What shade of lipstick are you wearing?

The warm weather, light breeze, and clear skies today reminded Roxy and me of our days in Spain.

With the Significant Other gone to a car show, we were left with the option of staying home or hopping on a bus and taking to the nearest beach.

We chose the latter.

Sadly, we were ill prepared for the stifling heat inside a bus crammed with others hankering to take advantage of the last days of “summer” sun.

The forty-five minute bus ride quickly turned into what seemed an eternal ride into hell.

And I’m not just talking about the body heat generated by forty people slathered in sun tan oil.

I’m referring to our “seat buddy,” a young lady who initiated conversation with, “Oh my God, I like your lippy! What color is that?”

Disappointed with my quick reply of, “Vaseline,” our traveling companion thought it her life mission to instruct me on every, and folks, I mean every shade of red lipstick on the market.

Halfway through her oral presentation on the history of lipstick, she stopped and excitedly chirped, “What am I thinking? I better write down the names of these shades so you don’t forget them!”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that most days, my idea of lipstick means biting down on my lips a couple of times.

“Rimmel makes a beautiful shade called ‘Red Alert’ and it’s quite affordable.”

It was obvious that our new friend had observed Roxy’s threadbare leash and my faded shorts.

I found my eyes starting to close as she excitedly praised the staying power of Revlon’s “Kiss Me Coral 750.”

“And Body Shop also makes good lipsticks and they don’t do animal testing!”

Her sharp, high-pitched squeal made me sit upright and for the first time, I thought I heard Roxy growl.

Thankfully, as Roxy and I peered out the window, we caught sight of the sand dunes.

I slowly exhaled as I bid farewell to the bubbly lipstick lover.

Just as we were about to walk away, she shoved a paper in my hand.

“You really shouldn’t use Vaseline on your lips. It has petroleum jelly, you know. Don’t forget your list!”

Walking swiftly lest she follow us, Roxy and I headed for the dunes.

I stretched out my arms to greet the sun and inhaled deeply, eager to smell the salt in the air.

It wasn’t Spain, I wasn’t sipping a glass of vino, and Spanish men weren’t whispering, “Hola, guapa” (Hello, Beautiful), but we were staring at blue water and walking on sand.

Smiling as I curled my toes around the warm sand, I realized that today that was all that mattered.

When was the last time you went to the beach?

Note: Dear Readers, this was the post that was meant to be posted last Sunday.

86 thoughts on “What shade of lipstick are you wearing?

  1. Bella- I just love your photos! They transport me to your beautiful destinations…. Thank you for sharing. Give Roxy some love from me.

    Oh, BTW, I had someone re-pin 38 (yes, 38!) of my pins, and you know what? Not. One. Single. Like. hmpf…… I chuckled and thought of you ;)

    1. Sonja, thank you for your kind words. I’m tickled pink that these shots had the power to transport you. I love it! Roxy sends you a great big hug and so do I! On the subject of Pinterest, I think we have to get together and write some kind of Pinterest User etiquette manual! hee hee! :)

    2. Bella- I think we definitely need to write a Pinterest manual…. We could be the Emily Post of Pinterest! tee hee

  2. As always, love the photos. Alas, we’re landlocked here in the Midwest. There are a lot of lakes with beaches, but I don’t seem to get to them to relax. However, two years ago we spent a week lazing by the ocean. While I can understand the appeal of living next to one, I like the idea of four real seasons too much to move there permanently.

    1. Julie, I understand your point. Four real seasons are beautiful! The winter in Spain, while it can be a tad cold, is no where near the icy cold winters of other parts of the world that have seasonal temperature changes. I love lakes as well. But alas, the last time I visited one, I was 15 years old! Dear Lord, that was ages ago! ha! :)

  3. Hey Bella,
    You are so funny , although I love my red lipsticks I actually use vaseline on my lips all the time. I love all the beautiful pictures you take.

