And what is the comatose state?


The comatose state.

The state of being incapable of moving a muscle.

Absolute lethargy.

Disconnectedness from people, things, and the environment.

The inability to process information.

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that if I’ve entered this state, it can only mean one thing: I’ve made it to Spain.

Land of Don Quixote.
Place where tapas abound, where vino flows freely, and where coffee is known as “cafe con leche.”
A land whose food is so rich, you cannot avoid falling into a coma.

A paella coma.
A churros coma.
A tapas coma.
An Iberian ham coma.

The sky is the limit regarding the variety of food that can suddenly induce one to enter this catatonic state.

Unlike the state of “dolce far niente,” you don’t plan it, you don’t see it coming, you can’t prepare for it. It simply hits you.

You know when you’re at its mercy when your eyes begin to close; when your head dips forward and you look like a bobble doll.
All you want to do is sleep.
This malady doesn’t have an antidote; a prolonged siesta is the only cure.

Don’t fight it.
Don’t try to control it.
Don’t think you can outfox it.

Once it has you in its grip, you’re a goner.

It’s best to simply surrender
To inhale and exhale deeply.
To let it lull you into a state of oblivion.

The effects are temporary but the rewards are many.

Like Sleeping Beauty, you’ll wake up refreshed; ready to incorporate yourself into whatever you were doing before becoming its prey.

The comatose state: one of Spain’s greatest gifts to unsuspecting visitors.

I’ll be here all summer, folks and when I’m not in a food coma, I hope to regale you with tales from this magnificent land.

When was the last time you fell into this kind of state?

Reporting from sunny Spain,

17 thoughts on “And what is the comatose state?

  1. Loving that first picture – so precious and fits the blog title! Missing you and Roxie big time. Looking forward to your Spain posts (and dare we hope… speedos?? [heh heh]) The last time I was in that state was last week when I was sitting in the chaise by the pool and the warm sun just put me right out, into a heat coma, listening to everyone around me but not there with them! Napping but not. Our weather has been so mild I was able to sit out without burning. So nice! You owe me your paella recipe!!!!

  2. Bella, surrendering to a comatose state is one of life’s great pleasures, and I don’t think we do it often enough in our fast-paced lives. Sounds simple divine. Enjoy, amiga! And I cannot WAIT for more posts from you from Spain. xxxx

  3. Oh, I feel so relaxed just reading this post! I’m so excited to hear morzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  4. Aha, so that’s what happened to you, dear Bella! I’ve missed your posts — I should’ve known you were in Spain.

    That lethargy of which you speak? I don’t think I’d like it — sorry! I much prefer being BUSY. Running around like a chicken without its head. Getting stuff done. Feeling all accomplished as I scratch items off my To-Do List.

    Napping is something I balked at, even as a child. The only times I’ve napped regularly are when I’ve been ill or when I was pregnant with Domer. My dear mom, however, is a regular napper — every day, after lunch. Perhaps it’s the Italian in her?!? Anyway, enjoy your vacay!

  5. Bella, Bella, Bella… {sweet Spanish-accented summer sigh} I was in that very state this morning. I woke at 5 am, but would-not-could-not stay up, as I wasn’t done sleeping, and the air was unusually cool and hypnotic. I slipped back into bed, allowed myself to be hypnotized by the sea breeze, and was almost instantly comatose for another 1.5 hours. Delicious. Scrumptious.

  6. Hi sweetie, I hope you are well. I have been in that kind of a coma a few times a week after, mommying, 9 or 10 clients and hours of online work. I sit in front of the TV and veg in the truest sense of the word. Glad you are in Spain! Wish I was there!

  7. Hello, Bella! ~

    How wonderful to find you again, and in Spain, no less! Magnífico!

    I love the adorable photo of your pups! The rest of what you describe sounds pretty awful to me — haha! Like a never-ending-post-Thanksgiving-dinner-stupor! That’s all I can relate it too, and one of my least favorite feelings ;-p

    I’m sure it will look GREAT on YOU! Looking forward to reading more about your EXCITING adventures in Spain (I may just have to skip the food parts!)

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