Is summer really gone?


My sabbatical was not planned; it wasn’t intentional. As I boarded the flight that carried me to the land of tapas, I naively believed this summer would be different; that my beloved little beach town would finally have a reliable Internet connection. But alas, this was not so.

Time after time, I attempted to connect, only to lose my connection after only two seconds.

Don’t think I didn’t try, folks. I did. But in the end, I found it was easier to give in to the paella comas and the lull of the waves, than to harbor frustration and irritation.

Now, two and a half months later, I am once again in the place I call home. Sadly, it feels like it’s home that I’ve left behind.

Looking out the window, my eyes taking in the gray and gloomy clouds, I can’t but miss my beloved land of Don Quijote. My eyes tear at the thought of having to wait nine months before I am once again reunited with my mother and her furry friend, Olivia.

It’s barely been three weeks since I arrived, and already I yearn for the sun’s warm kiss on my skin and the tantalizing smell of salt in the air.

The sea. How I miss it! I miss its ability to lull me to sleep; waves gently making their way to the shore, peaks of white foam reaching up to the sky.

I miss the happy disposition of the Spanish and the courteous way they always greet one another with “¡Buenos Días!” or “¡Buenas noches!” Good morning! Good evening!

I miss the little bakery that serves the most delicious “cafe con leche.” I miss its colorful decor, the little rattan tables, and the group of people who gather there every morning for pleasant conversation.

I miss the music, the chatter, the noise.
I miss the passion of the people, the culture, the country.

I miss the fish, the paella, the wine.
Wine that regardless its cost, always tastes like ambrosia.

I miss the Spanish “telenovela” my mother and I watched faithfully every afternoon. I miss guessing which character would marry, die, or become a nun or a priest at the first sign of a lover’s betrayal.

I miss it all.

A heavy sigh lingers in my lungs, unwilling to escape my lips, afraid that if it does, the realization that all that has been left behind will become tangible. Concrete. Real.

Nevertheless, life goes on, my friends, and so must I. I’m grateful for the opportunity to reenter the blogosphere and once again become acquainted with your creative genius.

Reading glasses perched on my nose, I reach for my mouse.

old town 1

old town 2

old town 3

How did you spend your summer?


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40 thoughts on “Is summer really gone?

  1. It was good you were able to take a break, even from the Internet. And before you know it, you’ll be back enjoying paella, wine, coffee, the beach, speedos (ooops! that me!) and more, once again. :-)

  2. I took a month off on purpose and has still only written one post since then! I enjoyed summer very much relaxing and catching up on things I needed to. I didn’t even miss blogging! Summer wasn’t as wonderful as salty air and warm water washing toes, though. We’ll be heading to the ocean in November (brrr) for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait!! So, so, so glad you are back because I sure missed you.

    1. Nan, you are such a good friend! I don’t deserve you! The beach in November sounds lovely! Just lovely! Throw on a coat and a scarf and go! Hugs! :)

  3. I spent the summer reading and trying to write for a living again. And then I visited my family in Croatia, by the seaside (it was cloudy most of the time, and often rainy too, boo!), and met their new puppy. Not bad, I’d say.
    It’s nice to see you’re back, I’ve missed your posts!

    1. Ivana, you have been missed! Your summer sounds lovely! I have a friend who’s from Croatia and her beach pictures are gorgeous! I would imagine that’s your case as well, rain or not! :)

    1. Danielle, don’t you hate it when the days are shorter and the nights are longer? Sigh. And really, how do we get up in the wee hours of the morning when it’s like the dead of night? Heaven help us! :)

  4. Lady Bell[isim]a… :-)

    Lovely memories to warm you until next time, dearie; poignant though they may be.

    Ah, Summer… I said to my father last week that I feel as though Summer, for me, was encapsulated on August 31 when we hosted a family party. It was a hot and humid day, and yet there was a sea breeze that made it more than manageable. Most everyone hung out on the deck. We talked, we drank, we laughed, we ate, we – well, I, since I can only speak for myself, soaked up every nuance and smile. It was beyond precious in this fleeting life we live.