    1. Ciaa, I’m delighted you like the photos! On the subject of Vaseline, I actually use one that is called “Rose” and it has a pinkish tinge to it. I love it and always carry it with me. I think I started using Vaseline one time I went to the dentist and the dental assistant mentioned it was ideal to slather some one before dental work. I’ve done it ever since and now my lips don’t crack. :)

  4. Just this morning on your blog…great story ;o) We went to the beach all the time for vacations when I was a kid. So much fun. Haven’t been lately. Thanks for the inspiration. I don’t wear lipstick either, LOL!

    1. Sahbinah, my fondest memories of the beach are when my children were babies. Life was idyllic then. I lived in the Caribbean for many years and every weekend we would head for the beach. It was wonderful! :)

  5. I think I’d enjoy bonding with an enthusiastic cosmetics advocate for a short amount of time, but I’d prefer to do that at the makeup counter. I can’t imagine being trapped on a bus with one. I’m glad you were finally able to escape and enjoy some peace when you got to the beach. If I didn’t have to sit through the lecture, I might not mind having that list. :)

    1. Shary, your comment made me chuckle! I have the list! I thought I should keep it because you never know! She circled two nude shades so I’m think these might be favorites. They are Guerlain Beige Mousseline Lipstick and Rimmel London Kate 001. I am going to have to “google” the shades and see what they look like! According to our friend, the Rimmel lipstick is “quite affordable” so this will definitely be the one I look into! ha! :)

  6. Amazing pix! My fave is a marching Roxy. My last beach time was 5 years ago so I am VERY excited we are going for a month this November. SOOOOO excited! May I borrow Roxy?

    1. Nan, you’re going to the beach in November? How wonderful! Every since I saw that movie, I forget the title, with Richard Gere and Diane Lane, I’ve wanted to walk on the beach in cold weather. So romantic! Roxy would love to come with you! She loves the beach! :)

  7. The dunes look soooooo lovely and deserted, and I’m sure you got some welcome peace & quiet after the long ordeal with the gabby girl. Very funny, Bella!!!! (I don’t know why you preferred the beach to a car show, though, ha ha.)

    1. Jann, the Significant Other said the same thing! But in all honesty, car shows bore me to tears. He’s quite the aficionado though. The dunes were simply lovely. Roxy and I got quite the work out! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures as always Bella. My last time at the beach was wonderful because it was my honeymoon! I always say I am not a “beach person”, but yet I long to always be at one when I’m not! Perhaps it’s just a result of living in total land-lock. Looking forward to seeing some water in an upcoming California trip. Enjoy your day!

    1. Caryn, thank you for your sweet words! I’m so happy you like the photos. A honeymoon on the beach! It doesn’t get better than that, sister! I hope you’ll do a post of your California trip–with photos! I would love to see photos of you enjoying yourself in Cali! :)

  9. Great shots of the beach, Bella. Love the first one with the barbed wire and the rustic pole – such a contrast to the imaginary red lips. Sounds like your bus mate increased your hunger for the gray sand. She must have been very lonely. Her words wound up pushing you away – it’s strange when language becomes a barrier rather than a bridge.

    1. Patrice, now that I read your comment, I can’t but wonder if our bus companion was indeed lonely–although she was too bubbly and chirpy to be depressed. Oh dear. Perhaps I should have listened more attentively. :( In my defense, I don’t like chatting when I’m traveling–be it bus, plane, or train. I’m one of those “silent” travelers who enjoys reading, listening to the iPod, or snoozing. I did hear most of what she had to say. I hope that counts for something. :)

    2. I’m like you, I like to go into a bubble too when I’m traveling, or not traveling (ha ha)… matter of fact, I will often avoid eye contact if I’m in an inward mood. When I’m feeling more open and capable of receiving people, strangers, I do that. Sometimes I’m surprised by how receptive I can be, and how rewarded I can feel by letting people in. But the contracted position is necessary too, it seems most of us do need tme to recharge.

  10. People are nutters as it is, but throw in public transport and you’re dealing with a whole new level of bonkerdom!

    I haven’t been to the beach in ages, but I do love lipstick :) It’s the only makeup I wear on a daily basis (but I would never deliver a lecture on the topic to some poor unsuspecting seat mate of mine!) Unless of course the interest was there!

