What do you mean, I have to lose weight?

Yesterday Roxy was feeling a bit under the weather.

It appears too much play in the sun made our little miss queasy and a bit tired.

As a result, I thought it best to adjust her diet and allow her to rest.

However, the day was so beautiful that I was itching to get outside and enjoy a well deserved break from house chores.

I was ecstatic when the Son told me he’d watch over Roxy while I went out for a bit.

Happily, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

The warm sun felt great and I decided to change the route I usually take with Roxy.

As I strolled in the forest, this is what I encountered.

His owner tells me that this handsome canine is ten kilos overweight and the vet has him on a special diet.

He also has to exercise more.

However, it seems that neither of these recommendations have been well received by our furry friend.

As a result, he refuses to do what his owner asks.

As her and I chatted about his situation, he was content to sit next to his ball without so much as moving a paw.

And yet he was panting as if he’d run a marathon.

Having wanted a Golden Retriever since I was a child, I was captivated by his shiny, smooth coat.

Nevertheless, dogs this size need large homes that will allow them to roam freely.

So, if you consider how tiny Roxy is, you’ll have an idea of just how small my home is as well.

But hey, nothing says a woman can’t dream. Right?

Some day Roxy may just have a playmate like this one.

And when that day comes, it’ll mean I’m living in larger digs.

In the meantime, I’m content to snap photos of this handsome fellow.

What kind of dog do you have at home?

Who’s in the mood for love?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by seyed mostafa zamani

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve done my first guest blog post!

I’m so excited and honored!

Woo hoo!

Priya, from My Reflections is doing what she calls “Love Bytes,” where she and blogger friends from all over the world blog about what love is.

Doesn’t it make you curious to read what “worldly” women have to say about that crazy, yet-to-be-defined, confusing, angst-provoking, makes-your-head-spin, endorphin flooding, sometimes great, sometimes pain, but better to have had once than never to have had at all emotion called L-O-V-E?

If you are, please head on over to Priya’s blog and check it out!

Oh, and please read my post!

And tell me what you think of it!

You’ll walk away knowing what love is from the “funny” side of the street!

Come on! I dare you!


Happy New Year!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by angela7dreams

My dear lovely readers,
May this New Year 2011 bestow upon all of you happiness, good health, good fortune, peace and harmony, moments of laughter, and above all, love to fill your hearts, bodies and souls! I am honored and grateful for your company and hope with all my heart that you will continue to read and make me smile and chuckle with your lovely comments.
Happy New Year!