Does coffee induce dreaming?

As I glanced at the alarm clock for the tenth time, I knew I had to admit defeat.

Insomnia had triumphed once again.

The Significant Other, in his forever “fix it” mode, gently suggested, “Maybe some warm milk might help?”

Warm milk, my ass.

The only thing capable of soothing my frayed nerves was coffee; the kind that makes your taste buds go into shock.

Yes, coffee was the cure.

After all, it wasn’t like I had to worry about the caffeine keeping me awake.

Slipping on my robe, I made the descent to the first floor noticing how, as I exhaled, I could literally see my breath.

Entering this part of the house always felt like entering another part of the world.

My tiny space heater, Leroy, turned off for the night, was not producing his usual magic of warming the living room.

I powered Leroy on before stepping into the kitchen.

Five minutes later, inhaling the heavenly aroma of my java, I reentered the room cradling my hot cup.

Amazingly, Leroy had done a fine job and already the space where I usually sit was warm.

I glanced out the window and noticed how everything was still cloaked in a mantle of snow.

The silence was interrupted by a bird’s chirping.

I wondered why it wasn’t asleep like everyone else.

As I took in Leroy’s warmth, I felt myself relaxing and I closed my eyes.

My surroundings were once again shrouded in silence; silence that beckoned me to dream.

I found myself dreaming of…

~The villa in Tuscany I hope to one day own, with its white washed walls, long corridors, and olive trees planted in the garden.

~The Italian espresso I plan to drink as I sit on the deck that overlooks the olive trees planted in the garden.

~The olive oil I plan to press from the thousands of olives I will pick from the olive trees planted in the garden.

~The chunks of crusty bread I plan to dip in olive oil that I will make from the olive trees planted in the garden.

~ The books I hope to read as I sit under the shade of the olive trees planted in the garden.

~The many times I will chase Roxy as she swiftly circles the olive trees planted in the garden.

~The spaghetti all’olio I plan to eat using the olive oil from the olive trees planted in the garden.

~The stars I hope to gaze upon as I peer through the branches of the olive trees planted in the garden.

~The grandchildren I hope to rock to sleep as the breeze ruffles the leaves of the olive trees planted in the garden.

The Significant Other nudges my shoulder and awakens me from my reverie.

“Coffee? You have insomnia and you’re drinking coffee? I said warm milk, not coffee.”

“Does warm milk allow me to dream of the olive trees planted in the garden?”

Brushing off his confused stare, I march up the stairs.

This time, determined to get some sleep.

Dear reader, what are you dreaming of today?

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Who wants to join the coffee photo revolution?

It started out innocently enough.

After my blog post, Who’d rather give up sex than coffee?, Kim, from My Inner Chick wrote, “I loooooove that idea. I shall steal it.”

Then Corinne, from Everyday Gyann, offered to take a picture of her South Indian coffee filter.

Amber, from A Day Without Sushi, expressed how much she loved coffee and how it reminded her of her trip to Mexico.

And then Lori, from The Ole Master Plan commented, “LOVE your coffee photos. I may need to copy this wonderful habit.”

This led me to reply, “All us ladies who share in this compulsion could then select a day to post our coffee shots! Now that would be great! A “Coffee Day” post! Lets start a revolution! :)”

And then what happened?

Eden, from PYT to SEA suggested, “I love your idea of starting a coffee photo revolution. Give us a date and time, and the four “roomies” can post our coffee cup of the day!”

A few seconds later, an idea was hatched.

Why not pick a day when any coffee lover, photography lover, or simply any sister who wanted to have a little fun, could post a photo of her coffee cup?

What would this entail?

The photo can be taken in any particular setting or time.

In the morning, while in the comfort of your home? Absolutely!

In the afternoon, while at Starbucks? Bring it!

In the evening, while at a restaurant? Why not!

All you have to do is capture a shot of your coffee.

And post it on your blog.

Anytime between today and Monday, September 5, 2011.

Then come back to this post, leave a comment if you please, and link up with the “froggy” widget at the bottom of the page.

That’s it!

So why go through all this trouble?

Because it’s fun to be part of the “shakers and movers” crowd!

Because you love coffee and want to show the world what’s in your cup!

Because you’re a sister who supports the sisterhood of coffee!

Because it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers!

Because it’s great to show other blogs love!

Because you have nothing better to do!

Remember, your post can be a wordless one, a multiple photo post, or a word and photo post.

It’s up to you!

Lori, Amber, and Eden have enthusiastically collaborated to this effort.

Lori is already taking photos of her coffee, Eden recruited Amber, and Amber has volunteered to tweet the post and come up with a hash tag. This way, anyone who participates can tweet their link and incite others to participate.

I tell you, ladies, it’s a revolution! A coffee photo revolution!

So what do you say?

Do you want to join us?

Come on! Show the world how much you love your coffee!

And remember, even if you don’t post a photo, you can always show other bloggers love by visiting their blogs and leaving a comment!