    Stunning snaps! I hope the remainder of your day was peaceful and lippy-passenger-less.

    1. Ethel, the bus ride, heat included, was a nightmare. It wasn’t so much the chatter, but Roxy kept whimpering, people were talking very loudly, and the bus kept jerking every time it stopped. I hope that doesn’t make me sound too much like a princess but life would be so much easier if I had a car. Sigh. I’m so glad you like the shots! I have to start wearing more lipstick. I usually just wear it on the weekends but it does serve to lift the morale from time to time. I think I’ll try it this week! Hugs! :)

  11. My shade is Chap-stick, although I found a perfectly satisfactory brand at the grocery store for 99 cents. No kidding.

    I use Vaseline by the ton. Works great for crow’s feet.

    The pictures are gorgeous. Instead of lipstick, you could splurge on earplugs 8).

    1. Eloise, you always make me chuckle, lady! The Daughter can’t live without her Chapstick. She’s addicted to it, I kid you not. Would you believe I put Vaseline on my eyelashes? It makes them really shiny! Although now that our friend mentioned the petroleum jelly, perhaps I should google if it’s safe to do that! ha! I’m tickled pink you like the photos! Ear plugs! I need some high tech ones! :)

  12. Bella, I always love your photos, especially those of Roxy. She’s so photogenic! I live couple of miles from the coast, but don’t get to go as often as I’d like. Too much going on. As for lipsticks, I love them. If I could only have one piece of makeup, it would be lipstick. Favorite shades are in the purple family. :)

    1. Monica, Roxy just loves you! Yes, she does! You live close to a stunning beach scene! I’m remembering your beautiful post on your neighborhood! Gosh, I loved that post! Would you believe it’s been decades since I wore a purple tint lipstick? Maybe I’ll get one for fall! Stay tuned! :)

  13. Bella, you are SO lucky to have had a day at the beach, even if you had to endure a miss-know-it-all and a hot bus to get there! It’s been far too long since I was that lucky, but I hope to remedy that before year’s end. As for lipstick? Well, let’s just say that working from home doesn’t force me to wear it, though when I go out, I tend to prefer mauve shades. What’s wrong with Vaseline??

    1. What is wrong with Vaseline? hee hee! My bus companion warned me that it contained petroleum jelly but up until that moment, I thought that ingredient was used in cosmetics. Color me clueless. I’m so glad you’re hoping to remedy your “beach-less” situation! Woo hoo! I think we should start wearing lipstick even when we’re home. At least it should serve to keep our lips lubricated! hee hee! :)

    1. Belle, I love, love red lipstick but I usually wear it at night. Not too long ago, I started wearing it during the day too and I admit it does make a woman feel sexier and edgier! And that’s a good thing, right? :)

  14. Hi Bella, I live right near the beach here so quite often. Love your blog as always. I imagine you’d look beautiful in all the shades of lipstick mentioned. I hear though that “nudes” are in this summer so your vaseline is tre’ fashionista. For a more organic approach try papaya ointment or paw paw as us Aussies say, which is shiny, slippery and good for you too. Then you’l be hip AND hippy too !! xoxox

    1. Soul, I have got to try paw paw! It sounds delicious! Though I’m worried about the fact that I might spend all my time licking it off! ha! I’m so happy to see you drop by. I have missed you, sister, and how lucky are you to live near the beach. You’re entering summer season now, right? Color me green! Hugs and kisses for you! :)

  15. I haven’t been to the beach in nearly a year, and it makes me so sad. I love this lipstick story, and I promise to never accost you and spend 45 minutes talking about red lippies ;)

    1. Katie, you’re sweet comment has me think it might not be so bad if you accosted Roxy and me for another round of red lippy discussion! hee hee! Here’s hoping you get to the beach sooner than later! :)

  16. Last time at the beach… mid-July when I traveled for my friend’s wedding to Virginia Beach. I went a little ahead of time, and went on a “kayaking with dolphins” outing… I already love kayaking, so this was fantastic for me! Beach wedding, and went parasailing with my sister right before I left for home!

