If you look up, what do you see?

There are days when you wake up and the weather is so bad, you don’t want to leave the house.

And then there are days so gloriously filled with sunshine, they beckon you to come out and play.

Today was one of those days.

I was thrilled to bring my flip flops out of hibernation even though my feet are screaming for a pedicure.

However, pedicures can wait when you have a cloudless, blue sky and sunshine so bright it blinds you.

Looking up at the sky gave me the idea that today was the perfect day to be a good dog owner and teach Roxy some spatial terms.

And so our little miss was instructed to “look up.”

Little did we know the beauty we were to witness simply from tilting our heads back.

But it’s best I show you.

We’d only walked twenty feet when looking up yielded this:

A few hundred yards further allowed us to see this

and this:

Ten minutes into our walk, this is what we saw when looked up:

We also we saw this:

We spent so much time looking up, a bird pooped on Roxy.

As we turned to walk home, I told Roxy that another thing my nana used to say was that getting pooped on by a bird was a sign of good luck.

Roxy gave me a look that said, “Is there anything nana didn’t think brought good luck?”

How was your day today?