Who wants to experience dolce far niente?

Long before Julia Roberts learned its meaning in the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love,” the Italian phrase “dolce far niente” was a favorite of mine.

The sweetness of doing nothing.

And dolce far niente is exactly what I’ve been doing today.

As I sat on the balcony staring at the ocean waves, I thought, every individual should experience dolce far niente sometime in his or her life.

Sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone and I’m left to wonder, why not?

Why can’t we pause from time to time to just be?

What prevents us from experiencing a moment of bliss composed of doing absolutely nothing?

What or who tells us we’re not deserving of halting the madness of daily life to sit back and relax?

After all, we don’t have to be on vacation or even have an abundance of free time to practice dolce far niente.

It doesn’t cost any money, nor does it have to be practiced in special surroundings.

All we need is to believe that we can jump off the hamster wheel to take a dolce far niente break.


Because it feels good to halt the daily grind to revitalize ourselves; to take a deep breath; to take in our surroundings; to admire a sunset.

Dolce far niente.

Some call it bliss and others, a state of nirvana or ecstasy.

Who would’ve thought that doing nothing could result in something this wonderful?

And yet it can.

But only if you allow yourself to disengage; to disconnect.

Only then can you experience magic.

As I hear the roar of the ocean, look out into a never-ending sea of blue, and smell the salt in the air, I sigh deeply.

Dolce far niente.

Are you ready to experience it?

Are you ready to accept that Earth won’t stand still if you choose to take a dolce far niente break?

Don’t waste another minute doing and instead, achieve respite in not doing.


Because you’re worth it, that’s why.

When was the last time you took a dolce far niente break?