    My lipstick shade has been discontinued by Mary Kay… I stocked up when I found out, but I will run out eventually. *sigh* The color is perfect for me….

    1. Amy, I love the high tail adventure that is your life! All the way from the court room to kayaking with dolphins! You lucky woman, you! Don’t you hate it when they discontinue colors? Here’s hoping you’re successful at finding another “you” shade! :)

  17. Sadly the beach in Mumbai is not as clean as it should be and therefore, not very exciting to visit. I can’t believe that someone would give a stranger such detailed unasked for advice! Imagine living with someone like that….shudder….

    1. Corinne, your comment had me chuckling! I can imagine that our lipstick companions bubbly nature might wear thin on the nerves. hee hee! I’m sorry your beach is not clean. That makes me sad but I think it might still be therapeutic to sit by the beach and hear the ocean waves! :)

  18. Lovely pics. As you probably remember from my 50th birthday post, I was just at the beach a week ago. And it was fabulous. September is such a great time to visit the beach, when the crowds have thinned and the humidity is low but the weather and the water is still fabulous. I’m sure your lips are perfectly beautiful with or without lipstick. And on the beach, who wants lipstick?

    1. Renee, I remember you being at the beach. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself! My mother agrees with you and says the month of September is her favorite time to be at the beach. She loves the light breeze, the cooler temperatures and like you mention, the lesser amount of tourists! Thank you for the lovely compliment, lady! And I’m with you–who wants lipstick on the beach! :)

  19. whahahah, you’ve been trapped on a bus with a ‘one-idea’ girl, so sorry (public transport can also be very funny when you’re lucky enough to find a great travel mate!)
    And I’m not going to the beach months ago, and I’m missing it just now! (and I’m not a huge fan of it!), but there’s something so appealing in walking on the sand and hearing the waves!
    besos & red lipstick

    1. Mrs. Allnut, I would love it if you were my bus companion! I know we’d have a great time talking about fashion (I have much to learn!), Spain, and even lipstick! I miss the sound of the ocean so much! Besos and red lipstick! :)

  20. I’ve not been to an ocean beach for several years but have been yearning. I laughed when I read about your biting your lips to give them colour! I do that too!! Though I throw on some lipstick every morning on my way to work, I rarely re-apply it. I never seem to have time for a touch – up. But wouldn’t you just love to sit in a lipstick naming boardroom meeting one day?

    1. Astra, my sister gave me the lip biting tip. It happened one afternoon that we were at Target and encountered an old friend. She turned to me and said, “Oh my God, we’re not wearing lipstick! Bite your lips hard!” hee hee! Sisters! You’ve got to love them! And I too never reapply lipstick. It’s so easy to do and yet I never do it. Sigh. I have much to learn when it comes to the fine art of conquering the painted pout. Methinks sitting in a lipstick naming boardroom meeting would be a hoot! Can you imagine the funny names we’d come up with? I’m giggling just thinking about it! :)

  21. Love the pictures! We went to the beach this summer with Sophie. It’s so bad because we live in San Diego, so close to so many beaches. But do we go that often? Nope! We really should though.

    1. I’m delighted you like the photos, Leah. What do you mean, you don’t go to the beach often? Oh, you really should, lady! Nothing beats a day at the beach for relaxing and having fun! Win win! :)

  22. Hi, Bella
    Thanks for visiting my blog, which has alerted me to your interesting discussions. I should be commenting on the vacuousness of the poor young woman who sat next to you, but I’m completely distracted by that great photo of the beach with the close-up of the barbed wire. Fantastic shot. I love the way the knothole in the post and the piece of barbed wire twist are so exactly in focus and so exactly where the eye naturally settles.

