Who goes on a diet while on vacation?


Dear friends,
It’s been too long! This summer, I was again the victim of intent. In my defense, I blame the hot sun, the bad WiFi signal, the good food, and the even better Spanish wine from preventing me from posting regularly. In any case, I’m home again and very excited to share some of the photos I took on my vacation. I am slowly getting up to speed in regards to house work, personal matters, and follow up doctor’s visits. Please bear with me and know that I will make my way to your blogs to read and leave comments as soon as possible.
For now, I leave you with this question: Who in their right mind thinks it’s possible to visit a foreign country and stay in shape and/or lose weight? Not me! Every day, as I sat on the beach, terrace, or outdoor cafe, I witnessed people valiantly trying to stay in shape. Day after day, they would run, stretch, and power walk. As you can already guess, I wasn’t one of them. I refused to partake in rigorous activity in 95 degree weather or God forbid, deny my taste buds the opportunity to savor the lovely dishes that Spain is famous for. Since you weren’t there to join me, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these with you.

Tostadas con aceite, toast with olive oil
Tostadas con aceite, toast with olive oil
Tortilla de patatas, potato omelette
Tortilla de patatas, potato omelette
cafe con leche y croissant
Cafe con leche y croissant
Tarta de queso con salsa de frambuesa, cheese tart with raspberry sauce
Tarta de queso con salsa de frambuesa, cheese tart with raspberry sauce
Cafe con leche, for any hour of the day
Cafe con leche, for any hour of the day

What’s your favorite treat when you’re on vacation?


Who wants churros with their coffee?

The other day I tweeted that I’d renounced eating sugary carbs for the rest of the summer.

I lied.

I didn’t lie intentionally.

I tweeted that statement in good faith.

Good faith which exited the building the minute the waiter placed this plate of churros in front of us.

Churros-Long strips of fried dough coated with sugar

This leads me to conclude that my mom is evil.

She’s intent on sabotaging any shred of will power I have left.

“It’s ridiculous to swear off carbs while you’re in Spain. Stop being silly and set another goal,” she says.

Substitution has been one of my mother’s strategies for as long as I can remember.

I say, “I need to consume less sodium in my diet,” and she counters with “Salt is necessary. Chew some Gas X tablets and you won’t feel bloated.”

“We have to stop drinking Coke. It’s bad for us.”

“So is harsh sunlight, but I don’t see us moving into a cave any time soon.”

Yes, she’s a born saboteur.

That’s why I eyed her suspiciously when she ordered the churros.

“What? They’re not for you.”

Yeah, right.

The minute the hot, fried golden sticks made their way to our table, I was a goner.

And this saddens me.

It makes me doubt my resolve; my will to resist temptation.

“Mom, I’m not eating churros. I already told you that.”
“You’re not eating churros, no matter what the circumstances?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, if Javier Bardem were dressed in nothing but an apron and volunteered to finger feed those to you, you’d say no?”

My hesitation is all she needs to continue.

“In other words, Javier can feed you churros, but your mother can’t.”
“You’re not a sexy Spanish actor with bedroom eyes.”
“And Javier didn’t carry you in his belly for nine months, spend 23 hours in labor, and suffer through an episiotomy.”


Another one of my mother’s favorite strategies.

And today it works.

Besides, I can almost hear the churros whispering, “Bella…”

So I take a bite, promising myself that today’s the last day I’ll consume sugary carbs.

I think.

I hope.

I can always swim ten extra laps.

We’ll see.
Do you have a weakness for carbs?