The heralding of summer, Part 1

If the first day of June is a predictor of what summer is going to be like, then I think we’re in for a treat.

Sunny skies and a light breeze beckoned Roxy and I to go out on long, drawn out walks today.

To our delight, we chanced upon a variety of scenes.

Scenes which I was able to photograph so that we could share them with you.

I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they did us.

Pear, anyone?
When did Charlotte move into our neighborhood?
Roxy calls shotgun!
Because sometimes all you need is a sunny day and a good book.
Because every nice neighborhood needs a couple of chickens and a rooster.
Is there anything better than sleeping on sun dried sheets?

Has summer arrived where you live?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Another one bites the dust

Roxy strikes again!

(An almost wordless picture story)


Roxy-The Perpetrator.
The assault.
The battery.
Pippo-The Victim.
Pippo's last words to Roxy.

Disclaimer: One rubber chicken was harmed, but not with the intentional purpose of writing this blog post.

The evidence is in!

Ladies, I’m a woman of my word and this weekend, after tirelessly looking for a spinach stuffed chicken recipe, I finally found one I liked.

It was not only simple to follow, but the finished product was appealing to both the eye and the taste buds.

Have a look!

I found the recipe on Jenny Mac’s Lip Smack food blog.

The ingredients are probably things you already have on hand and the cooking time is short.

I can’t believe how moist the chicken turned out or how tasty the spinach filling was.

Broccoli salad and a baked potato seasoned with a light sprinkling of seasoning salt and a drizzle of olive oil completed our meal.

Click on Jenny’s link if you want to try it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

The Significant Other was happy as a clam as he tucked into his stuffed chicken breast. I was relieved to finally pay off my Valentine’s Day bet.

How yummy does this look?