    1. Hello, lady! Thank you for dropping by! I’m tickled pink by your wonderful observation of the barbed wire. Wow! I went back to look at the photo and realized the eye does settle specifically on that spot! Thank you for pointing that out. Come back whenever you like. :)

    1. Kim, you sweet lady, you! Thank you for your sweet words, lady. I am honored. Love, love, love to you from Roxy and me! Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo :)

  23. I didn’t get to the beach at all this summer, alas! I am a Blistex girl all the way.I try to zone out and tune out all noise when traveling. Being stuck with an incessant talker would be my version of hell. That being said, I am always on a quest for a good red lipstick. Any time I try to pull it off I end up looking like a deranged clown instead of an alluring ingenue. Sigh.

    1. Kristine, you are a hoot! The deranged clown remark had me in stitches! Here’s to Blistex and its foolproof application! Yay! hee hee! :)

  24. Bella..you crack me up! I can imagine your eyes slowly beginning to droop as she rattled on about her 80th shade of lipstick recommendation. : ) I am a no-lipstick gal…but I do love my Nivea lipbalm..just enough to take the dryness away. My friends swear by the Burt’s Bee’s line..but I won’t bore you with that list. : ) I’m SO glad you opted for the beach…what wonderful photos of Roxy enjoying that fresh air. There’s nothing like it. I went with my girls to the beach near Santa Cruz, CA (but a quiet one further south) and had SUCH a great time. Did you know that September on the coast is the best time for awesome weather..no crowds..sunshine? And, SF in September is the best too. Oh how I love the beach!! Thank you for being such a great bloggie pal for voting and supporting my work..you are such a gem. Sending you my best for sunshiney/beachy days ahead..though I know we are moving into Fall. Hugs!

    1. Hi Shirley! I voted for your card again today! Yay! Burt’s Bee’s line is a favorite of my sister but I confess that I don’t like the way it smells. That said, their lip ointment is very, very moisturizing. I am definitely going to have to go to the beach before the month of September is up. I had a wonderful time walking on the dunes with Roxy. It wasn’t hot and the light breeze encouraged us to walk up the hills. hee hee! Hugs and kisses for you from Roxy and me! :)

  25. There is nothing like feet on sand to take away the distractions of some people who live to make your life better by giving you life and death advice on beauty! I love how you come to the end and just breathe in the present moment. Nice!

  26. Bella, that was such a fun post. Vaseline actually does make for a great lip gloss. Like you, I am not much of a make up person. Most days, my face is nude. And unsolicited advice really gets on to me too. How does one get out of such situations? Beach — hmmm Love them. My last visit was to Goa in India. That was a great vacation in May. Loved the pics too!

    1. Rachna, how lovely that you like the photos! Getting out of such little pickles is the hardest thing. Most of the time, it’s like they follow Roxy and me. hee hee! I’m glad you’re on the Vaseline team as well. I was starting to think I was the only one! :)

  27. What a story!! That must’v drove you almost completely nuts listening to her talk about lipstick for that long. I’m not a huge fan of lipstick. Mostly b/c I think it looks so tacky when you take a drink and leave lipstick on your glass. Ick. I use vaseline on my lips at night for moisturizer. So good!

    1. Kirstin, you’re a Vaseline girl too? Ah, now I feel much better, lady! I am not alone! hee hee! Seriously though, it does make for a great moisturizer, doesn’t it? :)

  28. Totally funny because I am a VASELINE gal too!!! Always biting and chewing on my lower lip which means 5 seconds after wearing lip color of any kind, it gets eaten away…LOL, loved this post!!

    1. Eve, us Vaseline girls, we’re on a roll! I’m over the moon that so many sisters slick this petroleum jelly on their lips! Yay! hee hee! I’m tickled pink you like the post, chica! :)

  29. Your pictures really took me to my days at the beaches in Goa. I am so far away from the sea now. I wish I could take Fudge to a beach. I use petroleum jelly most of the times just like you, Bella. I bet that list was of no use to you. LOL!

    1. Rimly, I’m sure Fudge would really enjoy himself at the beach! Roxy loves walking on the dunes. During the winter she’s even allowed to go on the sand! Who knew so many of us wore petroleum jelly, eh, lady? hee hee! :)

  30. A beach… In May, I guess, when I went to Croatia to see my dad. Remember the pictures with the mini-beaches and Roko and all? :)

    As for a lipstick, I don’t use it. I was using lip gloss for a while, but grew bored of that too. Now it’s Labello, if anything at all. Your seat-buddy reminded me of all the people in my life who felt compelled to tell me what to do with my body and my life. I feel like growling at them. I manage not to. Somehow.

