Doggie stroller, anyone?

Everybody, meet my Mom’s furry friend, Olivia.

Photo Credit: The Daughter

She’s a feisty seventeen pound Jack Russell Terrier.

Photo Credit: The Sister

Last night, my mom called to tell me that she’s decided to bring Olivia to Spain this summer.

(She usually stays with the Daughter and Lucy)

This is the Daughter’s furry friend, Lucy.

Photo Credit: The Daughter

She’s a natural born athlete and a sweetheart.

She won’t be joining us in Spain, but I wanted you to see how much this family loves Jack Russell Terriers.

I’m excited that Olivia will be joining us.

I think it will be great for Roxy to commiserate with a friend when the Spanish heat hits the high 90’s.

This morning my sister called.

“I heard Olivia’s joining Roxy for a summer of torture, I mean, fun.”

“Yep. I’m dying to see that little bundle of joy!”

“You won’t be saying that after she refuses to walk in the scorching heat and you’re left to carry a 17 pound bundle of joy. Good for you that I have a solution.”

“That we leave them home? Don’t start with the ‘You and Mom think you’re Paris Hilton’ speech.”

“No, I was going to suggest you buy a doggie stroller. That way, you can stroll with Roxy and Olivia for miles without having to call 911.”

“It’s 112 in Europe.”


“I think doggie strollers scream, ‘I think my dog’s a tiny human.'”

“Please. Like those dogs don’t eat, dress, and sleep better than you and mom.”

“I don’t know. I don’t think it’s right to deprive them of walking.”

“But it’s alright for them to suffer a heat stroke as they battle the hot Spanish sun? Just think about it. They’re on sale at Target.”

“They’re on sale cause no one wants to look like a loon?”

“No, they’re on sale because normal people leave their dogs at home when they go shopping. Anyway, if it doesn’t work out, you and mom can take turns sitting in the stroller. After all, you’re always complaining about your knee and this might be a good way of keeping mom from breaking a hip. There’s a lot of cobblestones in Europe, you know.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Buy the stroller!”


As I placed the phone on the cradle, I thought perhaps my sister was right.

Olivia’s seventeen pounds coupled with Roxy’s ten was going to take some effort to lug around.

Yep, that doggie stroller is looking more attractive by the minute.

Furry friends traveling in a doggie stroller.

What do you think, friends? Is strolling with furry friends in a stroller taking it too far?