dear one! So good to see you here and I know that sometimes we all need those moments just to be. Sending you lots of love, laughter and all sorts of jolliness! (for you see thinking of you brings all these delicious goodies out from my heart!) Ho ho ho and hugs :D Sharon

    1. Sharon, you sure have a way with words, lady! No matter what you say, you always put a smile on my face! Thank you for that! Hugs, and more hugs to you! :)

  4. Oh, Bella, how I’ve missed you! And I’ve been going through similar times. I call it a dark funk. I’m not sure where that term came from, but it seems to describe it perfectly. Here’s to brighter days and the steady flow of inspiration! And warmth. Hugs to you and to our Roxy!!!

    1. Hear, hear, Diane! I’ll toast to that! Seriously, how did we get to the dark funk stage? We must discover the answer to this so as to avoid it at all costs, next time, my friend! I have faith in you. You are a smart cookie! Hang in there! :)

  5. Miss Roxy’s pink and purple flower pad is gorgeous — a pretty bed for a pretty miss!
    Welcome back, dear — I’ve missed seeing you here. I know just what you mean about letting time go by. In my own effort to post on average two times a week, I’ve totally neglected my work-in-progress (and feel just *awful* about it!). How can a person say they’re a writer if they’re not writing?? Ah, the guilt of abandoning one’s muse!
    We can only hope, though, that our muse is forgiving and we’ll approach our work renewed from the time off, rarin’ to go, ready to create!
    Don’t let anything stop you this time, ‘k?!

    1. Debbie, I have missed reading your thoughtful, encouraging words! I know what you mean about neglecting this so we can take care of that. Life can be so complicated, right? The worst part, like you mention, is getting past the guilt; knowing you should do something, but somehow not being able to muster the energy. I think nana was right when she said, when one is not perfectly healthy, dark skies seem grayer. Sigh. But in the words of McFadden and Whitehead, “ain’t no stopping us now!” ha! Roxy simply twirled at your sweet compliment! :)

  6. Thanks for posting this. I find myself in this funk as well right now. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, and I just want to throw in the towel and quit. It’s so hard to get your groove back!

    1. Katie, maybe it’s the rush and stress of the upcoming holiday season? I know these past few weeks it has taken all my strength to get on my stationary bike. I keep reminding myself that it’s for the good of my knee, but oh my goodness, what a pain! Here’s to your getting your groove back! :)

    1. Hi Rachel! I think this will be on the New Year’s resolution list of many! ha! We definitely have to make time for our creative muse, lady! :)

    2. Rachel, I can’t believe it’s already December. It’s like one day I’m on the beach in Spain, I blink, and next thing I know, I’m wearing scarves and a winter coat! :)

  7. Wrapping you up in hugs full of peace and love, Bella.

    Sometimes, we just need a break. Without even knowing it, we need to do a whole lot of nothing. It’s kind of like our computers need to be shut down so they can reboot, and our bodies need to sleep so they can recharge.

    Also, while we can’t necessarily change circumstances, we can change perspectives any time we want. And, sometimes, the change in perspectives will lead to a change in circumstances. There be power in those kinds of thought shifts.

    I do hope all is well, my dearie. xoxo

    1. Ellen, you are wise as you are kind. Thanks for the love, lady! It is much appreciated. And you’re right–a change in perspective does work wonders. I think that’s exactly what took place the other day. I got up, realized not much was changing and thought I’d have to take the first step. I shall see where this road takes me. Hugs! :)

  8. What a wonderful piece, Bella! You were inspired. Your words ring so true. I often feel exactly the same way–about the procrastinating, the funk, everything. I’m so glad you took the first step. The next ones will be easier. (I don’t know why I didn’t get a notice for this post? When you left me comments today I though, I’ll go over to your “place” just to check.) xxxxxkisses from Sicilia

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jann. I wonder why you didn’t get an update? Hmm…let me know if it happens again. Will you be in Sicily for the Christmas holiday? How lovely if this is so! Baccioni! :)

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