Who really opened the Pandora box?

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Simon Peckham

Good day, everyone!

Yesterday’s blog post served to shed light on a couple of facts, the most important, that we’ve all committed a “public” faux pas at one point or another.

Most of you admit to feeling some anxiety concerning the possibility that someone or something could be watching you.

Others admit to publicly adjusting underwear in public, tugging at clothes, and pushing body parts back into place.

Some have thanked me for creating awareness that there might be some truth to the conspiracy theory, while others wish I’d never opened the Pandora box.

In light of these results, I think it only fair to reveal who’s really responsible for having opened the box.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the culprits.


(FYI, I don’t know what the cat’s real name is, but for the sake of identification purposes, lets call him Alberto.)

However, before you condemn them, know they are also responsible for shedding light on the fact that most of us suffer from scopophobia: the fear of being looked at or seen.

Through their actions, our furry friends have “stumbled” onto this diagnosis.

Curse them or thank them. It’s up to you.

I now suggest we put this behind us and go forward in the world, either by exercising more caution with our public “adjustments,” or by not giving a rat’s ass at who looks at us.

It’s up to you.

Have a good one, folks.


Disclaimer: This blog post is written for amusement purposes only, and is not intended to provide specific medical diagnosis or treatment advice.

45 thoughts on “Who really opened the Pandora box?

  1. Bella, years ago two of my friends were debating appropriate car behavior. One friend was a big ol’ goofy extrovert and the other was a shy wallflower. I was surprised when the extrovert advocated conservative vehicle activity: no picking your nose at stoplights, no air guitar while blasting Van Halen etc. He said you should always assume other motorists are watching and judging. My little wallflower friend was like, “Screw that!” She considered her car to be an extension of her house and routinely sang into her hairbrush on the way to work.

    I personally live like I have TV cameras on me at all times. I use Celebrity Rehab as my guide. ;)

    And also, that cat is totally an Alberto.

    1. Heidi, thanks for making me laugh, girl! Your friends sound like the kind of characters I want to hang around! Sometimes you just need representation from both sides of the spectrum! I know you would approve of the name, lady! :)

    1. Mrs. Allnut, I’m going to have to start charging you! hahahaha! Thank you for making me giggle with the Roxy/Alberto furry conspiracy! I love it! :)

  2. Can I just pet them and play with them instead of cursing/thanking them? :)

    I remember my yoga teacher’s advice: always act as if someone is watching you and as if you don’t want to do something you’d be ashamed of.

    Not that she ever seemed to be nitpicking; her hair was gray (well, almost white, the woman is over ninety) and she never tried to cover it with some other color, and she was doing the class in leopard print.

  3. Aw! Your culprits are the sweetest! Thank you SOO so very much for your lovely visit recently…it really means a lot!! I always enjoy my visits here…such a great blog!

    1. Shirley, it’s my pleasure, you know I’m a fan! If I ever wrote a children’s book, I’d want you to illustrate it! :)

  4. I love that you named the cat! I think I’m getting to a point in my life where I don’t care who is looking at me. That or I’m always with my daughter and she’s so cute no one bothers to look at me. :)

    1. Don’t you love that about cute kids, Kelly? When I’m with my daughter, nobody gives me a second glance! :)

    1. Oh, Thelma, you made me giggle with that comment! I once wore a pair of sweatpants which I forgot to tie and the waistband dropped to my knees as I shoved groceries into the trunk of the car! :)

  5. It isn’t the furry critters that make me self-conscious. Their modus operandi is pure unconditional love and no matter how or what songs I sing to them they drool with pleasure. It doesn’t matter that we live in town and have next door neighbors who may or may not be lurking in the yard overhearing my little serenade. My daughter or husband are the ones who never fail to warn me that someone may be witness to my singing love songs to the animals. I’ve even composed songs just for one of my cats – which I’d sit on the back steps singing to while who knows who was listening and probably thinking, who’s the crazy lady next door who sings to her pets? The thing is, they don’t judge or critique. They just act like they’re in heaven while I sing to them in a high-pitched voice that only they can truly appreciate :)