    The rest of Summer is a blur of school work and fireflies; clients and hummingbirds; projects and the scent of fresh-mown grass, and lavender; the taste of fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden; the molten sunrises and the languid sunsets. Perhaps it wasn’t so much of a blur, after all.

    I wonder: What is it you love about where you are, right now? What makes you smile or tear up? What gives you goosebumps? What gives you peace? What food or drink item indigenous to your location makes you close your eyes and mmm?

    Love. Peace. ~Ellen

    1. Ellen, as always, you provide food for thought and remind me of the importance of the here and now. I shall give it some thought tonight. Methinks it would make a good blog post! Your summer sounds beautiful. Reading your comment made my senses alert and I could literally smell the freshly mowed lawn! Hugs! :)

  5. I’ve missed you, too, dear! Still, your vacay sounds (and looks) fascinating, and I’m glad you got a chance to take a break. Perhaps you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that missing Spain might be better than never having been there at all like me, huh?!!

    1. Debbie, I have missed your sage advise! You make absolute sense, my friend. I should be grateful for the time spent in the sun, and I am! I just wish summer could last forever, you know? :)

  6. Sigh. I relax just reading about it!
    My summer, alas, was a blur. Going here. Going there. Hurrying back so I could go somewhere else. My Husby has itchy feet. I guess I’m not like most people. I love to be home. To sit in my yard and just listen to the squirrels chatter. The church bells ring. Yes, our town is still small enough that the church bells sound in all quarters! I think I live in a little slice of Heaven. At least during the summer! So glad you’re back. You were missed!

    1. Diane, returning to read beautiful comments such as yours is one of the good reasons it’s good to be back! You’re lucky to be living in place that’s a “little slice of heaven.” And really, who doesn’t love hearing church bells ring? :)

  7. Hey Bella, nice to see you back. It’s been way too long. I think I even left another comment on your last post wondering what happened…Hope your back for good now. You make Spain sound glorious. Ever think you might move back there? How’s Roxy?

    1. Dear Monica, indeed, I read your comment and believe it or not, it was what motivated me to write this post! Thank you, amiga! You always come through. If you knew all that has happened! I owe you an email. I do! Roxy, the little minx, is doing great! How are Sir Henry and little Oliver? Living permanently in Spain would be wonderful but you know Italy is where I hope to retire! :)

  8. “Don’t think I didn’t try, folks. I did. But in the end, I found it was easier to give in to the paella comas and the lull of the waves, than to harbor frustration and irritation.”
    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I wish I could have done the same.

    1. Nora, you’re so right. Sometimes things happen for a reason. I think the paella comas were a reminder that it’s necessary to unplug for anything technological and return to the basics. :)

    1. Hi Jody! I must email you to get more details! One can never have enough tools to deal with that little monster known as anxiety! :)

  9. I love your blog. I have wanted to start one for several years now. but don’t really know how. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. God Bless. B.J.

    1. Hello and welcome, B.J.! I’m delighted you like my blog. If you’re looking to start one of your own, you’ll find that is both easy and free. Once you’ve set up your blog, it’s all a matter of acquiring readers. Consistency, good writing, and interacting with your readers is all that is really needed in order to be successful. Good luck! :)

  10. oh yes, it sounds delightful and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed every meal and every siesta and our peculiarities (like the noise and chatting which sometimes drive me crazy, mwahaha!)

    1. I did enjoy, Mrs. Allnut! In spite of the noise, Spain holds such a seductive allure. It must be the delicious food and charming people! Besos! :)

  11. I loved this post! Your melancholy comes through in your writing. It sounds like a heavenly place. No wonder you miss it!

  12. Hi Bella loved your blogpost
    Think also in Spain they ll have autumn and winter
    Hope time passes quickly so youll be able to visit your favorite place again.

    1. Ha! I love it! It would appear there’s a lot of that going around. I am so behind with my blogging! Really, how do we call our muse back to work? :)

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