Does anyone want to play “Follow the Leader”?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Landahlauts

Today I finally decided it was time I admitted that I suck at “Follow the leader”. This fact came to light when after logging in to my Bloglovin account, I became aware that I have ZERO followers. Grief. I feel very much like Charlie Brown right now.

But does that mean I’m taking that huge ass badge on my blog interface that says “Follow my blog with Bloglovin” down? Absolutely not. Instead I’ve decided to do what Lucy of Peanuts might do in a situation like this: recruit people. Hey, if you can’t have them follow you voluntarily, then it’s time to resort to bribery.

So here’s my “proposal” to all of you: if I follow you, will you follow me? If there’s anyone who’s in the same predicament that I’m in, with no one trailing behind you, lets band together! I solemnly promise to follow anyone’s blog with Bloglovin if you follow mine.

Do we have a deal? Anyone?