Won’t you grab a cup of coffee and witness 10 signs that spring is getting warmer?

One of the best things about living in Europe is being able to witness the changing seasons.

Four times a year, my eyes feast on different scenes: spring, with its burgeoning blossoms, summer’s bright skies, the falling leaves of autumn, and the snowfalls of winter.

Nevertheless, while spring made it’s entrance a month and a half ago, we’ve yet to experience its warmer temperatures.

This week however, we’ve been given signs that this is about to change.

The sun has been shining, the wind’s gone on a coffee break, and the rain seems to be on hiatus.

Roxy and I have taken advantage of the lovely weather by going on long walks.

These allow us the opportunity to witness this transformation and capture it in picture form.


Lovely cherry blossoms make an appearance.

Doves perch on tree branches outside my window.
The sun encourages you to drink your coffee outside.
Dogs swim in the canal.
Parrots show their face.
Roxy sunbathes at the park.
Balconies start to look like this.
People bring out their lawn chairs.
Roxy starts doing 200 meter sprints.

What signs of spring have you witness recently?

If we look to the west, what do we see?

I’m pleased to report that we were blessed with excellent weather this weekend.

This prompted Roxy and I to take more walks than we normally do.

One of these culminated in watching a glorious sunset.

Roxy sat mesmerized as the big, ball of fire sank deeper into the horizon.

In the meantime, I snapped away like crazy, taking advantage of her contemplative demeanor and the great lighting Mother Nature was providing.

I wanted to share these captures with all of you because they’re too darn cute to keep to myself.

Look to the west.

Have a great week!

Roxy’s OOTD (straight from the Spring Collection!)

A package came in the mail today. No, it wasn’t for me.

It was for little Roxy.

My mother and sister, two women who religiously keep up with the trends, decided to buy Roxy what they call “spring-friendly doggy wear.”

Non-dog lovers may grimace in disgust and sneer at the apparent silliness of it all, but Roxy doesn’t care.

She’s happy to be stylin’ and profilin’ in her new threads.

Without further ado, I present, “The Spring Collection!”

A rain coat to keep me dry.

Purple is so in!
How stylish is this little coat?
How I love pastels!
My tee says "Total Flirt!"

Roxy says, “How ’bout it, ladies? Do you like my outfits?”