    1. Ivana, I do remember your beautiful photos of Croatia! They were something! Don’t you hate it when people tell you what to do with your body and life? I know I do! Thank goodness we’re assertive enough to not mind them! ha! :)

    1. Brenda, London for Thanksgiving sounds lovely! I hope you’ll post photos of your trip! In the meantime, I hope you can take a mini break and enjoy the sound of the ocean! It’s good for the spirit, amiga! :)

  31. Bella and Roxy we’re so glad you had fun at the beach even though it was so hot. The beach is the best! We missed you and are happy to be connecting over the blogosphere again! *kisses*

    Bella and DiDi

    1. Bella and DiDi, Roxy and I are so happy to see your comment! We’re excited about seeing what you ladies have been up to in these past few months! Hugs and kisses! :)

  32. And that’s why I don’t ever want to ride in public transportation ever again. though I’m (generally) nice, I like to keep to myself and my own business. I’m even immune to the charms of children and flatterers. For reals.

    I’m envious that you have such gorgeous lips that don’t need to be lippie-d! I wish Vaseline did that for me! ;)

    1. Laura, you make me giggle! I think we’d make great bus companions! You could instruct me in the fine art of fashion and I could…hopefully make you laugh! Your lippies always look fabulous on you! :)

  33. Oh and I forgot to add that I haven’t been to a proper beach in AGES. 2 years at least, and I would LOVE to be out in the warm, sunny beach right now!

  34. LMAO “Vaseline has petroleum jelly.” Well, duh! Hey, at least she has a passion. I’m with you, most days my lipstick is really chap stick (without petroleum jelly) because I work with animals and stay at home and write and who cares? But I have noticed of my friends who are very passionate about makeup, etc, they tend to be very knowledgeable about what’s in those products and only buy things that are good for them AND aren’t tested on animals. So while it may be all in fun to obsess over lip stick I bet those people drive the markets to better, healthier and more ethical products. Still sucks that you and Roxy had to hear about it though!

    1. Nora, I’m with you. Vaseline it is considering and I’m not apologizing! hee hee! My sister is passionate about lipstick too and she’s the one who’s always buying new glosses for me to try. I’ll admit I do wear them when I go out with the Significant Other but if I’m around the house or simply walking Roxy, I don’t bother. I really have to find something to be passionate about! ha! :)

  35. “I didn’t have the heart to tell her that most days, my idea of lipstick means biting down on my lips a couple of times.” I smiled so widely at that one Bella! :D Oh, it almost feels like I’m in a different world reading this post – a young, bright and new world!! And it’s been a while since I’ve put on lipstick or have anyone call out Hello Beautiful!! hehe I just realised I’ve become one of those comfortable, cosy middle-aged mamas! But it’s lovely to see young talented women like you with so much beauty it makes the world shine. A top notch post. With warm hugs, Sharon

    1. Sharon, your comments always make my heart sing! You are a beautiful cozy, middle aged mama! I’m tickled pink you liked the post, lady! :)

  36. Oh hey dear, I finally made it back to visit you. I hope you’re doing well.
    haha, that story of the lipstick lady is hilarious, I cannot tell you how many time someone just chats away on the train ride … one has to have humour though ‘eh!
    We went to a beach during the spring and again once in the summertime for my bday. But it was a short holiday. I’m due for another one very soon.

    1. Lady, I always love it when you make your way back here! Thank you so much for visiting. How lovely that you are due a holiday soon! I can’t wait for the winter break. The Daughter has mentioned there’s a possibility that she might be visiting. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Train chatters are the worse, by the way! hee hee! :)

    1. Diane, Mexico? You lucky lady! I think of the food and start to salivate. I’m so glad you had that sunny break and that you made many new beautiful memories! :)

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