The One and Only Me


I like to consider myself the Bond girl who was never signed. I love adventure, excitement, and anything that allows the endorphins to kick in. Since I get very little, if any of this in my real life, I spend more time than I should visiting the alternate reality that exists in my head.

Blogging is my humble attempt to find answers to life’s confusing, irritating, frustrating and what I’m convinced, are rhetorical questions.

I’m addicted to chocolate, would rather give up sex than coffee, and hate the word “awesome”.

I love taking long walks with my dog Roxy and when I’m not doing that, you will find me slathering on lotion to stop wrinkles from making my acquaintance.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

86 thoughts on “The One and Only Me

  1. OMG!!! I absolutely adore your blog and look forward to reading it each and every day…. XOXOX

    1. Thanks for your support! I’m so glad you like it. I try to post every other day so came back and read, please!

    1. Amberrrrr!! Thanks for dropping by! Read at your leisure but let me know what you think! Have a great summer!

  2. I couldn’t find an email link for you. So I will just post this here. *lol* I was awarded the Stylish Blogger award and am passing it on to you. I so enjoy your blog and sense of humor. If you click my name it should take you to my blog post.

  3. Bella…

    You are such a dear! Thank you SO very much for visiting my lil blog. I’m so glad ya found me… know I can follow you! You’re blog rocks, in an AWESOME way! (Hahaha… just messn w/ ya!) This will be a good thing for me, because I need to use the word “awesome” much MUCH less! LOOOOVE your name, btw. If I’m ever lucky enough to have a little girl, Bella is the main front runner. Byeeee Bella!

    1. Melanie, you’re so sweet! Thank you for the lovely comment. I stopped by your blog and was instantly captivated by little Jax’s antics. And I think Bella will be a magnificent name for your “future” little girl! :) Welcome to the place were you will indeed be discouraged to say “awesome.” hee hee!

  4. OMG! I LOVE your blog! I will for sure be coming back to check out more. :) And I’m very sorry you do not like the word awesome, it happens to be a a favorite of mine. If the hate of that word is pretty bad, I would suggest you NOT reading my most recent post. haha Again, looving your style!!

    1. Aw, I’m so pleased! I truly hope you will visit again! Now you have me intrigued about your new post! I definitely will be by to check it out! :)

  5. RE: Your quote: “I’m addicted to chocolate, would rather give up sex than coffee, and hate the word “awesome”.” Same here on all three but I can’t believe there is someone else who hates the word “awesome.” I thought I was such curmudgeon.

    1. Carol, if I could remove the word “awesome” from the English language, I would. I hate that word with a passion. It just sounds so brainless! :)

    1. Sandy, I’m most serious about the fact! There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, that would make me give up coffee! Not even sex! hee hee! Well, if it was sex with Javier Bardem, I might reconsider! :)

  6. Hi Bella,
    Tried writing you through the contactme logo in the site,not going thru.
    Just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your humour sense. Looking forward for more.

    1. Alphi, thank you so much for notifying me of the contact me logo problem! It seems that my account was inactive for some reason. I’m sorry for the inconvenience! It’s fixed now, thanks to you! :) I’m delighted you like the blog and my sense of humor. Thank you for your kind words! :)

    1. Patrice, your words give my heart wings! When I read comments like yours, it reaffirms my need to write. Thank you so much! I’m on my way to your blog now! :)

    1. Aw, lady! You’re so sweet! Thank you for the sunshine! I am in great need of the uplifting effect that accompanies such a gift! :)

    1. Misty, hello and welcome! I’m delighted you like the blog set up! Roxy’s tickled pink at your praise! Drop by any time! :)

  7. Ah, you truly are a Bond Girl. As the lead actor in the New Bond movie, I’ve asked the producer to sign you, and they said yes! :-)

    Lovely blog you have got up here. I had a nice visit. Keep posting and keep inspiring! :-)

    Subhan Zein

    1. Aw, now you’ve got me blushing and quite excited at the prospect of being a Bond Girl! hee hee! Thank you for your lovely words. I’m delighted you like the blog! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  8. Well, here I am! I’m going to give this blog thing one more shot! I’m still working on getting it tweaked the way I like, but I actually have something to say today! Yahoo!!! I’ve not posted yet, but wanted you to have the address :)

    1. Sonja, I am so excited! I have tweeted your blog link and I know this is going to be a wonderful opportunity for you to exercise your creativity! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! :)

  9. Hi Bella!
    I found your blog through Belle of the Carnival’s blog, and you are so cute! Loved the latest post about how your family started disappearing from the blog’s viewership but you have made so many other blogging friends with time! I find that to be so true! And am totally enjoying my blogging journey!

    Following you from Buenos Aires!

    1. Felicia, how did I miss this beautiful comment of yours? Thank you my sweet. Your words bring a smile to my face! Hugs! :)

  10. Your About Page is lovely — and the post I read about your dear dog’s tummy trouble was delightful. I’m glad she’s okay now, and I’m glad to have met you here in the ether. I really like your style and will definitely be back often.

    1. Sparks, I am so happy you dropped by! Thank you! I hope you will join us again soon. We cultivate a good vibe on this wee blog, and I say we because this blog is as much mine as it is my readers. Hope to see you again! :)

    1. Queen Pinky!!! Hello! Where have you been? I have missed you! I was so happy to read your comment. I will definitely drop by your literary corner soon! Big hugs! xoxo :)

    1. Hi Skip! It’s turning out to be one of those weeks, you know? Hopefully the weekend will provide me with some free time so as to get my creative muse in gear! Thanks for checking in. It is much appreciated! :)

    2. Hey, Bella!

      Thanks for getting back to me so soon…glad all is okay. I know how things can get “jammed up.” Every Thursday I spend the whole day taking my 84-year-old mother to do her shopping, banking, hair, etc. So, I do get it.

      Just miss hearing from you, you seem like a very special lady. Best of everything, everyday!


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