Return of the Speedo Part III

This morning, as I searched in my closet for something warmer than the cardigan I’ve been wearing to walk Roxy, I realized fall has arrived with a vengeance.

The warmer, sunnier days of summer have been substituted with the colder, damper, rain-filled days of autumn.

I sighed as I remembered past summer days spent frolicking on the beach, drinking ice cold sangria, and laughing at the silly things.

It was this nostalgia that prompted me to look through my photos and relive some of those memories.

And in so doing, I discovered I still haven’t done my traditional Speedo post.

Busily scrolling through the hundreds of photographs, I quickly selected a handful to share with you.


Because it matters not whether we cringe or whoop with delight, a Speedo post possesses the ability to make us smile.

Or giggle.

Or sigh.

Or wonder what the heck these men were thinking when they put them on.

Nevertheless, this year I’ve decided that I shall not bash the Speedo.

Instead, just for fun, I would like to encourage you to express your thoughts regarding this controversial strip of cloth.

You can do this by leaving a comment or voting in the poll found at the bottom of this post.

(Hopefully, both!)

And now, without further ado, I give you men in Speedos!

First up, the “retro” Speedo.
Some men believe wearing a Speedo is the best way to bring sexy back.
I call this one the “underwear” Speedo.
If you don’t have a Speedo you can always make one.
If you don’t want to sport a homemade Speedo, you can always turn yourself into a human net.
I have to admit this one made me wonder if not all homemade Speedos are bad.
Finally, no summer would be complete without the white Speedo.

What do you think of the Speedo?

Don’t forget to check back to see the results!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Note: This post is written in a humorous vein.
For further explanation, please refer to the post titled, Should I label this post a disclaimer?

The results are in!

Hello Everyone!

As promised, here are the results to the poll:

40% of those who voted think Roxy should have her own blog and confirm that they will visit.
56% of those who voted prefer that Roxy’s posts continue to be included in this blog.
4% of those who voted prefer to not read any Roxy-related posts.

And so lovelies, your wishes are my command.

I have decided to please both groups.

I plan on creating a blog for Roxy in the near future where she will be the star, but have me as the narrator.

Said blog will only have Roxy-related anecdotes and pictures of her.

However, Roxy will continue to make appearances here on One Sister’s Rant.

My friend Una from Curvy Everyday said it best: “You can’t break up Roxy and Bella. It’s a package deal.”

I hope this meets with everyone’s approval!

I will offer details to Roxy’s blog as soon as it is ready to launch.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts!

Almost forgot! I just remade the button for One Sister’s Rant. It features little Roxy.

Feel free to steal one and place it on your blog if you’d like!

You can grab the code from the sidebar on the right.

This it what it looks like:

Once again, thank you for your participation! I am very grateful!