Is airline travel for the faint of heart?

PH-BQC KLM  B777-200  & sunset

The Significant Other, the Son, Roxy, and I recently visited the city of Prague. After years of staring at this city’s name on my bucket list, I thought it was time.

The Son wasn’t too keen on going but I played the mom card. You know, the one that induces so much guilt, the child in question (or young adult, in this case) has no option other than comply.

“Honey, mom needs this. You’ve been talking about moving out and I’m struggling. I really think this trip will help with the transition and who knows, it might even prevent  “empty nest syndrome.”

Of course he caved and just like that, I was busy searching for a way to fly for peanuts.

To my delight, KLM had a special fare and we snatched it up. Unfortunately, our good luck didn’t last. Little Roxy’s ticket cost more than our own and came with a list of travel stipulations.

The day of the flight, they asked for her passport (dogs in Europe have a document called a passport where all vaccinations and health notes are recorded), microchip card, and health certificate. They asked that she stand, turn around, and lay in her bag. The procedure was so thorough, I thought they’d call the pilot to do a rectal exam on the poor pup.

Aware that we were irritated, the KLM associate said, “You understand that it’s important that our furry travelers are comfortable and meet flight criteria, don’t you?”

I replied, “With what you’re charging, why don’t you give them their own seat?” The Significant Other chimed in, “More importantly, why don’t passengers get treated to the same considerations?” At this point, the Son walked away and pretended not to know us.

I’m convinced airlines do their best to annoy customers. “Will you be stowing that in the overhead bin?” the woman handling our tickets asked, pointing to my purse.

Tempted to say, “No, I’m wearing it on my head,” I nodded. Exasperated, she sputtered, “No, no no! Small items must go under the seat in front of you.” The Significant Other asked, “Isn’t that where Roxy’s going?” Rolling my eyes I turned to him and said, “Yes, which means my bag will be under your seat. However, if that leaves you with little leg room, perhaps Roxy can wear it on her head.”

Meanwhile, the Son, who was standing ten feet away but still listening to our exchange, sent me a text that read, “For sure this is the last time I am flying with you freaks. Never again, mom!”

Boarding passes in hand, we approached the line at security. I turned to the Son who was sporting both dark sunglasses and a beard that would make Moses proud and whispered, “If they pull you over for a ‘random’ security check, don’t make a fuss.” Sighing deeply, he inched forward.

“Ma’am, ma’am, can you please step to the side? You’ve been selected for a random security check.” A fast approaching middle aged woman with a ten pound dog and a purse the size of an envelope and I was being pulled to the side? The irony was not wasted on the Son who laughed under his breath as he waltzed past me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the size of airline seats. “Honey, are these seats getting smaller or are my hips spreading wider?”

“Is this a trick question?” asked the Significant Other.

“Don’t answer that!”, warned the Son, “No matter what you say, this will not end well!”

Muttering “idiots,” I squeezed my ample, yet fantastic hips into the “torture chair” and prayed the arm rest wouldn’t have to be surgically removed upon arrival.

An hour and a half later, we arrived in Prague and folks, it was worth every irritant that lead up to it. Pictures do not do this city justice. I believe it is by far one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

There is much to say about our trip, but for now I’ll leave you with a few captures. Stay tuned for more posts about our travels.

Prague 1

Prague 2

Prague 3

What’s your favorite European city?


22 thoughts on “Is airline travel for the faint of heart?

    1. Martha, so happy I could make you giggle! The city is simply stunning! The architecture is a sight for sore eyes. You must go! :)

  1. “For sure this is the last time I am flying with you freaks. Never again, mom!”

    Hilarious post, Bella.
    I’m smiling & giggling. :)
    And those photos are FAB.
    PS. how did Rox like the flight? xx

    1. Kim, as you know, Roxy is a seasoned traveler. She behaved like a lady the entire time she was under the seat! hee hee! So stoked this post made you smile! :)

  2. There is a lot of nerve on airlines these days! I love your pictures. I went to Prague last year for work — it is such a beautiful city. I hope to go back another time for leisure and truly take advantage of all its beauty!

    1. Caryn, so many airlines are coming under fire lately! It’s a miracle some are still flying! KLM is a great airline and we even got a snack even though the flight was a short one. I hope you’re able to return and soak in all the beauty that is Prague. So worth it! :)

  3. So easy to embarrass young ‘uns, huh, Bella?! When Domer and I last flew together, he was the one pulled aside for the groping — and I was just as miffed as a mom should be, ha! Beautiful photos of Prague, and I can’t wait to see more! Enjoy, Lady!

    1. Debbie, I really thought the Son would be pulled over. Imagine my surprise when it was me! They also did a random bag check on the Significant Other. I think it was “get middle aged folk” day! hee hee! :)

  4. My Bella, still capturing my attention with your witty blogs! Made my morning and now I’m rushing to get ready for work but it was worth it. Great pics!

    1. Eve, oh no, chica, late to work and it’s my fault! I’m tickled pink you thought it was worth it, boo! :)

  5. Oh, those pictures are so gorgeous – I LOVE them. They show a place that makes me want to go visit right away. This post so reminds me of my own bearded wonder, Alpha Son, who hates that I talk to strangers in the store when he’s with me. Eye rolls and “why do you do that’s” – hee hee!

    1. Nan, the Son also complains that I chat with strangers! In my experience, it doesn’t take much to make young people roll their eyes and say, “You’re on your own!” hee hee! :)

  6. Bella, this is hysterical. I was dying, picturing Roxy with your bag on her poor little head. Love the pix, but I have to say my favorite country is now the Netherlands. Since being there, I can’t stop thinking about my visit. It’s so picturesque. I loved it. I visited Prague five years ago, as part of a trip that included Vienna, Salzburg and Barcelona. I had a terrible experience in Prague which at the time, outweighed it’s my enjoyment of its beauty. Seeing your pictures, though, reminds me of the the good parts. I just love Europe and how it is so rich with history. So much more meaningful in so many ways. Btw, when was the last time you visited the States??

    1. Monica, I’m so sorry you had a bad experience in Prague. That’s a shame since it’s such a beautiful country as you have noted. We had a fantastic trip. I was very happy the Son joined us since he makes every experience more lively and tangible. I’m happy you found this post funny. I needed to write something a bit more lighthearted since my last posts have been a bit on the serious pondering side. I was in the States in December for the Daughter’s wedding! I’m still salivating thinking of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! :)

    1. Rachel, so happy to see you on my wee blog! I think the Son and the Significant Other would disagree with you! hee hee! :)

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