    1. Debra, how wonderful to read your comment! I sing to Roxy too! And you’re right, they are able to appreciate our singing voice even if the rest of the tribe screams for us to “please, stop!” Before Roxy, there were times I truly felt lonely. Not so much now. She’s such a comfort and joy to me! And she’s seen me at my worst! I’m glad she can’t sell the rights to a “tell all!” :)

  6. Alberto!! hhhahaha. Love it. I was pantsed once on a band trip in high school. And I hadn’t yet learned the value of pretty panties. These were more bloomer-esque, mom-style, Bridget-Jones biggies. I’d handle that situation with much for moxie now than I did then. But now at age ** cough ** I think my cellulite is safe.

    1. Lori, as always, you manage to make me chuckle in a big way! I wish I could find some Bridget Jones’ biggies! These European women only wear thongs, teeny weeny bikinis and dental floss. I wonder if I can continue my quest for the perfect underpants online….food for thought! And isn’t it comforting to know our cellulite is safe? hee hee! :)

  7. So, this post was funny, but the only thing I can focus on is your disclaimer. It’s so silly! Not that you feel the need to make the disclaimer, but that we live in a society where it’s needed. It’s silly because nothing you wrote could logically be considered medical advice, but there are those crazy people… ;)

    1. Elise, the disclaimer is there because like one of my good friend always says, “Because you never know.” You know how you buy coffee and there’s a warning on the cup that says, “Caution: Contents are hot”? Well, that should be obvious, but one fine day someone decided to sue because they got burned with hot coffee. I think you get my point! :) And well, because you never know! :)

    1. Lola sounds like a sweetheart! And absolutely Shary, one of the most loving things about pets is how they love you no matter what. :)

  8. At the risk of sounding jilted, whatever happened to Roxy and Henry, eh? I mean, Henry can spy with the best of them, so please tell Roxy to give him a chance, not to slight this cavalier. He’s from royalty, you know. ;)

    1. Monica, Henry is on the most “elegible” suitors list! He’s not out of the running! Alberto is just a partner in crime! He’s a bit on the shy side too and Roxy, well she’s just an extrovert that makes him nervous! Thanks for making me laugh out loud today, girl! :)

  9. Buahahaha! I love that you named the cat Alberto but what’s even better is the disclaimer at the bottom. That’s Bellatherapy for you!

    1. Hey girl, in the world we’re living in today, you can never be too careful. My readers are the best in the world, but what happens if a stranger clicks on this post and thinks I’m even capable of diagnosing phobias and sues me, huh? hee hee! I thought the disclaimer was a little funny too! What do you think? I’m over the moon with the Bellatherapy concept! I love it!

  10. Most times while I’m driving, I’m so lost in my head there is no singing, dancing, or picking.

    But there are times when I do a double taken when I see someone taking a huge ass bite of what looks to be a triple cheeseburger, while struggling to still handle the wheel.

    I wonder why they’re eating in the car, what their day was like, etc etc. It seems like such a sad way to eat dinner. Alone. In a car. trying to avoid death and unable to relish the taste of melted cheese.

    1. Jennifer, you’ve given me food for thought. I’ve never looked at it that way. I’m afraid that from now on, when I see someone eating a Whopper, alone, in the confined space of their vehicle, I will think of you. hee hee! :)

  11. I love your description of shoving body parts back into place, the hysterical picture of Roxy and your naming the cat Alberto. Thanks for the laugh and a strong dose of positivity.

  12. Well shoot, until that disclaimer, I was going to ask Dr. Roxy to diagnose the severe case of “ohmygoshwhataretheydoinginthatpool-itis” that I have and give me a cure! Maybe Nurse Alberto can tell me.

    1. Lady, Nurse Alberto and Dr. Roxy say they have nothing to do with the disclaimer and they are ready to diagnose! hee hee! :)

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